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  2. [Reuters] Open-Monfils loses four-hour battle against Djokovic
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  10. [Topix] Serena fumbles first U.S. Open fashion test
  11. [BBC News] "The bottom line is Tim is not fit and not injury free and has not been all year" - JJ
  12. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Federer starts in style, Henman flops
  13. [Topix] Federer opens with easy win in Flushing
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  15. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Mauresmo advances according to plan at Open
  16. [Topix] Federer Opens with Easy Win
  17. [BBC News] Henman & Rusedski crash out
  18. [Reuters] Open-Belgium's Henin-Hardenne on the march
  19. [BBC News] Henin powers to opening victory
  20. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Henman suffers painful first-round loss
  21. [Topix] Roger Federer on ESPN's Hot Seat Wednesday
  22. [Topix] Murray could meet Federer
  23. [Reuters] Open-Ruthless Federer starts in style, Henman flops
  24. [Topix] Champion Federer races into second round
  25. [BBC News] Henman & Rusedski make early exit
  26. [Reuters] Open-Mauresmo advances to second round of US Open
  27. [Topix] Agassi to headline Stockholm Open field
  28. [BBC News] Mauresmo makes impressive start
  29. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Champion Federer races into second round
  30. [Topix] First Indian woman to win
  31. [BBC News] Struggling Henman out of US Open
  32. [Topix] At Leisure
  33. [BBC News] Federer cruises into second round
  34. [Topix] Defending Champ Upset At Open, Sharapova Advances
  35. [Yahoo] Federer cruises to easy first-round win (AP)
  36. [BBC News] "What's pathetic though is the fact that Henman didn't even try out there" - CE
  37. [Reuters] Open-Henman suffers painful first round defeat
  38. [Topix] Gimelstob doesn't hold back
  39. [Topix] Diamonds not forever but Serena still cuts it (Reg Req'd)
  40. [Topix] Tennis-X News, Notes, Quotes and Barbs
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  43. [BBC News] Champion Kuznetsova beaten
  44. [Reuters] Open-Champion Federer races into second round
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  46. [BBC News] Live: Henman v Verdasco
  47. [Topix] Champion had no game against no-name
  48. [BBC News] Rusedski & Murray to face Swiss
  49. [BBC News] Swiss name squad to meet GB
  50. [Topix] Sharapova wins first match with ease.
  51. [BBC News] "Tim has a tough opponent in Verdasco and will have to be in good form to progress" - SS
  52. [Topix] Seven Russians on court on second day of U.S. Open
  53. [Topix] When No. 50 is No. 1
  54. [Topix] Serena's a dingaling for sportin' big bling
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  56. [Topix] Sharapova looks good in opener
  57. [Topix] U.S. National
  58. [Topix] Meek Molik bows early
  59. [Topix] From throne to thrown
  60. [Scotsman] Agassi hungry to surpass Lendl at Flushing Meadows
  61. [Topix] Fresh Start for Agassi in 20th Open
  62. [Topix] Young still has a ways to grow after Open setback
  63. [Topix] The US Open (Reg Req'd)
  64. [Topix] Hanover no longer Cougars golf coach
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  66. [Topix] Style National Snooker : Day of upsets as top seeds suffer defeats
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  68. [Topix] Reuters
  69. [Topix] Technology Gives Instant Tennis Smarts
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  71. [Topix] Open disappointment for underdone Molik (Reg Req'd)
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  75. [Topix] USD men picked fourth
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  77. [Topix] Serena Begins with a Bang
  78. [Reuters] PREVIEW-Open-Top seed Federer set to launch title defence
  79. [Topix] Pratt through, Molik out at US Open (Reg Req'd)
  80. [Reuters] PREVIEW-Open-Top seed Federer set to launch title defencw
  81. [Topix] Safin pulls out with injury
  82. [Topix] Kuznetsova Eliminated at U.S. Open ...
  83. [Topix] Molik out of Open (Reg Req'd)
  84. [Topix] Mac, Bo Jam On Opening Night
  85. [Yahoo] Agassi, Nadal win first-round matches (AP)
  86. [Reuters] Open-Agassi breezes to quick first round victory
  87. [Topix] Federer writes his name on the US Open trophy
  88. [Reuters] WRAPUP 2-Open-Kuznetsova stumbles, fan favourites advance
  89. [Topix] Clijsters roars through to second round
  90. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Top seed Sharapova storms into second round
  91. [Topix] Defending champion Kuznetsova ousted, Spain's Nadal safely through
  92. [BBC News] Agassi through in straight sets
  93. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Open-Serena fumbles first U.S. Open fashion test
  94. [Topix] Serena Williams Is Back With Flash at the Open
  95. [Reuters] WRAPUP 1-Open-Kuznetsova stumbles to first round exit
  96. [Reuters] Open-Top seed Sharapova storms into second round
  97. [BBC News] Sharapova powers past Daniilidou
  98. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Serena fumbles first U.S. Open fashion test
  99. [Topix] The champ is gone
  100. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Early exit for Gaudio, Coria and Puerta win
  101. [Reuters] UPDATE 8-US Open women's singles round 1 results
  102. [Reuters] UPDATE 5-US Open men's singles round 1 results
  103. [Reuters] UPDATE 7-US Open women's singles round 1 results
  104. [Yahoo] Kuznetsova ousted in first round (AP)
  105. [Reuters] UPDATE 4-US Open men's singles round 1 results
  106. [Reuters] UPDATE 6-US Open women's singles round 1 results
  107. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Open-Defending champion Kuznetsova dumped out
  108. [Scotsman] Murray just wants to be a part of it
  109. [Topix] Henman suffers setback
  110. [Yahoo] Nadal brings charismatic game to US Open (AP)
  111. [BBC News] British trio set for first round
  112. [Reuters] Open-Order of play at Flushing Meadows on Tuesday
  113. [Topix] Official 2005 US Open Shop - Free Event-Used Ball Promo
  114. [Yahoo] Body cramps take Morigami out of Open (AP)
  115. [BBC News] Henman reveals new injury
  116. [Reuters] Open-Serena fumbles first fashion test at U.S. Open
  117. [Scotsman] Safin pulls out of US Open
  118. [Topix] Second seed Nadal storms into second round
  119. [BBC News] Resurgent Rusedski
  120. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-US Open men's singles round 1 results
  121. [Reuters] UPDATE 5-US Open women's singles round 1 results
  122. [Topix] Gaudio upset in opening round of US Open
  123. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Open-Kuznetsova shocked, Nadal shines
  124. [Topix] U.E.F.A. Cup 1st Round Draw
  125. [Reuters] UPDATE 4-US Open women's singles round 1 results
  126. [Topix] Russians dominate the court as youth turn to tennis
  127. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Second seed Nadal storms into second round
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  129. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Clijsters roars through to second round
  130. [Topix] Hewitt likes his US Open chances (Reg Req'd)
  131. [Reuters] Open-Venus Williams breezes through at U.S. Open
  132. [Topix] Back Concern for Henman
  133. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-US Open men's singles round 1 results
  134. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Defending champion Kuznetsova dumped out
  135. [Topix] Serena Williams Begins U.S. Open With Win
  136. [Yahoo] Defending champ Kuznetsova out at Open (AP)
  137. [BBC News] Champion Kuznetsova crashes out
  138. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-US Open women's singles round 1 results
  139. [BBC News] Serena & Venus make progress
  140. [Reuters] Open-Women's champion Kuznetsova ousted in first round
  141. [Topix] Injuries hamper women's tennis players
  142. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-US Open men's singles round 1 results
  143. [Topix] US Open Begins Today
  144. [BBC News] Nadal makes confident start in NY
  145. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Serena sparkles, Gaudio embarrassed
  146. [BBC News] Clijsters breezes through opener
  147. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-US Open women's singles round 1 results
  148. [Topix] Sharapova, Williams Refuse to Fly Together to Goodwill Match
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  150. [Reuters] Open-Clijsters roars through to second round
  151. [Topix] Pilot Pen notebook
  152. [Topix] Princeton's Uberoi sisters fail in bid for U.S. Open (Reg Req'd)
  153. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-US Open women's singles round 1 results
  154. [Yahoo] Serena advances as U.S. Open begins (AP)
  155. [BBC News] Serena reaches second round
  156. [Reuters] US Open men's singles round 1 results
  157. [Topix] Gimelstob dresses down women's tour
  158. [BBC News] Gaudio humbled in opening round
  159. [Reuters] Open-Gaudio knocked out by American wild card Baker
  160. [Topix] U.S. women are falling behind
  161. [Topix] Blake rallies back for Pilot Pen title
  162. [Topix] U.S. Open Kicks Off In Queens With Williams Sisters, Agassi, Sharapova
  163. [BBC News] Rusty Serena reaches second round
  164. [Reuters] US Open women's singles round 1 results
  165. [BBC News] Henman reveals new injury setback
  166. [Topix] Today's Game Plan (Reg Req'd)
  167. [Topix] Tursunov hoping for a rebound (Reg Req'd)
  168. [Topix] Serena planning splashy entrance
  169. [Topix] Injured Safin out of US Open
  170. [Topix] U.S. Open
  171. [Topix] Clijsters' fresh start (Reg Req'd)
  172. [BBC News] "For those of you living in or near N.Y., what's the weather like today?" - BP
  173. [Topix] US Open of Tennis Starts on Monday
  174. [Topix] Kohl's to Launch Serena Williams Cosmetic Line
  175. [Topix] The US's great Young hopeful
  176. [Topix] Gimelstob rips WTA on blog
  177. [Topix] Reynolds Strolls Into Lion's Cage With a Smile
  178. [Topix] Women scramble in U.S. Open
  179. [Topix] Umpire in Dispute Won't Be Used, Nor Will Replays
  180. [Topix] 'Retirement' agreeing with Davenport
  181. [Topix] Blake rallies for win
  182. [BBC News] Davenport wants more Slam success
  183. [Topix] Roger Federer to attend opening of new Masters Cup venue in Shanghai
  184. [Topix] 'Maestro' leader of U.S. Open pack
  185. [Yahoo] Davenport not retiring yet (AP)
  186. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Injury forces fifth seed Safin to withdraw
  187. [Reuters] Open-Injury forces fifth seed Safin to withdraw
  188. [Topix] Feisty Blake captures New Haven title on eve of US Open
  189. [Topix] Last Night of Summer Cinema at Socrates
  190. [BBC News] Safin misses US Open with injury
  191. [Reuters] Open-Davenport hopes to make it third time lucky in 2005
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  194. [Topix] 29 Aug TV Linx
  195. [Topix] You Want Attitude? He'll Give You Attitude
  196. [Topix] Courier, Wilander, Martin To Teach At Fantasy Camp
  197. [Topix] Clijsters plans to retire in two years
  198. [Topix] Backhand compliment for Venus Williams
  199. [Reuters] PREVIEW-Open-Serena and Venus launch U.S. Open
  200. [Topix] Clijsters plans to retire in two years (Reg Req'd)
  201. [Topix] Safin out of US Open
  202. [Topix] No. 1 Ranking Up for Grabs in U.S. Open
  203. [Topix] Blake fights to New Haven title
  204. [BBC News] Order of play
  205. [BBC News] Men's draw
  206. [BBC News] Women's draw
  207. [BBC News] Sharapova faces difficult opener
  208. [Yahoo] Women's No. 1 up for grabs at U.S. Open (AP)
  209. [BBC News] Rusedski has Henman in sight
  210. [Scotsman] Murray: I'll play through the pain at US Open
  211. [Topix] James Blake captures Pilot Pen tournament
  212. [Yahoo] Blake completes hometown comeback (AP)
  213. [BBC News] Britons handed tough draw
  214. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-American wildcard Blake wins New Haven title
  215. [Yahoo] Women bring glitz, glamour to Open (AP)
  216. [BBC News] Britain's number one?
  217. [Reuters] American wildcard Blake beats Lopez for New Haven title
  218. [Topix] Rain soaks Pilot Pen championship
  219. [Topix] Molinari rallies past Dougherty at Amateur
  220. [Topix] Defending Champ Forgotten Woman at Open
  221. [BBC News] Shoulder still a worry for Murray
  222. [BBC News] US Open order of play
  223. [Reuters] Open-Svetlana who?
  224. [Topix] Lincoln Family Life To Honor Gibson
  225. [Yahoo] Defending champ overlooked at U.S. Open (AP)
  226. [Topix] Sania jumps to 42 in world rankings
  227. [Topix] Agassi, Graf to Do Another Ad Together
  228. [Reuters] Open-Order of play at U.S. Open on Monday
  229. [BBC News] Murray struggling with shoulder
  230. [Reuters] Open-Roddick not happy playing second fiddle in New York
  231. [Topix] AmEx, Prince Bring U.S. Open To Manhattan
  232. [Topix] Sharapova and Federer prepare to tough it out
  233. [Topix] Agassi, Graf extend ad partnership with financial company
  234. [Topix] Murray shoulders injury worries
  235. [Topix] TV SportsWatch
  236. [Topix] Davenport Wins WTA New Haven, Murray Lets Loose on Wimbledon
  237. [Topix] Philippoussis determined to be a trump card
  238. [Topix] Belgian Kim Clijsters announced her possible retirement at the end of 2007.
  239. [Topix] French fans defend cyclist (Reg Req'd)
  240. [Topix] Sania jumps to 42 in rankings
  241. [Topix] Pilot Pen in hand, she hopes to script a sequel
  242. [BBC News] "I think all three Britons will be very, very lucky to make the second week" - JJ
  243. [Topix] Fun is in eyes of viewer
  244. [Topix] Stamp honors tennis star Ashe
  245. [Topix] Davenport-Mauresmo Final; Clijsters Lines Up Retirement Date
  246. [Topix] Clijsters able to withstand major pressure
  247. [Topix] Tennis stars meet devoted young fans at Flushing Meadows
  248. [Topix] Lindsay Davenport Wins Title at Pilot Pen
  249. [Topix] Legacies on line as U.S. Open takes center stage
  250. [Topix] Scud confident for US Open