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Default Re: My tennis career, time for another tournament

Finished, was a tough match, here is my report:

Vs. Wayland G. Lee, Plantation Men’s Open, R64, July 28, 2012, 3-6, 2-6

He breaks to 30, 0-1, missed too many first serves, DF to give away at 30-40
He holds to 30, 0-2
He breaks to 15, 0-3, DFs, and FH errors
I break after 3 deuces, 1-3
I hold to 30, 2-3
I break to 30, 3-3
He breaks after 1 deuce, 3-4, I had 40-15, and fucked it up.
He holds to 15, 3-5
He breaks to 30, 3-6, DF at 30-40, fucking pathetic

Need to drop some more weight, need more work on BH returns, and BH in general, more work on back, abs, obliques, and shoulder, my body was not injured, not in pain, but lingering injuries are still there, and there is clearly still some restriction in my bodily movements. I need to be more fluid.

He holds after 3 deuces, 0-1, 2 missed backhands on 2 break points, pathetic.
I hold to 30, 1-1
He holds after 2 deuces, 1-2, I miss 3 straight backhand returns from ad out, deuce, and ad in
He breaks to 30, 1-3 I whiff a BH at 30-30, and DF away the break at 30-40, again, pathetic
He holds to 15, 1-4, I miss a FH just long, one into the tape, backhand volley just wide
He breaks to 30, 1-5, I missed 2 BH putaways, and again, I DF to give away the break at 30-40
I break back to 30, 2-5
He breaks after 2 deuces, 2-6, I fucked up from 40-0, once again, fucking pathetic

Missed a lot of chances early in the 2nd set to get the break. Serve needs mad work, endurance was ok, but needs work as well, lingering injuries need to be healed, too many easy misses on both FH and BH, and DF to give away a break 4 fucking times. I do like how I fought like a dog, but I choked too many leads and too many BP with bad errors and 4 DF to give away 4 break points, too pathetic of a match. Yeah I won 5 games against a very good opponent, but I really fucked up, I could have won much more, I had my chances here.

Forehand: A-, very good, the staple of my game, won many points and dictated play well with my forehand. Overcooked a few balls trying to hit big winners, but when the guy is defending so well on a clay court, some errors are to be expected.

Backhand: C+, could have been better, could have been worse. Returning especially I gave him far too many short balls. I tried moving in and taking on the rise, I tried moving back and taking some time, my BH return needs work, but much better than it used to be. In the rallies, it held up decently, but many times I was out of position, but this is more due to my own fitness, as we will see below.

Volleys/Overheads/Net play: C+, hit a few sick drop volleys and a killer overhead or two, but didn’t spend too much time at net. Missed an easy BH volley in the 2nd set, and was passed plenty of times when I did not anticipate where he was going. My net positioning was off.

Serve: C-, Was ok for the most part, I got a few cheap points, served at a decent %, didn’t hit too many DF, probably about 5 unreturned serves, free points. Though I did get plenty of 1-2 set ups with a serve and forehand, but it was at the crucial times those DF’s absolutely killed me. I think I hit maybe 7 DF in the match, but 4 were break point down.

Endurance: B, We played a good number of long rallies, and me endurance is much better than it used to be. I remember hitting one or two tired shots after a long rally, but overall, my endurance was pretty good.

Body Fitness: C, This is an issue. I am carrying at least 5 pounds too many, and on many occasions, I was a step or two late, causing my shots to be weaker if not error, to land shorter in the court and allow him to dictate. My speed around the court is a few steps too slow due to being 162 pounds right now. I need to get down to like 155-157 or so, and those balls where I was having to slice a BH or hitting late, I would be able to set up properly and hit a proper shot. Not to mention my lingering back and shoulder injuries. Often times I would set up for a forehand, planning to drill it into his BH corner, but my body simply wouldn’t allow me to twist fully around, and the ball would land somewhere mid-court. Deep, sure, but down the middle, allowing him to get back in the rally. This happened many times. My body needs work.

Mental: B, Mental strength has always been my greatest asset, coming from 3-0 down, a double break in the first, and not giving up late in the 2nd. If not for my shitty serve, I believe I would have won this match, or at least taken a set. The only reason I didn’t give it an A, is because I let my emotions get the better of me in that final game, choking away 40-0 and letting a primal shout and a few F-Bombs on some of those DF to give away break points.

Forehand- 92
Backhand- 78
Net Play- 78
Serve- 72
Endurance- 85
Body Fitness- 75
Mental- 85

Overall: 80.7%, a B- level overall, I’d about agree with that. I didn’t play badly at all, I just fucked up a few easy shots, some DF at horrible times, and my opponent played very well, he didn’t make too many errors, very solid. This match was basically a futures qualifying. I recall playing Victor Hoang, another Asian player in January 2011 in a futures qualie at the same site. Lee and Hoang are pretty close in terms of skill, I’d say they’d play a tough 3 setter if they matched up vs. each other. Basically, I won 5 games vs. a futures qualifying level player.

Match Stats:

Points won on serve: Me- 24 (40.7%), Him- 34 (54.8%)
Games won on serve: Me- 2 (22.2%), Him- 5 (62.5%)
Points won on return: Me- 28 (45.2%), Him- 35 (59.3%)
Games won on return: Me- 3 (37.5%), Him- 7 (77.8%)
Total points won: Me- 52 (43%), Him- 69 (57%)
Total games won: Me- 5 (29.4%), Him- 12 (70.6%)

Wanted stats:
Serve points= 70%
Return points= 45%
Serve Games= 90%
Return Games= 35%
Total Points= 56%
Total Games= 62%
1 DF every 10 service games
70% break points saved
1 Ace every 2 service games

Need to improve serve points by 29.3%
Return points was 0.2% above ideal
Need to improve serve games by 67.3%
Return games was 2.5% above ideal
Need to win 13% more total points
Need to win 32.6% more total games

So basically, my return game is very good, my serve is shit.

Wayland G. Lee is playing the #1 seed Oleg Dmitriev, #1330 in the world, in the 2nd round. I hope he wins some games and makes me look good!
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