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  1. Ross Hutchins to train with Andy Murray in Miami ahead of return to the tour!
  2. I'm fearing for the health of young Bulgarian Dimitrov under the wing of Rasheed
  3. Rafa and Novak. Dominant, but how dominant?
  4. Who would you pick? Ferrero, Moya, Bruguera...?
  5. What would've happened if Djokovic didn't have touched the net?
  6. will Andy Murray ever win a clay court event?
  7. India F11 Final: [6] Ramanathan def. Lee 3-6 7-6(6) 6-4
  8. Would you rank a Grass Masters ahead of Wimbledon?
  9. Is Murray the only player that can feasibly beat Nadal at Roland Garros?
  10. Why peoples don't call Federer , Djokovic , Delpo , Tsonga , stan as pusher ?
  11. Better Grass court player - Roddick or Murray ?
  12. Who has a better backhand: Murray or Wawrinka?
  13. Rafael Nadal Basically Saved Tennis..
  14. Best chance for Del Potro to grab a masters
  15. "What Makes Nadal So Difficult To Beat?" - backhanddropshot
  16. talent Comparison of Top 8 ( Relative )
  17. Could you determine Federer's prime period? And Nadal's one?
  18. Wimbledon 2018 Final Predictions
  19. Who Would Win?: 2012 Olympics Murray vs 2008 Wimbledon Nadal on 1st day Wimbledon....
  20. More impressive USO title run: Murray 2012 or Nadal 2013?
  21. Why are nadal fans using the fetus excuse?
  22. More natural talent Murray or Dimitrov ?
  23. Is the ATP Bonus Pools too high?
  24. look at level in 2009 compared to 2013
  25. If Fed, Rafa, Andy, and Novak were Average top 20, who would have most fans?
  26. Wawrinka extends his coaching relationship with Magnus Norman
  27. The ATP Chain Error: The story of improperly applied bonus points
  28. What do you think would happen if we swapped JW Tsonga and Cedric Pioline of eras?
  29. Will Berdych ever beat Nadal again?
  30. Unbiased list of the most unhateable players.
  31. Which American Player Will Have A Breakthrough in 2014?
  32. What do you think would happen if we swapped Tomas Berdych and Petr Korda of eras?
  33. What photo sums up the 2013 season for you?
  34. Sergi Bruguera takes over role as new coach of Richard Gasquet
  35. Some country still uses grass as a primary floor to develop their players?
  36. Ross Hutchins back on court
  37. Eurosport will broadcast RG
  38. Best player out of Wawrinka/Gasquet/Robredo/Monfils?
  39. Which is the better shot, Safin's BH or Lopez's FH?
  40. Who is better, Peak Robredo or Peak Gasquet?
  41. Rafa short balls / Opponents fearing him
  42. Which one of these players will have reached a Slam Final by 2017?
  43. 2013 INVERSE Tour Awards (most declined player, worst match, etc.)
  44. Peak Djokovic vs. peak Baghdatis on grass
  45. Safin , Nalby , Haas , Gonzo , Davy more talented than Murray , Nadal
  46. How many of you think Djokovic was broken mentally ?
  47. Will Wawrinka or Del-Potro make a slam final in 2014? Or even win a GS?
  48. Jonathan Dasnieres De Veigy retires from tennis
  49. Ranking the Courts Speed - 2013
  50. Federer can play till 60 : Ilie Năstase
  51. NOW OFFICIAL:Nadal to play Buenos Aires ATP 250 in 2014
  52. would you consider Argentina the most successful South American tennis country?
  53. What do we expect for Ryan Harrison in 2014?
  54. Will Fed make it 11 consecutive AO SFs next year?
  55. Toni Nadal: the goal is Australia and the Double Career Grand Slam
  56. Tsonga is better than Wawrinka!
  57. McEnroe's Three Losses in 1984
  58. Is this the strongest section of a draw ever?
  59. Who hits more winners: Murray, Nadal or Ferrer?
  60. Is Vasek Pospisil the north-american player with more upside?
  61. Which of these players has the best net play ?
  62. Cambodia F1 R1: Oscar "the king" Hernandez def. Katsushi Fukuda 7-6(6) 6-3
  63. Name the 10 tennis truths the 2013 season has just confirmed
  64. rafa and nole at penalty shoot out !!!
  65. Luckiest Slam Win?
  66. Will Nadal ever reach 5 straight RG semi finals?
  67. Rafa purposefully lost to Darcis ( Wimbledon ) ?
  68. Will Berdych ever beat Nadal again ?
  69. Most undeserved/asterisked slam win?
  70. How do you define ´talent´ in tennis?
  71. Andria Challenger F: Fucsovics def. Brown 6-3 6-4
  72. Second most talented player of this era behind federer ?
  73. Which current players almost always play their best at slams?
  74. Rafael “RAFA” Nadal is on the Top of The Slow List
  75. 2013 Top-10 W/L records breakdown
  76. Your final case against Nadal if he ever equals/surpasses 17 Slams?
  77. What the heck is going on with Marcos Baghdatis?
  78. Early AO 2014 prediction thread.
  79. Just a diss to all other sports
  80. Toyota (Japan) Challenger Final: Ebden d. Sugita 6-3 6-2
  81. Ferrer enters TOP10 of career earnings !!!
  82. Mexico F30 SF: Tigre Hank deg Arevalo 6-3 5-7 6-3
  83. Caption this - Photo Thread
  84. Andria Challenger Semi-Final Dustin Brown Def. Yann Marti 6-2 6-1
  85. Djokovic missed the opportunity to become GOAT candidate ?
  86. Djokovic boring?
  87. Delray Pre-Qualie Round of 256: Harrison Heysek def Jonathan Morgan 6-1 6-1
  88. Why are Nadal fans not that livid about 2011 and Djokovic in general?
  89. Why do so many players who are good on clay also excel indoors?
  90. List your 10 favorite players from #11 to #100
  91. Did Tommy Haas peak in 2013?
  92. Which player lost more GS matches having at least a match point?
  93. Which player has beaten the #1 seed more times in a GS?
  94. Why do Fed fans want him to win Wimbledon again, rather than another Roland Garos?
  95. Which will be more impressive the next year for Federer?
  96. Which will be more impressive the next year for Nadal?
  97. Who of them finishes with the highest rank at the end of 2014
  98. Favourite Paire moment of 2013
  99. Best racquet smash of 2013?
  100. Most ridiculous choke of 2013
  101. Nadal plays is Buenos Aires
  102. Federer vs Sampras at USO
  103. How would've Nadal, Djokovic, and Murray succeeded in the mid-00s?
  104. Will Nole play in Rotterdam?
  105. Do you know who is no 1 on the race?
  106. Tyumen, QF: (1)Teymuraz Gabashvili def. Alexander Bury 6:4, 7:6(5)
  107. Should there be a "let" rule during rallies as well?
  108. Novka in Buenos Aieres and cheating!
  109. Nadal made final TWICE of the toughest indoor event. He's very good indoor, no?
  110. Is Rebound Ace the GOAT Slow HC?
  111. Who has the better Forehand, Haas or Gulbis?
  112. Real Top #4 are out
  113. Will Gulbis ever win a M1000?
  114. What will top10 look like at the end of 2014?
  115. Nadal and Djokovic first time on ice!
  116. Is Tomue Nadal Rafa's Brother?
  117. Will Gulbis break the top 13 in 2014?
  118. Is Paire's backhand top 3?
  119. 70s Equipment and Today's Player
  120. CH Andria R2: Sorenson trolls Bega 7-6(2) 6-3
  121. Who is more exciting to watch: Simon, Isner or Raonic?
  122. Who will end up with more successful career on HC and Grass: Nadal or Murray?
  123. Importable calendar for the 2014 season
  124. Players outside of Djokovic that can beat Nadal during the clay season in 2014
  125. 70+ Wins in a Season
  126. 2014 : new tournament in Shenzhen, Bangkok is cancelled.
  127. Do people underestimate Prime Federer (and the early 2000s era)?
  128. Both Nadal and Djokovic have earned more prize money this year then Federer ever
  129. Djokovic winning streak
  130. Who is your favourite 'fringe' player and why?
  131. improvements top 50 players could make to challenge top players
  132. ATP appoints Kermode as exec. chairman and president
  133. Wimbledon Champion is back!!
  134. Which rivalry will ultimately be remembered more: Fedal or Rafole?
  135. Has any event other than 2007 Buenos Aires ever been held in a Round Robin format?
  136. Is Nadal's forehand one of the 10 greatest shots of all time?
  137. Who has the highest HC peak?
  138. Weeks in top 10 (detail table)
  139. Who is your favourite 'tour regular' and why?
  140. What was your favorite player's best match of 2013?
  141. Tiebreak set where all 12 games were a break?
  142. When was Federer's physical prime?
  143. ITF Anti-doping manager Stuart Miller fires back at Federer and Djokovic
  144. Haas to play Brazil Open 2014
  145. Better players do win tighter matches
  146. How likely to see Nadal reaching/surpassing Federer's slam record?
  147. Is Tsonga the biggest underachiever in the top 10?
  148. The average ranking of Federer Nadal, Djokovic and Murray Grand Slam Finals opponents
  149. Facebook chat: Tennis players react to Davis Cup and the World Tour Finals
  150. Are there any players that never got bagelled in their career (Current/Past)
  151. David Marrero plays futures in Spain
  152. Who is better: Wawrinka, Berdych, Tsonga, Ferrer
  153. is Rafael Nadal the only moonballer in ATP history?
  154. Which slam is the best chance for Del Potro to win a slam?
  155. The elite player's, rating each other's game, from toughness to groundstrokes
  156. The best 52 weeks comparison
  157. Will there be an American male singles slam winner in the next thirty years?
  158. Who has more natural talent: Murray or Nadal?
  159. Rank the 10 highest level of overall play by a winner at the Slams since 2003
  160. Change in the Federer forehand from 2007 onwards
  161. Can Berdych be seeded higher than Federer for Aus Open?
  162. How long is Nadal guaranteed #1 in 2014
  163. Which Slam will produce the Next First Time Slam winner?
  164. After Montreal/Cincy/USO, do you still think you can predict Nadal's future?
  165. How will Djokovic be remembered?
  166. What former aging TOP 10 player will drop out TOP 100 in 2014 and never recover?
  167. Are Nadal and Djokovic creating "twitter" tennis?
  168. Was Lendl the Ferrer of his era?
  169. Does MTF talk beyond Top players?
  170. Unfortunate Occurence of the last decade in Tennis
  171. Nadal's 2014: a 2011 or an injury-free 2009
  172. Is Nadal just a transition World Number #1 again?
  173. Tomic: In two or three years there will be no Federers
  174. Will it be a crying shame if David Ferrer is more remembered than Daveed Nalbandian?
  175. Best angles rally? Best angles player?
  176. What game styles matchups do you enjoy watching most?
  177. Players you're surprised never reached a slam R16
  178. Novak Djokovic- The best player of 2013
  179. MTF 2013 Awards - Have your say about player of the year, best match etc.
  180. Is Djokovic the new king of indoor Tennis?
  181. What would Djokovic have to do in order to surpass Federer on hard courts
  182. What's more likely to happen in 2014? Federer winning a slam, or losing in R1 of one?
  183. What does Djokovic have to do in order to surpass Federer on clay
  184. What's the best player of the 2000's who never won a GS?
  185. Is Daveed Ferrer talented? arguments for and against (Note: Tardwar freezone)
  186. Novak´s winning streak 2013-14
  187. Daniel Garza, the retirement King?
  188. Challenger Tour Finals F: (2) Volandri Triumphs over (5) Gonzalez 4-6 6-4 6-2
  189. DC Final: Stepanek [Hero once more] def Lajovic 6-3 6-1 6-1 (Czech's def Serbia 3-2)
  190. Zeballos can beat Djokovic soon!
  191. Nadal-Nole in 2013 are 143 W vs 10 L vs rest of the tour
  192. How will Nadal's 2010 be remembered?
  193. USA F31 Final: [8] Rublev def. [6] M.Podzus 3-6 7-6(6) 6-3
  194. If running fast , Defending , is talent then Why Ferrer is not talented ?
  195. DC Final: Djokovic def. Berdych 6-4 7-6(5) 6-2 [CZE 2-2 SRB]
  196. Berdych is without a question or hesitation of a doubt the worst matchplayer in....
  197. Helsinki CH Final: Nieminen def. Berankis 6-3 6-1
  198. When a tennis "expert" picks Ferrer/Murray Miami Final as Top 5 match in the year ...
  199. Davis Cup - Del Potro turns down Argentina over 'two-faced' approach
  200. Can someone give me a quick recap of the 2012 and 2013 seasons? (I missed out a lot)
  201. Minimum achievements to become an All-time great?
  202. CH Yokohama F : Matthew ebden defeats Go soeda 26 76 6 3 , in monster choke !!!
  203. Which players have won the clinching davis cup finals match two years in a row?
  204. Guayaquil CH F: Leo Mayer def. Pedro Sousa 6-4 7-5
  205. Future of Tennis: Google Glass & Augmented Reality?
  206. How does serve affect mens tennis?
  207. Do you prefer watching players from the close side or far side?
  208. Why there are so many wrong decisions in DC regarding court selection?
  209. Lima F: Zeballos def. Bagnis 67(4) 63 63
  210. Do you aprove a hypothetical 5th Grand Slam played indoors?
  211. Djokovic and Nadal's H2H against Berydich, Ferrer, Tsonga and Co
  212. WWW ? Toyota Challenger - The True Year-End Championship
  213. WWW Real World Tour Finals F: Volandri vs Gonzalez
  214. Challenger Tour Finals SF: Volandri def. Gabashvili 7-5 2-6 6-4
  215. Was Wimbledon 2013 the first time a Wimbledon was won through defensive tennis?
  216. Champaign CH Final: Sandgren def. [7] Groth 3-6 6-3 7-6(4)
  217. Challenger Tour Finals SF: A Gonzalez dismisses A Nedovyesov 6-3 6-7 6-0
  218. Who will be the next player to defeat Federer, Nadal, Djokovic AND Murray in a GS ?
  219. WWW DC Final: Stepanek - Lajovic?
  220. USA F31 SF: [8] Rublev def. [7] Rubin 6-3 6-3
  221. WWW Davis Cup F: Novak Djokovic vs Tomas Berdych
  222. WWW Real World Tour Finals SF: Gabashvili vs Volandri
  223. Did Djokovic cowardly step aside in this DC?
  224. Who should Serbia put to play the 5th rubber in DC final?
  225. Sao Paulo RR: (3) Nedovyesov def (6) Ungur 6-4 5-7 6-3
  226. Wawrinka loses to Nole because too slow and too quick
  227. Helsinki CH SF: Nieminen def. Struff 7-5 2-6 7-6(5)
  228. Whose Slam-less 2014 means he 's done winning them: Del Potro or Murray or Federer?
  229. Who WOULD be greater, Nadal with most singles slams or Fed with CGS in sngls & dbls?
  230. Post highlights reel of one claycourt encounter which almost made Nadal look.....
  231. 2013 Live Commentary
  232. Helsinki CH SF: Berankis def. Laaksonen 6-4 6-4
  233. Can Djokovic pull of CYGS next season?
  234. Yokohama (Japan) Challenger Semis: [1] Ebden d. [4] Klahn 6-3 6-1
  235. Lima semis: Zeballos d. Alund (the joke was getting old) 46 63 64
  236. Currently running tournaments in order of historical prestige
  237. Federer is Nadal's #1 ally in his pursuit of the all-time Slam record
  238. I Honestly Believe Teenagers will Start winning titles in 2015
  239. Yokohama (Japan) Challenger Quarters: [6] Herbert d. [WC] Coric 2-6 6-3 7-6(7)
  240. Guayaquil CH SF: [1] L.Mayer def. Quinzi 6-3 3-6 6-1
  241. Roger Federer's Best Points of 2013
  242. Can Djokovic further eclipse Nadal by winning more slams?
  243. Guayaquil CH SF: Pedro Sousa defeats David Souto by 6-3 6-4
  244. What year was Federer's best chance to beat Nadal at Roland Garros?
  245. DC Final Rubber 2: Berdych def Lajovic 6-3 6-4, 6-3
  246. Champaign CH SF: Sandgren def. [Q] Smethurst 7-5 6-3
  247. Best and worst match-up for the Big Four vs the Little Four (and the other way round)
  248. what does chris Kermode has that appeals to the ATP but not the LTA?
  249. To what extent will Federer's lack of Davis Cup success count against him?
  250. DC Final: Djokovic def Stepanek 7-5 6-1 6-4