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  15. [Topix] Clijsters Cruises by Pierce to Win Open
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  18. [Reuters] WRAPUP 2-Open-Clijsters clinches first grand slam crown
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  21. [Reuters] WRAPUP 1-Open-Clijsters claims first grand slam crown
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  32. [Topix] Agassi Defies Odds and Age; Federer Keeps On Rolling
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  38. [Topix] Federer into US Open final
  39. [Reuters] Open-Clijsters hammers Pierce to win U.S. Open title
  40. [Scotsman] Russia's fallen empire
  41. [BBC News] Clijsters sweeps to US Open title
  42. [Reuters] Open-Clijsters takes first set of women's US final
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  44. [Scotsman] Age, no final frontier
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  62. [Topix] Agassi tops Ginepri in five-set thriller
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  66. [Topix] Sanz keeps Dolphins above the NCAA field
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  71. [Reuters] Open-Agassi outlasts Ginepri to reach U.S. Open final
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  84. [Topix] Henin-Hardenne withdraws from Luxembourg
  85. [Topix] Woodside mom nets $10 G at U.S. Open
  86. [Topix] Bryans double up in straight-set win
  87. [Topix] Bitsy Grant's legend lives on (Reg Req'd)
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  95. [Topix] Clijsters beats Sharapova to reach US Open final
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  103. [Topix] The Quiet One's still having fun
  104. [Topix] The Sun Online
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  106. [Topix] Split afternoon at Solheim Cup; Europe leads overall (Reg Req'd)
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  109. [Topix] Clijsters to play Pierce in U.S. Open final
  110. [Topix] Warrant Issued in Stabbing Death of Elderly Farmington Resident
  111. [Topix] Clijsters favored against scrappy Pierce
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  120. [Scotsman] Disjointed Hewitt faces tough task against Federer
  121. [Yahoo] Pierce, Clijsters to meet in Open final (AP)
  122. [Reuters] Open-Sharapova says she needs to get fitter
  123. [Topix] Bryan twins capture U.S. Open doubles title
  124. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Open-Clijsters wins another crack at a slam
  125. [Scotsman] Win lands Pierce a place in US final and French history
  126. [Topix] Masters hold court in second week of U.S. Open
  127. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Clijsters beats Sharapova to reach final
  128. [Reuters] Open-Clijsters beats Sharapova to reach U.S. Open final
  129. [Topix] Masters hold court in second week of Open
  130. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Dementieva says Pierce used unfair tactics
  131. [BBC News] Clijsters battles past Sharapova
  132. [Reuters] Open-Dementieva accuses Pierce of using unfair tactics
  133. [Topix] Pierce overcomes injuries, makes U.S. Open final
  134. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Pierce rallies to reach U.S. Open final
  135. [Topix] Numbers add up for Sponsors as U.S. Open and Lexus Tote up the Sums
  136. [Yahoo] All eyes on Agassi in men's semis (AP)
  137. [Reuters] Open-Pierce rallies to reach first U.S. Open final
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  139. [Topix] The Daily Star: Internet Edition Sat. September 10, 2005
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  143. [Yahoo] Hurting Pierce makes U.S. Open final (AP)
  144. [Topix] Agassi Into the Final Four
  145. [BBC News] Live: Sharapova v Clijsters
  146. [BBC News] Pierce fights back to reach final
  147. [Topix] Saints deserve extra cheers
  148. [Yahoo] Hurting Pierce makes U.S. Oopen final (AP)
  149. [Reuters] PREVIEW-Open-Agassi and Hewitt face moment of truth
  150. [BBC News] Live: Pierce v Dementieva
  151. [Topix] Bryans capture U.S. Open doubles title
  152. [BBC News] Bryan twins seal doubles success
  153. [Reuters] Open-Federer waits for Hewitt, dagger in hand
  154. [Topix] Federer sharpens knife for Hewitt
  155. [BBC News] Agassi one step from dream final
  156. [Reuters] Open-Bryan twins take U.S. doubles title
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  158. [Topix] Hewitt has to attack: McEnroe (Reg Req'd)
  159. [Topix] Tennis Auction To Benefit Hurricane Relief
  160. [Topix] Tragedy an overriding theme as NFL takes the air
  161. [Topix] Yeltsin in stable condition after surgery
  162. [BBC News] "I think Federer may well have dropped his last set of the tournament already" - CV
  163. [Topix] Hewitt, Federer advance to semis
  164. [Topix] Fault called on satellite services (Reg Req'd)
  165. [Topix] At 35, Agassi pulls off a win for the ages (Reg Req'd)
  166. [Topix] Tennis star deflects clothing row
  167. [Topix] Wheels up at U.S. Open
  168. [BBC News] Mirza deflects clothing row
  169. [BBC News] Comeback kid
  170. [Topix] Unlikely pair in final 4
  171. [BBC News] Mistry makes bright start in US
  172. [Topix] Remote patrol
  173. [Topix] Go Saints (Reg Req'd)
  174. [Topix] Women bid to reach final at U.S. Open
  175. [Yahoo] Family life keeps Agassi grounded (AP)
  176. [Topix] Lleyton Hewitt is scalded in the New York press
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  178. [Reuters] Open-Relieved Federer hits top form at last in New York
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  180. [Reuters] Open-Agassi quiets retirement talk with lively Open run
  181. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Federer whips Nalbandian to reach semis
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  183. [Topix] Weekend Events in Queens - September 10 to 11, 2005
  184. [Topix] Pierce Is Enjoying a Surprising Run
  185. [Topix] Sharapova regains top spot
  186. [Topix] Agassi quiets retirement talk with lively Open run
  187. [Topix] Federer and Hewitt both advance to semifinals at U.S. Open tennis tournament
  188. [Topix] Tour of Spain welcomes Armstrong
  189. [Topix] Hantuchova and Bhupathi win mixed doubles title
  190. [Reuters] Open-Federer demolishes Nalbandian to reach semi-finals
  191. [Reuters] Open-Friday's featured singles matches at US Open
  192. [Reuters] Open-Hewitt a step slower, and a step closer to final
  193. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-US Open women's doubles semi final results
  194. [Yahoo] Hewitt faces Federer in U.S. Open semis (AP)
  195. [Reuters] US Open women's doubles semi final results
  196. [Topix] Agassi to build Idaho resort
  197. [Topix] Hewitt comes alive to reach Open semis
  198. [Topix] POC slams door on BAP
  199. [BBC News] In-form Federer reaches last four
  200. [Topix] Pair of upsets fixes women's doubles finals
  201. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Hewitt comes alive to reach Open semi
  202. [Reuters] Open-Road to U.S. Open women's semi-finals
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  205. [Reuters] PREVIEW-Open-Nearly woman meets golden girl at U.S. Open
  206. [Scotsman] Agassi hails epic comeback as a career highlight
  207. [Topix] Hewitt digs deep to book semi spot
  208. [Yahoo] Hewitt advances to U.S. Open semifinals (AP)
  209. [Topix] Ageless Agassi Brings Magic to U.S. Open
  210. [Yahoo] Agassi creates more U.S. Open memories (AP)
  211. [Topix] Bhupathi-Hantuchova lift title
  212. [Yahoo] Hantuchova, Bhupathi win mixed doubles (AP)
  213. [BBC News] Clijsters ready to face Sharapova
  214. [Topix] Ginepri has a new identity:
  215. [Reuters] Open-Hewitt comes alive to reach U.S. Open semi-finals
  216. [Topix] Ginepri's new identity: Open semifinalist
  217. [Reuters] Open-Hantuchova completes full set of mixed titles
  218. [BBC News] Battling Hewitt through to semis
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  220. [Topix] Agassi goes to the limit, and beyond, to win
  221. [Topix] Hantuchova, Bhupathi Capture Mixed Doubles Title At The Open
  222. [Topix] Bjorkman-mirnyi To Meet Bryans In Open Doubles Final
  223. [BBC News] Hantuchova & Bhupathi take title
  224. [Topix] Women's semis on tap for Friday in Flushing
  225. [BBC News] US Open day 10 photos
  226. [Yahoo] Ginepri's new ID: Open semifinalist (AP)
  227. [BBC News] Sharapova to regain top ranking
  228. [Topix] Shock-trooper Agassi lights up US Open
  229. [Topix] Sharapova-Clijsters headlines US Open women's semi-finals
  230. [Topix] Saturday's Lotto Jackpot: $17 Million
  231. [Topix] Khurana to announce next step soon
  232. [Topix] Davenport comes undone in quarterfinal loss to Dementieva
  233. [Yahoo] Pierce recapturing best parts of youth (AP)
  234. [Yahoo] At age 35, Agassi produces a classic (AP)
  235. [BBC News] "Agassi ought to beat Ginepri and then who knows what might happen?" - MI
  236. [Topix] Sania hopes to be world number one
  237. [Topix] Pierce's return reaches semis
  238. [Topix] 'Hometown boy' hits semis at U.S. Open (Reg Req'd)
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