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  1. Happy Birthday RAFA Nadal :)
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  16. Rafa's stats
  17. Rafa's health state and communicating it
  18. Hide your Wives, Hide your GFs, Hide your Daughters, Rafa is Back - Asian Swing 2014
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  20. Need some help- how can I watch Nadal train ?
  21. How many more French Opens will Nadal win?
  22. French Open trophy will be renamed after Nadal
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  24. Open Letter to Nadal Fans Supporting Federer in Sunday's Final
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  26. On to the luscious grass courts
  27. Xisca watch
  28. Roland Garros-terre battue-Rafa's favourite terrain
  29. Mestre Toni (en catalan) - Documental sobre el tio y entrenador de Rafael Nadal
  30. Which of the remaining big tournaments do YOU want Rafa to win the most in 2014?
  31. Clay Court Season 2014 - Time for Rafa to do some spring cleaning
  32. 10 years from first match against Federer
  33. Rafa's Miami Hotel
  34. Will Rafa play Mixed Doubles at end of his career
  35. Actual Rafa handshaking young Rafa
  36. Miami 2014 - Sad songs say so much
  37. 2016 Rio Olympics = CLAY
  38. What's left for Rafa to achieve; that he can do in 2014?
  39. Rafa Chat Thread - Hot & Cold - Vol. 81
  40. Nadal interview in Financial Times magazine today
  41. Australian Open 2014 - Double Career Slam, Down Under!
  42. Nike going retro: Nadal back in sleeveless for USO 2014
  43. Paris AMS & London WTF 2013 - A quest for immortality against the odds!
  44. Nadal's photographic memory
  45. Nadal in clay...The highest level of tennis ever in history?
  46. Rafael Nadal looks to this 15-year-old for inspiration
  47. Asia tour 2013 - Rafa gets back No.1 in Beijing! Next mission: Shanghai. Vamos!
  48. Your favorite tennis event?
  49. Predict Nadal 2014 slam results.
  50. Tennis world reacts on Facebook to Nadal winning the U.S. Open
  51. Who's the bigger star in Basel?
  52. Rafael Nadal exhibition matches?
  53. Rafa's 2014 outfits thread
  54. does Rafa need to cut his hair?
  55. Favourite/Least Favourite Nadal outfits?
  56. Biting into the Big Apple - US Open 2013! SUCCESS!!! TROPHY BITTEN!
  57. Ohio Rafa, time to take on CINCINNATI! - Champion for the first time!!!
  58. Is Rafael Nadal Jewish?
  59. Montréal and the Rogers Cup
  60. Wimbledon 2013: May the best be with you, Rafael.
  61. Predict when Rafael Nadal will perform this ritual next:
  62. Happy 27th birthday to Rafael Nadal
  63. Roland Garros - CHAMPION once again!
  64. Don't believe the rumour that Nadal is called Ruya in China!
  65. Rafa Holds Best Record Against Top Ten Players
  66. RUMOR: Nadal to play Basel this year?
  67. European clay 2013 - champion of ROME!
  68. Congratz Rafa on winning IW, aka fifth slam
  69. Indian Wells BNP Paribas, Baby! CHAMPION!!!!
  70. -Campeão! Brasil Open! Campion Abierto Mexico!! 6-0, 6-2
  71. ¡¡Vina del Mar!! Rafa Falls to a deserving Zeballos
  72. Rafachat - Vol. 80: Another great year for our great champion! :D
  73. iPhone Wallpapers
  74. About Rafa Autographs
  75. Just A Thought On Monte Carlo....
  76. ** Rafa Urgent Request **
  77. Rafa's return as reported on the Tennis Channel and in this story from ESPN
  78. An ode to Rafael Nadal
  79. What would be a good Nadal schedule next year?
  80. Rafael Nadal and his haters - brilliant article
  81. rafa next tournament
  82. Fellow Rafa fans, how many slams do you think Rafa will win before he retires?
  83. Rafael Nadal expects to attain another shot at being the flag bearer in 2016
  84. Rafael Nadal battling hard to be fit for the Olympics
  85. Djokovic vs Federer Wimbledon SF. WWW?
  86. All ok with Nadal at Wimbledon?
  87. Rafael Nadal has qualified to the 2012 WTF
  88. Nadal on RG final day 2: "I almost couldn't breath I was so nervous"
  89. Rank Nadal's level of play in the French since 2005
  90. Hey Rafa fans!!
  91. Rafa won't end the year number 1!
  92. Rafa's 2013 outfits thread
  93. Nadal yet to lose set on red clay this season
  94. Rafa surprasses federer's numbers of fans at facebook
  95. Uncle Toni gives update: Treatment has been done....Will be recovered for Monte Carlo
  96. Serbian song for Rafael Nadal
  97. The Scandalous Spanish Government Tries to Con Nadal Millions of Euros
  98. 2012 RIT Competition /// Stay strong Rafafans :hug:
  99. Green in Grand Slams = DOMINATION! Rafa at the Aussie Open 2012
  100. Rafa fans, who do you prefer ar Rafa's side of the draw for the AO.
  101. Out of competiton for the rest of the 2012 - Cheering Thread
  102. Is Nadal still going to Mexico for this stupid exho with Ferru? When?
  103. Rafa Nadal Dreams Of Returning To Perfection
  104. Rafa at the WTF 2011
  105. Rafa working really hard on his backhand.
  106. OFFICIAL! Sebastián & Ana María are back together
  107. ~~~Shanghai Rolex Masters 2011~~~
  108. Early prediction: Rafa's 2012?
  109. Muse722 vs WivoRN
  110. Anyone read the book?
  111. rafa scared us open press conference
  112. US Open 2011: :scared: :unsure: :scared: :unsure: :scared: :unsure: and so on...
  113. Sampras backs Nadal to bounce back
  114. Has RAFA given up this year or ...
  115. I miss the old Nadal.
  116. ~~~Cincinnati 2011 - New beginning~~~
  117. MONTREAL 2011: :sunrue: Rafa! Sorry about the thread start. :sunrue:
  118. Would Nadal have won more matches if he elected to serve first?
  119. Rafa Critical Discussion Thread For Fans
  120. funny rafa video
  121. Single Most Imortant French Open of Nadal's Life
  122. Nadal H2H streaks. Will Djokovic beat him 5 times in a row?
  123. First attempt at video editing a nadal highlight reel, tell me what you think!
  124. Wimby 2011: Rafa can't get over his mental block against Djoko - loses in the Final
  125. What was Rafa happiest tennis moment?
  126. Enter the Clay God
  127. Rafa's Queens Thread
  128. The Reason I like Rafa
  129. Rafa's 2012 outfits thread
  130. Roland Garros 2011: Rafa wins his 10th GS, equaling Borg's record of 6 RG titles!!!
  131. 2011 Rafa is the most athletic version of Rafa ever
  132. Rome thread:scared:
  133. Ranking points: where did they go?
  134. Rafa victoria que expande la gloria, del Madrid - 2011 Tourney Thread
  135. What's Rafas best outfit of 2010?
  136. Why don't Nadal's Barcelona points count?
  137. Shirtless Rafa pics :)
  138. Barcelona is Rafa's to lose...
  139. Rafito's 6th Barcelona win :bounce: :bigclap: :woohoo: :aparty:
  140. Rafa shirtless pics :)
  141. MC'11- Both Rafa and his footie team do their fans proud! Hasta El Final, Vamos Rafa!
  142. My Nadal predictions
  143. Miami 2011: The Pattern Continues: Gets to Final, FAILS.
  144. Indian Wells 2011 - Woohoo for X-man!!! Singles? What Singles????
  145. "Miami is not that special..."
  146. Nadal Fans, who do you want to win now?
  147. Does Nadal have a losing record to anyone on clay?
  148. Australian Open 2011 - The dream is over :( => QF loss to Ferrer 4:6 2:6 3:6
  149. Is Nadal choosing to start on serve?
  150. Doha 2011- Let the REAL battle start!!!
  151. Abu Dhabi Exhibition Tournament- Rafa starts 2011 there
  152. What is Rafa gonna improve until AO 2011?
  153. Rafa's 2011 Outfits !
  154. Please Rafa and Uncle Tony
  155. World Tour Finals in London - Trying Hard to Finish the 2010 Season in Style!
  156. Rafa's Backhand
  157. Need some help with statistics
  158. Suggest Rafa's schedule for 2011?!!
  159. ~*~*~* Rafael Nadal's Hall Of Fame *~*~*~
  160. Why doesn't Nadal ever play Hopman Cup?
  161. Why is Rafa playing in Tokyo?
  162. Interview with Toni Nadal with XLSemanal
  163. The bloke chat thread - no fangirls or male picspams allowed
  164. Will Rafa suffer his 100th career loss in 2010?
  165. Toni Nadal's Interview to Tennis Magazine France
  166. Bangkok, Tokyo & Shanghai - Rafa in Asia 2010
  167. Champion Boxer calls Rafa "his most admired person"
  168. Interview with one of the man who has most contributed to the miracle
  169. Nadal team said[The best of all time are Federer, Borg, Laver] There is never Sampras
  170. ~~~US OPEN 2010~~~ Rafa, we are here to WALK with you ALL THE WAY!
  171. 2010 Toronto SF Loss (Murray), Cincinnati QF Loss (Baghdatis)
  172. Rafael Nadal Videos
  173. Rafatards chat. NO Rafahaters, Fedtards or trolls allowed in here!
  174. How many grand slams will Rafa win...
  175. Nadal's brutal topspin forehand from the back
  176. Wimbledon 2010: The trophy returns to where it belongs. Congrats Rafa!
  177. Losing To Lalo and epic fail in MIT - Rafa in Queens thread
  178. French Open 2010 - Champion + world #1! (and Adam is #1 thread starter :D)
  179. Madrid 2010 - Campeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeón!
  180. Rome 2010 - Rafa Wins!
  181. The ecstasy of Rafa
  182. Rafa's Knees
  183. The Monte-Carlo 2010 Thread -- Finally a Win for Rafa!!!
  184. Rafael Nadal - Video Comp
  185. All you wanted to know about Rafa - in this interview
  186. Miami 2010 - SF loss to Roddick: 6-4 3-6 3-6 :tape: :tape: :tape:
  187. Rd 4 Indian Wells vs. John Isner
  188. Indian Wells Thread - Rafael Nadal - Indian Wells CHAMPION!!
  189. The cheering Rafa to Oz Open glory thread - At least he lost to the new champ :sad:
  190. 2010 Rafa's Tournaments Calendar ?
  191. Rafa's Wimbledon and USO outfits
  192. "Still without a title, but with a better game" Doha 2010 thread! Final loss to Davy
  193. 2010: Rafa's year again ?
  194. Federer vs Nadal - One of The Best Rivalry (video)
  195. Abu Dhabi Exhibition 2010: December 31st - January 2
  196. Season's Grand Finale or WTF meaning WTF is Rafa doing there
  197. Nadal interviewed by The Guardian (today)
  198. A call to Nadal fans
  199. Rafa joins 400 singles wins club !!! Vamos !!!
  200. The Paris Thread: :enraged:
  201. Rafa's bullcap released!
  202. Back to winning ways in Shanghai...Almost :sad: all blame acionescu
  203. ~* VIDEOS Of RAFA *~
  204. Rafa in China Open 2009 ! SF is also a good result :)
  205. Rafa out of Bangkok
  206. My day with Rafa at Davis Cup in Murcia- report and pictures!
  207. Rafa's Hall Of Fame - First Thread
  208. Rafa Caricature Mug
  209. **BIG NEWS** Look inside.
  210. US Open 2009 * Game over for Rafa :(
  211. Rafa's Winning Head-to-head vs. Top 10
  212. Rafa in Cincy - SF is not bad but losing to Nole?-at least if you wore sleveless :(
  213. will nadal be wearing sleeveless for singles?
  214. Rafa looking achy
  215. Rafa at Montreal: The Loser Ass we all love to pieces is back again:woohoo:
  216. Rafa interviewed at home by spanish tv
  217. Rafael Nadal: Domestic Disturbance
  218. Rafa update
  219. rafa nadals parents
  220. Rafs 2010 Aus Open outfit.
  221. Year-End No.1 secured! Rafa Ranking Thread!
  222. Wimbledon withdrawl and injury discussion
  223. Nike HATES Rafa aka Rafa's 09 Outfits thread
  224. Reasons as to why nadal lost
  225. I have two questions
  226. RG 2009: The Borg Curse Strikes Again-Unexpected loss in 4th Rd to Soderling!!!
  227. Making a total mess in Madrid 2009 and jeopardizing RG
  228. The Rafa Forum Essential Thread Thread.
  229. About Djokovic Rafa impersonation in Rome
  230. Rafito finds Rome as brick, leaves it as marble(7-6,6-2)! Vamos Rome 2009 Campeón!
  231. Rafa in 2009 Barcelona Open Conde de Godo: 5th title in a row :bounce: :sport:
  232. Rafa's shoes for RG 2009
  233. How many clay tournaments will Rafa win in 2009?
  234. 2009 Monte Carlo: Rafa d. Nole in Final (6-3, 2-6, 6-1), Collects 14th Shield. :D
  235. Where the hell is the chat thread?
  236. Taming the Clay Monster
  237. A Change in Pace.
  238. how about nadal in Spain
  239. The Rafa Forum's Fantasy Sports and vBetting Thread II
  240. Miami - Rafa crashes and burns against DelPo :sobbing:
  241. rafa nadal has a new golfing buddy
  242. Rafa Plus 1 thread: For the Naderers, Muzals, Naddicks et al of the Rafa Forum
  243. The "killing tennis, point by point" Indian Wells 2009 Thread - CHAMPION!! :bounce:
  244. Davis Cup 2009: Rafa beats Nole and sends Spain to QF! Spain 3 - Serbia 1.
  245. New video for Australian Open '09 Champion by tennis24TV
  246. New video for Australian Open Champion by tennis24TV
  247. Rafa at Rotterdam-Unrealized dreams:bibcry::bibcry:
  248. The Defending GS Champion on 3 surfaces.
  249. Nadal in South America
  250. Searching for someone interested in starting Rafa Nadal site