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  23. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Federer shrugs off Kiefer to reach last 16
  24. [BBC News] Federer overcomes stubborn Kiefer
  25. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Wimbledon men's singles round 3 results
  26. [Foxsports Australia] Russian stars shine in Bali
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  28. [BBC News] Davenport wraps up confident win
  29. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Sharapova squeezes through, Pierce advances
  30. [BBC News] Gamewatch: Federer v Kiefer
  31. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Wimbledon-Pierce into last 16 in imperious form
  32. [Reuters] Wimbledon men's singles round 3 results
  33. [BBC News] Sharapova eases into fourth round
  34. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Sharapova fails to sparkle in third-round win
  35. [BBC News] Ferrero recovers to move through
  36. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Pierce into last 16 in imperious form
  37. [Scotsman] Andymonium all around but Murray keeps cool
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  40. [Topix] May-Treanor eyes title
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  42. [Topix] Henman Wilts While Murray Blooms at Wimbledon
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  44. [Yahoo] Myskina survives again at Wimbledon (AP)
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  46. [Topix] Roddick ends drought with win in fifth set
  47. [Topix] Five-setter for Roddick, but he goes through
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  51. [Topix] Sport
  52. [Topix] Safin suffers Spanish mauling at Wimbledon ss
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  54. [Topix] Gravy Train Tony Blair was last night urged to halt a "grotesque...
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  56. [Topix] Gimelstob dives all over Centre Court, but can't beat Hewitt
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  59. [Topix] Electrical storms and heavy rain end heatwave
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  63. [Scotsman] Murray takes centre stage
  64. [Topix] Bhupathi-Woodbridge pair crashes out of Wimbledon
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  70. [Topix] Kuznetsova leads charge of the Russians
  71. [Foxsports Australia] Thai in Beijing semis
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  73. [Topix] Electrical storms lit up much of southern England today ending a...
  74. [Scotsman] Myskina claws way back from brink
  75. [Yahoo] Roddick wins five-setter, Safin loses (AP)
  76. [Yahoo] Russian women's sweep at Wimbledon (AP)
  77. [Topix] AFP World Sports
  78. [Yahoo] Diving Gimelstob can't beat Hewitt (AP)
  79. [Topix] Lacklustre Safin crashes out of Wimbledon
  80. [Topix] Roddick, Hewitt Move On; Safin Ousted
  81. [Topix] The Daily Star: Internet Edition Sat. June 25, 2005
  82. [Reuters] UPDATE 5-Wimbledon women's singles round 3 results
  83. [Topix] Hewitt beats injured American hopeful
  84. [BBC News] Murray on Wimbledon centre stage
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  86. [Reuters] WRAPUP 1-Wimbledon-Safin suffers Spanish mauling
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  88. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Wimbledon-Myskina triumphs in thriller
  89. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Safin turns anger on Davis Cup organisers
  90. [Topix] Roddick finishes off Bracciali
  91. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Safin bears no grudge
  92. [Topix] Russian star Marat Safin eliminated by underdog Spaniard at Wimbledon
  93. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Wimbledon-Rain and thunder stops play
  94. [Topix] Court Surfaces Quiz
  95. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Wimbledon-Safin suffers Spanish mauling
  96. [Reuters] UPDATE 4-Wimbledon men's singles results
  97. [Topix] Mauresmo, Dementieva advance at Big W
  98. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Russians colonise women's singles
  99. [Foxsports Australia] Spadea cruises into quarters
  100. [Topix] Lopez dumps out Safin
  101. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Wimbledon-Myskina triumphs in thriller
  102. [Topix] Easy pickings for mighty Mauresmo
  103. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Safin suffers Spanish mauling
  104. [BBC News] Roddick struggles to five-set win
  105. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Wimbledon-Safin humbled by Lopez in third round
  106. [BBC News] Myskina survives marathon battle
  107. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Rain stops play
  108. [Topix] Lopez summons Safin's Wimbledon demons
  109. [Yahoo] Safin tripped up by grass at Wimbledon (AP)
  110. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Wimbledon-Hungry Hewitt shoulders past Gimelstob
  111. [Topix] France's Amelie Mauresmo advances to fourth round at Wimbledon
  112. [BBC News] Myskina hangs on to beat Jankovic
  113. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Wimbledon men's singles results
  114. [Topix] Sports Briefs - June 24, 2005
  115. [BBC News] Gonzalez ends Johansson campaign
  116. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Hewitt scurries throueh to last 16
  117. [BBC News] Roddick held up by rain
  118. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Wimbledon-Safin humbled by Lopez in third round
  119. [Yahoo] Safin eliminated by Lopez at Wimbledon (AP)
  120. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Wimbledon men's singles results
  121. [BBC News] Steady Hewitt moves into last 16
  122. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Wimbledon-Mauresmo's elusive grand slam beckons
  123. [Topix] Mauresmo, Kuznetsova Advance at Wimbledon
  124. [BBC News] Limp Safin slumps to Lopez defeat
  125. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Safin humbled by Lopez in third round
  126. [Topix] Becker backs Olympic bid
  127. [Yahoo] Kuznetsova advances at Wimbledon (AP)
  128. [BBC News] Henman tumbles out of the top 10
  129. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-Wimbledon women's singles round 3 results
  130. [Topix] Cry Of The Mild
  131. [Yahoo] Sharapova routs rival Karatantcheva (AP)
  132. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Mauresmo challenge gathers pace
  133. [Reuters] RPT-Olympics-Becker throws support behind Wimbledon and London
  134. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Wimbledon women's singles round 3 results
  135. [Topix] Nadal's home help
  136. [BBC News] Mauresmo races into fourth round
  137. [Topix] Mauresmo advances to fourth round at Wimbledon
  138. [Yahoo] Serena likes her chances at Wimbledon (AP)
  139. [BBC News] Murray rewarded for hard work
  140. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Mauresmo sails into last 16
  141. [Scotsman] Tennis ace shows grandfather the true cost of a bad line call
  142. [Topix] NCAA Bans Baylor From Nonconference Play
  143. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Wimbledon women's singles round 3 results
  144. [Reuters] Wimbledon women's singles round 3 results
  145. [BBC News] Live: Hewitt v Gimelstob
  146. [Scotsman] Defeat for sure, says Murray
  147. [Topix] NOTEBOOK When these kids finally collide, sparks do fly
  148. [Reuters] Olympics-Becker throws support behind Wimbledon
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  150. [Scotsman] Murray : I can't win again
  151. [BBC News] Becker backs London Olympic bid
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  153. [Topix] UK media hails Sania's Centre Court debut
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  158. [Topix] Jane's Counting Cost of Early Ko
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  160. [Topix] Nadal Agony
  161. [Topix] Ace Andy Serves Up Winning Expressions: the New Face of British Tennis
  162. [Foxsports Australia] Myskina falls in Bali
  163. [Topix] Bhupathi-Woodbridge lose in second round
  164. [Topix] But Chamier's trainer Vincent O'Brien launched an objection on the...
  165. [Yahoo] Sharapova routs rival Karatancheva (AP)
  166. [Topix] Coria and Nalbandian in third round, Dulko eliminated
  167. [Topix] Henmania passes its sell-by date
  168. [Topix] Layoff Shows in S. Williams's Win
  169. [Topix] Federer tops the bill on Day Five
  170. [Topix] Museum wants to pocket Nadal's trousers
  171. [Topix] Sharapova has easy time with rival Karatantcheva at Wimbledon
  172. [BBC News] Murray glory after Henman demise
  173. [Reuters] PREVIEW-Wimbledon-Federer tops the bill on Day Five
  174. [Topix] Rampant Lion
  175. [Scotsman] Marvellous Murray
  176. [Topix] Wimbledon Second Round Updates
  177. [Scotsman] Henman's early exit is symbolic of end of an era
  178. [Topix] Sore ankle fails to slow Serena at Wimbledon
  179. [Scotsman] No love lost as Scot calls opponent's behaviour 'stupid'
  180. [Topix] Last Post for British women as O'Donoghue sinks to defeat
  181. [Topix] Tim Henman's shock defeat on Centre Court today came after he vented his frustration by turning...
  182. [Scotsman] Sharapova gets teenage kicks
  183. [Topix] Henman suffers another Wimbledon heartbreak
  184. [Scotsman] Williams pair progress to third round in differing style
  185. [Topix] Number two seed Andy Roddick could not see off the challenge of...
  186. [Topix] Sore ankle fails to slow Serena on grass
  187. [Scotsman] Clay-court king Nadal comes unstuck on grass
  188. [Topix] Wimbledon ref wants players 'dis-gruntled'
  189. [Foxsports Australia] Kim dumps Ferrero
  190. [Topix] Serena goes walkabout before winning
  191. [Yahoo] Nadal and Henman bow out at Wimbledon (AP)
  192. [Yahoo] New hope emerges for British fans (AP)
  193. [BBC News] Henman crashes out
  194. [Topix] Mirza the centre of attention: UK media
  195. [BBC News] Henman - My hopes are fading
  196. [Topix] Turn off those VCR's
  197. [BBC News] Murray plays down chances
  198. [Topix] Murray restores home pride
  199. [BBC News] Sharapova beats Karatantcheva
  200. [Reuters] WRAPUP 2-Wimbledon-Nadal and Henman flop in second round
  201. [Foxsports Australia] New sponsor for Adelaide event
  202. [Yahoo] Sore ankle fails to slow Serena (AP)
  203. [BBC News] Last British woman beaten
  204. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Wimbledon-Murray stuns 14th seed Stepanek
  205. [Topix] Pain but gain for Williams
  206. [BBC News] Leading men set for third round
  207. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Wimbledon-Serena goes walkabout before winning
  208. [Topix] British tennis entered a new era tonight as Scottish teen sensation...
  209. [BBC News] Boris Becker's view
  210. [Reuters] UPDATE 6-Wimbledon men's singles round 2 results
  211. [Reuters] UPDATE 5-Wimbledon men's singles round 2 results
  212. [Topix] Wimbledon Interactive
  213. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Wimbledon-Nadal slides out of Wimbledon
  214. [Topix] Gimelstob wins hard-earned respect
  215. [Reuters] WRAPUP 1-Wimbledon-Nadal and Henman flop in second round
  216. [Topix] Henman turns centre court air blue
  217. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Order of play for Friday
  218. [Topix] Sharapova, Serena, Venus reach third round at Big W
  219. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Wimbledon-Murray stuns 14th seed Stepanek
  220. [Topix] IBM Chooses AeroScout
  221. [Reuters] UPDATE 4-Wimbledon men's singles round 2 results
  222. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Serena goes walkabout before winning
  223. [Topix] Pratt wilts as Venus bounces back
  224. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Murray stuns 14th seed Stepanek
  225. [Topix] Nadal slides out of Wimbledon
  226. [BBC News] Henman concedes hopes are fading
  227. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Downbeat Henman looks to U.S. Open
  228. [Topix] Sharapova moves on at Wimbledon
  229. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-Wimbledon men's singles round 2 results
  230. [BBC News] Murray glory after Henman crashes
  231. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-Wimbledon-Henman falls in second round
  232. [Topix] Tennis-X 5 Questions: Matt Cronin,
  233. [BBC News] Serena struggles past Santangelo
  234. [Reuters] UPDATE 4-Wimbledon women's singles round 2 results
  235. [Scotsman] Murray makes it to third round in style
  236. [Topix] Sania partners Swede, Bhupathi teams up with Pierce in mixed doubles
  237. [BBC News] Brits at Wimbledon photos
  238. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Grass loving Gasquet strolls on
  239. [BBC News] McEnroe's view
  240. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Wimbledon-Nadal, Henman flop in second round
  241. [Topix] Tornado Threat to Glastonbury Pop pilgrims heading for Glastonbury could...
  242. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Wimbledon-Pratt wilts as Venus bounces back
  243. [Topix] Bec quip makes Cash a duffer again
  244. [BBC News] Henman crashes out at Wimbledon
  245. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Wimbledon-Henman falls in second round
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  248. [BBC News] Nadal suffers shock Muller defeat
  249. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Wimbledon men's singles round 2 results
  250. [Scotsman] Henman goes out in second round