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  1. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Monte Carlo Masters on despite Rainier's death
  2. [Reuters] Monte Carlo Masters still on despite Rainier's death
  3. [BBC News] Davenport progresses despite rain
  4. [BBC News] Kuerten suffers heavy defeat
  5. [BBC News] Monaco sees off Mayer
  6. [Reuters] Amelia Island Open women's singles round 3 results
  7. [Topix] Bec and Lleyton have shelled out millions for a love-pad by the beach
  8. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-Davenport dodges showers, Venus struggling
  9. [Topix] Davenport earns quarterfinal berth
  10. [Topix] ATP official praises Shanghai's new tennis centre, future home to Masters
  11. [Topix] Safin Launches Official Web Site
  12. [Topix] Brazil to host the Netherlands Antilles in Davis Cup
  13. [Topix] Nadal rolls; Guga routed in Valencia
  14. [Yahoo] Davenport advances, Williams delayed (AP)
  15. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Davenport makes quarters, Venus struggling
  16. [Yahoo] Martin halts Kuerten's comeback (AP)
  17. [Topix] Monaco Beats Mayer in Casablanca Tourney
  18. [Topix] Sania ranked 75th
  19. [Yahoo] Monaco reaches Casablanca quarters (AP)
  20. [Reuters] UPDATE1-Davenport makes quarters, Venus struggling
  21. [Topix] Monaco beats Mayer to reach quarterfinals at Grand Prix Hassan II
  22. [Topix] Sharapova not to Play for Russian National Team
  23. [BBC News] Davenport strolls onwards
  24. [Reuters] Holder Davenport cruises into last eight in Florida
  25. [Topix] Serena, Myskina Reach Third Round
  26. [Topix] Line-ball decisions (Reg Req'd)
  27. [Yahoo] Serena cruises in Bausch & Lomb opener (AP)
  28. [BBC News] Kuerten suffers a crushing defeat
  29. [Reuters] Curtains for Kuerten on comeback trail
  30. [Reuters] Curtains for Kuertens on comeback trail
  31. [Topix] ATP official praises Shanghai's new tennis center, future home to Masters
  32. [Topix] Fan gives up seats for chance to win own title
  33. [Topix] Jackson files suit, denies steroid use (Reg Req'd)
  34. [Topix] Maleeva Played Out of Amelia Island
  35. [Topix] Serena cruises through
  36. [Topix] Nadal, Gonzalez, Verdasco notch wins in Valencia
  37. [Topix] U.S. men's team loaded with Olympians
  38. [Topix] Thai hero aims to reopen his window of opportunity
  39. [Topix] Serena cruises in Bausch & Lomb opener
  40. [Topix] Masters Tournament
  41. [Topix] U.S. swim team to have familiar look
  42. [Topix] Serena Impresses, Molik Beaten in Florida (Reg Req'd)
  43. [Topix] Serena Williams wins at Bausch & Lomb
  44. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-Serena impresses, Molik beaten in Florida
  45. [Foxsports Australia] Safin yearns to break drought
  46. [BBC News] Serena cruises through in Florida
  47. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Serena impresses in Florida, Molik out
  48. [Topix] Serena Williams Impresses in Florida, Molik Out
  49. [BBC News] Nadal hammers Ferrero
  50. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Amelia Island Open women's singles round 2 results
  51. [Topix] Russians Reach Amelia Island Third Round
  52. [Reuters] Amelia Island Open women's singles round 2 results
  53. [Yahoo] Myskina survives, Molik falls (AP)
  54. [Reuters] UPDATE 8-Amelia Island Open women's singles round 2 results
  55. [Yahoo] Sirius signs deal to broadcast Wimbledon (AP)
  56. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Myskina stumbles through, Molik loses in Florida
  57. [Foxsports Australia] US Open winner in Bali final
  58. [Topix] Marat Safin Launches New Official Web Site
  59. [BBC News] Myskina stumbles through
  60. [Reuters] Myskina stumbles into third round at Amelia Island
  61. [Topix] Ferrero Blown Away by Dominant Nadal
  62. [Topix] Venus, Davenport advance
  63. [Topix] Volandri Reaches to Casablanca Quarters
  64. [Topix] Justine Henin-Hardenne Signs With SFX
  65. [Topix] Agassi Story May Air In August
  66. [Yahoo] Volandri advances to Casablanca quarters (AP)
  67. [BBC News] Volandri edges past Nieminen
  68. [Topix] Contrasting Wins for Davenport, Venus in Florida
  69. [Topix] Maleeva Storms for 2nd Round of Amelia Island
  70. [Yahoo] Venus, Davenport win at Bausch & Lomb (AP)
  71. [Yahoo] Gonzalez, Costa, Nadal advance in Spain (AP)
  72. [Reuters] Ferrero blown away by dominant Nadal
  73. [BBC News] Nadal hammers Ferrero in Valencia
  74. [Yahoo] Anna stalker ruled unfit for trial (AP)
  75. [BBC News] Davenport/Venus through
  76. [Foxsports Australia] Spadea, Ancic advance to semis
  77. [Foxsports Australia] Unseeded players storm semis
  78. [Topix] Tennis -
  79. [Foxsports Australia] Russian stars shine in Bali
  80. [Topix] Brooke Gives Chicago New Hart
  81. [BBC News] Davenport and Venus ease through
  82. [BBC News] Russia omit Sharapova
  83. [Foxsports Australia] Flying Finn knocks off Nalbandian
  84. [Topix] Venus, Lindsay advance at Bausch & Lomb event
  85. [Topix] Costa eliminates top-seeded Davydenko in first round in Valencia
  86. [Foxsports Australia] How to tame rampant Roger
  87. [Yahoo] Venus opens with win at Bausch & Lomb (AP)
  88. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Contrasting wins for Davenport, Venus in Florida
  89. [Topix] Easy win for Venus
  90. [Foxsports Australia] Alexander slams junior programs
  91. [Topix] Looking ahead after the Nasdaq-100
  92. [Topix] Pierce, Guga Make Their Mark on the Dirt to Open Claycourt Season
  93. [BBC News] Local hero El Aynaoui crashes out
  94. [Reuters] UPDATE 8-Amelia Island Open women's singles results
  95. [Topix] Sharapova To Sit Out Russia's Fed Cup Tie
  96. [Topix] Bausch & Lomb Championships boasts a healthy field of players...
  97. [Reuters] UPDATE 7-Casablanca Open men's singles results
  98. [BBC News] Venus off to a flier
  99. [Reuters] Confident Venus powers through in Florida
  100. [Reuters] UPDATE 7-Amelia Island Open women's singles results
  101. [Foxsports Australia] Thai in Beijing semis
  102. [Reuters] UPDATE 6-Amelia Island Open women's singles results
  103. [Reuters] UPDATE 5-Amelia Island Open women's singles results
  104. [Topix] Volandri downs El Aynaoui at Grand Prix Hassan II
  105. [Yahoo] Volandri tops El Aynaoui in Casablanca (AP)
  106. [Reuters] UPDATE 6-Casablanca Open men's singles results
  107. [Reuters] UPDATE 5-Casablanca Open men's singles results
  108. [Topix] Maleeva to Encounter German Racket
  109. [Reuters] UPDATE 4-Valencia Open men's singles results
  110. [Topix] Top-seeded Schuettler Shuttled Out at Casablanca
  111. [Topix] U.S. Open Tickets On Sale
  112. [Yahoo] Costa knocks off top-seeded Davydenko (AP)
  113. [Topix] Becker To Meet McEnroe At Stella Artois Tournament
  114. [Yahoo] In any language, Nadal an emerging star (AP)
  115. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Amelia Island Open women's singles results
  116. [BBC News] Davydenko falls to Costa
  117. [Reuters] Top seed Davydenko loses to Costa in Valencia first round
  118. [Foxsports Australia] Spadea cruises into quarters
  119. [BBC News] Clijsters triumphs again
  120. [BBC News] Sharapova left out of Russia team
  121. [BBC News] Clijsters feared for career
  122. [Reuters] Russia leave out Sharapova from Fed Cup team
  123. [Topix] Boris Becker and John McEnroe are to face each other for the first...
  124. [BBC News] Clijsters feared career was over
  125. [BBC News] Becker to face McEnroe
  126. [BBC News] Kuerten wins on return
  127. [Topix] Bulls' Deng out for season
  128. [BBC News] Kuerten makes return
  129. [Topix] Nadal takes the spotlight off losing in Nasdaq-100 final
  130. [Foxsports Australia] Kim names the day
  131. [Topix] Nadal starting to talk a better game (Reg Req'd)
  132. [Topix] Pierce Finds Her Feet on Florida Clay
  133. [Topix] Bausch & Lomb Monday: Big Names Get Ready
  134. [Foxsports Australia] Myskina falls in Bali
  135. [Yahoo] Martinez, Pierce win at Bausch and Lomb (AP)
  136. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Amelia Island Open women's singles round 1 results
  137. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Pierce finds her feet on Florida clay
  138. [Topix] Zib Zaps Top-Seeded Schuettler In Casablanca
  139. [Reuters] Amelia Island Open women's singles round 1 results
  140. [Reuters] UPDATE 5-Amelia Island Open women's singles round 1 results
  141. [Topix] Schuettler shocked in Casablanca
  142. [BBC News] Sugiyama overcomes nerves
  143. [Topix] Davenport Leads Five of Top 10 on Dirt at WTA Amelia Island
  144. [Topix] Pratt, Stosur lose, Molik slips
  145. [Topix] Kuerton Back In Action
  146. [Reuters] Japan's Sugiyama claims morale boosting Amelia Island win
  147. [Topix] Digital Bridges Becomes I-play
  148. [Yahoo] Nadal an emerging star (AP)
  149. [Topix] Federer Proves a Point to Himself
  150. [Reuters] UPDATE 4-Amelia Island Open women's singles results
  151. [BBC News] Schuettler out in Casablanca
  152. [Topix] Kuerten returns from injury with victory
  153. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-Amelia Island Open women's singles results
  154. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Amelia Island Open women's singles results
  155. [Foxsports Australia] Kim dumps Ferrero
  156. [Topix] Guga Returns With Win In Valencia
  157. [Reuters] UPDATE 4-Casablanca Open men's singles results
  158. [Reuters] Amelia Island Open women's singles results
  159. [Reuters] Federer proves a point to himself
  160. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-Casablanca Open men's singles results
  161. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-Valencia Open men's singles results
  162. [Foxsports Australia] New sponsor for Adelaide event
  163. [Topix] Federer the Escape Artist Wins 18th Consecutive Final at ATP Miami
  164. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Casablanca Open men's singles results
  165. [Topix] Digital Bridges rebrands as I-play, announces new titles
  166. [Topix] Clijsters Adopting New Approach After Injury Break
  167. [BBC News] Federer rallies to beat Nadal
  168. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Valencia Open men's singles results
  169. [BBC News] Federer sees off Agassi
  170. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Casablanca Open men's singles results
  171. [BBC News] Federer overwhelms Henman
  172. [Topix] Kuerten makes successful return
  173. [BBC News] Henman eases past Chela
  174. [Reuters] RPT-Kuerten makes successful return to action in Valencia
  175. [Topix] Schuettler Leads Tour Dregs at ATP Casablanca
  176. [Reuters] Kuerten makes successful return to action in Valencia
  177. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Valencia Open men's singles results
  178. [Reuters] Clijsters adopting new approach after injury break
  179. [Topix] Strained Hip Forces Dementieva Out Of Amelia Island
  180. [Reuters] Casablanca Open men's singles results
  181. [Reuters] Valencia Open men's singles results
  182. [Scotsman] Henman to face Robredo
  183. [Topix] Federer battles back in Miami
  184. [Topix] Federer Gets Pushed by Young Spaniard, but Doesn't Fall
  185. [Topix] Wimbledon Champion Maria Sharapova Signs With I-Play
  186. [Reuters] Tennis - WTA Tour Champions Race singles standings
  187. [Reuters] Tennis WTA Tour singles standings
  188. [Topix] Williams Sisters In Reality Show
  189. [Reuters] Tennis - ATP Tour singles standings
  190. [Reuters] ATP Tour Champions Race standings
  191. [Scotsman] Federer fights back to beat Spaniard
  192. [Topix] Davenport tries to retain title, No. 1
  193. [Reuters] Miami comeback win ranks among best, says Federer
  194. [Topix] Federer downs Nadal in five-set dogfight
  195. [Reuters] PREVIEW-Davenport out to defend title and top ranking
  196. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Federer comes back from the brink to win Nasdaq
  197. [Topix] Federer Rallies to Win Key Biscayne Title
  198. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Federer comes back from the brink to win Nasdaq
  199. [Reuters] Federer comes back from the brink to claim Nasdaq crown
  200. [Yahoo] Federer rallies to win Nasdaq-100 Open (AP)
  201. [Topix] Federer holds off Nadal for fifth straight ATP title
  202. [BBC News] Federer fights back to beat Nadal
  203. [Reuters] Nasdaq 100 Open men's singles result
  204. [Topix] Clijsters Continues Amazing Comeback with WTA Miami Title
  205. [Topix] Again, one to watch
  206. [BBC News] Fearless Nadal eyes Federer shock
  207. [BBC News] Clijsters sees off Sharapova
  208. [Topix] Clijsters Becomes First Unseeded Player to Win Nasdaq-100 Title
  209. [Topix] "YOU can wake me up now," Kim Clijsters said with a slight catch in...
  210. [BBC News] Clijsters triumphs over Sharapova
  211. [Topix] Clijsters demonstrates she's back from injury
  212. [Scotsman] Nadal's more than a young pretender
  213. [Scotsman] It's Kim, set and match for Belgian
  214. [Topix] Games firm plays up smash hit plan
  215. [Topix] Clijsters beats Sharapova in Key Biscayne final
  216. [Topix] Federer sets up title clash with Nadal
  217. [Topix] Federer to face Nadal in men's final
  218. [Yahoo] Clijsters beats Sharapova to win title (AP)
  219. [Topix] Kim Clijsters's resurgence continued as the former world number one...
  220. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Resurgent Clijsters takes second title in a row
  221. [Topix] Resurgent Clijsters Takes Second Tennis Title in a Row
  222. [Reuters] Resurgent Clijsters takes Miami title
  223. [BBC News] Comeback queen Clijsters triumphs
  224. [Reuters] Nasdaq 100 Open women's singles result
  225. [Topix] Federer Storms Past Agassi in NASDAQ Semis
  226. [Topix] Venus joins US Fed Cup squad
  227. [BBC News] Clijsters ready to face Sharapova
  228. [BBC News] Nadal eyes Federer shock
  229. [BBC News] Venus added to US squad
  230. [Topix] Women's finalists have momentum
  231. [Topix] Federer the Favorite in Key Biscayne Final
  232. [Yahoo] Federer a big favorite in Nasdaq final (AP)
  233. [Topix] Clijsters sets up Miami final with Sharapova
  234. [Topix] Sharapova Ponders Her Russian Fed Cup Future (Reg Req'd)
  235. [Topix] Federer Downs Agassi to Reach Miami Final
  236. [Topix] SF Review/Final Preview
  237. [BBC News] Henman looks ahead to clay
  238. [Topix] Agassi Plays Well, but Federer Just Plays a Lot Better
  239. [Topix] Nadal will face Federer
  240. [Yahoo] Federer beats Agassi at Key Biscayne (AP)
  241. [Topix] Federer storms past Agassi, meets Nadal in NASDAQ-100 final
  242. [Scotsman] Belief not hype is the key thing for Murray
  243. [Topix] Venus Williams joins sister in U.S. Fed Cup
  244. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Federer downs Agassi to reach Miami final
  245. [BBC News] Federer sees off Agassi in Miami
  246. [Scotsman] British No.2 struggles to overcome American journeyman
  247. [Scotsman] Henman puts on brave face after Federer loss
  248. [Scotsman] Young not ready to serve goods, says Roddick
  249. [Yahoo] Nadal advances to Key Biscayne final (AP)
  250. [Topix] Nadal Storms Into Miami Tennis Final