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  6. [BBC News] "Mauresmo's game is may favourite. She has the best all round play and is not simply a slugger" - SB
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  20. [Topix] HU hires Granby coach as an assistant
  21. [BBC News] China Open action hit by downpour
  22. [BBC News] Federer retains US crown
  23. [Reuters] Pierce returns to favourite venue for Fed Cup final
  24. [Reuters] Bali International women's singles round 2 results
  25. [Reuters] Rain threatens to wash out play at China Open
  26. [Topix] Nalbandian defeats Hadad to reach quarterfinals
  27. [Topix] Molik eases back into tour after illness
  28. [Topix] Riker-Lent Homestead Tour
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  36. [Topix] Davenport, Schiavone reach quarterfinals in Bali
  37. [Topix] Top-seeded Puerta advances to quarterfinals at BCR Open
  38. [BBC News] Davenport keen to improve
  39. [Topix] Nadal, Nalbandian among Day-3 winners in Beijing
  40. [Topix] Croatia Seeks Split Decision In Davis Cup Semis
  41. [Topix] Johnny Mac's big mouth got him in trouble on the court, but it's good for the booth.
  42. [BBC News] Serra upsets Volandri in Romania
  43. [BBC News] Davenport keen to improve in Bali
  44. [Topix] Fashion Week snapshot (Reg Req'd)
  45. [Yahoo] Nadal, Ferrero, Moya, Nalbandian advance (AP)
  46. [Topix] Davenport eases into Wismilak quarters
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  48. [Topix] Van der Meer Named Faculty Emeritus
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  50. [Topix] Roddick Serves Up Relief Support
  51. [Yahoo] Top-seeded Puerta reaches BCR quarters (AP)
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  54. [Topix] Safin to miss Davis Cup semis against Croatia
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  57. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-China Open men's singles results
  58. [Yahoo] Davenport advances to Bali quarterfinals (AP)
  59. [Reuters] Davenport eases through in Bali
  60. [Yahoo] Top seed Nadal wins easily at China Open (AP)
  61. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-Nadal gets morale booster at China Open
  62. [Reuters] Bali International women's singles results
  63. [Reuters] China Open men's singles results
  64. [BBC News] "Could Federer beat Sampras at his peak? I think it would be a cracking game" - AV
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  66. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Nadal gets confidence boost at China Open
  67. [Foxsports Australia] Safin yearns to break drought
  68. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Nadal enjoys confidence-booster at China Open
  69. [BBC News] Nadal gets back to winning ways
  70. [Reuters] Top seed Nadal eases through at China Open
  71. [Topix] Lindsay Davenport says too many competitions spoiling women's tennis
  72. [Topix] Photos Along the 7
  73. [Topix] Junta Hispana at Flushing Meadows
  74. [Topix] Victory at last for Molik (Reg Req'd)
  75. [Topix] Johansson, Nalbandian, Coria advance at China Open
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  77. [Topix] Hrbaty puts his shirt on Slovak win
  78. [Topix] Letterman's house painter pleads guilty
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  80. [Topix] France To Host Russia In Fed Cup Final
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  83. [BBC News] No major casualties in Bucharest
  84. [Foxsports Australia] Spadea, Ancic advance to semis
  85. [BBC News] Seed Mirza slips to Bychkova loss
  86. [Topix] Boris Yeltsin recovers from hip surgery
  87. [Topix] Bychkova upsets eighth-seeded Mirza in Bali tennis
  88. [Foxsports Australia] Unseeded players storm semis
  89. [Yahoo] Johansson, Nalbandian advance in China (AP)
  90. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-Romanian Open men's singles round 1 results
  91. [Reuters] Injured Safin ruled out of Davis Cup semi-final
  92. [Reuters] UPDATE 4-China Open men's singles round 1 results
  93. [Topix] Sania in first round loss in Bali
  94. [Reuters] Victory at last for Molik in Bali
  95. [Foxsports Australia] Russian stars shine in Bali
  96. [Topix] The highlights
  97. [BBC News] Safin to sit out Davis Cup semi
  98. [BBC News] Volandri eases through
  99. [BBC News] Sharapova back to top spot
  100. [Topix] Fifth seed Hrbaty pulls out of China Open due to injury
  101. [Yahoo] Johansson, Nalbandian, advance in China (AP)
  102. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-China Open men's singles round 1 results
  103. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-China Open men's singles round 1 results
  104. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-Coria, Nalbandian make easy progress in China
  105. [Reuters] Argentines unfairly singled out over doping, says Coria
  106. [Topix] Argentines unfairly singled out over doping, says Coria
  107. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Jet-lagged Coria, Nalbandian through in China
  108. [Topix] Tennis -
  109. [Topix] Injured Lindsay Whalen could miss finals
  110. [BBC News] "In 2006 Federer's priorities will change. He will really look to win the French Open" - C
  111. [Topix] A strong case for Federer
  112. [Topix] Argentine Nalbandian through at China Open
  113. [BBC News] Nalbandian through in China
  114. [BBC News] Volandri eases through in Romania
  115. [Topix] Schiavone Wins at Wismilak International
  116. [Foxsports Australia] Flying Finn knocks off Nalbandian
  117. [BBC News] Nalbandian through at China Open
  118. [Topix] Wright signs with Wolves
  119. [Topix] Sports Digest
  120. [Topix] Howard drives to ProCup rookie award
  121. [BBC News] LTA puts Queen's Club up for sale
  122. [Topix] Saints find temporary homes in San Antonio, Baton Rouge
  123. [BBC News] Acasuso through in Romania
  124. [Foxsports Australia] How to tame rampant Roger
  125. [Topix] Press Club shindig raising money for Katrina victims
  126. [Topix] Federer chases history
  127. [Topix] Back at No.1, Sharapova Takes Stock
  128. [Topix] Former Dolphin Csonka Rescued in Bering Sea
  129. [Topix] Photo News
  130. [Foxsports Australia] Alexander slams junior programs
  131. [Topix] Elle MacPherson Lingerie Ad on Long Island Expressway
  132. [Topix] Schiavone gets first-round win at Wismilak
  133. [Foxsports Australia] Thai in Beijing semis
  134. [Topix] Bonds returns after lengthy injury absence
  135. [Topix] Sharapova back at No. 1; Pierce No. 6
  136. [Scotsman] Agassi hails conqueror Federer as best of the all-time greats
  137. [Topix] Introducing Cardio Tennis
  138. [Topix] Democratic Primaries - September 13, 2005
  139. [Topix] Yesterday's Front Page
  140. [Topix] Roger Federer surges past Andre Agassi to win U.S. Open title
  141. [Topix] Dry runs for SEAG ceremonies on
  142. [Topix] PacMan must work on defense, say fans
  143. [Topix] San Beda's swimmers NCAA champs anew
  144. [Yahoo] Ratings up 100 percent for men's final (AP)
  145. [Topix] Sports Week in Photos
  146. [BBC News] Acasuso eases through at BCR Open
  147. [Topix] Acasuso, Mathieu Reach Second Round In Bucharest
  148. [Topix] Schiavone Wins Bali Opener
  149. [Yahoo] Ferrero, Moya advance at China Open (AP)
  150. [Topix] Federer surges past Agassi
  151. [Reuters] No time for U.S. Open champion Federer to rest
  152. [Topix] The Daily Star: Internet Edition Tue. September 13, 2005
  153. [Foxsports Australia] Spadea cruises into quarters
  154. [Yahoo] Alone among peers, Federer eyes history (AP)
  155. [Yahoo] Sharapova regains No. 1 ranking (AP)
  156. [Topix] FIFA now in line with WADA code, insists Blatter
  157. [Topix] Acasuso advances in Budapest tennis
  158. [Topix] Sport home
  159. [Topix] Sports Briefs - September 12, 2005
  160. [Reuters] Ferrer named in Spain's Davis Cup team for Italy playoff
  161. [Topix] Moya proves too efficient
  162. [BBC News] Ferrero progresses in China Open
  163. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Romanian Open men's singles round 1 results
  164. [Yahoo] Acasuso advances in Bucharest (AP)
  165. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Romanian Open men's singles round 1 results
  166. [Yahoo] Clijsters ends Grand Slam finals drought (AP)
  167. [Yahoo] Agassi's spectacular run comes to an end (AP)
  168. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Moya and Ferrero advance at China Open
  169. [Yahoo] Lendl, Connolly honored at Open (AP)
  170. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-China Open men's singles round 1 results
  171. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Moya and Ferrero advance in China
  172. [Topix] Federer surges on past Agassi to win U.S. Open
  173. [Reuters] Schiavone survives opening round scare
  174. [Topix] Clijsters can thank bad wrist for good form
  175. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Bali International women's singles round 1 results
  176. [Reuters] Romanian Open men's singles round 1 results
  177. [Reuters] Bali International women's singles round 1 results
  178. [Reuters] Moya safely past Paradorn in China Open
  179. [Topix] Sixth grand slam for Federer
  180. [Reuters] China Open men's singles round 1 results
  181. [Topix] Jeers turn to cheers for Lendl
  182. [Yahoo] Clijsters wins first Grand Slam title (AP)
  183. [Yahoo] Clijsters earns career payday (AP)
  184. [Foxsports Australia] Kim names the day
  185. [Topix] Agassi says Federer is the best
  186. [Topix] Losing to 'the best' at the US Open won't force Andre Agassi into retirement
  187. [Topix] U.S. Open Notebook Tough times for top women
  188. [Topix] Wait is over for Clijsters
  189. [Topix] Basketball
  190. [Topix] Top Ten Reasons to Simulate the US Open on 2K Sports' Top Spin for PS2 instead of Attending in Person
  191. [Topix] Sania ranked 34th
  192. [Topix] Sania jumps to 34th place in WTA rankings
  193. [BBC News] Murray closes in on top 100 place
  194. [Topix] Agassi fights, but Federer proves to be far too good
  195. [BBC News] Sharapova moves back to top spot
  196. [Reuters] Federer untouchable for now, says Nadal
  197. [BBC News] "Roger Federer - I salute you - truly a great gladiator of the tennis world" - TS
  198. [Reuters] Tennis - ATP Tour Entry Ranking standings
  199. [Foxsports Australia] Myskina falls in Bali
  200. [Topix] Clijsters' Open title is a major breakthrough
  201. [Topix] Tom Tebbutt
  202. [Topix] Clijsters breaks bank with win
  203. [Topix] Sharapova regains top spot in world ratings
  204. [Topix] Hewitt stunned by personal attack
  205. [Topix] September 12, 2005
  206. [Topix] Calcavecchia come through in Canada
  207. [Topix] Stosur tennis' new million dollar baby
  208. [Topix] Puerta Heads Dirt Field at ATP Romanian Open
  209. [Topix] Nadal, 7 Slam Finalists at ATP China Open
  210. [Topix] At 35, Agassi Gives All but Falls to Younger Star
  211. [Topix] Agassi levels US Open final
  212. [Reuters] WRAPUP 2-Open-Federer wrecks Agassi's dream
  213. [Reuters] Tennis - ATP Tour Champions Race standings
  214. [Reuters] Open-Contented Federer amazes himself with U.S. Open win
  215. [Reuters] WRAPUP 1-Open-Federer wrecks Agassi's dream
  216. [Topix] Runner-up Agassi says Federer best he ever played
  217. [BBC News] Federer enjoys 'greatest' victory
  218. [Reuters] Open-Runner-up Agassi says Federer best he ever played
  219. [Foxsports Australia] Kim dumps Ferrero
  220. [Reuters] Tennis - WTA Tour Champions Race standings
  221. [Yahoo] Clijsters has career payday at U.S. Open (AP)
  222. [Reuters] Open-Agassi says he has no plans to retire
  223. [Reuters] Tennis - WTA Tour Entry Ranking standings
  224. [Reuters] Open-U.S. Open men's final statistics
  225. [BBC News] Agassi still uncertain on future
  226. [Reuters] Open-Federer treasures "most special" slam win
  227. [Reuters] Open-U.S. Open men's singles champions
  228. [Foxsports Australia] New sponsor for Adelaide event
  229. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Federer beats brave Agassi to win U.S. Open
  230. [Topix] Federer Wins 2nd Straight U.S. Open Title
  231. [Reuters] FACTBOX-U.S. Open winner Federer factbox
  232. [Topix] Clijsters dumps Pierce at Open
  233. [Reuters] Open-Federer holds off brave Agassi to retain U.S. Open
  234. [Reuters] US Open men's singles final result
  235. [Scotsman] Smiles all round as Clijsters conquers
  236. [Topix] Federer wins 2nd straight U.S. Open title
  237. [Yahoo] Federer surges past Agassi to win Open (AP)
  238. [Topix] Many titles on tap at U.S. Open
  239. [Topix] Federer takes opening set of U.S. final
  240. [BBC News] Peerless Federer retains US crown
  241. [Topix] Stosur, Raymond win doubles title
  242. [Yahoo] Lendl, Connolly honored at U.S. Open (AP)
  243. [Yahoo] Sweeting wins U.S. Open Junior Boys (AP)
  244. [Topix] Federer, Agassi Clash in US Open Men's Tennis Final
  245. [BBC News] Live: Federer v Agassi
  246. [BBC News] Clijsters savours triumph
  247. [BBC News] Raymond & Stosur win doubles
  248. [Topix] Clijsters wins Open for first Slam crown
  249. [BBC News] Promise fulfilled
  250. [Topix] US Open 2005 - Men's Final