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  1. Why Do Prime?
  2. Nadal's Charisma....
  3. Rafa blogs from the Australian Open
  4. Will Rafa burn-out this year like he does every year?
  5. The cheering Rafa to Oz Open Glory - Oh my god we succeeded! Rafa is champion!
  6. Rafa Forum 2009 Thread Starter Request Thread!
  7. Different year, different shit: Vamos Rafa (and only Rafa) at the AO 09 :fistpump:
  8. Choose your thread starter wisely and determine Rafa's fate in 2009!
  9. Rafa Forum Poll of the Week. Week #1 - Did Rafa lose because of his new shirt?
  10. 2011 MIT Competition: Bjorki joins Metis at the top of the rankings after the USOpen!
  11. D'oh!a - OMG!!!111!! RAFA IS CHAMPION IN DOHA! :worship: :woohoo: :worship:
  12. About Nadal's knee injury
  13. Toni the other Nadal:Interview where Toni evokes Djokovic!!!
  14. Champion in trouble? How long will Rafa last?
  15. Papparazzi Pics of Nadal's Backhand
  16. vamosbrigade???
  17. Rafa's 2009 Schedule and Results Thread
  18. OMG, what an amazing year Rafa's had! The He's Not Going To Shanghai Thread.
  19. Toni Nadal - We don't know if we're going to Shangai
  20. Calendar for 2009?
  21. No bagel, but a breadstick! :awww: The Paris Thread! Poor Rafito :tears:
  22. Nadal humiliated in front of home fans by Gilles Fugging Simon.
  23. Rafa playing Winning Eleven with some argentines
  24. How long will Nadal keep the #1 spot? (solid)
  25. Indoor outfit 2008..
  26. The Rafa Forum's Fantasy Sports and vBetting Thread
  27. Davis Cup Thread - Rafa sends Spain to DC Final
  28. Rafa's clay season outfit 09
  29. Old News Article Archives for Rafa?
  30. Rafa's US Open Blog
  31. Rafa is really the next Borg:ras: loses the SF to Murray- Great tournament still !!
  32. Tennizen Destroys Rafa's Chances Of Reaching Uso Final
  33. Gold Ceremony and Interview with Spanish TV (Videos inside)
  34. 101 Reasons This Is MTF's ... no ... The Internet's Finest Forum
  35. New OFFICIAL forum rules !!!11!! Effective immediately !Big Hemmers is watching you..
  36. Rafael Nadal is the Gold medallist at the Beijing Olympics:worship::worship:
  37. Rafael Nadal wallpapers
  38. Live score of Nadal/Djok Cincy
  39. Nadal treats fans to practice session in Cincy last night.
  40. Photos of Nadal at Rogers Cup '08 Final ## HQ pictures added; see OP ##
  41. WSFG Masters or How I spent my days in Cincinnati - a blog
  42. Cincinnati 2008: Nadal to become #1, but let's try to get #1 this week!
  43. Rafa's best outfit - Vote!!
  44. July 25, 2008! Happy Anniversary Rafa!
  45. Rafa Nadal schedule after US Open???
  46. Ana Ivanovic was in Mallorca visiting Rafa!!!!!!!
  47. Rafa's knee
  48. Rafa willl be n° 1 before the end of the year
  49. Toronto 2008 - Nadal wins 12th Masters Series Title (30th career title)
  50. Nadal WIns Wimbledon - Tribute
  51. Rafa Nadal - Life's a Beach after Wimbledon
  52. Rafa's Olympic outfit.
  53. For everything else, there's Rafael Nadal
  54. Nadals 2009 Aus Open outfit!
  55. no words to describe Nadal
  56. Rafa v. Fed
  57. Nadal's true potential
  58. Let's finally elect a mod for the Rafa forum ! (Go Linda :rocker2:)
  59. Nadal will go to Stuttgart to defend '07 victory !
  60. Rafa completes the Borgian double slam- Champion of Wimbledon and Roland Garros!!!!!
  61. The Artois Championships: Let's have a beer in the garden. Nice, no?
  62. Happy Birthday, Rafa Nadal!
  63. Nadal to go fishing in Mallorca!!!!!
  64. Nadal makes the tennis world happy
  65. Can anyone link me to highlights of Rafa's first match against Federer?
  66. Nadal attains Borgian Status on clay. Winner of 4 consecutive RGs!!!
  67. Hamburg 2008: Rafa adds a new Masters title to his clay collection :worship:
  68. Tennis fans support ATP players
  69. It's Over - Rafa's Clay Dominance Ended In Rome
  70. Barcelona - Rafa 4-peats but ridiculously drops a set :mad:
  71. Lol
  72. Monte Carlo: The Dirt Return
  73. Nadal, that fucking choker!
  74. Player Blog: Rafael Nadal @ the Sony Ericsson Open
  75. Miami Nice, No? A good week's work - even if he RUINED it at the end :mad:
  76. Favorite Nadal Celebrations
  77. Rafa in IW 2008 - SF and 2 good wins :yeah:
  78. Rafa "the quintessential hard court mug" loses to the Duck in QF!!
  79. Rolling for #1 in Rotterdam
  80. Is Rafa's ranking in jeopardy...?
  81. Have a good flight home, Rafa! AO Thread.
  82. Rafa's outfit sizing
  83. vote for Rafa :)
  84. Rafa in Chennai - Let's Kick This Season Off Right!
  85. Rafa's funniest!
  86. Rafa's clippings
  87. Rafa's true girlfriend
  88. Rafa's 2008 Schedule
  89. The Off Season Thread
  90. Rafa's avatars :)
  91. Rafa at The Masters Cup
  92. Rafa and Paris, Partie Deux
  93. Madness in Madrid
  94. Ask Nadal
  95. What's goin on with Rafa?
  96. Rafa's US Open outfit! VAMOOOS!
  97. Rafael, the new L'Oreal image
  98. Rafa T-Shirt
  99. Rafa To Play Turbo Tennis
  100. The its a long time until Madrid thread.
  101. Don't worry, Borg says Rafa will win '08 Wimbledon
  102. Getting On Top, Pushing Hard, And Liking It at the USO Thread
  103. Roasting the Roasters in Cincy (And bring back Toni!!!)
  104. Rafa`s biographie
  105. Rafa vs David Beckham...(its so close..VOTE NOW)
  106. Rafa heads to destroy the Montreal Horcrux in next step in dethroning Lord Federmort
  107. Rafas 2008 Australian Open outfit.
  108. Bouncing back from Wimbledon, staying sharp, and whoring for points in Stuttgart
  109. Rafa: My favourite movie is Gladiator
  110. photo - nadal was at real madrid's match last night
  111. Rafa to take Wimbledon like a rain-delaying storm
  112. Rafa is the King of Queens...okay, maybe not
  113. Rafa's Birthday!
  114. New Nadal Nike add.
  116. Rafa to butt-bounce back in Paris for the RG hat trick
  117. ~* HoT PiX Of MaRiBeL*~ It's NOT creepy! (Okay, it's a little creepy)
  118. Rafael Nadal on Artois Podcast
  119. Rafa whores himself for points in Hamburg :angel:
  120. When in Rome, do as you've done the past 2 years
  121. Rampaging Rafael in Corrida de Toros in Barcelona
  122. Wimbledon and US Open outfit.
  123. YESSS!!!!!!!!!Rafa has finally got a new racquet.Pics are here!
  124. Nadal-Nalbandian at Illes Balears
  125. Serbian fans of Rafa-this is a thread for you!
  126. Our Rafa gambles in Monte Carlo ! Vamoooooooos
  127. Rafa heats up Miami :aplot:
  128. Nadal's Serve Adjustments
  129. Rafas new racket!!
  130. Rafa fall outfit
  131. Rafa to bring sexy back to Indian Wells
  132. The "Arabian nights of Sultan Rafa" cheering thread
  133. Rafa in Dubai
  134. Best Rafa outfit
  135. Attention: Rafa fans! Download wallpapers and Avatars before Dubai.
  136. Rafas Clay season outfit
  137. New Nadal Nike pro add
  138. Nadal Off The Court Images
  139. ****double theread****
  140. The Vamos Tour plays as a setup band for the Spring American Hardourts
  141. Nadal is scheduled to play on tuesday already
  142. Senor Tony Nadal :))
  143. The "Quest for #1" Thread
  144. The "Vamos Tour Ready to Rock Oz" Thread
  145. The Vamos Tour is optomistic :yeah:
  146. In any other era, I would already be number one: Nadal
  147. Do you think Nadal has improved his serve seriously?
  148. Raul to Rafa!
  149. nadal baby pics
  150. Rafa's 2007 Schedule
  151. Yellow Knee Bands on Nadal?
  152. Shangai Post Match Conference vs. Blake
  153. Nadal, Federer & Grass
  154. ***Sending Rafa Positive Vibes*** JIA YOU RAFA IN SHANGHAI!
  155. Rafas AO outfit!!
  156. ***Allez Rafael à Paris!!!***
  157. A Thread for True Nadal fans...
  158. Rafael Nadal name and fame on the Web
  159. ~*~Vamos Rafa At Madrid Masters!!~*~
  160. ***Vamos Rafa in Stockholm***
  161. Vamos Rafa merged with official site - any alternatives
  162. TV Show about Majorca
  163. ***The So Far So Good/More Positive Vibes Vamos Rafa in the USO Thread***
  164. ESPN Interview?
  165. ~*~ Vamos Rafa in Cincy ~*~
  166. *** Vamos Rafa in Toronto ***
  167. My new Rafael fan site
  168. Nadal unhurt in a car accident in Spain
  169. Expert Predictions!!
  170. *** Vamos Rafa at Wimbledon!!! ***
  171. Nadal's Get Well Thread
  172. ~*~ VAMOS Rafa in Wimbledon ~*~
  173. ~*Feliz Cumpleaños Rafael*~
  174. RAFA's ATP BLOG
  175. rafael nadal quotes please
  176. Rafa's Official Website
  177. *~*~Vamos Rafa at Roland Garros!!! ~*~*
  178. Rafa matches on DVD/VHS
  179. *~*~* Vamos Rafa in Hamburg!!! *~*~*
  180. WHo here watch RAFA play LIVE and see him face to face?
  181. Game: I love RAFA because _____________
  182. Describe Rafa in 3 words
  183. Rafa's AUDIO interview check it out guys
  184. Question pls: rafael nadal .. games schedule?
  185. ~*~ Vamos Rafa in Rome ~*~
  186. ...
  187. Hey
  188. ***Vamos Rafa in Barcelona!!!***
  189. faivorite pic
  190. Your best Rafa's memories
  191. Nadals ass!
  192. Videos!!!
  193. ~*~ Vamos Rafa in Monte Carlo ~*~
  194. Vamos Rafa - Lets be Red Hot in Miami - The NASDAQ 100
  195. IMPORTANT! Request to SPANIARDS with Canal+D3!!!
  196. anyone wanna help with site
  197. ~*~ Vamos Rafa in Indian Wells ~*~
  198. The TENNIS CHANNEL showing DUBAI FINAL LIVE tomorrow, Saturday @ 10 AM Est.
  199. ** Rafa in Dubai 2006 **
  200. Live Link to Nadal match
  201. **Rafa in Marseille**
  202. Hi, i'm new here
  203. Rafael
  204. Nadal matches on DVD
  205. rafa posters?
  206. *Interesting* Pic
  207. Rafa in 2006
  208. Rafa's Pants?
  209. RafaelNadal.com online
  210. Rafa's new haircut!
  212. Rafa needs you!
  213. Vamos Rafa In Shanghai Masters Cup!!!!
  214. Rafa At Basel And A Surprise Visit From Roger
  215. More Endorsements For Rafa!!!
  216. vAmOs RaFa In MaDrId MaStErS!!!!
  217. *Davis Cup Play Offs* ~~VAMOS~~
  218. Trophy Biting
  219. video download
  220. ::: VAMOS RAFA AT BEIJING OPEN ::: (News & Pics)
  221. ::: Vote for Rafa :::
  222. Hey!!Have You Guys Got Any Shirtless Nadal Avatars?
  223. Updated: 6.9.2005 Latest Rafa's episode On TenisPro Credits: vamosrafael.com
  224. Who will win U.S OPEN???
  225. the rafa nadal wil win U.S.OPEN
  226. ::: VAMOS RAFA IN US OPEN :::
  227. Request for a special Rafa picture
  228. ::: Vamos Rafa in Cincy :::
  229. ::: Vamos RAFA in Montréal :::
  230. rafa avvys and wallpapers and other graphic stuff!
  231. Tenis Pro
  232. Lastets pics of Rafi in the tribute to his uncle Miguel Angel Nadal
  233. how can i see my signature?????????
  234. Hi, iam new here, and iam from PERU
  235. >>> Mercedes Cup >>>
  236. my DIY mv for rafa!!!!
  237. hello from China!!(with my DIY rafa's pics)
  238. I sell or trade photos, original autographs on Rafa!
  239. Rafael French Site
  240. wINNER IN sTA.pONÇA
  241. .: Synsam Swedish Open :.
  242. Moya v Rafa 2day in Huelva
  243. Looksalike
  244. MTF's Most Popular Player
  245. You MUST see that
  246. ++ RAFAEL in WIMBLEDON ++
  247. *questions*
  248. ~Here comes the GRASS season : Halle~
  249. The "HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAFA!!!" thread
  250. May, 2005 Magazine Article about Majorca!!!