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  41. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Wimbledon-Roddick downs stubborn Johansson
  42. [Reuters] =2
  43. [Topix] Roddick reaches second straight Wimbledon final; Federer next
  44. [Topix] Federer-Roddick rematch in Wimbledon final
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  60. [Scotsman] Fed up Lleyton blew it again
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  62. [Reuters] Grosjean pulls out of France's Davis Cup tie
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  73. [Topix] Ken Wiwa (Reg Req'd)
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  89. [Topix] WHEN Andy Murray progressed through two early rounds at Wimbledon, much was understandably made of...
  90. [Topix] Federer Reaches Third Straight Wimbledon Final
  91. [Scotsman] Dunblane produces its second Wimbledon sensation
  92. [Topix] Dogs have their day at Wimbledon
  93. [Topix] Forst Hills Grass Court Clasic Back On Schedule
  94. [Scotsman] Petchey will coach Murray full-time
  95. [Topix] Bryan Brothers To Face Huss&Moodie For Wimbledon Doubles Title
  96. [Topix] Petchey teams up with Murray
  97. [Scotsman] Rain thwarts Roddick and Johansson
  98. [Topix] Johansson Parts Company With Coach
  99. [Topix] Petchy to train Murray
  100. [Reuters] Kuerten returns to Brazil's Davis Cup team
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  111. [Yahoo] Davenport: 'Amazing' to be back in final (AP)
  112. [Topix] Afp U.K.
  113. [Topix] Bhupathi-Pierce enter mixed doubles semis
  114. [Topix] Racket over major's tennis ticket
  115. [BBC News] Rain calls halt to Roddick semi
  116. [Topix] WTA moves tour-ending championships to Madrid from Los Angeles
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  118. [Topix] SECURITY at Wimbledon came under the spotlight today after an undercover journalist got a job...
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  127. [Yahoo] Federer back in Wimbledon final (AP)
  128. [BBC News] Rain halts Roddick-Johansson semi
  129. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Wimbledon-Federer books third final
  130. [BBC News] Hewitt vows to come back stronger
  131. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Rain stops play in men's semi-final
  132. [BBC News] Petchey to coach Murray full-time
  133. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Wimbledon-Federer books third final
  134. [Topix] Ingram 'Broke Wimbledon Ticket Rule'
  135. [BBC News] Tennis umpires may get TV replays
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  137. [Topix] The Lewiston Tribune Online (Reg Req'd)
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  139. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Federer swats Hewitt aside to reach final
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  141. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Wimbledon men's doubles semi final results
  142. [Yahoo] Federer back in Wimbledon final again (AP)
  143. [BBC News] Awesome Federer destroys Hewitt
  144. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Mauresmo left to rue another missed opportunity
  145. [Topix] Venus, Serena Williams in New Reality Show
  146. [Yahoo] Reynolds advances at Forest Hills (AP)
  147. [BBC News] Mistry aims for Wimbledon success
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  149. [Topix] Davenport Defeats Mauresmo at Wimbledon
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  151. [BBC News] Davenport wraps up Mauresmo win
  152. [Topix] Sox are moving on up
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  158. [Reuters] Wimbledon-Davenport finishes off Mauresmo to reach final
  159. [Topix] NOTEBOOK Federer's foes find it very hard to hate a class act
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  161. [Scotsman] Murray gets wish as Petchey looks set to join him full time
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  184. [Topix] King helps pass the time during rain delay at Wimbledon
  185. [Scotsman] Navratilova on title trail again
  186. [Topix] Brutal Venus dethrones Sharapova to reach Wimbledon final
  187. [Topix] Play starts at Wimbledon after rain delay
  188. [Scotsman] Rain gives nervy Mauresmo relief
  189. [Topix] Venus beats Sharapova to return to Wimbledon final
  190. [Yahoo] Dad: Serena, Venus paid for success (AP)
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  193. [Topix] Kilmer Ill with Virus, Not Tennis-Watching
  194. [Topix] Venus shines
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  199. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Wimbledon-Venus ends Sharapova's reign
  200. [Topix] Stop groaning over grunting, says Seles
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  202. [Topix] PBA or school? UAAP cagers have to choose
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  211. [BBC News] Rain, rain go away...
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  213. [Topix] Tennis, anyone? Freedoms' season gets under way Monday at Cabrini
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  221. [BBC News] What next?
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  223. [Topix] Having Annika dominate is great. But what the LPGA really needs is sex appeal.
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  235. [BBC News] Murray relishes Harrison's offer
  236. [BBC News] Roddick ready for gutsy Johansson
  237. [Topix] Take no prisoners approach from Roddick
  238. [BBC News] Madrid to host WTA season finale
  239. [Reuters] Pavel to lead Romania Davis Cup team against Croatia
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  241. [Topix] Rain delays Wimbledon semis
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