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  1. Agassi worried about Safin...Naaaaah.
  2. Roddick spotted in Brooklyn, NY
  3. Rackets of Lleyton and David?
  4. Have you noticed?
  5. Who is the best tennis coach
  6. Entry system best records?
  7. Mats Wilander: Safin has the best all-round game
  8. Another classic from Mal: Safin 's legs won't hold against Agassi
  9. Sexy Beauty Secrets of the ATP
  10. Black/Ullyett (8) just won their first game..
  11. Top 100 Fan's Most Hated / Least Liked Players
  12. Roger defeats David 7-5 6-4 5-7 6-3
  13. Federer vs Ferrero
  14. Aussie Open in March????
  15. Mal: I knew Safin would win
  16. Another Poll: Who has shown more talent?
  17. Special Exempt
  18. Silly Poll! Do you still hate Duckboy?
  19. Hmm had no clue Pat Rafter changed that much...
  20. Who will be the new no. 1?
  21. Marat vs Roddick game by game details
  22. electronic umpires
  23. Agassi vs Safin
  24. Safin celebrates 24th birthday by kicking Roddick's ass; Fed #1
  25. Go Marat!
  26. The Tennis Channel
  27. Seb retires from qrt against Agassi
  28. Knowles/Nestor upset by Argentines
  29. Fitness factor
  31. Magnus Norman surgery
  32. Jon Wertheim's AO Mid-term grades
  33. what is ARAZI wearing?
  34. Who is the best player in the history
  35. Mal's QF Picks: Federer might not beat Nalbandian (and other previews)
  36. Which is the best match in the history
  37. Ferrero, Grosjean -how they doin'?
  38. Hey, here
  39. Predictions for quarterfinals matchups!!!!
  40. New Pro Tennis Documentary DVD!
  41. marat vs andy
  42. will Denthead be fined for lack of effort??
  43. Was Brad really dissing Duckboy???
  45. Hewitt v. Federer Live!!!
  46. Shocking: Scud ousted
  47. Federer will beat Hewitt easily...
  48. Boris Becker to host talk show on German TV
  49. Did Brad Gilbert really diss Justine and women's tennis?
  50. Anti-ESPN website???
  51. Funny bit from
  52. James Blake going bald or just a bad hair cut?
  53. Today's ESPN Schedule
  54. .
  55. Federer V. Hewitt: Coming Back to Haunt Him
  56. Mal: Philippoussis, Ferrero, Nalbandian, Federer
  57. Yes, it's a Roddick vs. Safin Quarterfinals
  58. Safin Blake spoilers!!!
  59. Roddick DESTROYS Schalken 6-1 6-2 6-3!
  60. ATP Prediction Game
  61. A Heartfelt Message for ESPN
  62. What ESPN's broadcast schedule should be
  64. Who will be crowned Bagel King?: A Good, Bad, and Ugly Special Edition
  65. Hewitt/Nadal Report. Sounds like a GREAT match!
  66. Federer v Hewitt
  67. Hewitt been pushed hard by an 18 year old is...
  68. Henman chokes again..... whats the Brit press gonna come up with now
  69. Omg Canas outlasts Henman winning 6-7 5-7 7-6 7-5 9-7
  70. ESPN lies YET AGAIN
  71. Pavel Outlasts Novak winning 4-6 3-6 7-5 7-6(3) 6-4
  72. the many faces of marat
  73. Anyone Else Notice This?
  74. ESPN Execs Explain Network's Australian Open Coverage
  75. I'm Giving Out Awards....
  76. Your predictions and your picks....
  77. Wednesday report
  78. day 6 predictions! please give yours!
  79. Grosjean beats Hrbaty 2-6, 6-4, 6-1, 6-3
  80. Roddick Kills dent 6-2 6-0 6-2
  81. Scary, really scary
  82. Safin v. Blake: The Hopman Cup Rematch at AO
  83. Safin serves up bagel in 5 set victory over Todd Martin
  84. Santoro fined for spitting
  85. Agassi vs. Sampras who did you root for?
  86. Getting the Avatars to work
  87. Mal: Blake will defeat Safin in 5
  88. MTF Top 100 Fan Favourites of all time
  89. Australian Summer ...
  90. The following threads need to be retired....
  91. The Best and Worst of the AO so far....
  92. Vibration dampeners
  93. AO things that make you go hmmmmm.....
  94. Tuesday AO report
  95. Monday AO report
  96. Experience, Talent & Skills....which is the most important???
  97. NOW CLOSED Top 100 Fan's Favorites FINAL RESULTS
  98. the best match since ao?
  99. ALBERT COSTA def WAYNE ARTHURS in 4hrs 14 minutes!
  100. JC Ferrero has problems with his back
  101. god ESPN is horrible!
  102. Best Serve
  103. OK, someone pleeeeeeeeeeeease come up with something new....
  104. ATP ranking for Feb 2 (updated Sunday)
  105. Who's looking like a hot ass mess at this AO?..
  107. Mystery player
  108. Prediction
  109. Day 4 predictions!
  110. Pat Rafter will be on Channel 7 live tomorrow nite
  111. Robby Ginepri is HOT!
  112. Henman Exposed!
  113. Phillippoussis is looking good!!!
  114. No more AO 2nd curse for Guga!
  115. Guga vs Ljubicic (live)
  116. Who has the most beautiful kidney?
  117. Fashion Hell-No's
  118. Try your own medicine..
  119. Wednesday schedule
  120. Players switching more and more to water..
  123. marat has a girlfriend .......... ?
  124. This is why they should have a translator at the Aussie Open...
  125. What did Pat Cash say about Federer exactly?
  126. Juan Carlos defeats Montanes 6-0 6-1 6-1!!!!
  127. The Good, Bad, and Ugly: Surprises at the AO
  128. Hewitt curse
  129. After 16 years it's time for Tennis Australia to replace Rebound Ace with...
  130. Saulnier upsets no.5 seed Coria
  131. Federer runs over Alex Jr. 6/3 6/4 6/0
  132. ok, truce
  133. Mal: Roddick is facing the pressure, don't overlook Hewitt or Henman
  134. Roddick again?
  135. >>jc ferrero has a new tattoo<<
  136. Moya Mad
  137. Happy birthday today to Stefan Edberg!
  138. marat won !!!!!
  139. Ivanisevic to play Milan indoor February 9
  140. Marat Interview: YK retired he says
  141. with who woul u like to go out ?
  142. Guga's not looking good...
  143. Younes pulled out..
  144. Soldering knocks out Schuettler
  145. Teen Soderling upsets #6 Schuettler in 5 sets
  146. Mats Talks about the AO contenders
  147. Aussie Open only 30mins away!!!!
  148. Bob Larson's AO Preview
  149. When does play start/ Live scoring Pacific time???
  150. Will TSN broadcast the AO Final?
  151. Masters Cup Uncovered
  152. Can Dinara outlast Marat in OZ Open?
  153. oops
  154. Tennis: Australian Open is different kind of Grand Slam
  155. Article for the Fish Fans
  156. Safin says Rios most talented, Federer "next Sampras", really interesting article
  157. sydney pics
  158. Who has most fans?
  159. Match #1 who will win and in how many sets Schuettler/Soderling
  160. Match#2 Who wins and in How many sets Roddick/Gonzalez
  161. Corretja MOONS Federer!!!
  162. Looking For Non-Andy Fans
  163. Day 1 AO: Order of Play
  164. Melbourne: Nalby beats Baldy in Straights, Roddick chumps out against Federer
  165. Which dark horse will go furthest at the AO?
  166. Moya sprains his ankle
  167. What half of draw will play Monday?
  168. Dominating nations in tennis (in the past decade)
  169. Classic Australian Open matches Sunday on ESPN Classic
  170. Roddick needs to grow up (pics)
  171. Australian Open on TV
  172. What a picture of Taylor Dent...
  173. War declared at Kooyong + Interview to Roddick and Nalbandian
  175. Who will win the Australian Open? (better options)
  176. who will win the australian open?
  177. Eurosport Videos (feat. Marat, Roger, Andre etc.)
  178. Moya v Hewitt in Sydney
  179. Singles players playing doubles
  180. Which top AO seed will fall first?
  181. Nalbandian Def Roddick 3-6 7-6 7-6
  182. What half of draw will play Monday?
  183. Aus open draw- R32 match ups
  184. Coria will play in Australia
  185. Who is the better overall player, Stefan Edberg or Rainer Schuettler?
  186. Which aspect do you like most on a tennis player?
  188. Edberg, Graf, Cheney Are Hall of Fame Inductees
  189. Goran to be back soon?
  190. Players seeded players don't wanna meet in the 1st round at the AO
  191. I saw Kuerten today at the AO, but he should be in Auckland!!?!
  193. Do you HATE players for always beating your favorite players?
  194. Agassi defeats Federer 6-2, 6-4 at kooyong
  195. Full list of seeds out for AO
  196. Korda not sympathetic with Rusedski's situation...
  197. Player pics - Ones they wish were not taken
  198. John McEnroe to host his own talk show on CNBC
  199. New AO advertising slant
  200. How fast will Marat win another title?
  201. Australian Tennis Summer ...
  202. Nalbadian changes hairstyle & sponsor
  203. New tennis pictures from OZ ...
  204. Do you play tennis naked?
  205. Coria out with injury, doubtful for AO...
  206. Rafael falls to Hrbaty in Heineken final, 4/6 6/2 7/5
  207. I like players from Argentina because......
  208. Doubles For David Rikl
  210. Guiness records
  211. (WC) Guccione d. (1) Ferrero 6-3, 7-6
  212. Update on Safin, Norman and Haas Please...?
  213. Tennis Leagues for all Skill Levels
  214. Rios accuses Andre of drug use?
  215. just when you think he's getting back his form...
  216. Draw for Kooyong Classic
  217. Who do you think will drop out of the Top Ten in 2004?
  218. Who has reached the top ten rankings without winning a single title?
  219. Which player has the best body?
  220. Woodbridge anger at Rusedski
  221. Please help me!! Who's that mystery player?!
  222. Sydney: Joachim Johansson d. Rainer Schuettler 64 64
  223. John McEnroe & Steroids
  224. TODD REID beats Nicolas Massu 7-6, 2-6, 6-4, FROM 4-0 DOWN IN THE THIRD!!!
  225. Court hunks too sexy for their shorts (article)
  226. Men's Look Forward: Week of January 12
  227. Goran will comeback soon!!!!!
  228. Preserving signatures?
  229. 'Rusedski the eager misfit' c/p
  230. Tennis Off-Season
  231. Federer's Next Exhibition??
  232. Best derriere in men's tennis
  233. sour grapes my ass
  234. Australian Summer ...
  235. can some1 do me a favor
  236. I'm new here
  237. Which player is the most "facially challenged"?
  238. a
  239. Wertheim's Worthless predictions for 2004
  240. Rusedski issues statement
  241. Haas withdraws from Australian Open
  242. I.Ljubicic def. (7)T.Henman 7-6,3-6,7-6
  243. marat
  244. Marat lost!
  245. Enqvist practicing hard for sydney
  246. Ferrero
  247. Glory of Tennis
  248. Rusedski fails drugs test
  249. I.Ljubicic def. (4)S.Grosjean 6-3,5-7,6-4
  250. Rafter lost in doubles in 3 sets