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  1. MTF's Christmas gifts to the players
  2. Who is the strongest?
  3. Article: Brazilian Marcos Daniel talks about the circuit, family and the future
  4. Pete Sampras: Federer can take my records
  5. Did Craig Tiley end Philippoussis career?
  6. Looks like its all but over for Mark.
  7. Do you think Federer will surpass Margaret Court's 24 singles titles?
  8. ~!!!~ off season QUIZ - ATP Players All Eyes On Them ~!!!~
  9. Are There Any Classified Forums
  10. Starace banned?
  11. ~!!!~ off season QUIZ - ATP Chippendales In Training Camp ~!!!~~
  12. Mark has withdrawn from his match
  13. Igor Sijsling wins Dutch Masters
  14. Nalbandian adds another car to his collection (Peugot 307)
  15. Safin-Federer AO semifinal 05
  16. Will Roger Federer Surpass Pete Sampras in 2008?
  17. Who's leading the tennis rankings of sexiness?
  18. Gasquet injured...again
  19. Article: Nalbandian, Coria, Gaudio, and others speak about the other side of tennis
  20. Groth def. Philippoussis 6-4 6-3
  21. Top Spin 3:First Info & New Screens
  22. Player and drummer!!
  23. Copa De Tennis will be live on ESPN360
  24. 2007 Player Highlights: A Look Back from A to Z
  25. Scud lays the beatdown!
  26. Vaidisova, Stepanek apply for marriage license
  27. Trophy Time - Saluting the year's best (Article by Wertheim)
  28. Sampras vs Federer Stage6
  29. ~!!!~ off season QUIZ - Season's Greetings ~!!!
  30. General Messages Best Poster 2007 Nominations
  31. FTF boss warns there could be 5 or 6 Grand Slams in the future
  32. Anyone Getting...
  33. ATP Players Holiday Video
  34. Sela takes revange for AO, beats Safin 6:1, 6:4 in 56 minutes
  35. User of the year
  36. --- Karol Kucera and his band EXIT 40 ---
  37. Top 10 Tennis Feats of 2007
  38. Davis Cup Format Discussion Thread
  39. Clouds darkening for the transitional champ.
  40. Dudi Sela def. Stefan Koubek 6-4 6-2(St. Anton)
  41. Huge List Of Tennis Matches On Dvd
  42. future of tennis
  43. Werner Eschauer - struggling
  44. Tennis today: Harder to hold serve?
  45. Teenage ace serves up a storm in US (Tomic believes he could compete with top 100)
  46. Height advantage?
  47. Who will bring home the gold this year in Shanghai?
  48. Who should receive the French Australian Open WildCard ?
  49. Who "belongs" in the top 5 in your opinion?
  50. Old Matches During The Off Season
  51. The *OFFICIAL* AO 2008 SEEDS Information Thread! STARACE OUT - TURSUNOV IN!
  52. Who Will Be The Suprise Packet At Upcoming Aussie Open
  53. The American Twist Serve
  54. Roger Federer wins BBC Sport Personality Overseas Athlete Award.
  55. Masters Series 2008 rules/format?
  56. Paul Haarhuis - the king of seniors tour
  57. 1995 AO Sampras vs Courier on TTC tonight
  58. Who should get the AO USTA wildcard?
  59. Your 5 Tennis Wishes for 2010
  60. Article: Edgardo Massa : "The Eternal Comeback" is over, as Yayo retires from tennis
  61. Can Miloslav Mecir Jr. be any good? (fixes at Czech Rep. futures)
  62. Hewitt working his ass off
  63. Does anybody know if...
  64. Borg at 2007 Wimbledon
  65. you guys seen this tiger woods/roger federer commercial?
  66. Incredible comeback win in the Swedish league
  67. Bandwagon Player Of The Month For January
  68. Isner to play w/ Karlovic at 08 AO
  69. A Comparable quote on tennis' eras by Michael Jordan
  70. ITF Junior Prizes
  71. Should Mark Philippoussis get an AO Wildcard?
  72. Thomas Muster's interview on Fed,Nadal and current players
  73. Olympics
  74. Federer Interview
  75. McEnroe fears mafia infiltrating tennis
  76. Joachim Johansson out of AO
  77. Oscar Hernandez: I need to know...
  78. Malisse returns to Belgian DC team
  79. Do You Think Roger Federer is the Greatest Player in Tennis History?
  80. Andy Roddick could be number one if.......
  81. Playing level of senior tour based on NTRP and other questions from a tennis newb
  82. Tennis players and their animal kingdom counterparts
  83. If Andreev had played Roddick and Tursunov had played Blake in Davis Cup do you think
  84. ESPN's NEXT
  85. Will They Ever Change?
  86. Is tennis becoming more popular in America?
  87. Chela's Loss To Sampras At Australian Open 2001
  88. Ferreira vs Leconte. Black Rock
  89. Please Delete
  90. This is what off-season is made of: Safin vs. Stich - who's greater?
  91. The new ATP "doubles withdrawal rule" - aimed to prevent tanking
  92. Part 2 : Which one of these 8 youngsters will have the best career? Cilic, etc etc)
  93. Interview : Q and A with Michael Stich
  94. Can Igor Andreev make top 10 in 2008?
  95. Tennis nicknames quiz
  96. Davydenko brother
  97. Who will be the number one Croatian player by the end of 2008?
  98. Who will be higher ranked in 2008, Gasquet or Murray? Del Potro or Gulbis?
  99. Bellucci def. Coria 6-2 6-3
  100. Canas out of Australian Open?
  101. Atp Ranking End Of 2008
  102. Federer vs Roddick 2007 US Open Intro Video?
  103. A conversation with Mats Wilander (Article from 2002)
  104. World Sports Personality Of The Year 2007
  105. Review on 2007 by Scott Riley
  106. A decent review of player performances in 2007
  107. Free One Hundred Dollar Gift Certificate for the Grand Slams
  108. Davis Cup defense starts in 2 months!
  109. Blackrock Masters: Who wins?
  110. Videos Please!
  111. Hewitt Vs Safin Vs Roddick
  112. Tennis Channel Streaming of Exhibition Matches
  113. Federer vs Sampras
  114. Federer > Sampras
  115. 2007 MTF Bandwagon Player of the Year is David Nalbandian
  116. Why didn't PMac play Donald Young?
  117. DC Final 5th Rubber: Blake d Tursunov 1-6 6-3 7-5
  118. This is Yahoo's Caption Under Blake's Picture!
  119. Roger Federer will NOT win (other than French Open) Davis Cup for Switzerland!?
  120. [Poll] Does Nadal (age 21) have the potential to break Federer's #1 record (age 26)!?
  121. Wow dude, federer and nalbandian singing
  122. Rafa at Kooyong?
  123. The Don to play for the US?
  124. The Saga of Stefan Edberg (Article from 2004)
  125. Federer In Public Service Announcement For An 'AIDS-Free Generation'
  126. Best Active Davis Cup Player?
  127. Now that US won
  128. Which player has the BEST chance of finishing in the top 10 in 2008?
  129. Does anyone know who won the brisbane challenger?
  130. Roddick is 3 for 4...
  131. 2007 Davis Cup Final - Most bored since 1998
  132. Bryans d. Andreev/Davydenko 7-6(4) 6-4 6-2, USA wins DC 2007!
  133. ooops!... hewitt can't duplicate new court surface at home
  134. Usa Team Vs International Team
  135. AO revises heat policy
  136. French club championship final - Live feed
  137. What does everyone think of unlimited challenges for the DC final?
  138. Blake fights off Youzhny 6-3, 7-6(4), 6-7(3), 7-6(3). USA 2-0.
  139. Davis Cup Final commentators (Versus)
  140. Roddick rolls Tursunov 6-4, 6-4, 6-2. USA 1-0.
  141. Paradorn -Natalie Wedding video
  142. Jimmy Connors picture
  143. Most Improved Players in 2007
  144. David Nalbandian Said Filippo Volandri....
  145. Anyone know if there is going to be a stream to watch the Davis Cup tommorow?
  146. Who says ATP players are not well educated?
  147. Boris Becker vs. Roger Federer; Rafa vs. Muster...Intriguing Match-Ups
  148. Aaron Krickstein speaks about that US Open match with Connors and other things
  149. Players represented by IMG
  150. Wow dude!! Sampras singing !!
  151. Andy Murray lines up MIles Maclagan as he prepares for year of opportunity
  152. Pictures of Grand Slam Courts.
  153. Merry Christmas from the ATP Top 4!
  154. Nadal has 'very serious' foot problem?
  155. Why Davis cup rocks?
  156. Why Davis Cup sucks?
  157. Boris Becker Joins Top Online Poker Room
  158. Is Russia already at USA ?
  159. Taking Stock: Bottom line for the top men
  160. tennis magazine.summary of top men season
  161. If Sampras was to play Roddick on grass
  162. <>SLICED out-in Forehand Drive:~:is it still used? *effective?
  163. Question about 15-40 situations in the 5th of the Federer&Nadal 2007 Wimbledon final
  164. Spotlight On
  165. What is better? The player who gives cliched answers or honest answers irrespective ?
  166. How many matches will Federer lose in 2008?
  167. Who will win the MOST slams in 2008?
  168. ITF says no evidence Haas was poisoned
  169. Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year, 2007
  170. Who is the best Tennis player for his era?
  171. How many matches will Nadal lose on clay in 2008?
  172. David FIT Nalbandian Takes The Last Place for Kooyong 2008! Watch Out Roger!
  173. It's the off season, where are all the Roddick bashing threads?
  174. Which is the weaker era?
  175. No Upload of The Exhibitions Matches - Federer vs Sampras??
  176. MTF's word of the year 2007
  177. 2008 Player Performance Expectations
  178. Which Roger is the best one?
  179. Rainer Schuettler wins 150k Kuala Lumpur challenger!
  180. Beach tennis ,anyone?
  181. 2008 Grand Slam Final Four Predictions
  182. Sampras vs. the U.S.
  183. Sampras Is Wrong!
  184. Federer's Loss to Sampras Likely Due to Slow Surface...
  185. I guarantee Federer will win the French Open in 2009
  186. Would Sampras beat Nalbandian in an exho, if Nalbandian cared and tried?
  187. Laptops banned from Aus Open
  188. tennis news - cool gadgets
  189. I was just browsing on Kooyoong's website and found out that...
  190. Kevin Kim def. John Isner 6-2 6-2
  191. Sampras Vs Federer - Just exhibitions!!!
  192. Thierry Champion to leave PHM to coach Monfils !
  193. Sampras def Federer 7-6 6-4 on Ice!
  194. Live Video Link for Federer v Sampras
  195. Off season thread ----------> were is "X" player right now ??
  196. Sampras' Loss to Federer at Wimbledon an Excuse!
  197. Sampras predicts 15-18 GS wins for Federer
  198. Nalbandian Not Playing Chennai, Doha or Adelaide?
  199. Rafa....You Can't Be serious
  200. Federer: Sampras would still be a top five player
  201. Enough with all the Sampras threads!
  202. Paradorn Natalie recieve Luster water
  203. Agassi on Oprah
  204. How many slams would Laver, Borg, Feder, Sampras have if you remove the "IF's"
  205. Who has/had the best serve of all time?
  206. Who will out from Top 10 Ranking?
  207. Federer defeated Sampras 7-6(6) 7-6(5) in their second exhibition match
  208. What would Sampras be ranked if he played now?
  209. Federer 2007 vs 2004
  210. Excluding Roland Garros, at which grand slam will Federer likely to be beaten first?
  211. As exhibitions go, who would prove the most dangerous foe?
  212. Greetings from Kual Lumpur, Malaysia
  213. KL exo - Rafa downed Richie
  214. Rafa Smashes Gasquet In Highly Competitive Malaysia Exho 3-6 6-2 6-3
  215. What makes the Ultimate tennis player? - ATP commissioned research
  216. Matches from Masters,where do I get them from???
  217. ATP Challenger Kuala Lumpur
  218. 2008 Olympics
  219. Rivals who like each other, hate each other or just plain don't care?
  220. Nikolay Davydenko And (That) Picture
  221. Nadal interview about the season and his fitness
  222. ~()~when/where legends win their "LAST SLAM"..[Fed & Rafa]?
  223. BlackRock PODCAST (Federer, McEnroe, Borg)
  224. Roger Federer Beats Pete Sampras 6:4, 6:3
  225. which channel for Pete vs roger?
  226. How was the Borg's style of play?
  227. Who wins? Roger Federer vs. Pete Sampras Exhibition 1
  228. Article: Australian Court Surface is speeding up. Never in doubt
  229. Pete is looking good
  230. Peter Bodo: The Shadow Federer
  231. What Grand Slam does Andy Murray have the Best Chance of Winning based on his Playing
  232. He's 6ft 5in tall, can serve at 160mph and can stop Roger Federer - but who is he?
  233. Djokowagon vs Nalbanwagon - Which one is worst?
  234. Is Roger gona give his all Vs Sampras?
  235. The Nadal false modesty thread AKA "he's the favourite, no ?"
  236. How Many Slams Will Roger Win Next Year
  237. 3rd Edition of MTF's Favourite Player Of The Year, 2007!! Marat is the winner!! Duh!
  238. Who Is Most Likely To Be The Suprise Performer At The Australian Open 2008
  239. Is Roger declining physically?
  240. Who is Mirnyi playing with next year?
  241. How high can Dr ivo ago in 2008
  242. Entry List 2008?
  243. Best Roger-bashing line?
  244. Grand Slam Winners in 2008?
  245. Fed: First to break $10 million...
  246. The best match of the year 2007!
  247. Zverev d. Tursunov 6-4 6-4 to win Dnepropetrovsk
  248. Sergio "Escopeta" Roitman roasts Daniel 6-1 6-4 to win BS AS Challenger
  249. Nalbandian 2008 = *GOAT*(((GOD))) Win EVERY TOURNAMENT of the Year
  250. Best matches of the year