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Default Re: Captain Clément in Charge - Davis Cup 2013

As a captain he will to do some speech in english maybe he will do nightmares like before Australian Open final

I don't know the aime of that meeting but there is an interview of Arno in a local newspaper. He's speaking of himself a little bit. Bottom the google translation but like Arno it's not great english so ask if you don't understand a sentence

France / World - ARNAUD CLEMENT The new captain of the Blues is guided by a passion for tennis

Arnaud Clement will not have to gamberger about his conversion. Just his snowshoes definitely rows, Aix immediately coated to 34 years, tracksuit captain of France's Davis Cup. Taking over from Guy Forget, "Key" continues to live his passion full-time tennis, hoping to lead the Blues to a success that eludes them since 2001. Official debut? In February, during a first round affordable priori against Israel.

You now follow the games installed in the grandstand. You do not have ants in your pants?

"Frankly, not at all. The competition does not really miss. Maybe in a few years, I need my fix again personal goals, such as marathons, for example. But for now, there is no nostalgia. I did also thinking during the U.S. Open, when the guys came back on court in a heat wave, presumably to play four or five hours, well, I told myself that I would not have wanted to be place, whereas before I would have loved. Of course, I still need to spend myself, so I do a lot of sports, and even tennis, but now with friends, just for the fun of the game "

Fun, love your sport, this is what seems to have guided you throughout your career, no?

"Always. Including in my last year, I was much less classified. Play a Grand Slam or a small Challenger (note: a secondary ATP tournament), I always approached it with the same desire and passion for the game go on all these events organized in France, Orleans Quimper, Rennes, allowed me to stay in contact with the public, volunteers, and I love the relationship with tennis fans. I share with them the same love of the sport. '

Have you scheduled your retirement player?

"No, not really. In early 2012, I did not know where I was going. I do not excluais continue another season, but at my age, it was better to see As. I was aware of being close to the end. I knew that I was going at least until Roland Garros and Wimbledon. And Guy (Forget) announced he was quitting the captaincy of the Davis Cup. I knew I wanted to continue to invest myself in my sport, and this opportunity was a very exciting challenge. '

Very quickly, was unanimity around your name. Flattered?

"I did not really pay attention to what was said in the press or elsewhere. What mattered to me, c'' was the opinion of the players and feel their approval. The rest is done quite naturally. '

Specifically, how do you see your role?

"I will work in line with what is Guy, who was a great captain. After that, we do not have the same personality, not the same sensitivity, so there will inevitably be differences. But the base is very healthy. Davis Cup, I really like considering a competition that should highlight the collective and the concept of sharing. A team is always stronger than the sum of individuals. For the rest, I'm obviously regular French players, I exchange with their families, their staffs. I look the way they work, their state of mind. I do not have the same look about them when I was also on the tour. '

France has now many highly ranked players. How is it that the Blues are no longer taxed since 2001?

"We still played two finals since (2002, 2010), so it is not really passed away. And we are not alone in having big potential and not the reality. We lacked success at times, even though it is obviously not enough. '

Do you know already what players you will support?

"We have many players who are mature, who stored experience. There is at least one group of 7, 8 elements may apply and it may even expand based on the results. My thinking is permanent. It will make choices, and finally, it is not something I dread. Remember so and so rather than another, it's part of the game, and have the opportunity to choose, it is actually a chance because some nations do not have this tank. '


> Arnaud Clement was born December 17, 1977 in Aix-en-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône). His partner is the singer Nolwenn Leroy.
> Despite the modest size (1.72 m to 72 kg), he was able to integrate, in 2001, the Top 10 players in the world, thanks to a great fighting spirit and exceptional endurance. He also holds the record for the longest match played at Roland Garros, lost in 2004 match against compatriot Fabrice Santoro after 6 h 33 exchange.
> He won four tournaments on the ATP Tour, and has reached, in 2001, the final of the Australian Open, after which he lost to Andre Agassi. It is also distinguished double Mickaël Llodra associated with, winning Paris-Bercy (2006) and Wimbledon (2007).
> A Davis Cup (2001) is also included in his list, even if, after taking part in the entire qualifying campaign, he did not participate in the final.
> He ended his playing career last June, after being eliminated in qualifying at Wimbledon. In the process, he was appointed captain of France's Davis Cup, replacing Guy Forget.
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