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  24. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Hewitt grinds down crafty Arazi
  25. [Reuters] Open-Hewitt hits top gear, Mauresmo storms on
  26. [Topix] Mauresmo Reaches U.S. Open Fourth Round
  27. [Reuters] Open-Ferrero edged out by Koubek in five-set thriller
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  38. [Topix] 50 years later, Grand Slam champ Hart remembers breakthrough well
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  41. [Reuters] Open-Haas puts Grosjean in the shade
  42. [Topix] Mauresmo, Sugiyama reach Open's fourth round
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  44. [Reuters] Open-Haas puts Grosjaan in the shade
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  68. [Reuters] Golden girls lead China's charge onto world scene
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  76. [Topix] UPI NewsTrack Sports
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  98. [Reuters] UPDATE 4-U.S. Open men's singles results
  99. [Topix] French Open champions lose at U.S. Open tennis tournament Thursday
  100. [Yahoo] Agassi, Sharapova, Williams advance
  101. [Reuters] Open-Olympic champion Massu falls to Sargsian
  102. [Topix] Fourth-Seed Myskina Stunned by Russian Qualifier
  103. [Reuters] Venus overcomes early jitters to oust Uberoi
  104. [Foxsports Australia] Hewitt sole singles survivor
  105. [Topix] Davenport dashes to 19th straight
  106. [Reuters] Open-Sharapova withstands Jankovic fightback to advance
  107. [Reuters] UPDATE 6-U.S. Open women's singles results
  108. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-French Open champion Gaudio crashes out
  109. [Reuters] UPDATE 5-U.S. Open women's singles results
  110. [Scotsman] Henman injury on back-burner as he progresses
  111. [Topix] French Open champions Myskina, Gaudio upset
  112. [Reuters] Open-Agassi says sport is safe in Roddick's hands
  113. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-U.S. Open men's singles results
  114. [Foxsports Australia] Seeds tumble in error fest
  115. [Yahoo] Agassi wins again at U.S. Open
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  117. [Scotsman] Federer rallies after blip against unknown Cypriot
  118. [Topix] City not hyping Flushing despite sports events: Study
  119. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Myskina stunned by Russian qualifier
  120. [Reuters] Open-Henman shrugs off back injury and Golmard
  121. [Topix] Israeli qualifier throws a scare into No. 1 at U.S. Open
  122. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Open-Henin-Hardenne toils, Agassi rolls on
  123. [BBC News] Agassi reaches third round
  124. [Reuters] Open-Agassi advances after Mayer injury
  125. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-U.S. Open men's singles results
  126. [Foxsports Australia] Johansson defeats Gaudio
  127. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-U.S. Open men's singles results
  128. [Reuters] UPDATE 4-U.S. Open women's singles results
  129. [Topix] Henin-Hardenne, Davenport Advance; Myskina Shocked in New York
  130. [Reuters] UPDATE1-Open-Henin-Hardenne admits Athens hangover
  131. [BBC News] Henman sees off Golmard
  132. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Davenport rolls on, Henin-Hardenne toils
  133. [Topix] Davenport Rolls On, Henin-Hardenne Toils at U.S. Open
  134. [Reuters] Open-Myskina stunned by Russian qualifier
  135. [Topix] Srichaphan Dives Into U.S. Open Third Round
  136. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-U.S. Open women's singles results
  137. [Foxsports Australia] Davenport reaches third round
  138. [Topix] Davenport stays red hot, reaches third round at the Open
  139. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Davenport extends winning streak
  140. [Topix] Tributes Flow in for Todd Martin
  141. [Reuters] Open-Unconvincing Henin-Hardenne struggles through
  142. [Yahoo] French Open champs lose at U.S. Open
  143. [BBC News] Myskina beaten by qualifier
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  145. [Reuters] CORRECTED - U.S. Open men's singles results
  146. [Reuters] Open-Davenport rolls through, Gaudio crashes
  147. [Topix] British No.1, Tim Henman, wins a marathon
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  150. [Foxsports Australia] Stosur out in straight sets
  151. [Topix] Davenport rolls into third round at U.S. Open
  152. [BBC News] Henin sneaks through
  153. [BBC News] Gaudio falls to Johansson
  154. [Topix] Roland Garros champ bows out at U.S. Open
  155. [Topix] Davenport wins 19th straight match, advances to third round of U.S. Open
  156. [Topix] Capriati is not looking at Serena's new looks
  157. [Reuters] Open-French Open champion Gaudio beaten by Johansson
  158. [BBC News] Srichaphan into third round
  159. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-U.S. Open women's singles results
  160. [Topix] Davenport advances at U.S. Open
  161. [Topix] Latin tournaments combine to promote ``Golden Swing'' of ATP tour
  162. [BBC News] Live: Henin v Obziler
  163. [Reuters] Open-Davenport extends streak to reach third round
  164. [Yahoo] Davenport wins 19th straight match
  165. [BBC News] Davenport stumbles to win
  166. [Reuters] U.S. Open women's singles results
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  168. [Topix] U.S. Open Tennis: Serena Williams shows less is more
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  175. [Scotsman] Federer battles back after letting guard slip
  176. [Topix] Hewitt moves on and sends Ferreira into retirement
  177. [Topix] Serena making Open statement
  178. [Scotsman] Tim has no fear
  179. [Topix] Wimbledon champion Sharapova spearheads Japan Open tennis
  180. [Topix] Ferreira was a major headache at big ones
  181. [Topix] Compton native, 19, serves notice at U.S. Open
  182. [Topix] Sharapova to play at Japan Open tennis
  183. [Topix] Boca Raton player takes on Venus at US Open
  184. [Foxsports Australia] Scud desperate for answers
  185. [Topix] Capriati rolls toward Serena Moves closer to quarters
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  193. [Topix] Far From Done, Capriati, Hewitt Advance
  194. [Topix] Serena, Mauresmo reach third round in Flushing
  195. [Topix] Far from done, former No. 1s Capriati and Hewitt advance
  196. [Yahoo] Capriati and Hewitt quietly advance
  197. [Yahoo] Navratilova opens with doubles win
  198. [Topix] The New Golden Girl of Tennis
  199. [Topix] Lleyton Hewitt Advances Towards 2nd US Open Title
  200. [Topix] Serena prefers fashion, not forehands
  201. [Topix] Wild card Haynes upsets Maleeva at Open
  202. [Foxsports Australia] Results - Day Three
  203. [Topix] Hewitt's investment
  204. [Topix] Mauresmo & Williams through
  205. [Yahoo] Haynes upsets 22nd-seeded Maleeva
  206. [Topix] Navratilova wins opening doubles match; Olympic champs also win
  207. [Reuters] WRAPUP 1-Open-Big names advance, medal winners exit
  208. [Topix] Wild card Haynes enjoys moment in Open spotlight
  209. [Reuters] Open-Federer takes four sets to overcome Baghdatis
  210. [Foxsports Australia] Agassi 'best of them all'
  211. [Topix] Safin suffers upsetting opener
  212. [BBC News] Federer sees off Baghdatis
  213. [Reuters] UPDATE 6-U.S. Open men's results
  214. [Topix] Henin-Hardenne, Davenport, Venus advance; Roddick Advances
  215. [Topix] Olympic medalists bow out at the Open
  216. [Topix] Melzer To Meet Spadea In Second Round
  217. [Reuters] Open-Haynes emerges from shadow of Williams sisters
  218. [Topix] Gonzalez Pays Price For Gold In Opening-Round Open Loss
  219. [Reuters] Open-Capriati rushes to victory over Serna
  220. [Foxsports Australia] Scud, Molik take exit door
  221. [Topix] Serena the Entertainer Wins at U.S. Open
  222. [Topix] Olympic medalists bow out
  223. [Reuters] UPDATE 5-U.S. Open women's results
  224. [Topix] Hewitt makes impressive start, Scud, Molik out
  225. [Reuters] Open-Schedule for play at the U.S. Open on Thursday
  226. [Scotsman] 152mph Roddick records fastest US Open serve
  227. [Reuters] PREVIEW-Open-Agassi headlines fourth day of U.S. Open
  228. [Foxsports Australia] Serena, boots'n all, marches on
  229. [Topix] Qualified success
  230. [Reuters] UPDATE 5-U.S. Open men's results
  231. [Yahoo] Olympic medalists bow out at U.S. Open
  232. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Mauresmo through after nervy start
  233. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Open-Hewitt shines, Serena dazzles
  234. [Reuters] UPDATE 4-U.S. Open men's results
  235. [Foxsports Australia] Molik flops to Slovak
  236. [Reuters] UPDATE 4-U.S. Open women's results
  237. [Reuters] Open-Double-faultering Dementieva stutters on
  238. [Topix] Serena Williams advance
  239. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Serena marches into third round
  240. [Topix] Spadea wins at U.S. Open
  241. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-U.S. Open men's results
  242. [Topix] Champs Play On
  243. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-U.S. Open women's results
  244. [Reuters] Open-Mauresmo goes through after nervy start
  245. [Foxsports Australia] Hewitt through, Scud out
  246. [Yahoo] Serena wins with micro-mini outfit
  247. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Confident Hewitt shines, Serena dazzles
  248. [Topix] Serena Reaches Round of 32
  249. [Reuters] Open-Relaxed Hewitt makes light work of Ferreira
  250. [Topix] Hewitt wins, Philippoussis out at U.S. Open