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  1. Who has the most epic roar in Tennis ?
  2. Djokovic fanbase is bigger than Rafas on MTF at the moment
  3. 15 bodyguards for Nadal in Beijing.
  4. A-Rod and Brooklyn have a son
  5. China Open showing blatant disrespect towards the world #1 and 5-time champion
  6. Which player has the hottest wife(or girlfriend) in tennis history?
  7. Tennis Players and their Sports Teams
  8. Hot/Good Looking tennis siblings
  9. Boris Becker meets PewDiePie.
  10. Yodas ban lifted on Saturday predict how long he will be back on MTF
  11. Ryan Sweeting and Kaley Cuoco to divorce after 21 months of marriage
  12. Casual comments that Non-Tennis/casual tennis watchers have made about players?
  13. Roger Federer fan Jesus Aparicio wakes from 11-year coma with a happy surprise
  14. Stop it with the Federer vs Djokovic threads
  15. Funny player name titles for ATP250 Malysian Open
  16. Predict Nadal's new hairstyle - THE SHAVE
  17. Which of the Big Four would you most want to see wear a backwards hat in a GS?
  18. Nadal should become a Dad
  19. Facebook chat: The tennis world reacts to Djokovic’s U.S. Open title
  20. Uncomfortable Truth About Hating Djokovic
  21. NYC police union chief slammed the media coverage of Blake incident
  22. US Open tennis: Italy celebrates 'the most beautiful day'
  23. I've had enough of dating tennis players:Stepanek
  24. What do you hate more? Tards or Haters?
  25. Congrats to Fognini and Pennetta!
  26. Your bets on the US open final
  27. Most Memorable Shocking Italian 2015 Slam Result
  28. Malvin not in ruins.
  29. What do you think about the WTA?
  30. Gavin Rossdale - Federer
  31. 2 time Delray Beach runner up James Blake handcuffed and tackled by NYPD
  32. Federer rescues little boy from autograph-seeking mob
  33. Nadal's new Tommy Hilfiger ad
  34. Bald Prediction: Theories on Nadal's Decline
  35. Barbie Schett...would ya?
  36. Your all-time favorite posts on MTF
  37. (Not So Bold) Prediction: We Will Now See A Bunch of Threads That Murray is Finished
  38. Andrey Rublev in a "One Direction cover band"
  39. Kyrgios a nice, humble man: Bouchard
  40. Does anyone have a gif of Rafa walking off the court from Fognini match?
  41. Karlovic to a random fan on Twitter: "Your mom likes it slow"
  42. Stakhovsky continues to be a homophobe
  43. Drone flies over match, crashes in Louis Armstrong Stadium
  44. Star Wars Tennis
  45. If Serena Williams makes the U.S. Open Final, will you watch it?
  46. Are you good enough to be a line judge? [interactive game]
  47. Fed no longer with Gillette?
  48. Why does Djokovic never show his kid's face?
  49. Federer sporting beard look
  50. Kyrgios to partner Bouchard in USO mixed doubles
  51. What will your favourite player do once he retires
  52. Rafa plays table tennis with Toni at the NY Palace Hotel
  53. What does it say that Women's Final has sold out before Men's Final at U.S. Open 2015
  54. i just can't stop hypnotically staring at this pic of thanasi
  55. Is Nike being disrespectful to tennis icons?
  56. Novak Djokovic Becomes UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.
  57. Tommy Haas: "Make America great again", supports Donald Trump
  58. ATP photographers take notice
  59. Top 5 Reasons people hate Djokovic.
  60. Is anyone registered on
  61. Simona Halep: "I don't watch players. Only Federer."
  62. Federer's adorable twins in an endless loop.
  63. How many of the tennis players are billionaires?
  64. does somebody tell me what they actually talked?
  65. In case you hadn't heard, Grigor Dimitrov is single now (and showing off)
  66. Can you guys tell the difference between John and Patrick McEnroe when commentating?
  67. Djokovic sends Federer a message before Cinci final
  68. KiKi Mladenovic throws ball at umpire Felix Torralba
  69. The clue thread
  70. What did the orange juice say to the blonde?
  71. John McEnroe Thinks He Could Beat Serena Williams
  72. Can anyone explain why ATP website removed facebook comments?
  73. Tennis Channel has started to air KY jelly commercials..
  74. Stan punching Kyrgios in the face in an endless loop
  75. should this be ground for deleting 75 % of MTF content
  76. Pictures of the GOAT and a quote from him.
  77. Djokovic is the best human being EVER
  78. Andy Murray- The Ice Cream man?
  79. If Nole wins US Open 2015, I'll ask for a permanent ban
  80. Congratulations to Amélie Mauresmo!
  81. Players who are younger than everyone ranked ahead of them
  82. Should they start a new brand of tennis?
  83. Rogers cup: Novak complained someone in audience smoked pot
  84. How long should Kyrgios's suspension be?
  85. Novak's Unheralded Talent
  86. Is Murray the best looking of the "big 4"?
  87. Borna Coric's girlfriend
  88. Martina Navratilova calls for tougher punishment to Kyrgios
  89. Is ATP hypocritical in dealing with on court insults?
  90. Wawrinka abused Kyrgios in locker room: Christos Kyrgios
  91. Anyone else enjoying the Montreal Time Zone?
  92. Christos Kyrgios: Donna obviously loved the "kokk"
  93. Did Nick Kyrgios swagger-jack Vanilla Ice?
  94. Djokovic: "Kyrgios deserved to be fined for his comment"
  95. 'Forget the silky seduction of pro sport, it’s time we saw it for what it really is'
  96. Daniel ''Crazy Dani'' Koellerer to participate in German Big Brother
  97. List of Wawrinka's exchanges/clashes with other players
  98. What are some of the nick names you can think of for this young batch of players
  99. Would you still support your favorite player after they made a racist comment?
  100. If there was one question you could ask Kyrgios what would it be?
  101. Mirka working with Kyrgios confirmed.
  102. Kyrgios on court about Wawrinka: 'Kokkinakis banged his girlfriend..."
  103. Canadian media sexist double standards Raonic and Bouchard
  104. Music that fits when your most hated player loses.
  105. Nadal the only big 4 not married or with child
  106. Djokovic's hairstyle used to be much better
  107. Johnny Groove hitting two more jumping BH return winners
  108. Andy and Kim Murray expecting first child
  109. Female Player Armpits
  110. Your favourite player that shares your birthday.
  111. Rate each player in the top 20 as human beings out of 10
  112. Your favourite player that shares your birth year.
  113. Better Backhand Technique, Dimitrov or Suarez Navarro?
  114. Men's Biceps and Armpits - Sexy Fetish Thread
  115. Outfits thread
  116. The Thread where we create a list of things that motivate Fognini.
  117. Who is the best looking out of "big four" ?
  118. Haas interviews Brown:"I did not cut it - [my hair] since 1996"
  119. Blind item male tennis pro had threesome with coach
  120. Can you describe your emotions when your player is playing Vs..
  121. Why is Djokovic not as popular as Nadal/Federer?
  122. Which fan base is most in ruins ?
  123. Dimitrov-the new boyband prodigy?
  124. Lleyton Hewitt's shameless exploitation of his son
  125. Female Player Feet and Toes
  126. 5 reasons why some people hate Novak Djokovic
  127. Another trashy tabloid records Nole and family on the beach
  128. Some porn girl got pictured with Nole at W
  129. Sexiest Thirtysomething TOP-100 Player?
  130. Hottest female in ATP/WTA matches
  131. Reasons to dislike Federer
  132. Djokovic's IG account is hacked by Albanian hackers
  133. Sharapova and Dimitrov officially splits
  134. Roger Federer named the World's Most Marketable Sports Star, Djokovic 7th, Nadal 8th.
  135. Where would Serena be in Rankings if she played on ATP?
  136. Tennis memes
  137. Favorite MTF Poster Of A Current Top 100 Player Fanbase?
  138. WTT Thread
  139. Jason collins says former male tennis star might come out
  140. Keep strong Judy Murray - Feliciano Lopez got married
  141. Jason Collins(ex NBA player) in contact with former male player who may come out
  142. Cheaters in ATP Trivia Challenge???
  143. Lucas Rosol married
  144. Bulgaria-Dimitrov`s home or biggest nightmare
  145. Berdych got married
  146. Thinking of becoming Tennis Professional, Advices required.
  147. Djokovic: "I suggest that to every player, Get married, have kids, let's enjoy this"
  148. Ultimate Sorcery that can influence a match
  149. Carole Bouchard
  150. Lukas Rosol got married today
  151. Wimbledon 2015 : Where is the love for Djokovic ? From Telegraph
  152. 2015 ATP Awards, ATP players choose a Djokovic to the sportsmanship award?
  153. Why is Federer refusing to commit to playing mixed doubles with Hingis in Rio?
  154. Restarting my ban bet
  155. Federer walking past an embracing Novak + Jelena Djokovic in an endless loop.
  156. So there's no "Federer" loss thread, but there's one for Novak and Nadal?
  157. McEnroe and Roddick on Serena ATP ranking
  158. Tomic practising in his underwear
  159. Best highlights ever.
  160. Sergi Syakofsky says Nadal and Gasquet gay rumours are false.
  161. Dear MTF I need your assistance in a dispute
  162. Murray: ''It's tough to say if he's the best of all time.'
  163. Sharapova firing shots at Murray?
  164. Will you be watching the Women's Wimbledon Final and have a preference to who wins?
  165. Are Djokotards the new Nadaltards?
  166. USO was advertising deadly drugs back in 2002
  167. Stakhovsky: "Half the WTA tour is lesbian"
  168. An. Bedene about women´s Wimbly SFs: its like 1stQR in a future
  169. 7 days in hell=trailer
  170. Hey Novak fans - how about a bet on the WImbledon result?
  171. R. Nadal MAPFRE commercial
  172. Recent MTF top players analysis
  173. Anything "happened" between Becker and Graf at that time?
  174. Djokovic makes wishes come true
  175. Kelsey Anderson (wife of Kevin) calls out Boris Becker
  176. Is it just me, or does Murray look
  177. Interviews for the job of Wimbledon Champion
  178. Animated film about No1e
  179. Kyrgios' brother talks about "Anti-Nick Propaganda"
  180. Andrew Castle: "I think that's Bob Marley on Brown's body?"
  181. I think I'm going to have to change my name to Quadrumvirate..
  182. Paire's interview on his antics, doping, friends,girls, Nadal ...
  183. Tomas "Nudedych" Berdych poses naked in Cosmopolitan Magazine
  184. Anyone else think Roger looks like a high elf from Oblivion here?
  185. Kyrgios in Beats by Dre ad - Play your own rules. Thoughts?
  186. Douchey Kyrgios copies Raonic's sleeve to be original
  187. The Wimbledon time machine
  188. Post your Reaction if Andy "Grassray" Murray wins Wimbledon 2015.
  189. IF Nadal wins the 2015 Wimbledon, I will/do………
  190. Rogie's hair [Wimbledon 2015].
  191. WAWRINKA is NOT a NICE GUY don't be fooled
  192. 1st MTF Podcast - Wimbledon analysis/preview, Querrey's shame and more
  193. Roger Federer's traditionalist appeal
  194. Thanasi Kokkinakis sexually harassed at the Boodles exho
  195. WTA Washington
  196. Wawrinka's shorts in TV commercial
  197. Why do people like Roger Federer?
  198. Judy murray confirms in Daily Mail Andy confides in Amelie
  199. Federer´s bad joke from 2012
  200. Djokovic's bad joke from 2011
  201. ESPN Body Issue 2015
  202. Who is the physically strongest Tennis player ever ?
  203. Stan Wawrinka ne coco, ne mu-mu, ne nique plus BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!
  204. The Thread Where We Post Endless Loops of Tennis Players, Coaches, Umpires...Laughing
  205. Who is a "Higher" Human being? Tennis players or the Spectators
  206. Wimbledon hints please help...
  207. Trolls on MTF who think they are funny but are not?
  208. Federer will win an 18th slam at AO 2016
  209. Stereotypes of Tennis
  210. Annoying pop-up 's while surfing MTF through phone.
  211. Djokovic - no ordinary superhero
  212. Top Spin Pro Training Tool on Kickstarter
  213. Whatsup with Novak these days?
  214. Novak Djokovic Vs Serena Williams
  215. Federer corrects Becker: "Becker has no idea"
  216. Moet and Chandon
  217. Novak in da Buddha mood :)
  218. Stan's famous shorts are retired now
  219. Nishikori and Djokovic Mickey Plays ad
  220. Epic Fail by Kia - Sponsors Nadal but says he only has 13 slams.
  221. Raonic Themed MTF Drawing Contest. Edition 8!!!
  222. Murray & Sharapova - Who Wins The Most Titles?
  223. Where to find good quality tennis matches on online?
  224. "7 Days in Hell" - Mockumentary about longest match in Wimbledon feat Kit Harington
  225. ATP website redesign 2015: Your opinion?
  226. If Djokovic wins Wimbledon again I will leave the forum
  227. Boris Becker wants British citizenship
  228. Who is more dominant right now, Djokovic or Serena?
  229. World's Highest Paid Athletes: Federer #5, Djokovic #13
  230. Troll thread
  231. Dustin Brown greeted by neo-Nazi after practice session at Stuttgart
  232. Tennis: the Gathering
  233. Becker: ''Open secret in tennis that Federer and Djokovic dislike one another''
  234. How drunk did Wawrinka get after the RG win?
  235. Is Donna Vekic the greatest WAG of all time?
  236. Questions about U.S. Open multi-day passes
  237. MTF bets for Wimbledon thread(avatar, signature etc)
  238. MTF is breaking new records
  239. Feeling that prevails these days
  240. Rank these 5 sportsmen in terms of raw talent from most talented to least talented..
  241. Wtaw (Gen. WTA Discussion) [Volume II]
  242. Djokovic vs. Murray: Who is a better person?
  243. Those tennispoint adverts on Eurosport
  244. Andy Murray says he is a feminist
  245. Happy Birthday Nadal :)
  246. Why is Stan still wearing those hideous shorts?
  247. Which Marvel heroes/villains are the top pros?
  248. Nadal biting trophy = Real life Trollface?
  249. Post Your Reaction When Tsonga Wins The French Open.
  250. How would MTF react if tsonga won rg