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Default Re: Yannick Noah suspects Spain's success a fraud.

Moving on to Luis Garcia Del Moral.

From USADA's letter to Lance Armstrong:

By Dr. Luis del Moral (Team Doctor):

(1) Possession of prohibited substances and/or methods including EPO, blood transfusions and related equipment (such as needles, blood bags, storage containers and other transfusion equipment and blood parameters measuring devices), testosterone, hGH, corticosteroids, and masking agents, as described in more detail above.

(2) Trafficking of EPO, blood transfusions, testosterone, hGH, corticosteroids andmasking agents as described in more detail above.

(3) Administration and/or attempted administration of EPO, blood transfusions, testosterone, hGH, corticosteroids, and masking agents as described in more detail above.

(4) Assisting, encouraging, aiding, abetting, covering up and other complicity involving one or more anti-doping rule violations and/or attempted anti-doping rule violations.

(5) Aggravating circumstances justifying a period of ineligibility greater than the standard sanction.

Dr. Luis Garcia del Moral was the Team Doctor for the USPS Cycling Team for the period from 1999 through 2003. Subsequently, Dr. del Moral continued to serve as a physician for many cyclists. He currently works as a sports doctor in Valencia, Spain.

With respect to Dr. del Moral, numerous riders will testify that Dr. del Moral gave to them, encouraged them to use and/or assisted them in using doping products and/or prohibited methods, including EPO, blood transfusions, testosterone, hGH, cortisone and infusions of saline, plasma and/or glycerol during the period from 1999 through 2005. Riders and other witnesses will also testify that del Moral worked actively to conceal rule violations by himself and others throughout the period from 1999 through the present.

Ferrari, Del Moral and Marti banned for life in US Postal case

The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) announced today that Dr. Luis Garcia del Moral (cycling team doctor), Dr. Michele Ferrari (cycling team consulting doctor) and Jose "Pepe" Martí (cycling team trainer) have all received lifetime periods of ineligibility as the result of their anti-doping rule violations in the United States Postal Service (USPS) Cycling Team Doping Conspiracy.

USADA CEO Travis Tygart confirmed to Cyclingnews that Ferrari, Del Moral and Marti accepted their lifetime bans. "The respondents chose not to waste resources by moving forward with the arbitration process, which would only reveal what they already know to be the truth of their doping activity."

Dr. del Moral, of Valencia, Spain, was the team physician for the USPS Cycling Team from 1999 through 2003. Until recently Dr. del Moral was affiliated with a sports medicine clinic in Valencia, Spain. USADA’s evidence is that after 2003, Dr. del Moral assisted individual cyclists, including a number of former USPS team members, with their doping. The evidence in Dr. del Moral’s case demonstrated that from 2000 he was intimately involved in the prohibited method of blood transfusions which cyclists use to boost the number of circulating red blood cells to increase the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood and increase endurance. Dr. del Moral brought riders to his sports medicine clinic in Valencia, Spain where he withdrew blood for prohibited blood transfusions. Dr. del Moral also assisted with saline infusions in order to keep the rider’s blood levels below threshold levels to avoid detection of their drug use. In addition to blood transfusions and saline infusions, Dr. del Moral administered banned performance- enhancing drugs including EPO, testosterone, corticosteroids and hGH to cyclists by providing these drugs to them, recommending the use of these drugs and directly injecting riders with these prohibited drugs.

The Wall Street Journal interviewed 4 ex-team mates of Lance Armstrong about Del Moral.

Cycling Doctor Under a Microscope
Luis García del Moral, Who Worked for Lance Armstrong's U.S. Postal Service Team, Becomes Target of Doping Investigators.

A letter last week from the United States Anti-Doping Agency accused Garcia del Moral of participating in a covert doping program as a physician on Armstrong's Postal team from 1999 to 2003.

García del Moral aggressively promoted an undercover regimen of banned drugs and medical procedures, allegations reflected in last week's USADA letter. "Numerous riders will testify that Dr. del Moral gave to them, encouraged them to use and/or assisted them in using doping products and/or prohibited methods," said the USADA letter.

From the minute that the chain-smoking García del Moral showed up at the Postal team's training camp in 1999 in Austin, Texas, he began overseeing the administration of performance enhancing drugs.

the former riders say, he injected riders with drugs or performed blood transfusions that are banned in the sport.

One former rider said García del Moral injected him with corticosteroids. Another rider said he didn't want to take performance-enhancing drugs because he feared the health consequences. But one day, the rider said, García del Moral told him, "you're not a real professional if you don't take drugs." The rider said, "That really (angered) me." The rider said he responded, "'Well, you're not really a doctor.'"

An excerpt from Paul Kimmage's interview with Floyd Landis:

Q: How did you manage your doping in ’05? The Wall St Journal piece said: Mister Landis said he hired a Spanish doctor in Valencia to take transfusions and paid one person $10,000 to make two separate deliveries of half-litre bags of blood during the 2005 Tour de France.

A: In 2004, the Postal Service got rid of Luis Garcia Del Moral, who was the team doctor, and I knew that he was often in charge of the logistics of doing transfusions and things like that, so I just contacted him and asked if he would do it for me. So I paid him to do it.

Q: Del Moral?

A: Yeah.

Q: You paid Del Moral?

A: Yeah.

Q: Did that ‘work’?

A: Did it work? Yeah, the reason that I was not as good in 2005 as I was in 2004 or 2006 was because I had surgery that winter and wasn’t walking for weeks and it took a while to get back in shape. So drugs or no drugs weren’t going to change that. I did the same thing in 2004 and 2005 and 2006; the one variable was that I had my hip issues to deal with and therapy and things like that. I mean, in all of the Tours I did exactly the same amount of blood (transfusing) except the first one (2002); the first one I did one transfusion which is 500 millilitres and the next four I did 1000 militaries each, three separate times in 2006, because it was easier to maintain the continuous blood parameters that were being checked. But it ended up being the same total volume that I added so…yeah, Del Moral, in spite of denying that he ever saw any doping, like everybody does, that was all he really did.

What has he been up to other than doping cyclists?

García del Moral continued to work with athletes at the Instituto de Medicina del Deporte [IMD], a Valencia health clinic that specializes in sports injuries and performance-enhancing treatments. Staff members say the center, part of a network that includes several others in Spain, is managed by the regional government and works often with professional athletes, including cyclists, track-and-field athletes, soccer and tennis players, providing advice on nutrition and training regimes and top-class fitness equipment.

Auch der Sportmediziner del Moral, der von 1999 bis 2003 die ersten fünf Toursiege Armstrongs als Teamarzt bei US Postal begleitete, ist keinesfalls nur eine Figur aus der dunklen Vergangenheit. Der Mediziner, der bis vor kurzem noch am Institut für Sportmedizin in Valencia arbeitete, ist nicht nur im Radsport bis heute gut vernetzt. Del Moral gehört zum Team der ebenfalls in Valencia ansässigen Sport Consulting Firma "Performa", die auf ihrer Internetseite "maßgeschneidertes Training" verspricht.

Bis Mittwochmorgen konnte man dort auch die Referenzen des Sportmediziners nachlesen. Kurz darauf war der Eintrag verschwunden. Aber es war eine durchaus ansehnliche Vita: Neben seiner Arbeit für Armstrongs Rennstall gehörte del Moral in der Saison 2003/2004 zum medizinischen Stab des FC Barcelona. Auch die Fußballer des FC Valencia ließen sich von del Moral betreuen. Die Tennisprofis Marat Safin und Dinara Safina gehörten ebenfalls zu seinen Klienten. Und auch French-Open-Finalistin Sara Errani soll auf seine Dienste vertrauen. Der bis Februar 2012 wegen des Besitzes von Dopingmitteln gesperrte Geher Francisco Fernandez, Europameister von 2006, erklärte im November 2009, er werde von del Moral betreut.

An El Mundo article from 2009:

García del Moral vive apartado del ciclismo, pero no del deporte. Actualmente dirige el Instituto de Medicina del Deporte de la Fundación Deportiva Municipal del Ayuntamiento de Valencia, donde se ocupa de coordinar la asistencia preventiva de las escuelas municipales y ha seguido teniendo contactos con la práctica deportiva profesional.

Según figura en su currículo, en la temporada 2003/04 fue asesor médico del FC Barcelona y en junio de 2005 se incorporó a los servicios médicos del Valencia de la mano del traumatólogo Rafael Llombart, un médico de familia y un endocrino. Ese cuerpo médico, que llegó para sustituir a Jorge Candel, salió del club sólo seis meses después. Las críticas de los jugadores, muy descontentos con su labor, fueron determinantes en la decisión de Juan Soler de prescindir de ellos.

Del Morals CV was taken off Performa Sport Consulting's website.

Screencap of the CV:

"Asesor Médico de diversos equipos de Fútbol entre los que destaca el Barcelona CF y el Valencia CF."
They left it on the english version.

"Medical Adviser of various football teams most notably FC Barcelona and Valencia CF."
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