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  1. Federer's results since his peak ended
  2. San Benedetto CH R1: Ramirez-Hidalgo def. [3/WC] Volandri 6-4 6-2
  3. Will Djokovic catch Federer in slam titles?
  4. Newport R1: [Q] Luke Saville AUS def. Peter Polansky CAN 6-4 6-2
  5. Will Djokovic catch Nadal in slam titles?
  6. Portoroz CH R1: [1] Kavcic def. [WC] Kaplja 6-0 6-0
  7. What says more about Djokovic's mental strength?
  8. When Tennis players are going poorly?
  9. Bastad R.1: Renzo Olivo d. Paul-Henri Mathieu 5-2 (Ret.)
  10. Third Place Match At Slams?
  11. Portoroz Challenger R.1 Ilija Bozolijac d. Karol Beck 4-6 6-3 6-4
  12. Do people tend to over rate everything "5 set"?
  13. Bastad R1: Albot def De Schepper 76 61
  14. Bastad R1: Ymer def. Kukushkin 6-3 7-5
  15. Bastad R1: Ramos Viñolas def Vesely 75 62
  16. Bastad R1: Carreño def Brown 63 64
  17. 2014 Live commentary thread vol. 19
  18. Bastad R1: Hanescu def Andujar 64 64
  19. Bastad R1: Lindell def Cervantes 62 63
  20. Who has played the best in the full-field events in 2014 (Slams and M1000s)?
  21. Djokovic and Federer have both beaten each other in all 4 Slams
  22. Istanbul to host ATP World Tour 250 tournament from 2015
  23. Who has more longevity?
  24. Bastad R1 : Cuevas def Chardy 6-2, 6-2
  25. Examples of ridiculous scheduling
  26. Many "1st Country's Top 10 Player" This Year -- Who's Next?
  27. WWW Stuttgart R1: Gojowczyk v. Gimeno-Traver
  28. Who will qualify for WTF?
  29. Djokovic's blueprint to beat Federer on grass
  30. Newport R1 Ram def Ebden 6-2 7-5
  31. Newport R1 Karlovic def. Ginepri 7-6,6-2
  32. Problems found
  33. WWW? Stuttgart R1: Igor Sijsling vs Louk Sorensen
  34. Sam the Servebot Groth 7-6(7)6-2 Donald Son of a Biscuit Young
  35. This time last year
  36. WWW? CH San Benedetto R1: [3] F. Volandri vs. Ramirez-H.R.
  37. Djokovic has a better slam record than Nadal in 3/4 slams
  38. ATP's Hyping of Dimitrov: From Young Gun, to Top Gun.
  39. Why does Kontinen only play doubles
  40. Stuttgart R1: [8] F.Delbonis def. J. Monaco 6-4 6-1
  41. Muller ranking at the end of the season.
  42. Djokovic first to qualify for Barclays World Tour Finals
  43. Newport R1: Jaziri def Berankis 7-5 6-3
  44. Djokovic is 54-4 since last time he was Number 1
  45. Newport FQR: [5] Odesnik def. [4] Smith 6-2 7-6(6)
  46. Newport R1: Sela def. Przysiezny 61 76
  47. Djokovic: Wimbledon 2014 is the highest quality final, higher than AO2012
  48. Lorenzi d. Eriksson 62 61
  49. If Nadal wins a 10th FO, will the crowd final warm to him?
  50. WWW? Bastad R32: Kenny de Schepper vs [Q] Radu Albot
  51. The amazing Fedalovic era
  52. Djokovic, Federer, Nadal, and Sampras at the same age
  53. Bastad R1: [5] Sousa def. Riba 0-1 ret.
  54. The Murray/Djokovic dilemma
  55. Is Djokovic now one of the top 10 greatest players of all times?
  56. Djokovic the one preventing Nadal from being the GOAT? How things changed...
  57. Stuttgart, Germany; 14.07.2003;1/4 final G.Coria def. M Youzhny 6-0, 6-0.
  58. Has Becker proven the haters wrong?
  59. Once they retire..
  60. Murray created the worst new phenomenon
  61. Would you support a short servebot?
  62. Which events the rest of 2014 will Djokovic win?
  63. Which events the rest of 2014 will Rafa win?
  64. Which events the rest of 2014 will Rogie win?
  65. Rafael Nadal: The Quest for 20 Grand Slams
  66. Novak has won 7 Slams in the Fed/Nadal Era..This is a BIG accomplishment!
  67. Is Stephan Edberg a good coach for Federer?
  68. Despite loss, Federer mental giant today
  69. Roger Federer's Grandslam record against top 8 players when matches go to 5 sets?
  70. Federer, Nadal, Djokovic = Jordan, Bryant, Lebron
  71. Todi CH F: Aljaz Bedene defeats Marton Fucsovics 2-6 7-6(4) 6-4
  72. All but one of Novak's GS wins have been against the other big 4 members
  73. What round will Murray lose in the USO ?
  74. Most *CRUSHABLE¨*One Handed-Backhand?
  75. Why Federer and Nadal won't win anymore US Opens
  76. Why Nadal will only win one more slam
  77. Djokovic heavy favorite for the USopen?
  78. Did Federer blow his last chance for #18?
  79. Nole, Djoker, Novak, the Serbian Barbarian, whatever you wanna name him....
  80. Prime Agassi and Sampras vs the current Big 4 in their prime
  81. [6]Milos Raonic[10]Andy Murray To Stay Winless This Year?
  82. Should Wimbledon Make The Switch To (Green) Clay?
  83. Did Fed netting the overhead in the 5th determine the outcome of the match
  84. Should Federer Retire If He Wins US Open?
  85. How many slams will Dimitrov win?
  86. On which surface is Djokovic the better player, clay or grass?
  87. Newport Q F: (6) Krajicek def (3) Bemelmans 7-6(5) 7-6(5)
  88. The Top 10 Shuffle -- Many Shifts at the Same Time
  89. How badly will the UK ratings have suffered without Murray?
  90. who winning wimbledon in 2015
  91. How many Grand Slam Titles will Djokovic win?
  92. Will Djokovic stop gifting slams to Nadal now?
  93. This Year, the Recent Losing Slam Finalist...
  94. Novak having to go through legends at their best slam
  95. Will Dimitrov be number #5 at the end of the year?
  96. Where does this rank amongst Novak's slam victories?
  97. Can we expect to see far more Federer vs Djokovic slam finals?
  98. Djokovic has double the slams on grass than Murray
  99. Top Matches You Desire at the USO 2014
  100. Wimbledon Final: Worst Outcome Possible?
  101. Who Will Win The US Open...
  102. Top 10 Wimbledon Champions Of All Time
  103. Djokovic with 2 Wimbledon and 0 French Open is the biggest anomaly in modern tennis
  104. Where does that final rank in history?
  105. Will Djokovic win USO 2014?
  106. No male player in the open era won more than 5 slams after turning 27
  107. Wimbledon F: Djokovic beats Federer 6-7(7), 6-4, 7-6(4), 5-7, 6-4, reclaims No. 1
  108. Murray misses trick
  109. Wimbledon Junior F: (Q) Noah Rubin def (6) Stefan Kozlov 6-4 4-6 6-3
  110. Josh Milton wins Manchester 15k Future on grass this week!!
  111. Singles players who have practically retired into Doubles?
  112. Fed "It's been a cool rivalry"
  113. Pospisil/Sock To Win The US Open
  114. How good will the match be?
  115. WWW Newport R1: (8) Mannarino vs Wang
  116. WWW Newport the 5th Slam?
  117. Rank the last 10 Wimbledon finals according to quality of play+atmosphere
  118. Prize money
  119. Wimbledon 2014 - My Summary
  120. Braunschweig CH Final: A. Zverev def PHM 1-6, 6-1, 6-4
  121. Predict the quality of Wimbledon F 2014
  122. WWW Stuttgart Mercedes Cup
  123. Ljubicic: "Raonic can serve 265kmh"
  124. Why was Raonic "obviously not expecting by any means to play his best"?
  125. WWW Swedish Open
  126. Stuttgart QR1: P.Davydenko def. [1] Bagnis 6-4 3-6 6-3
  127. Your new ATP top 3-10 ranked players on Monday
  128. Stuttgart QR1: Hanfmann def. [4] Elias 6-3 6-4
  129. Insane stat: this is the first GS final without Nadal or Murray since 2009
  130. Federer has won every tournament in which he has beaten Gilles Muller
  131. Has Murray underachieved in his career so far ?
  132. Murray/Nadal fans who do you want as Champion?
  133. Players that are suddenly in" their best days are behind them" category
  134. WWW Newport Q1: Takanyi Garanganga vs (WC) Sandor Noszaly
  135. Which of the following players performed best in their first GS semi-final?
  136. who do you think rafa wants to win on sunday
  137. Wimbledon 2014: Federer, Raonic and Others Use Bathroom Trips to Regroup
  138. Braunschweig Challenger Final: Paul-Henri Mathieu v. Alexander Zverev
  139. Can Milos Raonic Save His Season At Toronto(600 Points To Defend)If Not,He Will Drop
  140. Is Dimitrov a serve-bot?
  141. CH Winnetka SF: [7] D. Kudla def. JP Smith 2-6 7-5 7-6(4)
  142. Will Dimitrov surpass Boris Becker?
  143. Roger Federer - Underrated Returner??? (ROS'er)
  144. Who is giving out the Wimbledon trophies on Sunday?
  145. Help about new racket?
  146. Measuring Your Grip Size
  147. Federer rediscovering serve and volley
  148. Edberg Vs Becker Final (Rivalry revived!)
  149. WWW Manchester (Grass)15k Final: Milton vs Coupland
  150. Milos return is his weakness will not win a slam until it gets better
  151. Roger/Murray/Rafa
  152. Dimitrov/Raonic generation worst in history
  153. Wimbledon SF: Federer defeats Raonic 64 64 64
  154. WWW Wimbledon Final: [1] Djokovic vs [4] Federer - XXXV
  155. Hard to believe that....
  156. Wimbledon 1/2 Dimitrov chokes to Djokovic 4-6 6-3 6-7(2) 6-7(7)
  157. Braunschweig Ch. SF: Alexander Zverev d. Andrey Golubev 6-2 6-3
  158. Braunschweig CH SF: A. Zverev [WC] def Golubev [1/WC] 6-2 6-3
  159. Djokovic mentally fried after RG 2013 semi
  160. Sock: "We know he [Stepanek] is crazy but ..."
  161. Braunschweig Challenger SF: Paul-Henri Mathieu d. Nikola Cacic 6-4 6-2
  162. Milos Raonic has proclaimed the start of a new era in men's tennis
  163. Who will win more NON FRENCH OPEN slams... Novak or Rafa
  164. bigger shock raonic or ivanisovic
  165. Javier Marti will be unranked next monday
  166. Which Wimbledon 2014 Finalists do you want to see?
  167. what are your thoughts on Pat Cash?
  168. Wimbledon tickets
  169. Andy Roddick : "I want to see Roger Federer win Wimbledon"
  170. Oh Canada! Raonic, Bouchard, Pospisil
  171. Name All of the Wimbledon Champions in Order
  172. Bathroom breaks - interesting article
  173. Nole Winning Wimbledon Would Mean What?
  174. Why the hell we have to discuss Raonic slams... when Raonic is still in semifinals?
  175. Does Nadal's Kyrgios loss nearly end chance of being better than Federer?
  176. How many Slams will Milos win in his career ?
  177. Murray 5 minutes before the match
  178. The Next Serverbot To Win A Grand Slam Will Be................
  179. Rafael Nadal nominated for USSA Athlete of the Month
  180. Great work rate today from Kozlov!
  181. Federer: "If you look at the pictures of Edberg, Becker, there were some colours"
  182. Todi CH R2: Fischer def. [3] Volandri 6-7(2) 7-6(2) 6-3 (lack of effort)
  183. John McEnroe, Rod Laver and Tim Henman on Radio BBC5 Live answering phonein questions
  184. Murray: "When I stop thinking I have a chance to win GS, I'll stop playing tennis"
  185. The Death of the "Tennis Brain" and All Court Tennis
  186. Who deserves a statue at Wimbledon more? Andy Murray or Roger Federer?
  187. Chris McKendry on ESPN on Raonic and Bouchard: "They are no longer Canadians..."
  188. Why is attacking tennis so successful at this Wimbledon?
  189. If Bouchard & Raonic win Wimbledon 2014?
  190. Braunschweig Ch. QF: Paul-Henri Mathieu d. Gastao Elias 6-3 6-3
  191. If Novak doesn't win Wimbledon - Should Becker Go?
  192. Braunschweig CH QF: Alexander Zverev [WC] def. Joao Souza 7-5 7-6 (5)
  193. CH Braunschweig QF: Zverev def. Souza 7-5 7-6(5)
  194. Why S & V has died out from tennis & why u now need b more complete to win Wimbledon
  195. If Federer wins Wimbledon 2014 he and Nadal will be 2 all time leaders in RG/WIM
  196. Which matchup you would watch
  197. HELP PLEASE! Mens Semi Final Tickets for CENTRE COURT Friday July 4th!!
  198. Who Would Retire First:Roger Federer Or David Ferrer?
  199. Nadal choose between-- Federer winning #18......OR......Djok winning for year-end #1?
  200. Main cause of Murrays subpar 2014?
  201. Will Andy Murray spend the next two years in a hot air balloon?
  202. where did feds forehand go... he cant win it without it
  203. 1 (Master 1000) On Grass Possible Soon???
  204. Raonic Will win more Slams than Murray
  205. Is 19 years old Nick Kyrgios as good as 19 years old Nole/Delpo/Murphy?
  206. Average age of semifinalists
  207. Jon Wertheim
  208. What POSH, Wimbledon is holding the SemiFinals on the Fourth of July
  209. Toni Nadal: "I don't like big serves. I like to see tactics at work out on the court"
  210. mcenroe-murray will end the year in the top 4
  211. Federer and the number 8
  212. Who of the remaining players can stop Nole to take Wimbledon
  213. Should Federer retire if he wins Wimbledon?
  214. Nicholas Kyrgios's amazing transformation (also post #38)
  215. Robredo is the only player with positive Grass W/L record in Federer's path to Final
  216. Who has the bigger chance of beating Federer in the final, Djokovic or Dimitrov?
  217. best call ever in Monta challenger Gomez vs Witten, drama
  218. List of teenagers in Wimbledon's semis
  219. Grand Slam winner again from Big Four?
  220. Possible Dimitrov-Federer Final?
  221. Was the Kyrgios loss the worst clutch-time performance by Nadal at a Slam?
  222. WWW Wimbledon SF: [4] Federer vs [8] Raonic
  223. Wimbledon QF: Raonic def. Kyrgios 6-7(4) 6-2 6-4 7-6(4)
  224. Who's the worst serve bot to watch?
  225. Wimbledon QF: [4] Federer def. [5] Wawrinka 3-6, 7-6 (5), 6-4, 6-4
  226. Braunschweig Challenger R16: Paul-Henri Mathieu d. Andre Ghem 6-1 6-3
  227. Will Djokovic get to the final and lose again?
  228. WWW Wimbledon SF: [1] Djokovic vs [11] Dimitrov
  229. Wimbledon QF: Djokovic def. Cilic 6-1 3-6 6-7(4) 6-2 6-2
  230. semi final line up without the big 4?
  231. Ever since Andy Murray parted company from Llendl he has gone back to being PASSIVE!
  232. 2014 Live commentary thread vol. 18
  233. Braunschweig CH R16: Alexander Zverev (WC) def. Nils Langer (Q) 2-6 7-6(5) 7-5
  234. Will Andy Murray fire Amelie Mauresmo or keep her as his coach?
  235. CH Braunschweig R16: A.Zverev def. Langer 2-6 7-6(5) 7-5
  236. Did Milos Raonic surpass Andy Murray in the rankings?
  237. I think it would be pretty stupid to blame Mauresmo for this, wouldn't it?
  238. Murray in ruins, goes down to 10th in the rankings, no ATP final for more than a year
  239. Has Andrew Murray become a clay court specialist?
  240. Wimbledon QF: [11] Dimitrov def. [3] Murray 6-1 7-6(4) 6-2
  241. CH Braunschweig R2: Petzschner def. Bellucci 7-6(5) 6-3
  242. Confidence in your Fave Top Player
  243. Is it Federer's biggest chance for his 18th Slam?
  244. Is Nadal the first player to lose 3 years in a row to a low ranked player at a GS?
  245. 5 Maiden Wimbledon Quarterfinalists
  246. Mauresmo:“It's exciting.We are entering more the phase where we can tease each other"
  247. Any other Aussies don't like Kyrgios?
  248. Was this the shot of the year from Kyrgios ?
  249. Has Australia's attention shifted from Tomic to Kyrgios?
  250. Is Nick Kyrgios the Lord?