Proposed New Rules [Archive] -

Proposed New Rules

  1. Motion for Mods to take a poster's word
  2. Motion to make using the term 'haters in ruins' as a banable offence
  3. Mods who have not signed on for 6 months or longer should not be mods anymore.
  4. Proposal for BANNING PEOPLE who accuse .....
  5. Should MTF users be banned after failed prediction?
  6. Chnage 30 second post time to 15 second post time.
  7. Futures/challenger events in GM - Unchanged
  8. Let all mods edit banned users thread.
  9. Signature outside of signature
  10. Move THE Thread into Chat Threads category
  11. Motion to Officially Remove the Trolling Infraction
  12. Motion To Officially End PopCon
  13. Another Proposal for GM - News Article Place
  14. Treasure Trove SUBFORUM (Above GM) - ACCEPTED
  15. Start a schedule thread.
  16. Start an official bold predictions thread.
  17. Favorite nice poster contest?
  18. Match result thread titles to be completely objective - ACCEPTED
  19. Less punishment for joking, more punishment for bullying, racism and harassment...
  20. Allowing Davis Cup doubles discussion on General Messages
  21. Severe punishment for known troll double account holders
  22. All threads about a tournament in that tournaments thread, not on GM
  23. The proper interpretation of what player bashing is & no grey areas
  24. Swearing
  25. A New Ban System - Proposal
  26. Threads discussing banned users?
  27. Avatars and signatures
  28. change the never expires for a long time.
  29. Quarterly - Or At Least Biannual - Moderation Feedback
  30. Leave my thread title alone
  31. bashing players
  32. Return the roasting threads from OT to GM
  33. Allow users to explain context of post before warning/infracting/banning them.
  34. Moderator Elections
  35. Change the way accumulation of infractions & expirations are handled
  36. Change the moderating style 180º
  37. Change in wording to rule #3 - Uttering threats
  38. Allow pics in regular users sigs. Tell Premium members what their money is spent on.
  39. Forums democracy is the one rule which all other rules derive from
  40. Bring Back The ACC
  41. Keep the permanent ban - The Bulldog
  42. Transparency - Jelena
  43. Look back at closed threads - Jelena
  44. Eliminate the Permaban - Jelena
  45. Global Representation from Moderators - Jelana
  46. Objectivity and Consistency - Jelana
  47. Suggestions
  48. My suggestions