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  14. [Topix] Russian Federal Space Agency Considering NASA Invitation to Fly to the Moon
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  32. [Scotsman] Record number of 'stalkers' are barred from Wimbledon
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  88. [Topix] Davenport, Mauresmo win Wimbledon openers
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  90. [Topix] Davenport into second round at Wimbledon
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  97. [Topix] Sania through to second round
  98. [Reuters] UPDATE 4-Wimbledon men's singles round 1 results
  99. [BBC News] Rusedski books second-round place
  100. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Federer happy to look ahead
  101. [Topix] Serra Zanetti Stops No. 10 Schnyder At Wimbledon
  102. [BBC News] Impressive Safin cruises through
  103. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-Wimbledon men's singles round 1 results
  104. [BBC News] Live: Srichaphan v Safin
  105. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Wimbledon-Hewitt safely through to round two
  106. [Topix] Top men stride through on opening day
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  108. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Mauresmo dispatches Czink without fuss
  109. [BBC News] Top seed Davenport eases through
  110. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-Wimbledon women's singles round 1 results
  111. [Topix] A big deal: Sharapova's bid for Wimbledon repeat
  112. [Yahoo] Federer wins opening match at Wimbledon (AP)
  113. [BBC News] Stalkers banned from Wimbledon
  114. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Davenport wastes little time in beating Jidkova
  115. [Topix] Keothavong bows out
  116. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Wimbledon men's singles round 1 results
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  118. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Wimbledon-Hewitt safely through to round two
  119. [Topix] Wimbledon goes to war on touts
  120. [BBC News] Impressive Hewitt powers through
  121. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Mirza underlines growing stature with victory
  122. [BBC News] Briton Sherwood lands famous win
  123. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Wimbledon-Top men stride through on opening day
  124. [Topix] Federer takes aim at 3rd straight singles title
  125. [Yahoo] A big deal: Sharapova's bid for repeat (AP)
  126. [BBC News] Myskina battles back to progress
  127. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Wimbledon men's singles round 1 results
  128. [Topix] Flat Tennis Balls and Slow Ryegrass: At Wimbledon, Even Henman Is Complaining
  129. [BBC News] Live: Martin v Rusedski
  130. [Topix] Official moans about players' grunting
  131. [BBC News] Sherwood secures notable victory
  132. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Myskina survives scare to beat Bohmova
  133. [Topix] BBC gets 140 complaints over Wimbledon ad
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  135. [Reuters] Wimbledon men's singles round 1 results
  136. [Topix] Curran gets tough Wimbledon draw
  137. [Topix] Mature Federer eyes title
  138. [Reuters] Wimbledon women's singles round 1 results
  139. [Scotsman] British duo won't give up Wimbledon dream
  140. [Scotsman] British duo refuse to give up Wimbledon dream
  141. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Championships get underway at All England Club
  142. [Scotsman] The ball is in our court for future glory
  143. [Topix] Tampa's Imada earns trip back
  144. [Topix] Calmer Federer reaping rewards
  145. [Topix] Sharapova to Wear Gold Shoes for Wimbledon
  146. [Topix] LONDON, June 20 (RIA Novosti, Kirill Anurov, Alexander Smotrov)....
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  152. [Topix] Many Happy Returns For Auctioneers Ebay
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  155. [Topix] Tennis Wimbledon 2005: Baltacha is Married to the Sob
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  159. [Topix] As Wimbledon fortnight kicks off today, here is a list of the main...
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  161. [Topix] Full metal racquet
  162. [Topix] Maria Leg Ova
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  164. [Scotsman] Don't mention the H word
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  168. [Topix] Lleyton not underdone: coach
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  170. [Topix] Daniela has a bum deal
  171. [Topix] Nadal gave Andy thirst
  172. [Topix] Wimbledon tickets 'probably fake'
  173. [Topix] The Daily Star: Internet Edition Mon. June 20, 2005
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  179. [Topix] Sharapova expects to sparkle at Wimbledon
  180. [Topix] Paralympic duo lead GB squad
  181. [Topix] Ancic downs Llodra for Ordina title
  182. [Topix] Sharapova expects to sparkle at Wimbledon (Reg Req'd)
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  187. [Yahoo] De Villiers named ATP chairman of board (AP)
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  190. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Federer's rivals gather their strength
  191. [Topix] Ancic wins first ATP title
  192. [Topix] Clijsters Grows Grass Title at WTA Eastbourne
  193. [Topix] Gasquet Wins Maiden Title at ATP Nottingham
  194. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Ancic beats Llodra to win first Tour title
  195. [BBC News] Ancic secures Ordina Open title
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  197. [Topix] Blake To Hit New Haven
  198. [Topix] Brave Wimbledon defending champion Maria Sharapova today insisted she ...
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  200. [Yahoo] Ancic wins first title at Ordina Open (AP)
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  203. [Reuters] Den Bosch Open men's singles final result
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  213. [Topix] Clijsters downs Douchevina to win 24th career title
  214. [Topix] U.S. National
  215. [Topix] Sharapova will face tall order to repeat
  216. [Topix] The Goose cuts loose from U.S. Open field (Reg Req'd)
  217. [Topix] Sir Cliff calls for funding help to promote the young ones
  218. [Topix] Champions will retain their titles
  219. [Topix] Grunting girls not welcome
  220. [Scotsman] The shoe fits for Maria
  221. [Topix] KIM Clijsters is reaching for her first Grand Slam thrill on the up-slope of a rollercoaster year...
  222. [Topix] Goosen looks to claim third U.S. Open title
  223. [Scotsman] Murray set to show his real mettle
  224. [Topix] Wimbledon referee makes a noise over grunting
  225. [Topix] The benefits of fame
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  227. [Topix] Full Details
  228. [Scotsman] Federer the philosopher finds plenty to cherish
  229. [Topix] 'I still look up to dad for advice'
  230. [Scotsman] Clijsters refuses to get carried away after recent return to form
  231. [Topix] Roger set to polish the legend ROGER Federer has promised to take a...
  232. [Topix] Weir, Ames way back at U.S. Open
  233. [Topix] Henin tips Clijsters as title threat
  234. [Topix] Clijsters tunes up for Wimbledon with Eastbourne win
  235. [Topix] The Daily Star: Internet Edition Sun. June 19, 2005
  236. [Topix] Ancic To Battle Llodra In Ordina Final
  237. [Topix] Never say never again for Davenport
  238. [Topix] Fendrich on Tennis: a nation turns its lonely eyes to Roddick
  239. [Topix] Ancic to battle Llodra in Ordina final
  240. [Topix] Clijsters Captures Eastbourne Title
  241. [Topix] Clijsters captures Eastbourne title
  242. [Topix] Philippoussis marches into semis
  243. [Yahoo] Nadal not ready to mount title bid (AP)
  244. [Reuters] Renaissance man Philippoussis ready for Wimbledon
  245. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Czech Koukalova wins first title
  246. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Safin puts off surgery for Wimbledon bid
  247. [Topix] Serena Williams No Longer Alone at Top
  248. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Champion Llodra downs Philippoussis, Ancic wins
  249. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Den Bosch Open men's singles semi final results
  250. [Topix] Clijsters beats Douchevina in Eastbourne final