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  1. Omg the Atp site is stupid
  2. Article in TENNIS magazine
  3. A double bagel in men's tennis?
  4. Olivier d. Philippoussis 6-2 7-6 in Dubai
  5. Since you love' em so much
  6. SWE Officiating a SWE/SLO competition?
  7. Prettiest & most handsome match....
  8. LMAO, Guess who's Marat's doubles partner at Dubai?
  9. another agassi grand slam or not?
  10. Attention....
  11. huz ur least fave playa?
  12. Bill Tilden: Gay Tennis Star's life subject of new play
  13. Knowles/Nestor Finally Wins a Title This Year!
  14. Has anyone talked with a professional tennis player before?
  15. Are there too many polls????
  16. Guga Kuerten wins 20th title at Brasil Open.
  17. Federer: "I was tested 21 times, and that's okay by me."
  19. Hrbaty bts Soderling 4-6 6-4 6-4 in Marseille
  20. Where can I find some Nalbandian pics?
  21. Marat versus Federer in first round!!!!!
  22. Who will win the Davis Cup Quarterfinal between the US and Sweden?
  23. Marcos Baghdatis?
  24. Gaston Gaudio´pics!!
  25. A nalbandian´s pic when he was a child! hehehe
  26. What was the most exciting matches you ever saw?
  27. A Proposal For a New Tennis Court
  28. Question on champions race vs. entry ranking
  29. Safin starting to look like Bjorkman's pigeon...
  30. Whats the differnce between mp and os?
  31. Agassi playing baseball in new Nike commercial (and Serena playing volleyball)
  32. Ferrero out
  33. Metrosexual, for those who don't know the meaning...
  34. Delray Beach is front runner for Davis Cup QF's
  35. Goran says his form is improving :D
  36. Brazil Open, first round: Moya fast becoming pigeon of German legend Tomas Behrend!
  37. Davis cup website poll. I hate it!!
  38. Highly stupid question, but.....
  39. The Battle for King of Clay!!! Ferrero vs Coria
  40. I'm going to a tennis event next week!
  41. Tennis Poetry from John Wertheim's mailbag
  42. Funny quotes?
  43. Jon Wertheim : Radek (Brad Pitt) Stepanek?
  44. The greatest player in the Open era?
  45. Unlikely Tennis Player Theme Songs
  46. Predict the year-end top 8
  47. I 'almost' feel like Mal this weekend
  48. Is Joachim Thomas' brother?
  49. Kiefer vs Johansson (match in play now)
  50. Who's the next new number one?
  51. Hewitt Def Ferrero 6/7, 7/5, 6/4
  52. I'm new
  53. dont know why but this just pised me off
  54. FERRERO vs HEWITT: who will win?
  55. A request to the "older" people , Could you describe me these players from the past?
  56. Johansson vs. Kiefer
  57. new look for guga
  58. Buenos Aires Rematch Final: Moya v Coria
  59. Hewitt Vs Ferrero
  60. How many tournaments should a top 10 player compete in per year?
  61. Interesting stat
  62. Who will be number 1 at the end of the year?
  63. Whats your favourite emoticon?
  64. David Nalbandian Tattoo
  65. Hewitt vs Henman
  66. Roddick loses to Enqvist. Pat Mac on suicide watch!
  67. I'M NEW!!
  68. Mirnyi vs. Ferrero
  69. Do you slide when you play on clay?
  70. Where Are They Now?
  71. What happened with Roddick? Memphis
  72. Henman vs. Federer
  73. Worst injuries
  74. Live Stream Thread!
  75. Wizard of Oz characterizations?
  76. Cartoon/Comic/Manga Thread
  77. Goran's BBC Interview (plans for 2004, Wimbledon, etc. - really funny)
  78. Does anyone find this stats for Andy interesting/unusual?
  79. Schuettler vs. Hewitt ..
  80. Worst schedules?
  81. Byes for top seeds in men's tennis
  82. tennis on widescreen tv?
  83. Corretja: "I'd boycott for Rusedski"
  84. European ATP Chief wants shorter matches
  85. A Little Random Quiz -- Can You Identify These Men?
  86. omg Hewitt and Rasheed won there 1st round doubles match
  87. Phrases that describe certain players
  88. More Agassi vs Sampras vs Federer (courtesy of Wertheim)
  89. Rainer won a match!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  90. !
  91. David Rikl
  92. Top/Former Top 40 Active Players that have never played
  93. Buying Tennis Tickets
  94. Men's Look Forward: Week of February 16
  95. Flexible Male Tennis Players
  96. Roddick beat Fish 7-6 6-4; climbs to 2nd place
  97. How would you improve the tennis schedule?
  98. Congratulations to Antony Dupuis on winning his first ATP title!
  99. Shameless plugging by Juanqui and Roger
  100. A List of Banned Substances Explained
  101. Did Fish's "fist-pump" insult Agassi???
  102. Ancic loses after saving 10 match points, lucky let cord
  103. SCORE CORRECTION: Ancic wins second set 7-6(12)! 8 MP SAVED
  104. Thomas Muster to Captain Austrian Davis Cup Team
  105. Fish def. Agassi 5-7 6-4 6-2
  106. Any website for downloading matches?
  107. raisport will show a taped delayed milan final
  108. Bellsouth Finals updates: Guga vs Gonzo
  109. Ancic in the finals!
  110. Your Estimations On The % Of Players Taking Performance Enhancing Drugs?
  112. Qualifications: Day 1 Report
  113. Do you know the way to San Jose? (If not, ask Andre)
  114. Announcement for Tommy Haas FANs
  115. Greatest Height Difference Between Players in a Match?
  116. Inspired Ancic kicking butt, can he (finally) win his first title?
  117. Another weird Gaston Gaudio match. Do you think he needs a sports psychologist?
  118. 2 minutes of highlights of ivanisevic vs. robredo :)
  119. Six Players Withdraw From Rotterdam
  120. The "I like ToJo" thread
  121. 2004 Olympics: tennis finals already sold out
  122. Nasdaq-100 remains one of the last hurdles for the New Balls generation
  123. Goran commits to IW :)
  124. Roland Garros 2004 You Decide?
  125. Goran loses to Robredo in three but is definately back!!
  126. San Jose : Will Gambill finally beat Agassi?
  127. Which player has the most ho's rooting for them?....
  128. Men vs. Women of the MTF
  129. German players in maindraws this year
  130. Coria fires his coach Alberto Mancici
  131. are there really no pics of Tommy Haas?
  132. Argentinean journalists lurk this forum and read our threads!!! Evil!
  133. The 2004 Ball Boys(&Girls) Pic thread
  134. Goran Wins!!!
  135. Unattractive pics...
  136. Australian Open Review - Please read its 2700 words +
  137. Voltchkov on team Argentina: They're all drugged! All of them! Every last one! Drugs!
  138. Goran: "I feel no pain"
  139. Funniest looking serve...
  140. please delete thread, sorry
  141. Oscar night for Davis Cup
  142. This year DC has USA written all over it!
  143. Ivanisevic vs Ulihrach
  144. ATP Milan - TV COVERAGE??
  145. Does anyone actually like Doubles?
  146. Wertheim 2/9/04: Answers typical MTF questions on Guga, Lleyton, Fed, Andre and Pete
  147. (WC)Ivanisevic/Seppi d Sluiter/Verkerk 26 76(4) 64
  148. Tommy to make comeback at San Jose and save German tennis (nice article)
  149. Andy's hair cut
  150. Goran 2: The Return of Goran
  151. Best Player that won't win a slam...and the ones that will..
  152. Roland Garros Tickets + travel tips
  153. When will Davis Cup quarterfinal sites be announced?
  154. CHOKERS
  155. Second serves
  156. Lefties put Spain in quarters
  157. Safin v. Roddick 2: Who will win the most Slams?
  158. 2002 DC Champs Russia ousted by Belarus
  159. wimbledon - the movie
  160. Will Goran and Tommy really play this week?
  161. Shocker! Defending Champ Australia out of Davis Cup in 1st Rd!
  162. So Sad for Paul Haarhuis
  163. Swedes breaking Andy's record ??
  164. Davis Cup Scoreboard
  165. Who is better Marat of Kafelnikov?
  166. Age Rule
  167. Raunch!
  168. Just wondering isn't there suppose to be an ATP awards thingy for 2003????
  169. Mirnyi out guns Safin!
  170. Raffy beats Mats.
  171. Best Fore-handers in the game? (top 5)
  172. Giant US Open Tennis Ball
  173. Roddick breaks record for fastest serve: 150 mph
  174. Who's the best American Young Gun?
  175. Ignore this
  176. Enqvist routs Philloppussis in Davis Cup
  177. Best Back-Hander (top 5)
  178. Has anyone ever been no.1 without ...
  179. Davis Cup 1st Round Predictions
  180. Do You Think the Tennis Masters Cup Should Rotate The Surface & Venue
  181. Marat was right about Yevgeny
  182. Woens Tennis forums??????
  183. Who's this?
  184. The greatest strokes of all time according to Tennis Magazine
  185. worst player who has won a Slam..
  186. Best Player Never To Win A Slam? (New Poll Added)
  187. Which do you think would be more likely?
  188. Should the reigning Davis Cup champion be given a first round bye?
  189. What is your Favourite Surface and Why?
  190. a question please!!!
  191. Has Pat Cash gone mad?
  192. Will they ever lift a Grand Slam trophy?
  193. sex vs. tennis...
  194. Norman Has Hip Surgery, Will Be Sidelined Six Months
  195. Talk Tennis Website
  196. Weary Safin questionable for Davis Cup
  197. Who is more talented - Hewitt or Roddick?
  198. Now I'm curious: Why is Roddick so unpopular here?
  199. New tennis magazine hits the stands
  201. does marat will win a grand slam this year?
  202. Hopman Cup & Aus Open photos!!!
  203. Can Federer or Henin-Hardenne Slam?
  204. Tennis Books Not likely to sell
  205. Jonn Wertheim's AO Wrap-up
  206. ESPN To Air Eight Hours of USA vs Austria Davis Cup Tie
  207. Hey check this out!!
  208. If there was a match between 1998 Rios vs. 2003 Federer, who would win?
  209. Your far from ideal player
  210. How many more Slams will Federer win from Wimbledon 2008 on?
  211. Your Davis Cup Faves
  212. The Bad Boys....
  213. What surface will the Olympics be on?
  215. Why Guy Forget dumped Santoro ....
  216. next tournaments
  217. Three favourites for each remaining Slam
  218. The best 2004 AO matches!!!
  219. Who's Fitter?
  220. Safin's post-match speech
  221. Question: If Pete and Roger are so alike...
  222. Mal: Federer has the game to win all four majors
  223. Which is your favorite GS trophy?
  224. Sampras Slam's Question
  225. Sampras Slam's Question
  226. Is Federer going to win a Golden slam this year.
  227. Seeing Roger's backhand, does anyone still want to play a two-handed one?
  228. Federer is a new Pete Sampras
  229. Top10 Serve,backhand etc...Let's make lists!
  230. nice....
  231. Safin: "Roger is better than Pete"
  232. Final AO rankings
  233. Has Roger just made some coaches unemployed?
  234. Trophy presentation...
  235. Federer freezes Safin for AO 2004 Championship: 7/6 6/4 6/2
  236. Was that Janko Tipsarevic?
  237. Federer Defect
  238. Sadly, Marat is going down...
  239. Llodra/Santoro strip?
  240. Federer: Has his cake and eats it, too
  241. 2005 Australian Open men's final will be...
  242. Gael Monfils d. Josselyn Ouanna 6/0 6/3 in all French boys final
  243. Why men's tennis is behind women's.
  244. Junior Girls Finale - Shahar Peer whooping Nicole Vaidisova
  245. Goran commits to Marseille!
  246. I'm excited for tonight...
  247. Important information about Juanqui...
  248. Martín to complete new DC team!
  249. They both want it bad!
  250. Winner's celebrations