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  1. Arthur Ashe stamp
  2. First person with Rafael Nadal
  3. Murray clinches place in US Open!!!
  4. New Haven: David Ferrer def. Igor Andreev 6-3, 6-4
  5. LaLo def. the Frog 4-6, 6-3, 6-2 and reaches third ATP final...
  6. Athletic scholarships for young tennis players in USA
  7. Who has the most beautiful strokes?
  8. New Haven: Hanescu def. Robredo 6-7, 6-4, 6-4
  9. Fernando Gonzalez is like a Teddy-Bear
  10. If I were Andy, I'm not sure if I'd be happy with AE "Mojo" commercial...
  11. Pretty in pink, 80´s classic featuring Radek Stepanek and Molly Ringwald
  12. Best records in history over a 100 match stretch
  13. Wertheim seed report
  14. Nando (Esp) def Feña (2) 6/7 7/5 7/6
  15. How many people here are rated 4.5 or higher?
  16. Hilarious video from the Geneva Challenger qualifiers
  17. the arrogance of Federer
  18. If Croatia reach the DC final.... Goran will probably be back
  19. Predict the US Open R16!
  20. For Australians - Federer on "60 minutes"
  21. 1 handed backhand versus 2 handed backhand
  22. 2005 Wimbledon draw was rigged for sure!
  23. The US Open draw is rigged for sure
  24. Possible rematch btw Ginepri and Roddick in US Open 2nd round.
  25. Which half of draw will be play Monday?
  26. The US Open is my favourite Slam but...
  27. Chela def. Santoro by 6-4 6-1
  28. Is it you, Chloe, nee Rebecca?
  29. Article on American Commentators
  30. ATP All Star weekend!!
  31. Roger's dominance partially due to his disposition?
  32. US main draw analysis.
  33. US OPEN 2005-Mens Draw
  34. [one word] who will win the 2005 USO?
  36. wishing the dude good luck...
  37. Will He or Wont He
  38. Beto Martin vs C. Rochus ?
  39. A Look Forward to US OPEN!
  40. overrule question
  41. Interesting: Nadal includes Basel in his schedule
  42. Great article...US Open '05 - A Look Forward
  43. US OPEN 2005- MENS SEEDS
  44. what do u think about Nicolas "the Golden Boy" Massu?
  45. ATP's one to watch...we have been for 5 years!
  46. Greg Withdraws From New Haven Due To Fatigue!
  47. Age, Experience, Federer & Nadal - BS.
  48. More ToJo for the people
  49. Jan Michael Gambill
  50. GQ MARAT
  51. 23 most shocking moments in tennis by peter bodo
  52. Does Roger have the biggest mouth in mens tennis?
  53. who has the latest about the jensen brothers?
  54. I would bet my life savings that...
  55. PMac's comment about the Olympics ...
  56. The U.S. Open Predictions Thread.
  57. NYC Hotels
  58. Great news!! found star sports at ***********! high quality stream
  59. Scoville Jenkins (d.) Jarkko Nieminen 2-6 6-3 6-4
  60. ESPN's Chat with James Blake - Transcript Included
  61. crap, looks like no more ubc sport/star sports webcast :(
  62. Schuettler
  63. Roger's three losses in 2005 so far...
  64. Hewitt: I'm ready for Flusing Meadows
  65. US Open Qualifiers draw
  66. Pilot Pen Tennis Tournament Records
  67. Are Things A Little Unusual Right Now?
  68. Vin Doggy Dogg: yet another example of a multi-talented tennis player.
  69. Don't hate Marray
  70. Could Roger Federer win every single tournament in 2006?
  71. helping roddick: a list of things to say after losing to roger
  72. Which ATP Players Look Like Certain Animals?
  73. Please Write a Brief Feedback to CBS on Mary Carillo!
  74. Nadal : Metrosexual of the moment
  75. ATP Player blog... Justin on McEnroe/Hingis/Anna K. (link on last page).
  76. Is Gasquet wearing ADIDAS now????
  77. how many titles will Roger have by the end of 2005?
  78. how many titles will Roger have by the end of 2005?
  79. Man looking to defend over-90s title
  80. Lleyton Hewitt's optionals...
  81. roddick outaces Federer for the first time (at the Cincy Final)
  82. roddick and hewitt form the nadal cheerleading team!
  83. The US Open and the The New York Mets
  84. Roger Federer has won all the big hardcourt titles now.
  85. "I enjoy Playing Andy, Not Just Because I Win!"
  86. Never On Sunday
  87. Finally,..Federer breaks his Cinncy's jinx
  88. Federer def Roddick: 6-3 7-5
  89. Injury Time Outs
  90. RODDICK: A Crazy Hot Streak A Couple of Years Ago?
  92. Murray bashing.
  93. Where are the bad boys of tennis
  94. tennis matches
  95. Professor Federer meets his #1 Pupil: Roddick
  96. Roddick bombards Hewitt 6-4 7-6
  97. Is ESPN going to televise the Final?
  98. ATP Players Suck Big Time.....
  99. Oh no!!!Another disgusting Federer-Hewitt or Roddick final:(((
  100. Is Andy Murray too defensive?
  101. if federer doesn't lose this weekend's final...
  102. Question regarding: Laver, Borg & Sampras
  103. Roddick should beat Lleyton
  104. Eurosport US OPEN coverage
  105. Roger Rings the Bell
  106. Ginepri could win the US Open Series
  107. Should the ATP Eliminate Doubles Tennis?
  108. Dmitry Tursunov (RUS)
  109. Caption This!
  110. Hewitt whips Davydenko 6-2 6-3
  111. Who will be British No. 1 next year?
  112. Is It Possible?
  113. Hmmm. Little League or Federer? Espn chooses little league!
  114. Ginepri slaps Safin around the court 6-2, 6-3
  115. Which match of Rafa do you want to see most in U.S Open 2005?
  116. Nadal Nickname Thread. Let's settle this!
  117. Tim Henman pulls out of NEW HAVEN due to stomach injury!
  118. Guess who's laughing now...
  119. Who get's the title of King of Arrogance?
  120. i was wrong
  121. Why Rafa is called "Piggy"
  123. revival
  124. Missing records: 'Denko v. Gonzalez
  125. Which group of 4 youngsters has more potential and why?
  126. QF: Federer or Acasuso
  127. Smoking Joe Smokes Horna 7-6 7-5!!!
  128. scenarios
  129. federer vs rochus
  130. Nikolay Davydenko Beat Feña Gonzalez 6-3 6-4!!!!
  131. I found a nice site...
  132. Andrea Agazzi - NOT the genuine article!
  133. US Open Wildcards
  134. Defending champ OAF withdraws from China Open
  135. Hewitt steamrolls Super Mario 6-1 6-4
  136. Did we really need ANOTHER ranking system?
  137. Official Hotel - please help!
  138. Hewitt to be sponsored by Yonex clothes and shoes
  139. Marat beats Hrbaty for 1st time..........
  140. Star Sports commentator to Roddick: "You're terrible Andy"
  141. Cincy Pics(post 1) and Report(post 24)
  142. caption me plz!!
  143. The Doubles article by's pretty good.
  144. hewitt-safin-federer a little rough around the edges.
  145. OK, Murray sucks
  146. Cincy pictures
  147. Henman looking like a rookie???
  148. P-MAC Says:
  149. Moya def Simon 7-6, 7-5
  150. Did Thomas Muster Under-Achieve In His Career?
  151. Roddick squashes the Mosquito 6-7(3) 7-6(5) 6-2
  152. Igor Andreev
  153. TMC: i can't wait!!!
  154. federer survives kiefer
  155. Kiefer's grip?
  156. Chela def. Henman by 6-4 6-4
  157. Henman?
  158. Brad Gilbert: Darkhorses don't win the USO.
  159. worst ever from safin?
  160. Safin beats Murray - 6-4,1-6,6-1
  161. Federer is Playing Doubles?!
  162. ivanisevic elected vicepresident of the croatian olympic comittee
  163. Berdych is a guy who plays one match per year:)))
  164. Youzhny gets sweet revenge; beats Berdych 4-6, 7-6(4), 7-6(3)
  165. Chucho Acasuso def Robredo 7-6 6-2
  166. Talent (abilities) vs. Mentality (strength)
  167. My tennis website!
  168. What is wrong with Fed
  169. New: Roger's Cup Curse
  170. Nalbandian is the most overrated player on tour
  171. Lucho Horna def Coria 6-4 6-4
  172. gonzalez def. nalbandian 3-6 6-1 6-1
  173. Tennis-X's Funk/Trunk List for this week...
  174. If, tennis was a contact sport,which player would most likely start a brawl?
  175. Can He Do It?????
  176. Will Sergi Bruguera ever be inducted on Hall of Fame
  177. Who impressed you more in their first comeback match: Safin or Federer?
  178. ESPN hates tennis
  179. Drysdale has a MAJOR crush on Safin!!
  180. Different tv stations????
  181. can murray beat safin?
  182. Safin is playing against medical advice
  183. Rafa v Federer #1 discussion
  184. RAFA and Roger leading the way again. Record for most titles by a duo in one year.
  185. Why did Nadal give Berdych two sets in Cincy?
  186. ESPN is a friggin' joke.
  187. ARTICLE/PHOTO: Bec Cartwright’s foetus already more mature than Lleyton
  188. This match should've been the final
  189. what other tournaments does star sports show?
  190. Berdych def Nadal: 6-7(4) 6-2 7-6(3 )
  191. Nadal-Berdych: The next generation in great rivalries
  192. roger or rafa on the verge of making TMS history this year
  193. Question
  194. Tommy Takes Revenge, def Gaudio in 3 !!!
  195. Anyone watching Nadal vs Berdych match? BERDYCH WON 6-7,6-2,7-6
  196. Andy Murray def. Taylor Dent 7-6 (4), 7-6(1)
  197. Safin wins his first after injury layoff
  198. Safin through 7-6(3), 6-4
  199. Who is the "Well Known Veteran"?
  200. Federer’s No. 1 Reign Now 7th Longest in History!
  201. Help and Contribute to Wikipedia..
  202. when does 1st rnd matches start now or in an hour???
  203. Why did Nadal give Agassi a set in Montreal?
  204. Are indoor courts faster than Wimbledon?
  205. is youhzny going to be nadal's real rival?
  206. let me clear this up for u guys
  207. Which do you think is weighed more for mens tennis immortality?
  208. what are the side effects of taking cortisone shots?
  209. The Two Baldies: When they had Hair
  210. The Scoreboard doesnt work
  211. Nalbandian def. Pavel 6-2 7-6
  212. federer vs blake update
  213. Nadal in this picture...
  214. Which Tennis Player Is Punching Above Their Weight The Most?
  215. Coria v/s Nadal Cincy final
  216. Caption This!!!!!!!!
  217. Robredo/Ferrer ... New Doubles Team for Davis Cup ???
  218. Moya: Nadal not fastest on tour
  219. Koubek just baggled Ferrero
  220. Have I been giving Ljubicic's Tennis Game too much credit??
  221. Gael Monfils takes down Pretty Boy Stepanek 6-3 6-2!
  222. What is going on with Ivan Ljubicic?
  223. Court type from fastest to slowest...
  224. Carlos Moya chatting on at 4:30pm eastern-TRANSCRIPT
  225. is CCTV5 showing tennis today
  226. Nadal vs Seles comparisons
  227. Will Murray get a US Open wildcard? (if he doesn't qualify automatic)
  228. Marin Cilic wins his first futures event (singles and doubles)
  229. who will be no.3 end of this year?
  230. who is next? after safin....
  231. Federer says he's underdog
  232. The deal with wildcards!!!!
  233. I couldn't have been more wrong about Nadal.
  234. Why do men hit harder than women?
  235. Agassi withdraws from Cincy
  236. Will Nadal get burnt out this year?
  237. stupid question about the atp race
  238. Guillermo Coria overrated?
  239. what are federer's chances of winning cincy?
  240. fantasy doubles match
  241. What's next for Andre?
  242. How many matches will ESPN show tomorrow?
  243. ClayCourter Nadal de.f Hardcourt God Agassi 6-3 4-6 6-1
  244. Mowgli wins again...
  245. R.Nadal gets Rogers'Cup
  246. Nadal def. Agassi: 6-3 4-6 6-2
  247. Nadal's Body is Perfection
  248. Nadal has best 2005 TMS record, 23-1 so far...
  249. When Agassi played his first ATP match, Nadal wasn't born yet
  250. Rafael vs. Andre : Who will win Montreal