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  1. [Yahoo] Capriati sidelined by shoulder injury (AP)
  2. [Topix] Josh Beckett
  3. [Topix] Roddick fires Gilbert in a surprise move
  4. [Topix] Tennis star signs to Parlux
  5. [Topix] People in sports | Jimmy Connors coaching
  6. [Topix] Courier nets Agassi
  7. [Reuters] Tennis player Draper to join Australian golf tour
  8. [BBC News] Felgate backs GB women to shine
  9. [Topix] Connors Commits To LTA, BBC
  10. [BBC News] Connors boost for Britain
  11. [Topix] Shoulder forces out Capriati; Agassi coming to Forum in March
  12. [Topix] Hewitt, Davenport head Sydney field
  13. [Reuters] YEARENDER-Sports Quotes of 2004
  14. [Topix] Henin poised for comeback
  15. [Topix] Serena Williams' shoe-shopping frenzy
  16. [Reuters] Straightalking Connors hopes to boost British fortune
  17. [BBC News] Henman is a dad again
  18. [Topix] Roddick, Agassi to hit Mobile
  19. [BBC News] Connors boost for British tennis
  20. [BBC News] Sydney return for Henin
  21. [Reuters] Henin-Hardenne ready for comeback in exhibition match
  22. [Topix] Henin-Hardenne targets Sydney
  23. [Topix] Roddick Tops Fish in Exhibition Match
  24. [Topix] Roddick tops Fish in exhibition match
  25. [Yahoo] Roddick tops Fish in exhibition match (AP)
  26. [Topix] Hewitt, Davenport Head Field for Sydney International
  27. [BBC News] Sydney return for Henin-Hardenne
  28. [Topix] Pollard To Step Down As Tennis Australia CEO
  29. [Reuters] Hewitt, Davenport head field for Sydney International
  30. [Topix] Hantuchova, Hrbaty chosen Slovak tennis players of 2004
  31. [Yahoo] Sharapova emerges as business tycoon (AP)
  32. [BBC News] Hewitt targets Federer
  33. [BBC News] Henman delighted with new arrival
  34. [BBC News] Roddick to turn to Goldine
  35. [Reuters] Baby number two arrives for Henman
  36. [Reuters] Roddick set to link up with low-key coach
  37. [BBC News] Roddick in talks over new coach
  38. [BBC News] Sydney card for Philippoussis
  39. [BBC News] Roddick splits from coach
  40. [Topix] Tennis champ hits TAG Heuer consumers’ soft spot
  41. [BBC News] Sydney wildcard for Philippoussis
  42. [Topix] Ferrero's lost season
  43. [Reuters] Philippoussis given wildcard for Sydney International
  44. [Topix] The Tennis Week Interview: Mike Agassi
  45. [Topix] Kafelnikov Deals Aces From A Different Deck
  46. [Topix] Parlux to develop Roddick scent
  47. [Reuters] YEARENDER-Year belongs to Federer and Russian women
  48. [Reuters] CORRECTED - Anna Kournikova reportedly marries Iglesias
  49. [Reuters] Anna Kournikova reportedly marries Iglesias
  50. [Topix] Ferrero's Lost Season
  51. [Topix] Roddick fires coach
  52. [Yahoo] Clijsters has shot to play Aussie Open (AP)
  53. [Topix] Andy Roddick Fires Coach Brad Gilbert
  54. [BBC News] Roddick splits from coach Gilbert
  55. [Reuters] Roddick splits with coach Gilbert
  56. [BBC News] France out of Hopman Cup
  57. [Yahoo] Roddick splits with coach Gilbert (AP)
  58. [Topix] Clijsters out of brace; outside chance to play Australian Open
  59. [BBC News] France forced out of Hopman Cup
  60. [Reuters] France pull out of Hopman Cup after Golovin mix-up
  61. [Scotsman] Murray nets BBC event's junior award
  62. [Reuters] Athletics-Holmes voted sports personality of year in Britain
  63. [Scotsman] Federer supreme
  64. [Topix] TAG, Sharapova's the new It marketing athlete
  65. [Scotsman] Safin underlines Henman's limits
  66. [Topix] Williams angry; says interview fraudulent
  67. [Topix] Millennium National Events Signs Three-Year Deal to Produce Andy...
  68. [Topix] The Tennis Week Interview: Vic Braden
  69. [Topix] Clijsters to stay home
  70. [Topix] Clijsters will likely be no-show Down Under
  71. [Topix] Davenport To Defend Tokyo Title
  72. [Topix] Mardy Fish confident of 2005 Davis Cup title
  73. [Topix] Clijsters expected to miss Aussie Open
  74. [Topix] Clijsters still hopeful of Australian Open
  75. [BBC News] Clijsters doubtful for Australia
  76. [Reuters] Clijsters rejects reports she will not make Australia
  77. [BBC News] Clijsters could play Aussie Open
  78. [BBC News] Henman claims top award
  79. [Topix] Clijsters not expected to play in Melbourne
  80. [Topix] Clijsters won't play in Australian Open
  81. [Yahoo] Clijsters not listed for Australian Open (AP)
  82. [Topix] Australian Open exec says Clijsters out
  83. [Topix] Serena Sounds Off
  84. [Topix] Davis Cup final
  85. [Topix] Larsson comes out of ATP Tour retirement to beat Enqvist in final
  86. [Scotsman] Henman crushes Coria to keep cup hopes alive
  87. [Topix] Westwood One Presents Westwood One Sports 2004 Year In Review
  88. [Reuters] Injured Clijsters ruled out of Australian Open
  89. [BBC News] Clijsters out of Australian Open
  90. [Reuters] Washed out Wimbledon organisers set up rain fund
  91. [Topix] Schalken's Shirt Sponsor
  92. [Topix] Fish Joins Swingtime Roster
  93. [Scotsman] Henman bows to Roddick after Masters Cup defeat
  94. [Topix] Spain revels in 2nd Davis Cup title
  95. [Topix] King Carlos
  96. [Foxsports Australia] Safin yearns to break drought
  97. [Foxsports Australia] US Open winner in Bali final
  98. [BBC News] King retires as Fed Cup coach
  99. [Reuters] Billie Jean King retires as U.S. Fed Cup coach
  100. [Yahoo] Garrison gets new deal, King retires (AP)
  101. [BBC News] Henman & Murray claim LTA awards
  102. [Scotsman] Roddick too good for Tim
  103. [Topix] U.S. Loses Opening Tennis Match to Spain
  104. [Topix] Tennis -
  105. [Foxsports Australia] Spadea, Ancic advance to semis
  106. [Foxsports Australia] Unseeded players storm semis
  107. [Foxsports Australia] Russian stars shine in Bali
  108. [Scotsman] Sharapova caps superb year as foil to Williams
  109. [Reuters] YEARENDER-Olympics provide stream of unforgettable vignettes
  110. [Foxsports Australia] Flying Finn knocks off Nalbandian
  111. [Foxsports Australia] How to tame rampant Roger
  112. [Foxsports Australia] Alexander slams junior programs
  113. [Foxsports Australia] Thai in Beijing semis
  114. [Scotsman] Tim upbeat at Masters
  115. [Reuters] Jubilant Spain revels in glory of second Davis Cup
  116. [Topix] Spain wins Davis Cup
  117. [BBC News] US hope for Agassi return
  118. [BBC News] Moya emotional at Cup win
  119. [Foxsports Australia] Spadea cruises into quarters
  120. [Topix] Moya Beats Roddick To Secure Davis Cup For Spain
  121. [BBC News] Spain clinch Davis Cup
  122. [Topix] U.S. stays alive with doubles win
  123. [Topix] Bryan twins give United States life in Davis Cup
  124. [Foxsports Australia] Kim names the day
  125. [Topix] Spain Wins Davis Cup As Moya Tops Roddick
  126. [Scotsman] Moya's magic seals Davis Cup for Spain
  127. [Foxsports Australia] Myskina falls in Bali
  128. [Topix] No Fed Cup regrets for Mauresmo
  129. [BBC News] Moya emotional at Cup victory
  130. [BBC News] Moya clinches Cup for Spain
  131. [Yahoo] Man runs on court during Davis Cup final (AP)
  132. [Topix] Moya Beats Roddick to Secure Davis Cup for Spain
  133. [Reuters] McEnroe wants U.S. team to play more on clay
  134. [Topix] Bryans Keep U.S. In Davis Cup Final With Easy Win
  135. [BBC News] Courier takes Masters title
  136. [BBC News] Moya emotional at victory
  137. [Reuters] Moya ecstatic at fulfilling Davis Cup dream
  138. [Reuters] WRAPUP 1-Majestic Moya wins Davis Cup for Spain
  139. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Spain beat U.S. 3-2 in Davis Cup final
  140. [Reuters] Roddick refuses to blame injury for Davis defeat
  141. [Reuters] Teenager Nadal becomes youngest Davis Cup winner
  142. [Yahoo] Moya beats Roddick, clinches Davis Cup (AP)
  143. [Foxsports Australia] Kim dumps Ferrero
  144. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Spain lead U.S. 3-1 in Davis Cup final
  145. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Majestic Moya wins Davis Cup for Spain
  146. [Reuters] Majestic Moya wins Davis Cup for Spain
  147. [Reuters] Spain lead U.S. 3-1 in Davis Cup final
  148. [BBC News] Moya clinches Davis Cup for Spain
  149. [Reuters] Spain win Davis Cup
  150. [Foxsports Australia] New sponsor for Adelaide event
  151. [BBC News] Bryans keep US hopes alive
  152. [Scotsman] A sequence of empty black Marias
  153. [Scotsman] Victory for Davenport but no place in final four
  154. [Scotsman] Los Bryans not the saviours as US face a torrid time in singles
  155. [Scotsman] In the net
  156. [Topix] Bryan twins keep United States alive
  157. [Topix] Bryan Twins Keep U.S. Going at Davis Cup
  158. [Reuters] Bryan twins celebrate high point in life
  159. [Topix] Bryan Twins Win in Davis Cup Doubles
  160. [Topix] On Day 1, a lot of pain in Spain
  161. [BBC News] Roddick carries US hopes
  162. [Topix] Myskina, Safin Win Russia's Top Player Awards
  163. [Topix] Twins keep U.S. hopes Davis Cup hopes alive
  164. [Reuters] McEnroe still sets sights on victory
  165. [Reuters] WRAPUP 1-twins keep U.S. hopes alive in Davis Cup final
  166. [Reuters] Angry Ferrero has not given up hope
  167. [Yahoo] Bryan twins win, cut U.S. deficit to 2-1 (AP)
  168. [BBC News] Bryan twins keep US hopes alive
  169. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-twins keep U.S. hopes alive in Davis Cup final
  170. [Reuters] Bryan twins keep U.S. hopes alive in Davis Cup final
  171. [Reuters] Spain lead United States 2-1 in Davis Cup final
  172. [Topix] U.S. feels pain in Spain
  173. [BBC News] Courier sees off McEnroe
  174. [Reuters] Myskina, Safin win Russia's top player awards
  175. [Reuters] Ferrero gets Davis Cup doubles spot v US
  176. [BBC News] Nadal rested for doubles rubber
  177. [BBC News] Nadal doubt for Davis Cup doubles
  178. [Topix] Spain took the first two matches
  179. [Scotsman] Spain seize control of Davis Cup
  180. [Topix] Moya & Nadal put Spain on top
  181. [Scotsman] Hermit Hewitt's pride dented but Masters can mend heartache
  182. [Reuters] Twins relish rare doubles limelight in Davis Cup final
  183. [BBC News] McEnroe to meet Courier
  184. [Topix] Hewitt and Henman advance in Paris
  185. [Reuters] Nadal takes Davis Cup win over Roddick in his stride
  186. [Reuters] WRAPUP 1-Nadal nails Roddick to give Spain 2-0 lead
  187. [Topix] U.S. trails Spain 2-0 in Davis Cup final
  188. [Topix] U.S. Trails Spain 2-0 in Davis Cup Final
  189. [BBC News] Nadal puts Spain in charge
  190. [Reuters] Roddick shell-shocked after Davis defeat
  191. [Yahoo] U.S. trails Spain 2-0 in Davis Cup final (AP)
  192. [BBC News] Nadal win puts Spanish in charge
  193. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-Nadal nails Roddick to give Spain 2-0 lead
  194. [BBC News] Nadal puts Spain 2-0 up
  195. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Nadal nails Roddick to give Spain 2-0 lead
  196. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Spain lead United States 2-0 in Davis Cup final
  197. [Reuters] Winning attitude helped Moya give Spain flying start
  198. [Reuters] Floundering Fish determined to have fun
  199. [Topix] It's Roddick, Nadal at Davis Cup final
  200. [Yahoo] U.S. loses opener in Davis Cup final (AP)
  201. [BBC News] Moya puts Spain ahead
  202. [Reuters] Spain lead United States 1-0 in Davis Cup final
  203. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Moya puts Spain ahead in Davis Cup final
  204. [BBC News] Moya gives Spain opening victory
  205. [Reuters] Moya puts Spain ahead in Davis Cup final
  206. [Topix] Hingis is a welcome return for tennis
  207. [Topix] Spadea Offers Support, Not Spat
  208. [BBC News] Live: Davis Cup final
  209. [Topix] Spain Taps Nadal, 18, to Play Cup Final
  210. [Topix] Twins help power U.S. Davis Cup team
  211. [BBC News] US eye Davis Cup upset in Spain
  212. [BBC News] McEnroe downed by Krajicek
  213. [Yahoo] Carson, Calif. gets '05 Davis Cup match (AP)
  214. [BBC News] Courier delivers Cash defeat
  215. [Topix] Sampras says Federer can match him
  216. [Yahoo] Roddick-Nadal could be Davis Cup key (AP)
  217. [Topix] Davis Cup final kicks off
  218. [Reuters] Nadal ready to face Roddick in Davis Cup
  219. [Reuters] Americans rely on team spirit for Davis Cup final
  220. [Topix] Fish, Roddick set for Davis Cup final
  221. [Yahoo] Matchups set for Davis Cup final (AP)
  222. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Spain's Ferrero axed for Davis Cup final
  223. [BBC News] Spain drop Ferrero
  224. [Reuters] Nadal to play as Spain drop Ferrero for Davis Cup final
  225. [BBC News] Becker retires at Masters
  226. [Reuters] Draw for 2004 Davis Cup final
  227. [Topix] Ferrero the Weakest Spanish Link in Davis Cup Final; Hingis Coming Out of Retirement
  228. [Topix] Sampras Says Federer Can Match His Long-Term Dominance
  229. [Reuters] FEATURE-Shanghai attracts world's best
  230. [Reuters] FEATURE-Shanghai apt site for China's first Grand Prix
  231. [BBC News] McEnroe wins after Becker retires
  232. [BBC News] Kuerten targets return
  233. [BBC News] Kuerten targets March return date
  234. [BBC News] Sampras tips Federer
  235. [Yahoo] Bryan twins key U.S. Davis Cup team (AP)
  236. [BBC News] Federer can emulate me - Sampras
  237. [Reuters] Sampras says Federer can match his long-term dominance
  238. [Yahoo] Captain bets on Spanish win in Davis Cup (AP)
  239. [Yahoo] Hingis to make brief return to WTA Tour (AP)
  240. [Scotsman] Henman draws encouragement
  241. [Scotsman] Henman calls for tennis authorities to speed up the courts
  242. [BBC News] McEnroe demands patience
  243. [BBC News] Beaten Stich suffers scare
  244. [Scotsman] Health scare for Stich at Masters event
  245. [Reuters] ADVISORY-China sports features
  246. [BBC News] Beaten Stich suffers health scare
  247. [BBC News] Hingis set for brief return
  248. [Reuters] Hingis to play in Thailand tournament
  249. [BBC News] Clay 'could hamper Roddick'
  250. [BBC News] Becker opens with Krajicek win