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  1. [Reuters] Australia seal easy victory over Morocco in Cup playoff
  2. [Topix] Bryan Twins Launch U.S. Into Davis Cup Final
  3. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Australia beat Morocco 4-1 in Davis Cup playoff
  4. [BBC News] GB set for Austria battle
  5. [BBC News] Morocco stave off whitewash
  6. [Reuters] Australia lead Morocco 3-1 in Davis Cup playoff
  7. [Scotsman] Rusedski rescues British campaign as Henman flops
  8. [Topix] Czech Republic edges Paraguay 3-0 in Davis Cup playoff to remain in World
  9. [Reuters] U.S. captain McEnroe dreams of winning in Spain
  10. [Reuters] WRAPUP 3-Bryans put U.S. in final, Spain lead France
  11. [Reuters] Czech Republic lead Paraguay 3-0 in Davis Cup playoff
  12. [Topix] Roddick To Lead U.S. Against Belarus
  13. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Bryan brothers put U.S. into Davis Cup final
  14. [Yahoo] U.S. clinches return to Davis Cup finals
  15. [Topix] Nestor, Niemeyer keep Canada alive in Davis Cup
  16. [Yahoo] Graf returns, beats Sabatini in benefit
  17. [BBC News] US sweep into final
  18. [Reuters] WRAPUP 2-Bryans lead U.S. into final, Spain lead France
  19. [Topix] United States beat Belarus to reach Davis Cup final
  20. [Reuters] U.S. advance to final with doubles win
  21. [Reuters] U.S. lead Belarus 3-0 in Davis Cup semi-final
  22. [Topix] Rejuvenated Safin Vows to Bring Davis Cup Back to Russia
  23. [Reuters] Chile lead Japan 3-0 in Davis Cup playoff
  24. [Topix] Ferrero-Santoro Davis Cup Match Suspended Due To Darkness
  25. [Reuters] WRAPUP 1-Spain edge closer to Davis Cup final
  26. [Reuters] Spain captain sees bright Cup future for Nadal, Robredo
  27. [Reuters] French still hopeful despite bad Davis Cup luck
  28. [Reuters] Rejuvenated Safin vows to bring Davis Cup back to Russia
  29. [Topix] Give geese a chance
  30. [Reuters] UPDATE 4-Spain lead France 2-1 after thrilling doubles
  31. [Topix] Sports Briefs for September 25, 2004
  32. [Yahoo] Spain leads France 2-1 in semis
  33. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Rusedski draws Britain level after Henman defeat
  34. [BBC News] GB struggle in Austria
  35. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-Spain lead France 2-1 after thrilling doubles
  36. [BBC News] Spain close on final
  37. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Austria, Britain level 1-1 in Davis Cup playoff
  38. [Topix] Davis Cup World Group Qualifying Wrap-Up
  39. [Topix] Bryans can nail down berth in final for U.S.
  40. [Reuters] Croatia lead Belgium 3-0 in Davis Cup playoff
  41. [Topix] Ferrero brings Spain level
  42. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Spain win thrilling doubles to lead France 2-1
  43. [Reuters] Spain lead France 2-1 in Davis Cup semi-final
  44. [Yahoo] Ferrero helps Spain tie France 1-1
  45. [Topix] Russia Crushes Thailand 3-0 to Stay in World Group
  46. [Yahoo] Koubek beats Henman, gives Austria lead
  47. [Topix] Koubek gives Austria 1-0 lead in Davis Cup playoff
  48. [BBC News] Live: Austria v GB
  49. [Reuters] Germany take 2-1 lead over Slovakia in Davis Cup
  50. [Reuters] Romania lead Canada 2-1 in Davis Cup tie
  51. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Serena sets up final with Kuznetsova
  52. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Rusedski draws Britain level after Henman defeat
  53. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Ferrero puts Spain level against France
  54. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Austria and Britain level 1-1 in Davis Cup tie
  55. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Russia crush Thailand 3-0 to stay in World Group
  56. [BBC News] Rusedski hauls GB level
  57. [Reuters] Germany lead Slovakia 2-1 in Davis Cup tie
  58. [BBC News] Ferrero pegs back France
  59. [Yahoo] Kuznetsova, Serena in China Open final
  60. [Scotsman] Tim has mountain to climb in Austria
  61. [Yahoo] Ferrero helps Spain tie in Davis Cup
  62. [Reuters] Russia thrash Thailand 3-0 to stay in World Group
  63. [BBC News] Serena to face Kuznetsova
  64. [Reuters] Russia lead Thailand 3-0 in Davis Cup playoff
  65. [Reuters] Kuznetsova beats Sharapova to make China Open final
  66. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Spain level with France 1-1 in Davis Cup semi
  67. [Yahoo] Koubek gives Austria lead in Davis Cup
  68. [Reuters] Ferrero puts Spain level against France
  69. [Reuters] Spain level with France 1-1 in Davis Cup semi-final
  70. [Topix] Charleston earns rave reviews
  71. [BBC News] Live: Rusedski v Melzer
  72. [Reuters] Unheralded Koubek downs Henman to give Austria 1-0 lead
  73. [Yahoo] Kuznetsova in finals of China Open
  74. [BBC News] Koubek thrashes Henman
  75. [Reuters] Austria lead Britain 1-0 in Davis Cup tie
  76. [BBC News] Kuznetsova stuns Sharapova
  77. [Reuters] China Open semi-final results
  78. [BBC News] Live: Henman v Koubek
  79. [Reuters] Australia grab winning 3-0 lead over Morocco
  80. [Topix] Serena, Sharapova and Kuznetsova advance to China Open semi-finals
  81. [BBC News] Australia beat Morocco
  82. [Reuters] Australia lead Morocco 3-0 in Davis Cup playoff
  83. [Reuters] WRAPUP 3-U.S., France on top in Davis Cup semis
  84. [BBC News] Henman ready for test
  85. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Czech Republic lead Paraguay 2-0 in Davis Cup
  86. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-Roddick hits record serve as U.S. take control
  87. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Roddick hits record serve as U.S. take control
  88. [Topix] Mexico takes 1-0 lead over Dominican Republic in Davis Cup match
  89. [Reuters] Czech Republic lead Paraguay 1-0 in Davis Cup
  90. [Topix] Tim Henman is banking on his blistering big match form to sweep Great ...
  91. [Reuters] WRAPUP 2-U.S., France on top in Davis Cup semis
  92. [Scotsman] Rain scuppers Davis Cup plans
  93. [Topix] Roddick and Fish Propel U.S. to 2-0 Lead Over Belarus
  94. [BBC News] Roddick fires USA ahead
  95. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-U.S. lead Belarus 2-0 in Davis Cup semi-final
  96. [Yahoo] Roddick powers U.S. to Davis Cup lead
  97. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Roddick hits record serve in Voltchkov thrashing
  98. [Reuters] List of recorded fastest men's serves
  99. [Reuters] Roddick hits record serve in Voltchkov thrashing
  100. [Topix] Roddick leads US against Belarus in Davis Cup semi-final
  101. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Chile lead Japan 2-0 in Davis Cup tie
  102. [Topix] Hewitt's record win helps Australia take 2-0 lead
  103. [Yahoo] France leads Spain in Davis Cup semis
  104. [BBC News] France and USA ahead
  105. [Topix] Serena, Kuznetsova Cruise into Beijing Semis
  106. [Topix] France Leads Spain Davis Cup Semis
  107. [Reuters] U.S. lead Belarus 1-0 in Davis Cup semi-final
  108. [Reuters] France's Mathieu savours winning return to Davis Cup
  109. [Topix] Hewitt sets record as Australia take 2-0 Davis Cup lead
  110. [Reuters] WRAPUP 1-France claim early edge over Spain in Davis Cup
  111. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-France bidding for 2-0 lead as play suspended
  112. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-France lead Spain 1-0 in Davis Cup semi-final
  113. [Reuters] Chile lead Japan 1-0 in Davis Cup tie
  114. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Romania lead Canada 2-0 in Davis Cup tie
  115. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Croatia lead Belgium 2-0 in Davis Cup tie
  116. [Reuters] Rain plays havoc with Austria-Britain Davis Cup tie
  117. [Topix] Austrian Davis Cup matches postponed due to bad weather
  118. [Reuters] Mathieu gives France 1-0 semi-final lead over Spain
  119. [Topix] Sexy tennis get-ups: Is the sport or fashion being served?
  120. [Reuters] France lead Spain 1-0 in Davis Cup semi-final
  121. [Topix] Williams leads top three seeds into Beijing semi-finals
  122. [BBC News] Rain halts play in Austria
  123. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Safin and Andreev put Russia in command
  124. [BBC News] France take shock lead
  125. [Reuters] Croatia lead Belgium 1-0 in Davis Cup tie
  126. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Slovakia, Germany level 1-1 in Davis Cup tie
  127. [Topix] Davis Cup Croatia 1, Belgium 0 in World Group playoffs
  128. [Reuters] Haas recovers to pull Germany level with Slovaks
  129. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-Sharapova, Serena advance to semis in China
  130. [Topix] Serena, Kuznetsova cruise into Beijing semis
  131. [Yahoo] Sharapova, Serena advance at China Open
  132. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Safin and Andreev put Russia in command
  133. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Russia lead Thailand 2-0 in Davis Cup playoff
  134. [Topix] Breaking Speed Barriers: Roddick will open the best-of-five semifinal ...
  135. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Sharapova sets up semi-final with Kuznetsova
  136. [Scotsman] Henman held up by storm delay
  137. [Reuters] Grand slam starlets clash for Russian bragging rights
  138. [Reuters] Andreev overcomes Paradorn to give Russia 1-0 lead
  139. [Topix] Kuznetsova Fights Off Fatigue, Local Opponent at WTA Beijing
  140. [Yahoo] Sharapova, Serena advance in China Open
  141. [Reuters] Russia lead Thailand 1-0 in Davis Cup playoff
  142. [Topix] Hewitt sets Australian Davis Cup record
  143. [Scotsman] Henman out to slam Austria
  144. [Reuters] Romania lead Canada 1-0 in Davis Cup playoff
  145. [Reuters] Slovakia lead Germany 1-0 in Davis Cup playoff
  146. [Topix] Hewitt Sets Australian Davis Cup Record
  147. [Topix] Granville headlines tourney
  148. [BBC News] Henman held up by rain
  149. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Sharapova sets up China semi with Kuznetsova
  150. [Yahoo] Sharapova, Kuznetsova in semis in China
  151. [Topix] Henman confident of cup success
  152. [BBC News] Henman to lead Cup bid
  153. [Reuters] Sharapova sets up China semi-final with Kuznetsova
  154. [BBC News] Hewitt lands record win
  155. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Hewitt gives Australia 2-0 lead over Morocco
  156. [Yahoo] Sharapova advances at China Open
  157. [BBC News] Sharapova eases into semis
  158. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Australia lead Morocco 2-0 in Davis Cup playoff
  159. [BBC News] Australia begin brightly
  160. [Topix] Hip surgery sidelines Kuerten
  161. [Reuters] Arthurs gives Australia 1-0 lead over Morocco
  162. [Reuters] Australia v Morocco Davis Cup results
  163. [Topix] Kuznetsova struggles into quarterfinals at China Open
  164. [Scotsman] Murray hits out at British attitude to sport
  165. [Topix] Kuerten Has Further Surgery
  166. [BBC News] Rusedski ready for Cup bid
  167. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Roddick hoping to rescue disappointing year
  168. [Topix] Draw for Paraguay vs. the Czech Republic Davis Cup match
  169. [Topix] Draw for Romania vs. Canada Davis Cup match
  170. [Topix] Svetlana Survives China Open Challenge
  171. [Topix] Roddick to lead off US Davis Cup semi-final challenge
  172. [Topix] Kuznetsova Struggles, But Reaches Quarters
  173. [Topix] Israel, Finland split opening day's Davis Cup matches
  174. [Reuters] Roddick to open U.S. Davis Cup bid against Belarus
  175. [Topix] Davis Cup preview
  176. [Reuters] U.S. v Belarus Davis Cup semi-final draw
  177. [Topix] Serena Shaky, Sharapova Sound at WTA Beijing
  178. [Yahoo] Roddick-Voltchkov to open Davis Cup semi
  179. [BBC News] Second op for Kuerten
  180. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Davis Cup World Group playoffs draw
  181. [Topix] Davis Cup Qualifying Previews: Germany at Slovak Republic, Great...
  182. [Topix] Kuznetsova reaches China Open quarterfinals
  183. [Topix] Rusedski ready to lead GB
  184. [BBC News] Kuznetsova battles to win
  185. [Topix] Serena Williams Advances in China Open
  186. [Reuters] Kuznetsova squeezes through to Beijing quarters
  187. [Topix] Moya Leads Off Against Mathieu in Davis Cup Semi
  188. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Davis Cup World Group playoffs draw
  189. [Topix] Opportunity knocks
  190. [Yahoo] Kuznetsova reaches China Open quarters
  191. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-France pin Davis Cup hopes on Santoro
  192. [Reuters] Moya leads off against Mathieu in Davis Cup semi
  193. [Reuters] Spain v France Davis Cup semi-final draw
  194. [BBC News] Rusedski to play singles
  195. [Reuters] Davis Cup World Group play-offs draw
  196. [Reuters] CORRECTED - COLUMN-Mauresmo ranking highlights faults in system
  197. [Reuters] Russia v Thailand Davis Cup playoff draw
  198. [BBC News] Rusedski eyes 'redemption'
  199. [Reuters] China Open results
  200. [BBC News] Murray slams British sport
  201. [Reuters] Australia v Morocco Davis Cup draw
  202. [BBC News] Hewitt carries Aussie hopes
  203. [Topix] What has age got to do with it?
  204. [Topix] Hewitt vs. Tahiri in Davis Cup opener
  205. [BBC News] Murray revels in Cup chance
  206. [Topix] Wimbledon rivals Williams, Sharapova win opening Beijing matches
  207. [Topix] Field set for Tiburon Challenger
  208. [Topix] Bryans hope for strong Davis Cup performance
  209. [Topix] Serena Holds Off Safina At China Open
  210. [Topix] Wimbledon stars swipe at critics
  211. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Sharapova and Serena through in Beijing
  212. [Yahoo] Struggling Serena reaches China quarters
  213. [Topix] Dokic Pounded in Another Star-less Day at WTA Beijing
  214. [Reuters] Davis Cup statistics for U.S. v Belarus
  215. [Reuters] Davis Cup statistics for Spain v France
  216. [Topix] Muster Issues Austrian Warning to Davis Cup Britons
  217. [Reuters] Muster issues Austrian warning to Davis Cup Britons
  218. [Topix] Sharapova Eases Through in Beijing
  219. [Reuters] France face bullring baiting in Spain
  220. [Reuters] Sharapova eases through in Beijing
  221. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-China Open second round results
  222. [Reuters] COLUMN-"Big Red" threat to Federer express
  223. [BBC News] Sharapova stars in Beijing
  224. [Topix] Sharapova stars in Beijing
  225. [Reuters] Chile's Olympic champions concentrate on Japan
  226. [Reuters] China Open second round results
  227. [Topix] Injured Mauresmo Questionable For Aussie Quarters
  228. [Yahoo] Sharapova advances in China Open
  229. [Reuters] Hewitt on verge of Australian Davis Cup record
  230. [Topix] U.S. Out to Restore Pride in Tie with Belarus
  231. [Topix] Agassi, Roddick Meet In WTT Smash Hits
  232. [Reuters] U.S. out to restore pride in tie with Belarus
  233. [Topix] Stevenson has right shoulder surgery
  234. [Topix] ESPN2 Broadcast Schedule For U.S. vs. Belarus Davis Cup Semifinal
  235. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-UEFA Cup match cancelled due to Israel strike
  236. [Yahoo] Alexandra Stevenson has shoulder surgery
  237. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-UEFA Cup match cancelled due to Israel strike
  238. [Topix] Heineken USA Bestows Star Award for Best Point in US Open History to...
  239. [Topix] Americans View Davis Cup As Priority
  240. [Topix] Wimbledon Film Stars Smash Away Critics
  241. [Topix] Tennis Champ Designs Perfume
  242. [Topix] Opening Day Yawn Sees Safina Advance to Face Serena at WTA Beijing
  243. [Yahoo] Dokic upset in first round of China Open
  244. [Yahoo] Mello wins first ATP title
  245. [Topix] Tanasugarn ousts Dokic in Beijing tennis
  246. [BBC News] Koubek warning to GB
  247. [Topix] Amelie Mauresmo Remains at Top of WTA Rankings
  248. [Topix] Olympics golden for Nike products
  249. [Topix] Opening Bell
  250. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Dokic dumped out of China Open in first round