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  1. 2006 World Group Draw
  2. haaaa, a great quote from Roger Rasheed...
  3. Are Murray's fans still sleeping ??
  4. Hewitt gets OWNED!!!!
  5. "In 90 per cent of cases the linesman's decision will go for the local player."
  6. Volandri def. Massu 6-3 6-0
  7. Emilio Sanchez Vicario new Spain's DC captain
  8. Ivanisevic offered Davis Cup spot!
  9. there will be no ivanisevic-tuksar match to decide 4th spot on croatia davis cup team
  10. Is the ATP targetting certain countries for drug testing?
  11. Practise sessions - any funny memories?
  12. Rios to Return
  13. Has Monfils revcovered from the Djokovic loss...
  14. Wayne Bryan/Tennis Week Doubles Survey
  15. Which of these should consider a career change to doubles specialist?
  16. caption this: the floating man
  17. ahhh, you gotta love MSNBC's tennis page...
  18. caption this
  19. Michael Chang French Open
  20. Aussie Summer 2006 (tournaments now have their own boards!)
  21. T.Enqvist (WC) def. J.Benneteau 6-4 6-7(3) 6-1 - finally comeback :)
  22. Olivas's record losing streak SNAPPED at 44!
  23. Player Ratings Explained
  24. Alex Bogomolov sanctioned for Doping Offense
  25. GB could draw Serbia in DC...
  26. Gambillfan's Pictures - Belgium vs USA Davis Cup
  27. Tim Henman Interview
  28. NH Hotel Eurobuilding, Madrid???
  29. Don't you think MTF page pics should be updated ?
  30. Belgium Davis Cup Captain Upset Roddick at Davis Cup Dinner Banquet?
  31. Federer Chronic loser ? Laugh all you want..
  32. Fixed ATP Matches?
  33. Robin Söderling- Teamplayer and patriot
  34. why is the dc final in slovakia?
  36. Tommy Haas def. Tomas Zib 67(3) 75 62 60 to lift GERMANY back into World Group!!!!!!!
  37. LOL at the slovaks
  38. Ivanisevic to play Tuksar for sport on DC FINAL TEAM
  39. A-Rod behaved as a complete a$$!
  40. Who will Win the Davis Cup Final: Croatia vs Slovakia?
  41. Slovakia or Croatia.. unlikely DC final... who will win? Who's at home?
  42. Hrbaty def Coria 7-6(2) 6-2 6-3
  43. Roddick bombards 35 aces to take down Rochus
  44. Berdych d. Kiefer 6-7 6-3 2-6 6-4 7-5
  45. USA defeats Belgium..............Andy defeated Rochus 6:7, 7:6, 7:6, 4:6, 6:3
  46. Ivan Ljubicic def. Russia 3-1 and put Croatia in DC Final!
  47. Do you agree in having the first four rounds of grandslams in a best of 3 format?
  48. AGASSI DOPED!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!!
  49. A new doping case among argentines ??
  50. Thailand Open draw looks like cakewalk for Fed
  51. Gaudio plays tomorrow instead of Coria
  52. 2006 predictions for the young hopefuls...
  53. Chile's Reaction to Defeating Pakistan...Pathetic
  54. Fantasy Men's Tennis Association
  55. Is anyone going to upload any of Argentina vs. Slovakia?
  56. The BBC suck
  57. Feliciano in a jockstrap today ;)
  58. Bracciali/Galimberti def Lopez/Nadal 4-6 6-4 6-2 4-6 9-7
  59. The British Strategy Book
  60. Anybody knows if there´s any stream to watch Slovakia-Argentina today ?
  61. Murray get's WC into Bangkok
  62. Question for Argentine tennis fans, and fans of the Argentine players ...
  63. Brad Gilbert to coach Serena Williams?
  64. Remaining DC Predictions
  65. Why isn't Malisse playing DC???
  66. ESPN DC Coverage... no sound on the court?!
  67. Wilco VELTIEN is really Rafael Nadal ??
  68. Murray - Is He Really A Claycourter?
  69. Karol Beck wins first rubber. vamos argentina!
  70. Wawrinka Defeats Murray - 6-3 7-6 6-4
  71. Henman contemplates end of career!
  72. Stupid Question?
  73. DavisCup Today
  74. Question about Davis Cup matches!
  75. World Team Tennis finals on ESPN2 right now.
  76. Lleyton Hewitt's kid
  77. Fed, Hewitt, Agassi VS. Nadal, Safin, Gasquet
  78. Davis Cup TV Live! Chile-Pakistan
  79. Britain set to tank DC rubbers against Federer. Wise or Tragic?
  80. Who was the first GS winner of your lifetime?
  81. Yum! Gonzalez endorses Chilean avocados
  82. Maradona's son wanted to play with Nadal!
  83. Charismatic???
  84. 20Minutes, French Daily paper, interview with Jonny Mac
  85. how much is a signed tennis player photo worth on ebay? AU$162.50 (~US$123)
  86. oooh, I like this answer from Wawrinka...
  87. Is Taylor Dent the last Serve & Volleyer ?
  88. Who had the biggest impact on the modern game ?
  89. ATP schedule needs to be fixed...
  90. Tennis Mag's best 40 players in the last 40 years - #8-5
  91. EXCELLENT interview with Perry Rogers, AA's best friend and agent
  92. Has anyone read the new Duece mag w/Hewitt on the cover?
  93. ATP Scottsdale might be moving to Las Vegas
  94. Players That Treat Their Fans Well/Badly.....
  95. Roger Federer Should Drink Irn Bru instead of Coke
  96. Who is the highest ranked player with NO ATP single titles?
  97. Federer advocates more tourney play in Africa
  98. What's the difference between Opticourt, Supreme, Taraflex and Greenset?
  99. Who has most losses in finals in a row, and overall ?
  100. Who knows....
  101. Hrbaty the Giant Killer
  102. Agassi made 4 straight Grand Slam Finals, winning 3
  103. Question about Australia...
  104. The Next Andre Agassi....
  105. should davis cup be played every two years
  106. I, Séverin Luthi, 29 y.o., am gonna coach Roger Federer in DC...
  107. Active Players' Davis Cup Singles Records
  108. Marat Safin: Sad waste of talent.
  109. Let's play a game on Rafa and Rog...
  110. TRUTH & RUMORS: Real lining up Rafa bid?
  111. What is Roger's next slam ?
  112. Federer vs. Becker
  113. Roger Federer drinks can of coke
  114. It's time for Mary Carillo to get a new job.
  115. Sampras interview after his loss to Federer
  116. BBC Stream
  117. Finally, Roge succumbs and gets a media agent
  118. Question about doubles points
  119. Article : Mats Wilander criticises slowing Wimbledon courts
  120. Equal prize money for men/women in single, RG
  121. Federer's racquet bid at 20,000
  122. Anyone know the answer to this...
  123. Please if you know help me!
  124. Veteran Umpire Jeremy Shales dies
  125. Kitzbuhel ATP tournament might move to Mamaia, Romania
  126. Russia's Davis Cup Captain Shamil Tarpishchev.......
  127. With Andre's US Open final appearance at 35
  128. 15 days: French Open will start on Sunday in 2006, other Grand Slams to follow
  129. rankings for this week already out
  130. Fed/ Lendl/Becker in 1986?
  131. qualifying for masters cup
  132. Nadal gets the champion of 2005
  133. Serra def Andreev 6-3 6-4 to win Bucharest
  134. Federer, Safin and Nadal
  135. have a go at a federer prediction.
  136. When was the last time.......
  137. Latest news about Nicolas Escude, from Nico himself...
  138. Nadal def Coria 5-7 6-1 6-2 to win the Chinese Clay Champs in Beijing
  139. anyone in NYC want to play tennis this morn? Please be 4.5 or higher!
  140. Are players paid in davis cup?
  141. I saw Gaudio on Law and Order!
  142. Pat Cash says Roger will win the Grand Slam next year
  143. Single Season Prize Money Record under assault
  144. What is the longest unbeaten streak in tennis history?
  145. Gaudio should play European indoors next year and not South America
  146. Nadal vs. Coria ..who 'll win china open?
  147. Golf vs. Tennis [How one country club sport defeated the other]
  148. Tactics that work against Fed
  149. Nadal Ferrero on CCTV5? HELP!
  150. That 6-2 set Agassi played against Federer
  151. Do you have Spike TV? Right now they're showing.....
  152. Ferrero vs. Nadal....
  153. When they are both at their absolute best...
  154. Thomas Johansson attacks coria
  155. Bjorn Borg on tennis myths
  156. Tennis on Oz free-to-air alert
  157. Your Favorite Major (overall) of 2005
  158. Your Favorite Major (overall) of 2005
  159. Will these 2 guys own Men's Tennis?
  160. Masters cup surface
  161. Ferrero def Nalbandian 6-2 3-6 6-3
  162. Safin pulls out of Thailand Open
  163. Bucharest Open
  164. Davs Cup Usa Vs Belgium on espn 2 tomorrow...
  165. Spadea issues a threat to the current Top Ten
  166. A couple questions on TMC alternates
  167. Using Stats to Try and Take Roger's Measure
  168. Favourite Players Stylistically
  169. Article: Is tennis less fun than it use to be?
  170. You thought Hrbaty's skimpy shirt, and Nadal's capris were bad?? Take a look at this
  171. Why I think Roger will beat Pete's GS record (assuming he stays healthy)
  172. Milan ATP event will move to Zaragoza (ESP) or Singapour ...
  173. Something Positive..
  174. 2 rounds in 1 day!
  175. In 10 years, will Nadal's capri pants will look as ridiculous as Agassi fluo clothes.
  176. Who'll be the first to topple Federer in a final?
  177. Trophée Lagardère, Paris, 15-18 Sept., Courier def. Pioline 7/6 6/4 in the final.
  178. Why is Marat up to 3rd in the world while he didn't play USO ?
  179. will nalbandian make it to shanghai?
  180. which was roger's better year - 04 or 05?
  181. Pete Sampras: The Most Overrated Player of all time
  182. Who will qualify for the Master's Cup?
  183. Predict year end ranks.
  184. Ferrero vs. Nalbandian
  185. Roger first player to win 5 slams in 2 years...
  186. SI US Open Article/ Excellent
  187. Anybody Got Selena Roberts' E-mail Address?
  188. Safin qualifies for Shanghai
  189. Carlos Moya won two matches in a row! I'm not lying, I promise.
  190. An Andre walking away hypothetical...
  191. Marc De Hous, former coach of Clijsters, will now coach Malisse!
  192. Feds: Even smarter than we thought?
  193. My Dominik Hrbaty site finally published
  194. What was the best GS match of the year?
  195. Appearance Fees - Honest incentive, or pure greed?
  196. What was your favorite Grand Slam final of 2005?
  197. Let's hear it for Roger and Kim
  198. The best tennis match in recent memory
  199. LOLOLOL.............Nadal, Moya & JCFerrero
  200. Coria : Argentines unfairly under the spotlight for doping
  201. Queens club for sale
  202. Wang keeps Nadal waiting for DAYS!!!
  203. Konstantinos Economidis will challenge Federer
  204. Sampras in 1995 and Federer in 2005
  205. Young Players that can challenge Roger?
  206. Jarkko Nieminen: one wily motherfucker
  207. Anyone from Switzerland?
  208. Bahamian wins Boys USO (Ryan Sweeting)
  209. sportswriter humiliated for USO prediction: Fed had zero chance to win title!!
  210. Page 2: How to stop Roger Federer
  211. Becker: Andre should retire.
  212. NY Times journalist irked by "Agassi" final
  213. Federer the Conqueror Isn't Done Yet
  214. What did Andy do after losing his first round US Open match?
  215. Roger Federer on Letterman right now!
  216. Federer joins Nastase and Connors as the only players ever to...
  217. The standards of being #1
  218. Mens ratings up 100%
  219. Match-fixing accusation, 2nd round, USO
  220. I'm going to make some interviews, but I need your help !!!
  221. Steve Tignor: USO notebook
  222. Roger will win RG next year because.......
  223. "I love you Dad" and "Andy's Mojo"
  224. Nadal gives up #1 race to "amazing" Federer
  225. Wash DC area players -- Tournament to Benefit Katrina Relief Aid
  226. Federer makes tennis sink to new low?
  227. The Return of the King: Moya defeats Srichaphan 7-6 6-3
  228. Interview with Ivan Lendl: Article added #73 and #74
  229. so what is the deal with new doubles scoring sistem?
  230. Article: Hewitt stunned by personal attack response to NY Times Article
  231. Umpires Grand Slams
  232. safin is #3 now ?
  233. need help finding video highlights of the final online
  234. Wertheim: Parting shots
  235. Poor Fed, still can't get his due in the American media
  236. Is the end of year #1 ranking officially sewn up now?
  237. Federer: Hero or Villain?
  238. Happy Birthday Goran Ivanisevic vs Thomas Muster at Romanian Open
  239. Since Agassi is guaranteed into Shanghai
  240. Who's the real deal Blake Vs Ginepri?
  241. Jimmy Connors circa US Open 1991 vs. John McEnroe circa US Open 1981
  242. Who would win... Peak Rod Laver or Peak Ivan Lendl?
  243. What is your favorite match of the US Open 2005?
  244. Translation from Spanish to English needed!
  245. How many GrandSlams will Fed win in 2006?
  246. Has any player in the Open Era won 10+ tournaments 2 years in a row?
  247. Hewitt will never give up trying
  248. Did anyone see Ivan Lendl today?
  249. Would Agassi at 30 have beaten Fed today?
  250. The last Federer's early title?