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  1. [Topix] Agassi looks up at, sets down Croatian
  2. [Topix] Sports Briefs - September 2, 2005
  3. [Topix] Blake dumps Andreev to set up Nadal showdown
  4. [BBC News] Have Your Say
  5. [Topix] Davenport breezes to win; Henin-Hardenne advances
  6. [Topix] Women Seeds Win Yawners Again at US Open
  7. [BBC News] "I think Andy Murray is too overhyped and is going to be the next Tim Henman" - TO
  8. [Topix] Rafter, Sabatini, Stich Lead List Of Hall Of Fame Nominees
  9. [Topix] Agassi Slays A Giant
  10. [Topix] Simon says yes to Colts
  11. [Topix] Sharapova, Federer Take U.S. Open Stage
  12. [Topix] Athletes, leagues pledge aid (Reg Req'd)
  13. [Scotsman] Murray hopes to set up Stepanek grudge tie
  14. [Topix] Pierce rolling along
  15. [Topix] Amelie Mauresmo Hammers Bulgaria's Sesil
  16. [Topix] Korean Cho Leaps to 3rd Round
  17. [Topix] Muller's mojo exits as Ginepri delivers
  18. [Topix] Agassi cuts Karlovic down to size
  19. [Topix] Inconsistency plagues Muller
  20. [Topix] Mauresmo into third round
  21. [Topix] Five Russians win in straight sets in U.S. Open second round
  22. [Topix] Crafty Agassi Overcomes Karlovic at Open
  23. [Yahoo] Blake wins in front of buddies at Open (AP)
  24. [Topix] Walker scores 3
  25. [Topix] September 2, 2005
  26. [Topix] Labor Day Weekend Events in Queens - September 2 to 5, 2005
  27. [Topix] Unfortunately for Muller, Ginepri isn't Roddick
  28. [Reuters] PREVIEW-Open-Top seeds Federer, Sharapova continue bids
  29. [BBC News] Ahead of the game
  30. [Reuters] Open-Blake dumps Andreev to set up Nadal showdown
  31. [Topix] Latest from US tennis Open
  32. [Topix] ESPN's Spielman back in time for college football
  33. [Topix] Agassi Plays Cards Wisely Against Barrage of Aces
  34. [Reuters] Doubles specialists sue ATP over rule changes
  35. [Topix] Sports coming to aid of hurricane victims
  36. [Topix] Colin Fleming Colin Fleming yesterday marched into the Nottingham Itf...
  37. [BBC News] In-form Blake sets up Nadal clash
  38. [Reuters] Open-Mauresmo eases past Karatantcheva into third round
  39. [Topix] Venus Williams at charity event
  40. [Topix] ANDY Murray feels fitter than ever despite a bout of on-court...
  41. [Topix] Players join in hurricane relief
  42. [Reuters] RPT-WRAPUP 2-Open-Agassi walks tall, women take a stroll
  43. [Topix] Goosen off to a flier at Volkswagen Masters
  44. [Reuters] WRAPUP 1-Open-Agassi draws on experience to fell giant
  45. [BBC News] Mauresmo thrashes Bulgarian teen
  46. [Reuters] UPDATE 5-US Open men's singles round 2 results
  47. [Scotsman] Determined Murray banishes fitness fears
  48. [Topix] Agassi Reaches Third Round in Flushing
  49. [BBC News] Top 100 beckons for upbeat Murray
  50. [Reuters] Open-Friday's featured matches at U.S. Open
  51. [Topix] Tennis rallies for Hurricane relief effort
  52. [Reuters] UPDATE 6-US Open women's singles round 2 results
  53. [Topix] Thongs of praise
  54. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Agassi shows experience to beat Karlovic
  55. [Topix] Serena completed a successful day for the Williams sisters, as she...
  56. [Reuters] UPDATE 4-US Open men's singles round 2 results
  57. [Topix] Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon
  58. [Yahoo] Agassi slays a giant at U.S. Open (AP)
  59. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Players join in hurricane relief
  60. [Topix] US Open photo gallery
  61. [Reuters] WRAPUP 1-Open-Agassi walks tall, women take a stroll
  62. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-US Open men's singles round 2 results
  63. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Davenport sees few early challenges at Open
  64. [Yahoo] Tennis community helps hurricane relief (AP)
  65. [Reuters] Open-Officials rally support for hurricane relief
  66. [Topix] Davenport, Henin-Hardenne reach round of 32 at the Open
  67. [Topix] Glenn Frey, Robin Williams and a Special Surprise Guest Join the...
  68. [Reuters] Open-Agassi battles past Karlovic to reach third round
  69. [BBC News] Agassi sees off Karlovic threat
  70. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-US Open men's singles round 2 results
  71. [BBC News] Ginepri crushes Roddick conqueror
  72. [BBC News] US Open day three photos
  73. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Davenport, Henin do the necessary
  74. [Yahoo] Muller falls to Ginepri at U.S. Open (AP)
  75. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-US Open men's singles round 2 results
  76. [Topix] Below-par Nadal confident of improvement
  77. [Reuters] Open-Davenport charges into third round of U.S. Open
  78. [Topix] Henin-Hardenne Defeats Sanchez Lorenzo to Reach Third Round of U.S. Open
  79. [Reuters] US Open men's singles round 2 results
  80. [Yahoo] Henin-Hardenne wins after sluggish start (AP)
  81. [BBC News] Henin & Davenport post easy wins
  82. [Reuters] Open-Below-par Nadal confident of improvement
  83. [Topix] Scud fails to detonate but Hewitt explodes
  84. [Topix] Serena Williams Serves Up Hurricane Relief
  85. [BBC News] Henin progresses into third round
  86. [Reuters] Open-Belgium's Henin-Hardenne battles through
  87. [Topix] Perfumer & Flavorist Magazine
  88. [Yahoo] American men vanishing at Open (AP)
  89. [Topix] Nadal made to work for victory
  90. [Yahoo] Healthy Clijsters eyes Grand Slam title (AP)
  91. [Topix] Roddick missing at Open, but his 'mojo' ads remain
  92. [BBC News] "I think Murray's going to be in the top 50 within the next six months" - KF
  93. [Reuters] Schumacher hopes his son stays out of F1
  94. [Topix] Jenkins Rides Nadal Hard at U.S. Open ...
  95. [BBC News] "I think Murray's going to be in the Top 50 within the next six months" - KF
  96. [Topix] Sania Mania hits US Open
  97. [Topix] Top Russian tennis players to compete in WTA Kremlin Cup
  98. [BBC News] Murray sets sights on round three
  99. [Topix] Radical Changes Spark Outrage in Doubles Tennis
  100. [Topix] Mighty Mirza ready to move on
  101. [Scotsman] Murray eager for crack at Clement
  102. [Topix] Chris Silva / upon Further Review: Wimbledon club team nets nationals
  103. [Topix] Roddick loses on his birthday
  104. [Topix] Serena Williams charges the net for cosmetics line
  105. [Topix] Content Lleyton storms through
  106. [Topix] New York, September 1 (Ria Novosti, Andrei Loshchilin)-Two Russian...
  107. [Yahoo] Williams sisters on course for showdown (AP)
  108. [Topix] Tricky winds blow through U.S. Open but Sharapova wins easily anyway
  109. [Topix] U.S. Open sports Ralph Lauren
  110. [BBC News] Champion trio take centre stage
  111. [Topix] Three former champions take center stage
  112. [Topix] At the US Open - Seeing More Than One Tennis Match
  113. [Topix] Enterprise Infrastructure Data Centre Virtualization serves US Open Web site
  114. [Topix] Blog Faces Suit Over Reader Comments
  115. [Topix] Sports
  116. [Topix] Clijsters happy, upbeat she'll get first Slam
  117. [Reuters] WRAPUP 2-Open-Nadal wins teen battle, top seeds progress
  118. [Topix] Pratt out, no Aussie women left
  119. [Reuters] WRAPUP 1-Open-Nadal wins teen battle, top seeds progress
  120. [Topix] I Learned Big Lesson from Wimbledon Heartbreak
  121. [BBC News] Nadal beats Jenkins in power show
  122. [Reuters] PREVIEW-Open-Three former champions take centre stage
  123. [Topix] Clijsters aims for first Grand Slam title
  124. [Topix] ANDY Murray has smashed any doubts about his level of fitness by...
  125. [Topix] Hewitt goes through but dud day for Scud
  126. [Reuters] Open-Serena plans to hit aces for hurricane relief
  127. [Topix] Responding to Hurricane Katrina
  128. [BBC News] Nadal delayed by New York rain
  129. [Reuters] WRAPUP 1-Open-Leading ladies shine at windswept U.S. Open
  130. [Topix] Williams breaking out more diamonds for the Open
  131. [Topix] Draw Made For Wimbledon
  132. [Yahoo] Healthy Clijsters looking for slam title (AP)
  133. [Topix] Rahil Gangjee unlikely to defend Volkswagen Masters
  134. [Topix] Likhovtseva Kolkata bound
  135. [BBC News] Serena powers on with solid win
  136. [Reuters] Open-India's Mirza closes in on Sharapova showdown
  137. [Topix] US Gamers Gear Up for World Cyber Games
  138. [Yahoo] American men vanishing at U.S. Open (AP)
  139. [Scotsman] Murray on verge of top 100
  140. [Topix] Venus Breezes on Windy Day at U.S. Open
  141. [Yahoo] Ginepri's doubles partner a 'neighbor' (AP)
  142. [Topix] Raggedy Andy
  143. [Reuters] UPDATE 5-US Open women's singles round 2 results
  144. [Scotsman] Roddick rocked by sharp US Open exit
  145. [Topix] Clijsters battles into third round
  146. [Reuters] Open-Thursday's featured matches at the U.S. Open
  147. [Yahoo] Wild winds don't bring upsets at Open (AP)
  148. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Open-Katrina fails to ruffle Sharapova or Hewitt
  149. [Topix] Hewitt Breezes Past Costa at U.S. Open
  150. [Reuters] Open-Sharapova enjoys sweet victory over Randriantefy
  151. [Topix] IBM To Serve Center Court View At U.S. Open
  152. [Yahoo] Sharapova, Clijsters, Hewitt advance (AP)
  153. [Reuters] UPDATE 4-US Open women's singles round 2 results
  154. [Topix] Pontiac Solstice Rolls Into Showrooms
  155. [Yahoo] Serena breaks out more diamonds at Open (AP)
  156. [Reuters] Open-Venus cruises into third round
  157. [Topix] Sports Briefs - August 31, 2005
  158. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-US Open women's singles round 2 results
  159. [Topix] Columnist Ron Kantowski: Can you feel it? Oh, never mind
  160. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-US Open men's singles results
  161. [Topix] Evacuees To Be Moved To Astrodome
  162. [BBC News] Confident Venus breezes through
  163. [Reuters] UPDATE1-Open-Fourth seed Clijsters battles through
  164. [Topix] Federer coached by text
  165. [Reuters] Open-Hewitt relieved by fast opening win over Costa
  166. [Topix] Letran wallops San Sebastian, 65-46
  167. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-US Open women's singles round 2 results
  168. [Topix] Fans to watch 'NFL PrimeTime' one day later
  169. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Sharapova, Hewitt breeze through
  170. [Topix] Sania will be looking to the 2nd round: Mother
  171. [BBC News] US Open photos
  172. [Reuters] Open-Sharapova breezes to third round at windy U.S. Open
  173. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-US Open men's singles results
  174. [Topix] Today's order of play
  175. [Reuters] Open-Clijsters battles into third round
  176. [Topix] Tennis standout nets U.S. Open bid
  177. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-US Open women's singles round 2 results
  178. [Topix] Davenport, Blake Win Pilot Pen Titles
  179. [BBC News] Sharapova & Clijsters go through
  180. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-US Open men's singles results
  181. [Yahoo] Hewitt advances easily at U.S. Open (AP)
  182. [Reuters] US Open men's singles results
  183. [Reuters] Open-Beaten Roddick's limitations exposed again
  184. [BBC News] Hewitt makes short work of Costa
  185. [Reuters] Open-Hewitt thrashes Costa to reach second round
  186. [Reuters] US Open women's singles round 2 results
  187. [Yahoo] Murray gets sick, still wins first match (AP)
  188. [Yahoo] First-round win gives Guga confidence (AP)
  189. [Topix] AFP World Sports
  190. [BBC News] Maturing Murray aiming for more
  191. [Topix] Andy on Fed Alert Andy Murray is poised for a dream Davis Cup singles...
  192. [BBC News] Hewitt ready for Costa in opener
  193. [Scotsman] Murray shows he has guts for US Open
  194. [BBC News] "This shows Murray is not over-hyped and has the game to make a real impact on the tour" - SS
  195. [Topix] Lindsay on top of world with win over China's Li
  196. [Topix] Sharapova debuts at 2005 US Open
  197. [Scotsman] Beaten Pavel puts Murray up with Nadal
  198. [Topix] Federer starts to defend title with easy first-round win
  199. [Topix] Former Tennis Classic participants at U.S. Open
  200. [Topix] Hewitt to begin U.S. Open title bid
  201. [Topix] Prediction for 2005 -- Santa Fe Christian will be first in Coastal League
  202. [Topix] Davenport, Mauresmo, Henin-Hardenne move on at U.S. Open
  203. [BBC News] Henman may quit next year - Lloyd
  204. [BBC News] Henman determined to bounce back
  205. [BBC News] US Open day two photos
  206. [Topix] Comparing herself to best, Perry realistic in goals
  207. [Topix] Players Pampered, Literally, at Salon
  208. [Topix] In a Slugfest, Goldstein Is KO'd by Kuerten
  209. [Topix] Serena Williams confesses to being a 'beauty junkie'
  210. [Topix] Defending champion Kuznetsova falls, Agassi, Sharapova advance
  211. [Topix] Early exit for Gaudio, Coria and Puerta win
  212. [Reuters] WRAPUP 3-Open-Roddick sent packing by unheralded Muller
  213. [Reuters] Open-Roddick struggles with shock of early New York exit
  214. [Topix] Sun Tiantian advances, Li Na upset in US Open
  215. [Topix] Mauresmo, Henin-Hardenne Roll in U.S. Open First-Rounders
  216. [Topix] First-Round Victory Gives Guga Confidence
  217. [Reuters] PREVIEW-Open-Hewitt to begin U.S. Open title bid
  218. [Reuters] WRAPUP 2-Open-Roddick sent packing by unheralded Muller
  219. [Topix] Paes and Bhupathi gear up
  220. [Yahoo] Roddick out in first round of U.S. Open (AP)
  221. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Muller gives Roddick the birthday blues
  222. [Topix] James Blake and Andy Roddick team up with John Mayer for AnthemLIVE
  223. [Topix] Davenport outlasts Li to advance
  224. [Topix] Moon Tennis - Andy Roddick Plays Tennis on the Moon
  225. [Topix] Easy for leading women
  226. [BBC News] Roddick suffers stunning defeat
  227. [Reuters] Open-Former champion Roddick dumped out by Muller
  228. [Topix] Bjorkman Says Leave Doubles Alone, but Change ATP
  229. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Davenport advances past Li at U.S. Open
  230. [Topix] Defending Champ Kuznetsova Stunned, Canas Banned From Grounds at US Open
  231. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Murray finds Pavel victory hard to stomach
  232. [Topix] First-round victory gives Guga confidence
  233. [Yahoo] Murray gets sick, still wins at Open (AP)
  234. [Reuters] WRAPUP 1-Open-Imperious Federer races into second round
  235. [Topix] Arthurs, Stosur bomb out of US Open (Reg Req'd)
  236. [Topix] Federer flies into US Open second round
  237. [Reuters] Open-Davenport outlasts Li to advance
  238. [Topix] Today's Picture
  239. [Yahoo] Heat takes toll on more players at Open (AP)
  240. [Reuters] Open-Murray guts out five- set victory over angry Pavel
  241. [Topix] UPI NewsTrack Sports
  242. [BBC News] Brave Murray through in five sets
  243. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Open-Agony for Henman, Rusedski, joy for Murray
  244. [Topix] The Daily Star: Internet Edition Wed. August 31, 2005
  245. [Scotsman] Does Andy Murray no longer feel the love?
  246. [Topix] Belgium's Henin-Hardenne on the march
  247. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Henin-Hardenne crushes Czech Ondraskova
  248. [Scotsman] Tame Henman and Rusedski fall at US Open
  249. [Reuters] Open-Schedule of Wednesday's featured U.S. Open matches
  250. [Reuters] Open-Monfils loses four-hour battle against Djokovic