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  1. Federer uses angles better than anyone on a hardcourt I've ever seen
  2. Davis Cup ATP ranking points
  3. 2011 WTF seeds
  4. 2010 WTF proved that Nadal is not the fittest player on tour
  5. Bigger Achievement: WTF finalist or Masters winner?
  6. Poll: Did reaching the 2010 Madrid final in effect, harm Federers legacy?
  7. Federer peaked at the wrong time this year
  8. so this was Rafa's best year ever?
  9. WTF: Is Age Catching Up with Nadal or when will it
  10. WTF proved fresh Nadal will crush Federer in 2011
  11. Is the next venue of the ATP World Tour Finals already known?
  12. Can Federer still get the #1 record?
  13. tying Sampras 5 YEC, what record does he still have over roger?
  14. Can Federer win the CYGS in 2011?
  15. Will Federer finally be able to beat Nadal at Roland Garros next year
  16. Destroying 4 out of top 5 in one tournament. Ever been done?
  17. WTF Final: Federer def. Nadal 6-3 3-6 6-1
  18. Player that holds the record for most Challenger wins?
  19. Who is the best youngster overall?
  20. Who is the best youngster in the top 200?
  21. Helsinki F: Berankis def. Przysiezny 6-1 2-0 ret.
  22. Helsinki CH F: Ricardas Berankis d. Michal Przysiezny 61 20 Ret.
  23. Rafa & Roger - The Rivalry (Article with summaries about the matches so far)
  24. Who is your favorite Top 10 player of 2010 season?
  25. Whatever happens today, Federer is a better hardcourt player than Nadal
  26. ATP Rankings 2006-2010
  27. Rafa vs Roger WTF 2010
  28. Rogie and Rafa...
  29. Will anyone surpass Rogie for most career hard court titles...
  30. Will anyone surpass Rogie for most career grass court titles...
  31. Will Rafa finish his career with the most clay court titles....
  32. Is Federer doing better because of Annacone?
  33. Rogie is at his best....
  34. Year End Championships Trivia Question...
  35. I think the biggest reason why Federer has gotten back to a high level of play is....
  36. If Roddick faced Federer today instead of Novak- Would he have fared better?
  37. Paul Annacone: Is He Doing a Good Job?
  38. Selling a ticket to the finals tomorrow
  39. Tomorrow's final: Soo much at Stake
  40. World Tour Finals 28th Nov
  41. Match Strategy for Rafa tomorrow
  42. If Federer can't beat exhausted Nadal on indoor hardcourts he won't beat Nadal again
  43. WWW WTF Final: (1) Nadal vs. (2) Federer
  44. WTF SF: Federer d. Djokovic 61 64
  45. Nadal's tennis is an outstanding example on how to deal with bad match-ups
  46. Comparing pigeonization of top 10 fellow players !
  47. When will Djokovic and Murray meet again ?
  48. who would Rafa prefer to face in the finals tomorrow?
  49. Djokovic finishes top 3 for 4th straight year
  50. Is Nadal doing to Murray what he did to Djokovic in 2008?
  51. Will Nadal..............
  52. Is Nadal V Murray the best match-up in tennis at the moment?
  53. WTF SF: Nadal beats Murray 7-6 3-6 7-6
  54. Who Should Coach Roddick Next?
  55. Should Roddick revert to his 2003-2005 aggressive style of play?
  56. Helsinki SF: Berankis def. Dimitrov 7-6 0-6 6-1
  57. Whatever happens today, Nadal is a better hardcourt player than Murray
  58. Which WTF final do you want to watch?
  59. Is Roland Garros Faster Than Most Hardcourts Now????
  60. Lleyton with Roche again.
  61. Can Roddick, Ferrer and Berdych recover from their WTF performances?
  62. WTF: djokovic dominates Roddick 6-2 6-3
  63. WTFs 2010 - Most boring in recent years?
  64. WWW: WTF SF Djokovic vs Federer
  65. Top5 best matches/best tennis of your favourite player
  66. How Long Will We Have The Current Top 5?
  67. WWW London World Tour Finals SF: Rafael Nadal [1] vs. Andy Murray [5]
  68. Can anyone stop Rafa now? WTF London
  69. WTF: Nadal routines Berdych 7-6 6-1
  70. WWW Helsinki SF: Dimitrov vs. Berankis
  71. Does the winner of the Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award know the tennis rules?
  72. Interesting Comments from Murray
  73. Top 4 kills the ATP
  74. Dimitrov and Berankis very likely to make AO MD.
  75. ATP disrespecting Verdasco
  76. Will Andy Murray win a clay title?
  77. Top 10 players without points from mandatory events
  78. Starting In 2011, When Will Rafael Nadal Win Another Hardcourt Title?
  79. Who does Nadal want in the SF?
  80. What would you say the odds of a Federer vs Nadal final are?
  81. What's up with WTF scheduling?
  82. WTF RR: Amazing Murray (5) annihilates Ferrer (7) 6-2 6-2, through to the semi finals
  83. Need help: Who should I be rooting for?
  84. WWW Helsinki Grigoat - Reister
  85. Is Roddick Eliminated or Not?
  86. WWW: Ferrer vs Murray
  87. WTF: Federer humiliates Soderling 7-6 6-3
  88. Are you tired of the current top 5?
  89. Philippoussis defaults on mortgage and served with a bankruptcy notice! :o
  90. POLL: WWW: Djokovic vs Roddick
  91. Who Would Win: Sebastian Nadal vs Robert Federer
  92. The Very Best Forehand In the Game Today : Lets Settle This
  93. Who's a better singles player Marko Djokovic or Jamie Murray?
  94. What a joke of a draw for Nadal (again)
  95. How many of you lost money betting for Djokovic against Nadal?
  96. Biggest Upsets of 2010
  97. WTF R3: Roddick vs Djokovic
  98. TomᚠBerdych will be the winner of Group A
  99. Group A Scenarios
  100. Nadal Destroys One-Eyed Djokovic 7-5, 6-2
  101. Group B scenarios
  102. Federer and Roddick have 9 straight top 10 seasons.
  103. WTF: Berdych defeats Roddick 7-5, 6-3
  104. Funny/Random/Useless tennis facts (or opinion!)
  105. Will transitional 1 slam wonders be less remembered than slamless all time greats?
  106. Youngest player to win a challenger
  107. "The Big Four"
  108. How does Soderling make the SF???
  109. Is Rogie officially in the SF yet...
  110. Would Rios beat Muster today?
  111. WTF 2010 RR: (4)Soderling def. Ferrer(7) 7-5 7-5
  112. WWW WTF R3: Federer vs Soderling
  113. Asian Games Gold Medal Final: Devvarman def Istomin 6-1 6-2
  114. Interesting article about youngsters in modern tennis.
  115. Most consecutive titles won by a player?
  116. Roger Federer defeats Andy Murray 6-4, 6-2
  117. Helsinki Grigor Dimitrov def. Tobias Kamke 7-6 7-5
  118. Most matches in a row where the opponent has retired in the match - Hewitt 3 in a row
  119. People, please learn the difference between a grinder, a tactician and a pusher.
  120. Anyone else worried Fed is peaking at the wrong time?
  121. Your opinion on Roddick's approach shots?
  122. Which 4 players will reach the WTF SFs?
  123. Time for Hewitt to Retire.
  124. Ballbashers chances at a slams vs pushers chances at slams in 2011
  125. WWW: WTF RR Day 4: Nadal vs Djokovic
  126. Would Federer have won all those Wimbledons on fast 90's grass?
  127. WWW WTF R2: Nadal vs. Djokovic
  128. how can Andy Roddick say he's better now than he was in 2003?
  129. Why a slow court is a bad thing?
  130. WTF RR Day 2: Nadal gets a gift from Roddick 3-6 7-6 (5) 6-4
  131. Hrbaty-Muster?
  132. What does this reflect
  133. How the hell Verdasco managed to hit 80+ winners on WTF's surface last year ?
  134. WTF RR Group A: Djokovic beats Berdych 6-3 6-3
  135. WTF Djokovic defeats Berdych 6-3 6-3
  136. Predict the WTF with Bercy surface and different Groups?!
  137. WWW: WTF RR - Djokovic vs Nadal
  138. Would you rather reach 4 slam finals in a year but lose all or reach 1 final & win?
  139. My Prediction... What's Your's
  140. WWW WTF RR: Soderling vs Ferrer?
  141. WTF RR: Murray vs. Federer
  142. Will Federer Reach 20 Slams?
  143. WTF RR Day 1: Federer beats Ferrer 6-1 6-4
  144. Rafa talks about difficulties and recognizes he's weak on indoors
  145. Salzburg CH: Niland def. Janowicz 7-6 6-7 6-3
  146. London WTF surface - tailored for Nadal?
  147. Why the kneejerk reactions with Murray?
  148. One of the worst displays of volleying I've EVER seen.
  149. WTF RR: Andy Murray (5) def. Robin Soderling (4) 6-2 6-4
  150. Does Federer REALLY have a problem with left-handers?
  151. Who is greater? Lendl vs. Borg
  152. Agassi in Wimbledon 2006
  153. American Tennis Future Looks Very Bleak
  154. WWW Cancun F: Berlocq v Riba
  155. How could former top players do now?
  156. Will Thomas Muster come back again this year?
  157. Player WTF Outfits
  158. Poll: Is career grand slam an over rated achievement?
  159. Poll: If Murray and Soderling both retire slamless, who will be more remembered?
  160. WWW: 106 K Helsinki
  161. Nadal: Winning WTF will be harder (for him) than winning any major
  162. WWW Salzburg F: Janowicz v [8] Niland
  163. WWW Bratislava F: Koubek v [WC] Klizan
  164. Salzburg Exho: Ivanisevic def. Muster 6-4 7-5
  165. ATP World Tour Award Winners 2010
  166. WTF: RR: Federer vs. Ferrer
  167. Ivanesevic: "Rafa will win the WTF"
  168. Poll: WWW: WTF RR - Djokovic vs Berdych
  169. Bratislava, QF: Kunitsyn def. Hrbaty 6:4, 5:7, 7:6(2)
  170. WTF Wildcard
  171. Was 2010 a "bad" tennis year?
  172. ...
  173. Poll: Berankis ranking after 2011 season? With a bonus question!
  174. WWW: Bratislava challenger
  175. WWW: Cancun challenger
  176. WWW: Salzburg challenger
  177. World Tour Finals Excel file.
  178. Mini-interviews with the Top 8 players
  179. Bratislava R2: Klizan def. Harrison 1-6 6-3 7-6(6) saves 2MPs
  180. Most disappointing Player of of the Year
  181. Bratislava R2: Dominator lives on! 3-6 6-4 6-4 win over Gabashvili
  182. Is Gabashvilli gonna be the one to end The Dominators Career?
  183. WWW: WTF RR - Murray vs Soderling
  184. Charly Moya retires
  185. Bratislava R1: Harrison def. Brown 4-6 7-6(9) 6-3 saved 3MPs
  186. Who was threatening Henri Kontinen?
  187. How many matches did you watch this year?
  188. Roland Garros - Sinclar def. Solveig 6-0 6-0 6-7 6-7 5-6 (Ret) ft. Djokovic & Monfils
  189. Good sites for matches/ tennis related videos...
  190. What do u think about Roddick's chances against Nadal?
  191. NCAA tennis vs Pro
  192. Coria considering a comeback
  193. WTF Update: Congrats to Roddick and Ferrer who both go 0-3!
  194. Salzburg R1: AHM def. Muster 6-3 6-1
  195. Predictions for 2010 ATP Tour Finals
  196. The most "struggling" GS win by a player
  197. Berdych with a Bye to semis?
  198. Why did it take so long for Söderling to get in the top 10?
  199. Roddick with Bye to semis?
  200. Is there a draw for which group plays first??
  201. WTF complete schedule?
  202. WWW - Salzburg R1 - Muster vs Haider-Maurer
  203. How do you like Tennis Channel? and compared to Tennis TV?
  204. Best Match Of 2010 ATP Season
  205. Berdych to make the WTF final.
  206. Del Potro is now #259, ouch!
  207. Which Slam will Federer win next?
  208. How Far Can Nishikori Go?
  209. Bratislava R1: (WC) Hrbaty def. Vanek 6-7(5) 6-4 6-4
  210. WWW Champaign R1: Nishikori vs Guccione
  211. Who will be the alternates on the WTF?
  212. Can Berdych win a slam?
  213. wtf london head to head
  214. Does Federer have a hope of a chance at WTF?
  215. Knoxville F: Asian Sensation def. Kendrick 6-1 6-4
  216. is soderling capable of winning a hard court slam
  217. Biggest upset 2000-2010?
  218. Tournaments where the semi eclipsed the final
  219. Final: Brown d. Sijsling 6-3 7-6(3) in last edition of Lambertz Open
  220. Soderling (so far), Tojo, Tompa, Bjorkman, PimPim, rank the swedish players
  221. Who will win the World Tour Finals Poll
  222. Soderling overtakes Murray at #4. Can he go higher?
  223. Soldering Saves tennis beats Monfils 6-1 7-6
  224. Paris F: Soderling d. Monfils 6-1 7-6(1)
  225. Paris - Bercy Masters intro music
  226. Is Mario Ancic Done?
  227. Borg reported to the police. "Bjorn Borg is still married to me"
  228. Monfils
  229. When Was The Last Time A Player Beat 4 Top 10 Players In One Tournament?
  230. Who will join the 1st title club in 2011? Congrats Janko Tipsarevic
  231. WWW Knoxville F: Asian Sensation v Kendrick
  232. We're going to have a new MS winner!
  233. Best day of tennis in years?
  234. "I LOve to Miss an Easy Forehand on Match Point" club
  235. WWW Paris Masters Final: Soderling [4] vs. Monfils [12]
  236. Paris SF: Are you kidding me! Monfils d. Federer 7-6(7), 6-7(1), 7-6(4)
  237. Article: "Tennis Needs a Superbowl"
  238. Monfils not best athlete.
  239. Current Federer as "exciting" to watch as Roddick and Karlovic
  240. Is Lldora top 10 material? Serve & Volley
  241. Paris SF: Soderling saved 3MPs def. Llodra 6-7(0) 7-5 7-6(6)
  242. Guayaquil: Capdeville d. G.Lapentti (reminecense of Calleri's choke against Koubek)
  243. Salzburg CH R1: Muster vs. AHM
  244. With all the criticism pointed at Roddick as an all serve mug,..
  245. Who is the greatest fighter ever?
  246. And you thought Nalbandian was an underachiever?
  247. Fed will Easily win Paris now...
  248. Davis Cup Final livescores and commentary thread
  249. Llodra or Monfils: who is the greater mug?
  250. Paris QF: Monfils dispatches Murray 6-2, 2-6, 6-3.