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  1. Future World No,1 - Borna... Devald
  2. Most boring match-up?
  3. AO Wildcard Playoff F: (5) Thompson def (2) Smith 6-1 6-3 1-6 6-7(2) 9-7
  4. I think Tennis Needs Djokovic to be a Tier-1 Great. What do you?
  5. Australian Open 2015: World No 3 Rafael Nadal fit after appendix surgery
  6. Will Rafa and Fed ever meet on grass again?
  7. Question to Djokovic fans - Wim 2014 or RG 11?
  8. Can Nikoloz Basilashvili break into Top 100 in 2015?
  9. Is this ball in or out?
  10. Can Djokovic make it to 5 YE #1?
  11. Novak Djokovic - Best Plexicushion player of all time?
  12. Surreal video clips of matches between the stars of the game as teenagers, post them
  13. Bruguera on Gasquet & pre-season w/Nadal - interesting
  14. Toni Nadal: ´Rafael can beat Roger Federer`s 17 Slams record´
  15. Oliver Golding( #327), Ash Hewitt(#355), George Morgan(OranBowl W) called it a career
  16. What's the reason why Cilic played so well in USO?
  17. Best ownage of Nadal's forehand
  18. Novak Djokovic, over/under 1.5 slams in 2015
  19. Biggest underachiever among active players ?
  20. Applauding opponent's "good/hot" shots
  21. Berdych hires Danny Vallverdu and Azuz Simcich (former Team Murray)
  22. Left hander vs right hander in tennis, angles or shots?
  23. 4 GS semis in a year vs QF W R2 A - which is better?
  24. Serious Question...
  25. Djokovic's mother, Dijana: "the king is dead". Is she right?
  26. Reunion Island: De Schepper defeats Herbert 6-3 6-4
  27. "Dustin Brown hails best Season. Returns to Jamaica"
  28. Wil Nadal get past the 4th round at wimbledon in 2015.
  29. Henman's Australian Open 2015 Men and Women's Champion Picks Announced
  30. The retractable roof arenas
  31. Novak Djokovic has not beaten Nadal in a slam in almost three years.
  32. Latest player to brilliantly impersonate Tipsarevic and retire from 2 sets...
  33. From February 2005-February 2007 Federer went 111-2(98.2%) on Hard Courts
  34. ATP prize money increase - and inequality
  35. Which will be the most competitive slam in 2015?
  36. Is Djokovic the next big thing?
  37. Who is the Best Shotmaker?
  38. Big 4 of the Open Era: Which scenario would have been more likely?
  39. Delpo feels pain in operated wrist again?
  40. IPTL and the GOAT debate
  41. Tunisia F11 SF: [5] Ehara def. [1] Boutiller 7-6(7) 7-5
  42. Which 2014 YE Top 10 will drop out of 2015 YE Top 10 and Why?
  43. Greatest Tournament Edition in the Open Era?
  44. John McEnroe: Novak Djokovic is now Top 10 best ever
  45. France and the future of tennis
  46. Which of the "Top 4" will improve/decline season results?
  47. Tunisia F11 R2: [1] Boutillier def. Kalambay 6-0 6-0
  48. Dynamic of Nishikori/Chang relationship?
  49. Which season has been the strongest season since The Big 4 started dominatin tennis?
  50. Who is harder for Rafa to beat? ON HC
  51. Which of the big four is the most overrated/underrated
  52. What Grand Slam do you want your favorite player to win the most in 2015 and why?
  53. 2014 Live Commentary Thread vol. 29
  54. Richard Gasquet : "Roger Federer was monstrous."
  55. Some cool stuff that happened in 2014
  56. Tennis TV Contracts
  57. John Isner assigns Justin Gimelstob as New Coach
  58. Darkest Horse: AO 2015?
  59. How many points will you deduct from Federer/Nadal/Nole
  60. Biggest Flop: Donald Young or Freddy Adu?
  61. It's a shame that ____________ does not have a slam.
  62. Wimbledon the big one for me, says Federer
  63. Novak Djokovic: I've a small problem, his name is Nadal
  64. ESPN3 Tennis replays gone?
  65. Nadal is on winning streaks of 4+ against each of Djokovic, Federer, Murray in Slams
  66. Is Federer concerned about his back?
  67. When is something like this coming to ATP?
  68. Post prime Nadal has reached finals in 9 out of the last 12 GS he has played in.
  69. Australian Open MD cutoff date
  70. That missed over-head in this Exhibition proves Novak does not choke in the forecourt
  71. Former top 200 player Nick Lindahl accused of match fixing
  72. WWW IPTL Match 18/Men's Singles?: Djokovic vs. Federer
  73. Roman Safiullin - Wonder-kid? Future top 20?
  74. Mark my given words, Ivanisevic is going to absolutely crush Sampras tomorrow, CRUSH
  75. Rafael Nadal to comeback stronger than before, says Carlos Moya
  76. Marketing fail from Bhupathi? Empty stands greet Roger Federer.
  77. Statoil Masters Final: Gonzalez def. Roddick 6-4, 2-6, 10-6
  78. Becker yet coached Djokovic last year
  79. IPTL: Roger Federer disposes Tomas Berdych 6-4 after only 20 minutes warm up LOL
  80. IPTL: Pat Rafter def Pete Sampras 6-2
  81. Has Russian Tennis found a new Kolya ?
  82. Mark my given words, Pat Rafter will absolutely crush Pete Sampras tomorrow, CRUSH...
  83. Obviously at a professional level you don't really get ball absorbing pushers,however
  84. Best Racquet Smashes of 2014
  85. Argentina F19 Final: [8] Panfil def. Duran 7-5 6-4
  86. Current Top 10 on grass?
  87. Andy Roddick: "One of the greatest moments of my career came after Wimbledon 2009"
  88. Is Rafa too passive on big points outside of RG/clay?
  89. Surface Homogenization is the Biggest conspirancy in tennis ever!
  90. Nadal and Federer Stats. Average opponent's seed in QTR, SEMI, FINAL for all GS wins
  91. Roger Federer nominated for a second time for SI's Sportsman of the Year
  92. Will Djokovic ever revisit the comments he made about Nadal at RG?
  93. in order who do you think is best on clay murray del potro or wawrinka
  94. how will murray do in 2015?
  95. "Djokovic can rise above his peers without even trying too hard":Agassi
  96. Is Julio Peralta the biggest underachiever ever?
  97. ITF Doha SF: [3]Daniel Cox trolls [6]Joris de Loore 7-6(7) 7-6(5)
  98. Turkey F43 QF: [4] Safiullin def. [6] Vorster 6-4 6-0
  99. Who is more British?
  100. Tim Henman is a Tier 1 Great
  101. 2015 minimum result required from your favorite players...
  102. Let's show some love to the most beautiful shot : Jumping Backhand.
  103. Most Charismatic player on tour.
  104. Who is the smartest tennis player of all time?
  105. Top 5 2014 ATP World Tour Matches
  106. Difference between being the Greatest, Better, Most Successful and Talented player.
  107. OFFICIAL: Portugal Open guaranteed until 2017!!!
  108. Federer playing on till say, 2018 - does it take away from his legacy or enhance it?
  109. Rank Murray, Djokovic, Safin, Nalbandian, Hewitt in terms of talent...
  110. Would Djokovic and Nadal beat the Bryan brothers in a doubles match?
  111. Will Murray take down Djokovic and Federer and compete for slams titles next year?
  112. Arg F19 R2: Guillermo Duran def. (1) Martin Alund 6-3 4-6 6-4
  113. Qatar F4 R2: Geerts def. [1] Basilashvili 6-2 7-5
  114. Argentina F19 R2: Majchrzak def. [3] Garin 6-4 0-6 6-4
  115. Dominican Republic F2: (Q) 15yo-Moutet def. [3] Jose Hernandez 6-3 6-2
  116. Thailand F11 R2: Tatlot def. [2] Klein 7-6(3) 3-6 7-6(2)
  117. When will Dimitrov surpass Cilic?
  118. Tony Roche: Federer can play until 2019 no problem
  119. Do you support U.S. tennis?
  120. Over ranked players
  121. Qatar F4: [1] Basilashvili def. Gabb 6-3 7-5
  122. A little bit of history - 'The Revolution In Tennis Stats That Didn’t Stick'
  123. Australian Open changes heat policy
  124. Davis cup final: Your country's player v/s your favorite player.Who will you support?
  125. Thailand F11 R1: [LL] Siriluethaiwattana def. [Q] Benjasupawan 6-2 7-5
  126. Is JMDP the main reason Murray won his Wimbledon and OG?
  127. Tennis without line umpires
  128. Do tennis players take exhos seriously? Should they be counted?
  129. Djokovic career Slam vs Nadal double career slam : what is more likely?
  130. Brazil F16 R1: [4] D.Dutra Da Silva def. [Q] Civita-Telles 6-2 6-1
  131. IPTL: 'Hit' or a 'Miss' for you?
  132. Argentina F19 R1: [8] Panfil def. [WC] Riquelme 6-1 6-0
  133. S. Stakhovsky has revealed the name of his new coach on twitter
  134. Predict performance in GS 2015: Nishikori, Raonic, Dimitrov, Cilic.
  135. Rafa's domination of Roland Garros: Is it bad for men's Tennis?
  136. Better achievement: all singles GSs+WTF+M1000s+OG or all singles & doubles GSs+WTF?
  137. Lendl 84-87 and Djokovic 2011-2014. are identical achievement-wise
  138. Predict James Ward's 2015
  139. Tunisia Future this week: embarrassing conditions, another article
  140. Cyprus F3 F: [8] Chrysochos def. [3]Crepaldi 3-6 7-6(8) 6-0
  141. Iran F11 Future Final: Fornell def Androic 61 61
  142. Anyone know if Andy and Amelie will travel alone together next year?
  143. WWW Turkey Bowl Finals: (1) Matt Bocko vs. (2) Spencer Papa
  144. ITF Cambodia Final: [8]Duck Hee-Lee (16 yo) def. Dekel Bar 7-6 6-4
  145. Predict RBA's 2015 season
  146. question about surfaces and your favorit?
  147. More talented: Murray or Safin?
  148. Central American and Caribbean Games Final: Estrella (1) def Hernandez (4) 6-4, 6-3
  149. Best DTL forehands
  150. How much money does a coach make?
  151. ATP World's Top 5 2014 Grand Slam Matches
  152. When watching tennis matches, what is generally the focal point for you?
  153. Evgeny Korolev calls it a career
  154. The maximum you are willing to pay to play a match with your fav?
  155. Uncle Toni: 'Novak Djokovic is player with Roger Federer's quality'
  156. Grand Slam Champions of a slam beaten en route to slam wins by Novak, Nadal and Fed
  157. would srichaphan lose a match in 2014 field?
  158. Del Potro is set to come back in Brisbane
  159. Best of Dustin Brown's 2014
  160. Dominican Republic F1 SF: [3] Connor Smith def. [8] Monteiro 6-2 6-4
  161. Thailand F10 SF: [5] Udomchoke def. [3] Klein 6-7(5) 7-6(6) 6-3
  162. Djokovic vs Nadal on hard courts - is it really advantage Djokovic?
  163. Nadal becomes the first player to reach 2+ GS finals in 8 different calendar years
  164. 2014 is Nadal's 9th year in the top 3
  165. When and where will each of the big 4 retire
  166. Do you agree with those 'To win a Grand Slam in 2015' odds ?
  167. WWW IPTL "International Tennis Premier League"
  168. 2012 or 2014 for Novak?
  169. Agassi or McEnroe?
  170. Can Federer become the first player in the Oper Era to complete a QCGS?
  171. Nadal is a lock for AO 15
  172. Most overrated and underrated 90's player?
  173. MTF 2014 Awards - Have your say about player of the year, best match etc.
  174. Facebook chat: The tennis world reacts to Federer and Wawrinka winning Davis Cup
  175. Can Djokovic become the first player in the Oper Era to complete a DCGS?
  176. Jim Courier - What happened?
  177. Murray parts ways with Dani and fitness trainer Jez Green. Mauresmo stays.
  178. Why and When did the Federer Nadal rivalry lose juice?
  179. TV camera angle in Paris and WTF
  180. Marius Copil: "I was offered 30.000€ to fix a match[...] I was threatened with death"
  181. Cyprus F3 R1: [8] Chrysochos def. Chadaj 6-4 6-4
  182. Which is the hardest surface to dominate?
  183. Federer's racquet switch was a mistake!
  184. Gustavo Kuerten says Rafael Nadal will dominate French Open even at the age of 95
  185. Your favorite tennis match(es) of all time? (Youtube links get you good reps :)
  186. Coach of the year (2014)
  187. Who tainted more eachother's legacy? Big 4.
  188. With no Rafa/ Federer would possibly have the record at every slam (RG Included)
  189. Nick Kyrgios awarded 2014 Newcombe Medal
  190. It baffles me that some people place Edberg over Becker.
  191. The 80s is considered the strongest era of all time, and it also has the least amount
  192. Rafael Nadal Addresses Accusation That His Stem Cell Treatment
  193. Nadal: 2013 is unrepeatable. I am 2 years older and my body can't do it again''
  194. Discussion between Wawrinka and the French DC team after the final
  195. Cambodia F2 R1: Khabibulin def. [WC] Bun 3-6 6-3 6-3
  196. Morgan Lamri found guilty of corruption offenses
  197. The big 3 and their missing prizes
  198. The Fast 4 format discussion thread
  199. Tomas Buchhass (ARG/1462) complaint against ITF
  200. Most entertaining match of the last few years
  201. Gasquet or Dimitrov: Who is the better Baby Fed?
  202. Legends ranking (since Connors)
  203. Agassi: "Nishikori is one of the greatest shotmakers the game has ever seen."
  204. Since 2011
  205. Gael Monfils needs a coach...but who should coach him?
  206. Why do Argentineans match up so well against Federer?
  207. Should They Play Davis Cup Every Other Year?
  208. Nadal's biggest choke
  209. Did the French tank the Davis Cup
  210. Will No1e pass Rafa in weeks at No1 category in April 2015 ?
  211. Baghdatis aims to reach the top 10 in 2018 or 2019
  212. Montevideo CH F: Cuevas def Dellien 6-2 6-4
  213. Anyone else feel bad for Monflis?
  214. CTF's Final: Schwartzman def. Clezar 6-2 6-3
  215. Federer and Agassi are the only players win it all
  216. Andria CH F: (3) Berankis def. Basilashvili 6-4, *1-0 ret.
  217. Bold Prediction: Federer will reach at least 2 slam finals in 2015
  218. Switzerland - Davis Cup champs and the only country with two active Grand Slam champs
  219. Predict Federer's slam results in 2015
  220. The Official 2015 'Big 15' Prediction Thread (4 GS, 9 M1000, WTF, Davis Cup)
  221. How much did Federer benefited from Nadal and Murray Injury/decline in 2014
  222. WWW Abu Dhabi 2015?
  223. feds metmorphosis will peak in 2015
  224. Fundraising for the confused @france bets
  225. Congrats to Wawrinka for winning DC!
  226. Andy Murray : "Federer struggled on Friday and fantastic today"
  227. Disappointed with Nolefans and Nadalfans
  228. Djokovic's percentage of weeks at number 1 holding just one slam....vs Fedal
  229. Who is the fastest mover on the court?
  230. Are they playing Rio Olympics indoors too?
  231. Davis Cup matters only when a player played all singles matches in a year
  232. Rogie's goals for 2015...
  233. Julien Benneteau still without a title
  234. Davis Cup Final: Federer def. Gasquet 6-4, 6-2, 6-2 [SUI 3 - FRA 1]
  235. Clement's Confusion
  236. Samuel Lopez, JC Ferrero ocassionally, will coach Almagro in 2015
  237. WWW? Davis Cup Final: Federer vs Gasquet [SUI 2 - FRA 1]
  238. Davis Cup-winner 2015
  239. Toyota Challenger Final: [2] Soeda d. [1] Ito 6-4 7-5
  240. Djokovic gifted Federer the Davis Cup title
  241. Will france lose 2 finals because don't put Simon on court?
  242. WWW Challenger Tour Finals F: Diego Sebastian Schwartzman vs Guilherme Clezar
  243. Challenger Tour Finals SF: Clezar def Estrella 7-6(4) 6-7(0) 7-6(12)
  244. Montevideo SF: Dellien d. Arguello 1-6 6-0 6-4
  245. If you were Clement and Tsonga was injured, who would you play vs. Federer?
  246. CTF's SF: Diego Schwartzman def. Simone Bolelli 7-5 6-4
  247. Will Wawrinka take over #1 in 2015?
  248. Diego Schwartzman (170 cm) made 18 aces in San Paulo!
  249. Has the time come for Monfils win a slam in 2015?
  250. Tsonga suffers from an elbow injury,withdraws against Federer, Gasquet to replace him