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  1. Sampras vs Djokovic - higher peak level of play?
  2. 2RQ TopShelf Open P-H Herbert (#143) def Thomas Schoorel 6:3 6:4
  3. Paris 22°C and Sunny - Who do the Conditions Suit?
  4. Predict When Rafa Nadal Will Allow Bernardes Back?
  5. Is Wawrinka the best player outside the TOP 4?
  6. If Wawrinka beats Djokovic today, is he a better player than Murray?
  7. First RG final not featuring Nadal or Federer in 10 years. Take it in.
  8. Noah Rubin turns pro
  9. If Federer has declined so much how could he beat Murray 6-0 6-1?
  10. Is 2015 Djokovic's level greater than anything seen in Tennis till now?
  11. What was the best chance for Verdasco to win a slam?
  12. Predict the scoreline of RG15 final
  13. If Stan Wins RG15, Does He Escape Another Asterisk Slam?
  14. If stan goes 2-0 in finals against Djokodal...
  15. Beating 3 or more slam winners en route to a slam?
  16. Wawrinka sixth active multi-slam finalist?
  17. Wimbledon 2015 Projected Seeding Discussion (32 of 32 seeds confirmed)
  18. 1R Q TopShelf Open Aisam-Ul-Haq Qureshi def Max De Vroome 6:4 6:2
  19. Den Bosch, QR1: Nicholas Monroe def. Hyeon Chung 7:6(3), 6:4
  20. WWW? s-Hertogenbosch QR2: [3] Ruben Bemelmans versus Kenny de Schepper
  21. Q1 's-Hertogenbosch: Chiudinelli d [2] Pouille, 6-2 6-2
  22. Mestre CH SF: Kovalik def (1) Lorenzi 0-1 ret
  23. CH Fürth SF: Daniel def. (2) Rola 6-4 6-0
  24. Why Djokovic get WC in MD in Sparta Prague Open?
  25. If Wawrinka loses tomorrow will Magnus Norman become the biggest choker coach?
  26. Q1 's-Hertogenbosch: Schoorel d [7] Krajicek 6-2 3-6 6-3
  27. 1R Q Topshel Open Nicolas Monroe (#0) v Hyeon Chung (70)
  28. Nadal or Djokovic - More EPIC matches?
  29. Is Djokovic on a mission?
  30. WWW s'Hertogenbosch R1: [8] GrasSousa vs Istomin
  31. 1R Q TopShelf Open N Mahut v Oliver Marach
  32. WWW Stuttgart R1: Rosol vs Baghdatis
  33. First Time Murray Has Won 2 Sets Against Nole Since Wimbledon 2013
  34. Rate Andy Murray's Clay Season
  35. Murray Will Own Djokovic The Rest Of The Season
  36. Surbiton CH QR1: Evans def. Agar 6-4 6-4
  37. Could any version of Federer beat RG 2015 Nadal hypothetically?
  38. How many times in a row will Djokovic beat Murray?
  39. Today was the real final
  40. Djokovic's "deciders" at Finals and SFs
  41. Is Murray now favorite against Nole at Wimbledon and USOpen?
  42. Is Murray the worst final set choker in tennis history?
  43. Who do you *want* to win tomorrow?
  44. WWW? - Roland Garros Final: Novak Djokovic vs Stan Wawrinka
  45. Roland Garros SF: Novak Djokovic def. Andy Murray 6-3 6-3 5-7 5-7 6-1
  46. Djokovic prolonging his matches on purpose?
  47. CH Fürth SF: Montanes def. (1) Ramos-Vinolas 6-2 6-3
  48. RG final should be scheduled on Monday
  49. P-H Herbert won 4 games in row on serve without losing point!
  50. RG Junior Final: Tommy Paul (13) def. Taylor Fritz (2): 7-6(4), 2-6, 6-2
  51. Prostejov F: Vesely def. Djere 6-4 6-2
  52. www Mercedes Cup MD
  53. Wawrinka could have the same # of slams as Murray on Sunday
  54. Novak's mental weakness at the RG has nothing to do with Nadal ??
  55. Djokovic bigger favorite now against Murray than when the match started - Bookmakers
  56. POST your REACTIONS if WAWRINKA WINS RG tomorrow
  57. Lewis Burton playing Surbiton Qualies after supposedly retiring.
  58. WWW Surbiton CH QR1: [2] Mitchell vs [WC] Lewis Burton
  59. WWW Gimcheon CH Final: [5] Connor Smith vs Alexander Sarkissian
  60. Is grigor dimitrov destined to be the next robbie genepri?
  61. Can a player be GOAT without having won a slam with no sets lost?
  62. *** Fedal's fans together united for the first time in the history
  63. Wimbledon sleeper: Tomic
  64. If Murray wins the fourth, and then the fifth set tomorrow, it will be...
  65. If Novak loses against Murray or Wawrinka?
  66. Should Nadal enter the summer MM events (Hamburg/Washington etc...)?
  67. Who of the big-3 owns Murray the most?
  68. Why isn't Djokovic being called for time violations? Or does it only apply to others?
  69. Nadal lost more matches on clay prior to RG this year than he did in 06-10!
  70. Murray and crowds
  71. Do you agree that this break saved Novak in SF?
  72. Murray RG-15 vs. Nadal RG-15
  73. Was Djokovic's MTO/Bathroom Break legitimate?
  74. WWW? Roland Garros SF: Djokovic vs Murray - Suspended 6-3, 6-3, 5-7, *3-3
  75. Is this the biggest choke of all time?
  76. Murray will win 2015 Wimbledon title
  77. Which Murray Beatdown Was More Impressive?
  78. 2015 Live Commentary Thread vol. 16
  79. Novak Djesusovic
  80. Agassi and Federer won RG from 11th attempt which is the same number for Stan now
  81. Nadal is 20-1 at the USO since 2010
  82. Assuming Djoko wins French, which major would be better to win?
  83. Dimitrov is like 9:35 against top 10
  84. Murray is 1-12 against the Big 3 since 2014
  85. Eduardo Schwank retires from tennis
  86. If You Want to Be in an RG Final...
  87. Roland Garros SF: Wawrinka def. Tsonga 6-3 6-7(1) 7-6(3) 6-4
  88. Prostejov CH SF: Djere def. [7]Souza, 6-7(3) 7-6(4) 7-5
  89. QF Furth CH Taro Daniel defeated Horacio Zeballos - 6:4 6:4
  90. WWW? JUNIOR Roland Garros Final: Tommy Paul [13][USA] vs Taylor Fritz [2][USA]
  91. Can Nole rack up 3 more years at number one to surpass Fed's record?
  92. Sleeper Pick for Wimbledon: Tomas Berdych
  93. Manchester QF: Kravchuk def Ebden 7:6(4) 4:6 7:5
  94. Wilander: "Djokovic could potentially be the greatest clay-courter of all time"
  95. Roberto Bautista-Agut could lose over 400 ranking points next week [FALSE]
  96. Nadal might play on clay after Wimbledon
  97. Forgot Djokovic's 2011 Win over Fed at USO: the 2010 win was much more important
  98. Gasquet is capable of hitting 103 mph backhands, yet still relies on defense/stamina?
  99. Who wins Peak Novak or Peak Fed ?
  100. The rest of Roger Federer's 2015 schedule...
  101. Are Hewitt's 80 weeks on top is the biggest joke ever in the history of ATP rankings?
  102. A rivarly: Becker v. Edberg — applicability to GOAT debate
  103. IF Murray wins the French Open this year will he have a better Clay resume than Nole?
  104. When Murray beats Djokovic tomorrow, who will be happier?
  105. Nadal, Federer and Murray have never beaten Djokovic in GS after...
  106. IF Novak wins the FO this year, does he have a better clay resume then Fed?
  107. WWW Furth QF: Zeballos - Daniel
  108. WWW Manchester QF: Groth - Ward
  109. WWW Furth QF: Ymer - Montanes
  110. The Peak Wawrinka and Peak Del Potro Myths
  111. More Likely To Win Another Slam: Federer or Nadal?
  112. Toni Nadal: "I realized in 2005 that Djokovic will be a problem"
  113. Djokovic has 14-7 against Nadal on hard and Nadal has 14-6 on clay
  114. What is the best Sampras-Agassi match?
  115. Djokovic qualifies for WTF / next level: clinching YE1?
  116. Predict the odds for Djokovic - Federer Wimbledon match!
  117. Manchester CH R16: Klein d Baghdatis, 6-3 6-7 7-6
  118. Djokovic winning everything is bad for tennis.
  119. Is this the most difficult RG for Novak to win?
  120. Agassi and Federer won RG from 11th attempt which is the same number for Novak now
  121. CH Manchester R2: Saville def. (7) Falla 0-6 7-6(2) 6-3
  122. Brand New RG !
  123. Five cemented facts about current Nadal after his Paris dethronment
  124. Manchester CH R2: Josh Milton def Moriya 36 61 61
  125. Would Djokovic be pissed off if Nadal & Federer retired before he amended their H2Hs?
  126. Will Nadal win another GS ever?
  127. If Djokovic blew this French, would it be his worst ever?
  128. Nadal's Seed at Wimbledon?
  129. Djokovic's volley at 5-3 in the second set
  130. No1e is better claycourt player than Nadal since 2011
  131. Manchester CH R1: Kravchuk def Ito 7-6(6), 2-6, 6-4
  132. Djokovic beat Nadal on all big events except Shanghai (they didn't play there)
  133. IF Wawrinka Keeps Up Current Level He Will Win the French Open
  134. Nadal Drops Out of Top 10 With a Tsonga SF Win
  135. Nadal's last three Wimbledon defeats have something in common
  136. Djokovic's Strongest Shots
  137. Conditions had a lot to do with Soderling beating Nadal at RG in 2009
  138. Should Rafael Nadal retire now to protect his legacy?
  139. Predict Nadal's result at Wimbledon
  140. The evolution of Djoker
  141. Collin Altamirano returned in tennis!
  142. Will Novak win RG-15 without dropping a set ?
  143. Should Nadal not have worn pink insignias on his gear today?
  144. Players' resilience when being outplayed on their most dominant tournaments
  145. Official Nicknames of ATP Players
  146. AO 2014 all over again
  147. BOLD PREDICTION: Jack Sock will win a US Open title before 2020
  148. Winning only on 5 return poinst more than opponent and yet winning 6:3 6:2
  149. What final do you want?
  150. What a difference a heavier ball makes
  151. RG QF: Murray def. Ferrer 76(4) 62 57 61
  152. WWW? Roland Garros SF: [1] N. Djokovic vs [3] A. Murray
  153. Djokovic has now beaten Fedal at all Slams
  154. What would have happened if Novak had choked the first set ?
  155. Nadal: "I'm going to work HARDER THAN EVER to come back stronger" and more quotes
  156. Playing the two previous matches on Lenglen hurt Rafa today?
  157. Nadal vs Djokovic final h2h
  158. Semis will be played in 34 degree weather on Friday
  159. RG interview transcripts
  160. Where does Nadal go from here?
  161. who will beat Rafito at wimbledon?
  162. Whoever wins the title deserves it
  163. Nadal RG-08 vs. Djokovic RG-15
  164. Nadal please, dump Tio Toni and get a new coach
  165. And there's the proof: Nadal would have been decimated in 2011
  166. Nadal's Wimbledon seed
  167. Did Fedal decline or is Djokovic too good ATM?
  168. Djokovic will break all records
  169. Will Nadal win RG again?
  170. Roland Garros QF: (1)Novak Djokovic def. (6)Rafael Nadal 7-5 6-3 6-1
  171. What if after finally def Nadal at RG Nole loses to Clayrray who wins it all
  172. Furth CH R2: [8] Zeballos def. G.Melzer 6-3 6-2
  173. Best possible RG 2015 final?
  174. Nadal is more dangerous than MTG thinks
  175. CH Prostějov R1: Souza def. Mathieu 7-6(2) 6-3
  176. Why is it hard to imitate Nadal's forehand
  177. Peak Nishikori vs Peak Davydenko?
  178. Dominic Thiem enters the Top 30
  179. How Nadal (or anyone) can beat Djokovic
  180. Wow...Wawrinka ...good job...keep it up
  181. WWW: CZECH Challenge: Giraldo vs Krajinovic
  182. A free lesson with: Novak Djokovic (including overheads)
  183. Tournament attendance: ATP Tour event qualifying vs ATP Challenger event
  184. Tsonga was in the gym doing Squats, Lunges, and Bench Press before Nishikori match
  185. Who will be umpire tomorrow?
  186. Who is the luckiest in 2015 Nishikori or Berdych?
  187. Does Wawrinka have the highest peak level on tour?
  188. MTF’s Myth or truth as a matter of fact
  189. Rafole QF - The New MayPac?
  190. Gulbis rank plummets to 89. Where is his ranking headed?
  191. Forehand grip
  192. Biggest underachiever in the 21st century
  193. WWW Manchester CH R1 Nielsen vs Harrison
  194. Manchester CH R1: Josh Milton def Austin Krajicek 64 76(5)
  195. Clayray > Grassray ?
  196. Borna Coric is # 1 Croatian in Live Race (# 36)
  197. Manchester CH R1: Moriya def Broady 0-6, 7-6(4), 6-1
  198. Manchester CH R1 Moryia d. Broady 0-6 7-6(4) 6-1
  199. WWW Manchester CH R1 J.Ward vs Sijsling
  200. Is Wawrinka the greatest big stage player ever?
  201. Is Wawrinka the biggest hitter in tennis today?
  202. Who is the best non big 4 player of this century?
  203. WWW Roland Garros Semifinal: [14]Jo-Wilfried Tsonga vs [8]Stanislas Wawrinka
  204. Roland Garros QF: [14] Tsonga def. [5] Nishikori 6-1 6-4 4-6 3-6 6-3
  205. CH Prostějov R1: [1] Kližan def. Gombos 4-6 6-0 7-6(12)
  206. Furth CH R1: Cervantes def. [6] De Bakker 6-0 6-3
  207. My conclusion about Roger Federer...
  208. CH 1R Prostejov U Ignatik def B Kavcic 6:7 (4) 6:2 6:2
  209. Who has more firepower, Wawrinka or Safin?
  210. Be honest, which Tennis crowd would you suit in ?
  211. Wawrinka vs Nadal final still possible
  212. RG QF: [8] Stan Wawrinka def. [2] Roger Federer 6-4 6-3 7-6(4)
  213. CH Fürth R1: (Q) Krawietz def. (3) Coppejans 6-4 1-6 7-5
  214. Would you consider a H2H of 50-45 a pigeon?
  215. 2015 Live Commentary Thread vol. 15
  216. Peak HC Federer vs Peak HC Nadal, who wins?
  217. Prostejov Challenger R1: Paul-Henri Mathieu d. Radek Stepanek 6-4 4-6 6-1
  218. Furth CH R1 Zeballos d. Ungur 6-4 6-0
  219. Fruth CH R1 Montanes d. F.Mayer 6-3 6-1
  220. Furth CH R1 Lapentti d. Brands 6-3 6-3
  221. Peak clay Federer vs Peak clay Djokovic, who wins?
  222. Best player ever with under 6 slams in the open era
  223. Which hypothetical player would have the most slams?
  224. Courier: umpires should stop giving penalties on critical points
  225. Which of these external interventions will play a part in the outcome of Rafole QF?
  226. Players and watches
  227. How does the weather affect Djokovic vs. Nadal's outcome on clay ?
  228. Match with Djokovic on RG 2015 was most bad match for Richard ever on GS?
  229. Time for Wawrinka to defeat Federer
  230. Nadal/Murray/Ferrer/Nishikori/Tsonga/Wawrinka/Federer will NOT win Roland Garros!!!
  231. Legacies on the line...
  232. Is the consecutive grand slam QF stat overrated?
  233. When was the last time Nadal was bookies underdog at FO/clay?
  234. Pick The Best Roland Garros 2015 Final
  235. If Murray Gets Past Ferrer, He Wins RG15
  236. RG Semi-final: IF Nadal gets there, who has the best shot: Murray or Ferrer?
  237. Every QFist is a Grand Slam champion or finalist
  238. Stan Wawrinka to WIN Roland Garros!!!
  239. Djokovic is @1.30 to beat Nadal on Wednesday
  240. Wilander: the temperature....
  241. RG QF: [1] Djokovic vs [6] Nadal...Who has more to lose?
  242. Have people gotten over lame thoughts like...
  243. Which QF are you looking forward to the most?
  244. Lewis Burton calls it a career
  245. Pre QF poll: WWW French Open
  246. Is Djokovic vs Nadal the REAL Final?
  247. Jack Sock will win a slam
  248. RG R16: Djokovic def. Gasquet 6-1, 6-2, 6-3
  249. Rank the QFists from the one you want to win the most to the least
  250. WWW? French Open QF: [1] Djokovic vs [6] Nadal - # XLIV