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  1. Predict the H2H between Djokovic and Nadal in 2014
  2. surface speed and serve-return stats
  3. " federer finally fit" new article
  4. Early Stages of the Race to London
  5. 2014 Grand Slam Predictions
  6. Biggest Loss for Tennis?
  7. FedEx Reliability Stats 2013
  8. Predict Boris Becker's 2014 season as a coach
  9. Predict Johnny Groove's 2014 season
  10. Predict Mohamed Lahyani's 2014 season
  11. Players Council Debating Giving Lucky Losers Portion Of Prize Money
  12. predict 2014 year end ranking of Janowicz
  13. The most underrated match-ups
  14. Nadal crowned "Champion of Champions 2013" by L'Equipe, dethrones Bolt
  15. Predict Fernando Verdasco' s 2014 season
  16. Is Tommy Robredo more exciting to watch than the big 3 (Nole/Rafa/Andy)?
  17. Johan Kriek Ferrer's new coach
  18. which player between 11-20 had the most impressive ranking increase?
  19. Nadal wins L'Equipe's Champion of Champions Award
  20. Predict Marin Cilic's 2014 season
  21. 15-yr old Junior player Prayoga Achmadi dies on court
  22. Why does Djokovic only win the AO and not USO?
  23. Are Djokovic and Nadal co-champions for 2013?
  24. Can we expect Djokovic to become a new grass GOAT now?
  25. Worst matches by Big4, observations
  26. John McEnroe should coach Jerzy Janowicz
  27. 2013 Top Tennis Tantrums
  28. AO '08 <=> AO '14 - Which youngster is going to straightset Djokovic at AO?
  29. Here's what Stefan Edberg probably told Roger Federer
  30. ITF names Djokovic player of the year 2013
  31. ESPN put Grigor Dimitrov as a shot-maker of the year
  32. Will the Boris Becker recruitment work for Novak?
  33. Boris Becker - Nadal fan? ..
  34. Djokovic hires Boris Becker as his new head coach
  35. The: When will the Top Ten Retire Thread?
  36. Best European tournaments to visit
  37. UPDATED Australian Open QD list. #287 (Panfil) is IN - Draw is Out [Post #1]
  38. Who is the greatest player in the Open Era with one Grand Slam?
  39. ESPN, top 10 tantrums of 2013.
  40. Predict Dolgopolov' 2014 season
  41. Early Borg and Connors
  42. Future of German Tennis
  43. which top 10 players ranking improvement is most impressive?
  44. BPs in Fed vs Rafa
  45. Boys singles videos of matches
  46. Your favorite 'Big 4' match-up
  47. Federer vs Djokovic at their peak would have been one of the greatest rivalries ever
  48. How many Masters 1000 and 500 will Fed, Nadal, Djokovic and Murray obtain?
  49. Borna Coric will be training with Rafa Nadal this week
  50. 2014 AO court speed
  51. Should Wimbledon use the Centre Court only starting from QFs?
  52. Do you think Patrick Rafter retired too early?
  53. Introduction of (some sort of) Synthetic Grass Court?
  54. Players retiring at or near the top of the rankings
  55. Sports Personality of the Year 2013
  56. Are Kyrgios and Kokkinakis the two best players under 20?
  57. Is this achievement underrated?
  58. Orange Bowl Final: [13] Francis Tiafoe def. [4] Stefan Kozlov 7-6(3) 0-6 6-3
  59. Di Wu wins Australian Open Wildcard for 2nd year in a row, destroys Zhang 6-0 6-3
  60. Match tennis players with football players
  61. Who would you consider the greatest American clay court player of all time?
  62. Are these the most difficult shots of all times ?
  63. Fed fans, who would you rather win AO next year? Nadal or Nole?
  64. AO Playoff Final: (4) Jordan Thompson def. (3) Ben Mitchell 6-2 6-3 4-6 4-6 6-1
  65. Is this the greatest passing shot of all times?!
  66. Reduced competitiveness on ATP Tour
  67. Murray - Federer H2H
  68. Is this the most legendary shot of all time?
  69. Federer: ''I'm a better player than in '04, I believe I can win the Australian Open''
  70. Ferrer's playing style is good for the game.
  71. Rank ATP players by Elo rating system.
  72. Which feat was more impressive..Nole's 5 Masters in 2011 or Nadal's 5 Masters in 2013
  73. What unprecedented matchup do you want to see the most?
  74. Will Gulbis reach a Slam R3 in 2014?
  75. 31 years old Federer being N░1 in the 2012 "tough" era Poll and conclutions.
  76. How does MTF want players to play?
  77. What would winning the french open do for djokovic legacy???
  78. Who is the most famous tennis player of all time?
  79. How would peak Rafa, Nole or Andy do in 2004-07
  80. Worst player to win a slam in the last 13 years
  81. The match which hint Federer is frustrated in 2008
  82. Querrey is a top five favourite for Wimbledon
  83. Who will improve/worsen next season
  84. what kind of season is federer going to have????
  85. What kind of clown would you be on the ATP Tour?
  86. Does it strike you odd that Argentina never won Davis Cup?
  87. Team8: Federer & Godsick start new sports agency, sign Del Po and Dimitrov
  88. Guillermo Vilas calculated as 1975 World Number 1 [ATP REFUSE THE TRUTH]
  89. Peak Raonic vs peak Querrey?
  90. is this the weakest clay era of all time????
  91. How many Wimbledons will Murray win?
  92. Which of these tennis legends are the best to watch?
  93. Guillermo Olaso under investigation for match fixing, UPDATE: POST #33
  94. Will Dimitrov make it past R2 at any slam in 2014?
  95. Could a prime Ivo Karlovic win Wimbledon if grass was super super fast?
  96. Chang will coach Samurai Kei Nishikori in 2014.
  97. Nadal's domination of the French Open is really staggering.
  98. Tommy Robredo is such an inspiration!
  99. Open de Caen SF Goffin d. Andujar 6-3 6-1
  100. Why are finals that important?
  101. Federer is testing the same racket as he did this summer
  102. Who is the second best current French player in terms of career achievements ?
  103. Robredo voted best Spanish player of 2013 by Spanish journos
  104. Predict slam tally's of the top 10 if surfaces weren't homogenised
  105. Who misses Carpet?
  106. Sampras, Edberg, Becker explain why they had a hard time at the FO
  107. How do you rate Djokovic's mental strength between players of Open Era?
  108. Who will decline in 2014?
  109. ATP increases minimum prize money
  110. Was Pete Sampras the most offensive player ever?
  111. Boasting rights thread: Most impressive runs by NAME
  112. Does Del-Potro's forehand rank in Top 10 GOAT FH's?
  113. Del Potro trying new racquets
  114. Is Nadal really of the Nole/Murray generation
  115. All court tennis was killed in 2008 - Discuss ideas to bring it back.
  116. Roger Federer and Tsonga is set to commandeer Rod Laver Arena for a charity EX
  117. Egypt F35 Final: [1] Safwat def. [5] Krstin 6-4 7-6(1)
  118. Who is the bigger loser vs top10?
  119. Is Lleyton hewitt and all time great if he is where do he rank???
  120. Australian Open: Margret Court with Roof Almost Complete. (Court two refurbished)
  121. Rafa's worst vs Murray's best surface?
  122. Has there ever been a bigger slugfest on grass than Djokovic vs del Potro 2013 SF?
  123. Murray back in 2001, aged only a tender 14
  124. Can Ferrer/Djokovic reach n.1 in doubles if they were committed to it?
  125. Best coach in 2013
  126. Which one of these players has the best forehand ?
  127. Who will be the most dangerous 'floaters' at the Australian Open next year?
  128. Will Nadal "bagel" Fed and Djokovic at FO in 2014?
  129. JMac: Ditch doubles tennis from major tournaments
  130. Predict 2014 (Post Davis Cup Final) Top 20
  131. Djokovic could have had 12 slams today
  132. Who of the top10 could have an early exit at AO'14 or will be eliminated first?
  133. Beating Sampras and Agassi in the same tournament
  134. Would Murray have won Wimbledon against this draw
  135. Two ATP rivalries could flourish in 2014 -
  136. if federer was so great why didn't he figure out a way to beat nadal consitently???
  137. Are the Spanish the most dull players to watch?
  138. Who is more creative, Ferrer or Nishikori?
  139. When (era/Year) did real competitive tennis begin?
  140. Are French players the most fun to watch?
  141. Player outside the Top 100 most likely to win a Slam next year?
  142. Who was the GOAT?
  143. UPDATED Australian Open MD list. #107 is IN.
  144. should nadal fans fear djoker winning streak???
  145. Will Murray be the next dynasty in Wimbledon?
  146. Which GS has the best scoreboard?
  147. out of novak,federer,nadal who will be the first to win all masters title??
  148. Novak djokovic refreshes roger federer memory
  149. What constitues a winning streak? Your opinion.
  150. Which Current Top 30 Player Will Make the Best Future Coach?
  151. Champions Tour Masters RR Ivanisevic d. Rusdedski 7-6(2) 7-6(6)
  152. Injury/Surgery/Family Issue Free Tommy Haas. How many slams?
  153. Top 10 Player Rankings By Court Speeds
  154. Nadal vs. Djokovic: Who is the more complete player?
  155. Who will beat Nadal at R.G. Again?
  156. Which group of players would you rather play for your life?
  157. When their careers are over, which of the Big Four will be the closest friends?
  158. Who has the best attacking lob shot?
  159. Is this the strongest section of a M1000 ever?
  160. Qatar F3 R2: [4] Barry def. [Q] Sels 6-0 2-6 7-6(8), saved 9(?) match points
  161. Spain F42 R1: [Q] Marko Djokovic def. [Q] Mitard 5-7 6-4 6-3
  162. Is it a myth that Djokovic and Nadal are that much better than the field?
  163. European domination on tour
  164. Is Roger Federer everthing Rafael Nadal wants to be?
  165. Ferrer or Del Potro - who is better?
  166. Tummy-patting?!
  167. Who are the Best Players to Never Win a Masters 1000 Title?
  168. Fernando Gonzalez , (GONZO) the most Powerful Forehand on history.
  169. ATP's "Hotshot" of the year
  170. Who's going to get lucky and get Ferrer in his section AO 2014?
  171. At peak level, how good is the Verdasco Forehand?
  172. 2014 Wtf
  173. Lleyton Hewitt wins 2013 Newcombe Medal - over Tomic, Stosur, Barty/Dellacqua
  174. Nadal will play Miami Masters in 2014
  175. It's the off-season...what do you do...
  176. Who is the better player: Ferrer or Henman?
  177. Is Nadal DUE to have slamless season in 2014?
  178. What belorusian player is best on tour?
  179. Belorusian tennis players
  180. Federer blames 2013 on injury
  181. ITF Doha: Broady def. Chadaj 60 30 ret.
  182. Is this the weakest section of a draw ever?
  183. Getting the Davis Cup is the Pinnacle: Rod Laver
  184. Should the ATP/ITF have done more to punish Gustavo Kuerten?
  185. Matches in which the Big Four bageled each other
  186. Was ever match points for one player in 2 sets (for 3-sets matches) and he lost it?
  187. Which tournament would make a better Grass Masters host?
  188. 'Forgotten tennis' ... this is how guys used to play just over a decade ago
  189. Ross Hutchins to train with Andy Murray in Miami ahead of return to the tour!
  190. I'm fearing for the health of young Bulgarian Dimitrov under the wing of Rasheed
  191. Rafa and Novak. Dominant, but how dominant?
  192. Who would you pick? Ferrero, Moya, Bruguera...?
  193. What would've happened if Djokovic didn't have touched the net?
  194. will Andy Murray ever win a clay court event?
  195. India F11 Final: [6] Ramanathan def. Lee 3-6 7-6(6) 6-4
  196. Would you rank a Grass Masters ahead of Wimbledon?
  197. Is Murray the only player that can feasibly beat Nadal at Roland Garros?
  198. Why peoples don't call Federer , Djokovic , Delpo , Tsonga , stan as pusher ?
  199. Better Grass court player - Roddick or Murray ?
  200. Who has a better backhand: Murray or Wawrinka?
  201. Rafael Nadal Basically Saved Tennis..
  202. Best chance for Del Potro to grab a masters
  203. "What Makes Nadal So Difficult To Beat?" - backhanddropshot
  204. talent Comparison of Top 8 ( Relative )
  205. Could you determine Federer's prime period? And Nadal's one?
  206. Wimbledon 2018 Final Predictions
  207. Who Would Win?: 2012 Olympics Murray vs 2008 Wimbledon Nadal on 1st day Wimbledon....
  208. More impressive USO title run: Murray 2012 or Nadal 2013?
  209. Why are nadal fans using the fetus excuse?
  210. More natural talent Murray or Dimitrov ?
  211. Is the ATP Bonus Pools too high?
  212. look at level in 2009 compared to 2013
  213. If Fed, Rafa, Andy, and Novak were Average top 20, who would have most fans?
  214. Wawrinka extends his coaching relationship with Magnus Norman
  215. The ATP Chain Error: The story of improperly applied bonus points
  216. What do you think would happen if we swapped JW Tsonga and Cedric Pioline of eras?
  217. Will Berdych ever beat Nadal again?
  218. Unbiased list of the most unhateable players.
  219. Which American Player Will Have A Breakthrough in 2014?
  220. What do you think would happen if we swapped Tomas Berdych and Petr Korda of eras?
  221. What photo sums up the 2013 season for you?
  222. Sergi Bruguera takes over role as new coach of Richard Gasquet
  223. Some country still uses grass as a primary floor to develop their players?
  224. Ross Hutchins back on court
  225. Eurosport will broadcast RG
  226. Best player out of Wawrinka/Gasquet/Robredo/Monfils?
  227. Which is the better shot, Safin's BH or Lopez's FH?
  228. Who is better, Peak Robredo or Peak Gasquet?
  229. Rafa short balls / Opponents fearing him
  230. Which one of these players will have reached a Slam Final by 2017?
  231. 2013 INVERSE Tour Awards (most declined player, worst match, etc.)
  232. Peak Djokovic vs. peak Baghdatis on grass
  233. Safin , Nalby , Haas , Gonzo , Davy more talented than Murray , Nadal
  234. How many of you think Djokovic was broken mentally ?
  235. Will Wawrinka or Del-Potro make a slam final in 2014? Or even win a GS?
  236. Jonathan Dasnieres De Veigy retires from tennis
  237. Ranking the Courts Speed - 2013
  238. Federer can play till 60 : Ilie Năstase
  239. NOW OFFICIAL:Nadal to play Buenos Aires ATP 250 in 2014
  240. would you consider Argentina the most successful South American tennis country?
  241. What do we expect for Ryan Harrison in 2014?
  242. Will Fed make it 11 consecutive AO SFs next year?
  243. Toni Nadal: the goal is Australia and the Double Career Grand Slam
  244. Tsonga is better than Wawrinka!
  245. McEnroe's Three Losses in 1984
  246. Is this the strongest section of a draw ever?
  247. Who hits more winners: Murray, Nadal or Ferrer?
  248. Is Vasek Pospisil the north-american player with more upside?
  249. Which of these players has the best net play ?
  250. Cambodia F1 R1: Oscar "the king" Hernandez def. Katsushi Fukuda 7-6(6) 6-3