General Messages

  1. Chennai R1: A.Pavic def. Almagro 3-6 7-5 7-6(1)
  2. Brisbane R1: H. Chung def. S. Groth 7-6(8) 6-4
  3. WWW ? Brisbane R2: (1)Roger Federer Vs. (Q)Tobias Kamke
  4. Brisbane R1: Dimitrov def. [5]Simon 6-3 7-6 (10)
  5. Tennis Hipster Blog
  6. If Nadal comes out playing better in 2016 than in 2013...
  7. del Potro targetting late February/early March comeback to the tour
  8. WWW? Doha R32: (1) Djokovic vs. (Q) Brown
  9. Who do you think will be the next new grand slam champion
  10. What will Dominic Thiem achieve in his career?
  11. Doha QR2: Benni Becker def. Michael Berrer 5-7 7-5 7-5
  12. Tomic aims for top 10 and he wants to play "much, much less" this year
  13. Murray's best ever performances
  14. Madras QR2: Devvarman def Ward 2-6, 7-5, 6-4
  15. Predict USA F3 [Plantation] qualies cut-off
  16. Qatar Open tennis tournament 2016
  17. Happy Valley CH QR2: Farinola def. [1] Molchanov 2-6 6-1 6-2
  18. Bris QR2: Nishoka def. Gulbis 6-3, 6-4
  19. Bris QR2: Anderson df Tim Smyzek 6-7(3), 7-6(1), 6-2
  20. Mark My Words Rafa will win the Aus Open
  21. Where will Nadal win his next title?
  22. Should Gulbis have gotten a Brisbane MDWC over one of the Aussies?
  23. Where will Federer win his next title?
  24. Doha QR1: Mirza Bašić def. (1) Inigo Cervantes 3-6, 6-2, 7:5
  25. WWW? Doha 2016
  26. Nick Kyrgios is going with an interesting outfit for the Australian Open
  27. Brisbane QR1: [1] Gulbis def. Copil 6-4 6-2
  28. Flashback - Federer vs Agassi US Open 2005 in High Definition!
  29. Brisbane QR1: Kamke def. [7] Gombos 6-2 7-5
  30. Brisbane QR1: Zopp def. [3] de Bakker 6-4 7-6(3)
  31. Brisbane QR1: [WC] O. Anderson def. [8] Novikov 3-6 6-4 6-4
  32. Tomic aiming for world's elite
  33. Former RG champion and world #1 Carlos Moya becomes Raonic's new coach
  34. Nadal - Raonic in NWTC Final
  35. Federer's best Grand Slam points
  36. Prediction of Thiem's 2016 season
  37. WWW?: Brisbane 2016 Discussion
  38. 2016 Milestone Thread [New: Ferrer surpass Enqvist in HC Matches]
  39. David Ferrer:"I am not thinking about retirement. I'm more motivated than ever"
  40. Sensible of Ferrer to play Abu Dhabi exhibition with Doha title to defend?
  41. Nadal:"Federer won't change many things with Ljubicic"
  42. Toni Nadal:"He can win more GS. He can win AO in January. He can win Wimbledon, too"
  43. Rank the current top ten in terms on their doubles ability
  44. Why do so many people think Anderson is better than Monaco?
  45. Some cool stuff that happened in 2015
  46. Djokovic is the greatest Masters 1000 player in ATP history?
  47. Richard Gasquet pulls out of Australian Open
  48. Nadal's godawful 2015: Decline or external factors?
  49. Raonic suffering from back spasms in the off season.
  50. Andy Murray and Stan Wawrinka both underachivers?
  51. RAFOLE XLVII in Doha will be a perfect start to a new season
  52. Will Nick Kyrgios Turn to the Dark Side?
  53. Can Alex Zverev be the first 195+ cm player to reach n.1?
  54. Djokovic's best points in Grand Slams!
  55. Was Goran Ivanisevic Winning Wimbledon 2001 the Greatest Tennis Moment?
  56. The legacy of Rod Laver - His 10 Best Points
  57. Which win would mean more for Federer in a grand slam?
  58. Where will the Federer-Nadal rivalry go in 2016?
  59. Rest in peace Darren Tandy
  60. Federer vs. Nadal, who has the better forehand, backhand, ROS and volleys?
  61. 7 teenagers who won Grand Slam titles in Open era
  62. Is this Lleyton Hewitt's 2016 Australian Open Shirt?
  63. V. Troicki:"There were many who thought that I would not become a pro"
  64. F. Fognini:"I can assure you that nobody in the top 100 is doping"
  65. Any stats for average percentage of points finished at net?
  66. Kei Nishikori: Your Expectations for his 2016 season
  67. 2016 highest chance of CYGS in recent history
  68. Nadal to play singles, doubles, and mixed doubles at Rio 2016
  69. Predict Djokovic, Federer and Nadal's final titles count in Slams and Masters?
  70. Tsonga, Berdych and Ferrer will never...
  71. A test of your knowledge about 2015 season
  72. Kokkinakis injured, out of Australian Open.
  73. Will Federer use the SABR at AO?
  74. Best players to never win a slam?
  75. Robin Soderling has announced his retirement
  76. Players that dramatically transformed during the off-season?
  77. 2015 Tennis Appreciation Thread
  78. 26yo or younger players with ATP-500 or higher level titles.
  79. Novak Djokovic has been named the ITF World Champion for the fifth consecutive year!
  80. Rafael Nadal in 'great shape' ahead of 2016 season
  81. What first time slam winner would please EVERYONE on MTF
  82. Players with the worst or slowest serves over 6ft tall?
  83. Which ATG has the most amount of GOAT Appeal ?
  84. Which Slam is Murray Most Likely to win in 2016?
  85. Men born in early 1990s huge disappointment
  86. Andy Murray named BBC sports personality of the year for 2015
  87. Best celebrations in history
  88. Eurosport secures new Australian Open deal
  89. Tennis Central Court - Rio Olympics
  90. Mitchell w/d from AO MDWC playoff final (for birth of child), Duckworth wins
  91. What's more likely (to happen)?
  92. Instances Where Players Unintentionally Hit Themselves?
  93. Singles vs. Djokovic or Doubles vs. Rojer/Tecau?
  94. is Granollers the weakest top-20 player ever ??
  95. Players with the best or fastest serves under 6ft tall?
  96. Have you ever seen a better smash than THIS?
  97. Wawrinka to win 5 slams by end of career?
  98. Court Level View
  99. Match point in boys match in Saint Petersburg in an endless loop
  100. Does Djokovic have to win 15 slams to be rated above Sampras and Nadal?
  101. Bernard Open 2016 Trailer
  102. What are you most looking forward to in 2016?
  103. Which players of Top 50 are going to win more/less points in 2016 than in 2015?[Game]
  104. Roger Federer's 2016 schedule
  105. Weeks at no.1 - extended perspective
  106. The pick up master
  107. New Yorker names Djokovic's year as best in sport (and in tennis history)
  108. Anonymous Tennis player: I saw players taking drugs and going through the test...
  109. Federer, Nadal and Djokovic - The oligopoly of men's tennis
  110. Murray to leave AO if Kim gives birth...
  111. Most interesting Masters 1000 seasons (different guys in latter stages)
  112. Memorable winners out of nowhere
  113. Famous Federer-Nadal video: Is Fed laughing here because of nadal's pronunciation
  114. Murray retains Mauresmo but drops Bjorkman
  115. Predict David Goffin's Slam Results in 2016
  116. Predict David Goffin's Slam Results in 2016
  117. What happened to Berlocq's bandawagon?
  118. 2016 - Novak catching up to Fed
  119. Federer won't retire after Rio Olympics...
  120. Would Tomic win against Djokovic if they met at the AO?
  121. Federer 2016 Will Rival Djokovic 2015
  122. Predict Feliciano Lopez's Success in Grand Slams in 2016
  123. Predict Tomic's success in slams for 2016. Specific round.
  124. Nishikori wins over Federer for "ATP Hot Shot of 2015"
  125. Which stats that you would like to see on the ATP site?
  126. Australian open lowest prize money
  127. Australian Open 2016 Court Speed
  128. Nadal:"I always accept losses very well. RG 09 loss hurt more than '15"
  129. AO 2016: Fed-Djokovic IV or Wawrinka-Djokovic IV?
  130. The Legacy of Sampras: The forgotten great?
  131. Wawrinka wins Swiss Sportsman of the Year
  132. What is the percentage of forehand shots normally?
  133. What would Mario Ancic had achieved without injuries?
  134. Which Slam Winner is Most Likely to Get Another in 2016?
  135. How many slam finals are worth 1 slam when discussing greatness?
  136. WWW 2016 AO MDWC Playoff ?
  137. Predict Nadal result at French Open 2016
  138. Paris Masters: Nadal vs. Wawrinka (Court Level View)
  139. Which Slamless player is most likely to win one in 2016?
  140. [ATP 250] Antwerp is back on tour after 18-year break
  141. Was there ever a match that almost made you quit watching Tennis?
  142. Which tournament has the slowest surface currently?
  143. Nadal's reaction when he is told Tomic is joining the team
  144. Empty stands greet Federer and Nadal in India
  145. Novak Djokovic: International Sportsman of the Year?
  146. Roger Federer: "Novak has erased all his weaknesses."
  147. RF: "You can play almost the same way on grass, hard court and clay, and indoors."
  148. Andy Murray talks about slow courts.
  149. Who's the Best Ballbasher?
  150. Peak vs Peak
  151. Coric hires Miles Maclagan (Murray's former coach)
  152. Gasquet injures his back and withdraws from IPTL and maybe Doha
  153. Better player on Plexicushion: Nadal or Federer
  154. Who is/was the most hated player? (Among ATP rivals)
  155. The Perfect Tennis Player - Shot by shot
  156. Nadal believed that tio Toni was a magician!
  157. Jules Marie retires from tennis
  158. Raonic pulls out of remaining IPTL legs with back spasms
  159. Best shots ever around the net?
  160. Nadal out of Rio '16?
  161. Best matches of every round at Australian Open?
  162. Del Potro is Finally Hitting Backhands Again
  163. Murray and Wawrinka to end careers with 6 slams each?
  164. Most dramatic points ever
  165. How does Edbergs coaching stint with Roger Federer impact Edbergs legacy?
  166. Players who can score their first win over Djokovic in 2016
  167. Does Tennis Court Speed Directly Affect the Player Ageing Process?
  168. Is this the greatest shot in tennis history?
  169. Baker, Benneteau, Haas, Tipsarevic and Tursunov direct AO entrants with PR
  170. After Ljubicic, who will be Federer's next coach?
  171. Federer and Edberg part ways, step in Ljubicic.
  172. Is Frank Dancevic a poor man's Federer?
  173. Is Steve Johnson this Generation's Feliciano Lopez?
  174. How many anti-Djokovic umpires exist in tennis.
  175. Weakest Year-End Top Tens of the Past Ten Years
  176. Strongest Year-End Top Tens of the Past Ten Years
  177. Who will end up with better h2h vs. Fedalovic at Slams?
  178. Will Tomic Get the CYGS in 2016?
  179. Which of these players is the most humble?
  180. Nole will win another 10 or more slams until YE 2020?
  181. Tennis Dreams
  182. Which players will retire in 2016?
  183. Nadal vs del Potro: Who'd have been #1 in a world without Federer in 2009?
  184. Will we witness another 1HBH Slam final?
  185. More than 100 singles matches and increased doubles coverage next year
  186. Federer fans, do you want stronger competition next year ?
  187. What is Dimitrov's peak?
  188. Are these the best points of 2015?
  189. Rafa already training with his new racquet
  190. Who will break through first?
  191. Top 5 All-time ATP Records
  192. Edmund Wins Tie Break Tens
  193. Race to 100 Bagels!
  194. Number of 250s won by each Big Four member since age 20!
  195. Biggest Clown on the Tour?
  196. Martina Hingis and Roger Federer at Rio
  197. Strongest and Weakest Year End Top Tens of the Past 10 Years
  198. Would Djokovic be greater than Federer if...
  199. Rank some players' seasons from the best to the worst one (in terms of level)
  200. Rasheed interested in coaching Kyrgios
  201. Is Nishikori this generation's Ferrer?
  202. Better trilogy: Nadal-Federer at Wimbledon 06-08 or Djokovic-Wawrinka at AO 13-15
  203. Top tennis matches 2015
  204. In Which Major Final Loss Was Federer The Most Unclutch?
  205. Next New Top Ten Player? (w/ Poll)
  206. What would you Federer fans object to him or hold against him?
  207. Soderling: "Me and my team have already started working (business projects) for 2016"
  208. Which unranked player will have the highest ranking at the end of 2016?
  209. Wins vs. Top-10 at Slams
  210. Who is ATP's biggest "space filler" these days?
  211. How to Improve Davis Cup?
  212. Who has the best backhand smash in tennis ? Roger or Aga ?
  213. Thailand F9: Phassawit Burapharitta def. (2) Duck Hee Lee 1-6 7-6(5) *5-4 A-40 ret.
  214. 24 yrs old Federer vs 34 yrs old Federer
  215. Best shot to win a match
  216. Is Nadal trashing his legacy now, playing against Djokovic ??
  217. Age of slam winners by their first slam final
  218. Novak Djokovic will not play in the IPTL this year! Andy and Stan to replace him.
  219. MTF 2015 Awards - Have your say about player of the year, best match etc.
  220. Would the rankings change much with allowing a 3rd serve?
  221. Novak Djokovic won golden bagel reward for the 4th time
  222. Make your list of 5 best ATP and Grand Slams/Davis Cup matches in 2015
  223. Did Fedovic WTF RR prove that the outcome is on Rogie's racket?
  224. CTF Final Cervantes def. Munoz-De La Nava 6-2 3-6 7-6(4)
  225. Rank BIG4 members based on impressions of their wins in Davis Cup
  226. James Ward deserves more respect for his dc-rubber against Isner
  227. Who had the best overall clay season in 2015?
  228. Murray Becoming Big 4 - What Is Needed?
  229. Predict Nadal's 2016 results
  230. Which of these missing titles will Murray win?
  231. Murray fans, rank those 4 Murray wins from the most to the least emotional one
  232. Please, hep to find out melody that fans sing on French tournaments!
  233. Davis Cup loss needs to ignite fire in David Goffin
  234. DC Final: Murray def. Goffin 63 75 63 (GBR WINS!)
  235. The Single Greatest Shot You'll Ever Ser
  236. Toyota CH Final: [7] Nishioka def. Kudryavtsev 6-3 6-4
  237. Andria CH SF: [6] Berrer def. [4] Sela 3-6 7-6(3) 6-3
  238. What do you want to see more?
  239. WWW? Davis Cup R4 Rubber (GBR 2-1 BEL): Andy "Clayray" Murray vs David Goffin
  240. Predict Roger's 2016 Results
  241. Davis Cup Final: Murray/Murray def. Goffin/Darcis 6-4 4-6 6-3 6-2 (GBR 2-1 BEL)
  242. The DC final doubles rubber will be Goffin/Darcis vs. Murray/Murray
  243. CTF RR: Cecchinato def. Pella 1-6 0-1 ret. (Pella withdraws from SF)
  244. What is the "weirdest" possible scoreline in a BO5?
  245. Do you think Vasek Pospisil will ever reach top 20?
  246. Who has better physical abilities at the peak: Nadal or Djokovic?
  247. The official carpet appreciation thread
  248. DC final: Murray def. Bemelmans 6-3 6-2 7-5 (GBR 1-1 BEL)
  249. Davis Cup Final: Goffin def. Edmund 3-6 1-6 6-2 6-1 6-0 (BEL 1-0 GBR)
  250. The return of "Clayray"