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  1. Gold Group scenarios
  2. Who is this?
  3. Rafael Nadal def. Tommy"the Weakest Link" Robredo 7:6(2) 6:2
  4. Is Richard Gasquet in Nadal box??
  5. Blake's racquet?
  6. TMC SF n F
  7. TMC Shanghai RR - Blake def. Davydenko 2-6, 6-4, 7-5
  8. Tennis Masters Cup Sheet
  9. Rafa losing to Blake means Federer will break Connors' record
  10. I need your precious help for school, subject about tennis
  11. Guga Kuerten came back with a loss: 46 46 from Eitzinger
  12. The overhead Andy missed on SP down
  13. The "OSIABFS"
  14. Nalbandian's nephew dies - he will continue to play in Shanghai
  15. ACE easy point?
  16. Federer went on and on and on about Andy's serve...
  17. I am afraid Roger can't beat Rafa right now
  18. Do you want Roddick VS Federer TMC ??
  19. ACES for UNICEF
  20. Could someone explain to me why chair umpires announce the score only in English?
  21. Why Does Nadal Always Pinch His shorts..
  22. Australian Officials screwed up or is there a conspiracy?
  23. Blake v. Davydenko, who will win?
  24. Ljubicic vs. Federer,who will win?
  25. Red Group scenarios: Federer in SF, Roddick out, Ljubicic must beat Federer.
  26. Ljubicic def Fat Dave 5-7 7-6 7-5
  27. Does your fave needs an armour?
  28. Calling all Croatards...time to kiss and make up with Roddick!!!
  29. Roger Federer d. Andy Roddick 4-6, 7-6, 6-4
  30. Masters cup cartoon
  31. A Public Court Database?
  32. Masters Cup Ranking Point Breakingdown
  33. Tennis greats say Federer's competition not impressive
  34. Blake Practiced W/Ancic & Berdy
  35. Blake is not the "Real No.2"
  36. Is Nadal's shaking good for Federer or not?
  37. Are you ready to see Federer tank?
  38. Blake is the "Real No.2"
  39. Who will the finalists be?
  40. Upcoming Young Players
  41. German & Holland: what's going on?
  42. Chang interview, on CCTV5
  44. Nadal Only Single Player Not to Win a Set Yet!
  45. RR Day 2: James Blake def Rafael Nadal 6-4 7-6(0)
  46. Star Sport Asis = Stupid ediot channel
  47. <:)Who thought 5-sets was BOYS only?!!~If GIRLS can do it then DISNEY should keep it*
  48. Nalbandian.. Ditch That Shirt!!
  49. Nikolay Davydenko vs Tommy Robredo- Who will win?
  50. Masters Cup Interviews?
  51. Tennis Popularity
  52. how many times will Djokovic bounce his ball in his next 1.5 sets
  53. Federer v Roddick
  54. Wimbledon Centre Court Re-Development
  55. Free Livestream(s) for Shanghai (first posting contains schedule/info/updates)
  56. Davydenko vs Nadal
  57. Michel Kratochvil plans a comeback 2007!!
  58. Ljubicic vs. Nalbandian,who will win?
  59. GBR v NED tie in BIRMINGHAM!!!!
  60. Ljubicic interview
  61. Erlich/Ram def. Bryan/Bryan 7-6(2),2-6,6-1
  62. WTH is wrong with Star Sports Asia?
  63. Guga Returns to Tournament Play at Copa Petrobras
  64. Second round of "Red" matches
  65. Shanghai RR: Andy Roddick def. Ivan Ljubicic 6-4, 6-7, 6-1
  66. Where are today's Connors and McEnroes? Tennis needs more colour
  67. Eulogy on Ham Richardson: Former US No. 1 who died this week
  68. Federer def Nalbandian 3-6 6-1 6-1
  69. Super Chili Timers Tennis!
  70. any matches on megaupload?????
  71. Nadal not able to train service due to recent injury
  72. Ljubicic thought abou retiring :shocked: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  73. How many different people will Federer lose to in 2007?
  74. Please Mr De Villiers 'NO'....
  75. Ljubicic and Federer speak out on ATP changes
  76. McEnroe Analyzes Masters Cup
  77. TMC group photos - very cool
  78. Nalbandian still looking for big-time breakthrough
  79. RR Format Dilemmas
  80. Is Sampras is trying to mess with The King to protect his record? (article from ESPN)
  81. TMC surface
  82. TMC: past history of clowns at the Champs
  83. TMC Media Day?
  84. "A tough time for federer...", a quote by hrbaty!
  85. TMC, RR: Davydenko vs. Robredo-Who will win?
  86. TMC RR: Nadal vs. Blake - who will win?
  87. Top 6 Belgian Players LIVE SCORE
  88. Scud's ranking climb stumbles
  89. Mr Disney will love this: South African wins TMC Challenge
  90. How Far Would Sampras Go Now At Wimbledon?
  91. New design for
  92. Annual subscription to ATP Masters Series TV is $39.95. Feedback requested!!
  93. And the goldie bloggy award goes to...
  94. Another Federer record
  95. Without Federer...
  96. ~**~Don BUDGE won 6-SLAMS STRAIGHT.!!!..How would he have fared in the present era??#
  97. Laver is the GOAT. Period.
  98. TMC: Who is the weakest link?
  99. TMC Day 1 - Roddick vs Ljubicic - Who will win?
  100. TMC Day1 RR: Fed v/s Nalby - who will win?
  101. Interview with Fabio Fognini
  102. Will Roddick win a match at TMC?
  103. Red & Gold group H2H records
  104. I need a list of atp chair umpires, any help is appreciated
  105. Which four will make it to the semis?
  106. who will make it out of the red group?
  107. Elbow injury could end Hrbaty's Career
  108. Fed and Borg play tennis in Dubai
  109. Why Did Sampras Quit So Young?
  110. Shanghai RR Groups
  111. Ping Pong
  112. ATP Play of the Year
  113. MTF Intellectual Thought Series: Question #1
  114. Pancho gonzales 1948 dixie tournment mens singles trophy
  115. If you could choose one retired player to play on the tour now, who would you choose?
  116. It's all about...
  117. deleted
  118. TV channels for tennis.....
  119. Best Outfit for 2006
  120. Miloslav MECIR played qualifying in this week's Bratislava challenger!
  121. Bryans Clinch year-end doubles #1
  122. Youzhny broke his wrist?
  123. Worst Outfit for 2006
  124. Caption time...
  125. what are you expecting in this year's TMC?
  126. whatever happened to Jan Michael Gamble??
  127. Best of 3 or 5 sets for dubai??
  128. What's the life an umpire like??
  129. TMS Miami and the Australian Open?
  130. Earliest, most memorable tennis match of your life
  131. Who will join the 1st title club in 2007?
  132. What has happened to Guillermo Coria?
  133. Would you still say Kolya is a PMK (and who the best russian really is)?
  134. Ljubicic: In Shanghai I want Nadal
  135. all mario had to do...
  136. [Paris Masters] Davydenko 6-1, 6-2, 6-2 Hrbaty for fifth title this year!
  137. Who will retire at the end of this year?
  138. Fortune Telling Thread - some questions about 2008
  139. Irrelevant I know, but...
  140. The secret of Davydenko's life finally revealed !!!
  141. How would you rate Lars Burgsmuller's year?
  142. The Magic Seven: What Will They acheive?
  143. How would you rate Richard Gasquet's year??
  144. Kolya is a brutal, evil person!!!
  145. Paris Masters 2006 Doubles Final more exciting than Singles Final?
  146. Master's Qualifiers Fast Surface Records, with "Federer factor" correction
  147. Masters Cup 2006 lineup
  148. BNP Paribas TMS final: N. Davydenko vs. D. Hrbaty
  149. Who will win the year end master?
  150. Field for Shanghai complete! Haas out, loses to Hrbaty 4-6,0-1 ret
  151. Am I the only one who finds Hrbaty somehow pesky and arrogant?
  152. Paris: Davydenko def. Robredo 6-3 5-7 6-2
  153. Kuerten (2000) form vs Federer (2006)
  154. Before We Forget Michael Chang's Accomplishments
  155. @~@.Can a SWIM coach teach HEWITT how to be a MONGREL again?? No more Mr.NICE Guy!!
  156. Alternates, Lucky Losers and Unseeded Wild Cards who have won tournaments
  157. Who is the best youngster on fast surfaces??
  158. The Boris Pashanski Files Thread (His racist comments, arguments etc)
  159. Haas Def Safin 7-6, 3-6, 6-3
  160. James Blake Finally Got Lucky
  161. Prestige of the ATP tourney's
  162. Young def. Reynolds 2-6 6-3 6-4
  163. D. Hrbaty def. T. Berdych 6-4,1-6,6-2
  164. Davydenko def. Ancic 6-3 6-3
  165. Copy of Basle Final
  167. Player's activity pages don't show the WS events anymore on!!!
  168. What will be the ranking order for the RR at TMC?
  169. JMac defeats Borg in Dubai: 46 64 10-4
  170. *~~*.Roger FEDERER in SLOW motion or Tiger WOODS best SHOTS-> which is more exciting?
  171. Pros Growing Later
  172. If Davydenko beats Ancic...
  173. If you're not top 20 as a teenager, you won't win multiple majors.
  174. When can i download Robredo vs Mathieu
  175. Davydenko or Ancic who wins?
  176. Can Nieminen Win Paris?
  177. blake with 5 titles might not even qualify for shanghai
  178. Hrbaty def. Murray 7:6 6:0 in a BPs game
  179. Who do you want to see in Shanghai, Blake or Ancic
  180. Blake or Ancic?
  181. Tommy Robredo Qualifies For TM CUP !!!!!!!
  182. Haas or Safin Paris Qtrs
  183. TMS- Scenarios
  184. Gasquet withdraws from Paris
  185. Ancic d Bennetau 63 61
  186. Ancic v. Benneteau...worst line calls...
  187. Most beautiful GS trophy?
  188. Mathieu: Behind the scenes...
  189. Haas def. Blake 6-4 6-2
  190. New Hawk-eye rules for Australian Open.
  191. "Potato chip & Mother" for the first time...
  192. Berdych rolls over Ginepri 6-3 6-3
  193. Kolya needs u ... now
  194. ''Your Not Going Shanghai''
  195. [Paris Masters 3R] Davydenko def Tursunov, 6-2 6-2
  196. Legends Rock Dubai
  197. Horrible tennis accident!
  198. Gasquet or Safin?
  199. Biggest choke of the year?
  200. R.Gasquet def S.Wawrinka 7-5 6-1
  201. Paris Rnd 2: Murray bagels Chela 7-5 6-0
  202. Paris 2R: Julien Benneteau def Fernando Gonzalez 3-6 6-4 7-5
  203. The ultimate loser of the ATP!
  204. Thanks to useless Grosjean Robredo going to shanghai!!
  205. Tommy Robredo def Sebastien Grosjean 3:6 7:5 6:4
  206. T. Berdych def. O. Rochus 6-7(4),6-4,6-2
  207. Ancic d Kristof Vliegen 36 76 63
  208. James Blake d. Arnaud Clement 6-4, 3-6, 6-4
  209. Safin wants nightmare to end
  210. TIME Mag: "Tennis gets reset"
  211. The "9 TMS repartition" discussion... Where should they be?
  212. The surface in Paris
  213. Paris 2R: Paul-Henri Mathieu def Novak Djokovic 7-6(11) 7-6(4)
  214. Do they have really bad optometrists in France
  215. Top 10 shots in tennis
  216. Tennis Week's 32 'Best Ever' male tennis players
  217. online tennis games
  218. above the results,who is for you the youngster who has played the best this year?
  219. above the results,who is for you the youngster who has played the best this year?
  220. Is tennis without character?
  221. Guga Prefers Sampras over Federer
  222. Why do people hate Roddick?
  223. How would you rate Tommy Haas's year???
  224. If Berdych's finger to the lips is adopted by other players to insult the crowd....
  225. Berdych vs O.Rochus (0-2)
  226. De Villiers aka "Mr Disney" in favor of bans to punish players missing top tournament
  227. Backhands: one-handers versus two-handers
  228. London BACKED for Masters Cup
  229. Was John McEnroe A Pusher?
  230. Paris-Bercy : 1st R : Igor Andreev wins comeback match defeating Gaël Monfils 7-5 6-4
  231. Christopher Rochus - bagel boy
  232. Davydenko d Rochus 6-0 6-0
  233. Safin def. Soderling 3-6, 6-3, 6-4
  234. PHM played without his cap !
  235. Ugliest Strokes
  236. The Road to Becoming a PRO
  237. Paris 1R: Julien Benneteau def Fabrice Santoro 5-7 6-3 7-6(5)
  238. Saumon 's BERCY 2006 report and pics! (update with THURSDAY's report)
  239. Why Didn't Marcelo Rios Win a GS?
  240. Players with MYSTIQUE [Rafa`s evolution, joins list]~> more than just winning %..!
  241. Pic of John Barret, Doug Adler and Jason Goodal.
  242. Dimitry (Sexy Boy) Tursunov d. Nicolas "Indoor Master" Almagro 6-3 5-4 ret
  243. Rd1: Chela d Srichaphan 6-3 3-0 (Ret)
  244. Players who has played against most Number One
  245. Can Blake Win Paris?
  246. A Dumb Question?
  247. Safin vs. Söderling - who will win this battle of roof-lovers?
  248. Error in Ranking?
  249. On average....
  250. Should the ATP Count Doubles Toward Ranking Points?