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Default Re: Week 44 : Eckental (Entry List)

Here is the whole report in one post, without mistakes:

So, my trip began yesterday with 3 hours train drive, what was indeed funny, because when I arrived in Nurnberg Nordostbahnhof, I had to go to the toilet, and there were subway toilets, but well, no words...anyway, I HAD to go on toilet so I went in, but in the men's toilet, there was no paper, so I went to the women's toilet (the first time in my life) and was funny

(I will post always some sentences and at the end put all together)
After over 3 hours I finally arrived in Eschenau, Eckental and I had to decide which way I go, left or right from the train station, my intuition said left, so I went left but this time I was wrong (normally I'm always right). And I had to go the way back (3min) so not that bad. But then the next problem, which way I have to There was no street on my Google map paper, so I decided to go straight down the footbath, which brought me to a main road. I thought it is the road I had to go...but I wasn't sure (intuition) whether it's right. So I searched for the road-name, but I couldn't find it for 5 min () and after I found, my intuition got confirmed. It was indeed the wrong I tried to find somehow anyone, who could tell me where to go, because I went the wrong way and my Google maps paper didn't have this road on it. But gladly I found someone who told me where to go; in fact I went the right way, but just one parallel road to wide.
After I finally found the right way also on my paper, I wondered about sth. The road ended but Google told me to go straight forward, and guess what straight forward was...a farm track or simple just a path with mud and pepple stones I had to laugh, because I didn't know Google has such roads on his maps...
After some 400 meters I was a bit worried but I could clearly see that I'm on the right way, but suddenly some horse raiders came around and I was thinking: WTF I am doing here??? The last 100 meters of this path were through a salad field, hahahahaahah, but Google had this as road on his maps...and my great Lacoste shoes got wet anyway, after maybe 25 min. I finally arrived at the site
I could see all the cars on the parking area (BMW, AUDI, MERCEDES, even a Porsche) and I knew, I'm right here. I searched the entry and in fact there was a sign "Eingang ->" but I didn't see it so I went up the stairs and wanted to enter the door, when I noticed that Petzschner is sitting there and other players...I nearly went in directly into the Players’ lounge
So I kept searching and found it. Then I had to get my ticked (I ordered it the night before, so it was in an envelope with my name on it. (7 euro for students) getting the ticket was the first thing I did, 2nd was looking after famous players and in the café, this time for everyone, there was Beck sitting and chatting with some guy and I totally was: yeah man, that's what I wanted to feel...felled good seeing people you know from sports and being so near..dunoo about you, but I have such feelings...
So I was in the so called "Sponsorendorf" sponsor village, with all sponsors having their stands and so on and on a big black curtain they projected the SB from the internet. and I saw that the first match on CC was already over and that Niland vs. Zverev was already underway (yeah, because Daniel was last on CC and I had to go at 20.20)
so I went to the hall where they were playing (normal tennis hall, they just renovated the roof, I guess 4 or maybe 5 courts normally, but for the event only 2) and took place on the big stands to the CC. If you liked to watch matches from court 1, you had to go to the upper part of the stands and watch it while standing, because there was no room for a 2nd stands. so a bit shit, if you wanted to see what is happening on court 1, but I didn't want to, anyway.
So I took place somewhere in the middle of the stands, so I had a good view on both parts of the courts (you can see it on my pics I posted before) and Zverev vs. Niland was already underway. Niland is a hottie he is losing his hair (no dome yet, but the hair get thinner) but his face and his body are, yummy. On the other side Zverev. Well he was wearing Nike shoes, but they looked like 5 numbers too big and too big shorts and also his t-shirt was too long, but I guess it is his style.
Now to the match: It was quite boring to be honest, in the first set you could see why Zverev is that low now, he used to be in TOP 100 or even better, but he was doing so many errors, although he played 3 quali-matches already. On the other side there was Niland, the beauty from Ireland (that is a rhyme) who had powerful ground-strokes, I guess his 2-handed-BH was a bit better than FH, but he was the on making pace and Zverev was just blocking the shots. Niland won 6-3. His GF () was cheering from the stands: That's the way Conner, or "Do it like that babe". I had to laugh.
Zverev went to the toilet and Niland changed his t-shirt right in front of a six-pack, a really great one, and what muscles he had in his body shape, and his breast was hairy as well, def. a plus
Zverev also changed it in front of me (now you know why I sat down on this place) but he was way worse.
In the 2nd set Niland had some BP's in the very first game but missed to easy FH and Zverev hold. Niland then got angry at the linesmen and women (only 3, 2 on the lines and one on the t-line to check the serves) and to be honest, they were nearly all blind....reaaaaaly bad. And always against the opponents of the Germans. And the chair umpire was even worse...some old grandpa, didn't know how to pronounce 30 and 40 in English and didn't see balls 30 cm out on the baseline, and since there were no linesmen on the baseline they had to keep playing. Niland got broken, but not only because he got robbed, but also because he served too many DF's. Zverev just kept on playing like in the 1st set, maybe a bit better, but that's all. There were great rallies indeed, but only like 3 or 4 in a set. Mostly Zverev won them, because Niland made a silly error, and that must be the reason why he also dropped in the ranks. I think he was also in TOP 100 not so long ago.
So the match went into the 3rd set, where suddenly Zverev began to play much better Niland looked a bit exhausted to be honest and Zverev found out that his deep slice brings more effect than his shitty 2-handed BH so he kept on slicing and that was enough to win. Niland's GF shut the fuck up then and he himself was only arguing with the chairmen and that he only overrules when it is in favor of Zverev (and he was right)
Zverev served it out I guess, but it was a lame match in overall. I wanted Niland to win, but well...
So the 2nd match was then Beck vs. Mertl. I never heard of Mertl before, only knew that he was seeded one in Q and had huge problems with Polish doubles player Bednarek or so was enough for me to call him mug. but only until he came on the court... he was sex in persona Tall, sexy, sexy, sexy and his voice was sexy as well...I was totally into him cheering all match for him I even once shouted POJD not the way Petra is doing, but he noticed me and was smiling during change over when I was clenched by fist and told him to keep going.
The match was waaaaaaaaaaaay better than before, simply because both players were good on both sides and liked to attack. Mertl has a huge ground-game, were his FH is a bit better than 2-handed BH, but powerful on both sides and a really great serve. He hit a lot of ace's but also at least 5 or more got called out by the mug linesmen.
here a pic of him:

Andi Beck was playing similar, but he was the one who went for the shots, Jan played powerful but not the lines, and Beck searched them, some balls got called in which were clearly out but the umpire was also blind Mertl complained all the time, mostly in the 3rd set, but step by step...
Mertl could save 3 SP's at *4-5 0-40 (it were the first BP's of this match) and saved his life to the TB, where he made 2 silly errors. the 2nd set looked quite the same, all even till 6-6. It was a good match, many great, fast rallies with great winners on both sides; Beck surely had 5-10 more at the end but also 10-15 more UE. Mertl was really desperate at some point in the 2nd set, when people on the VIP stands, they were on the opposite to the normal stands, came in and were taking place during the rallies or when he was serving/returning. The chair umpire called someone to check this, but the VIP's kept going in and out and Jan went
also Beck complained (way too much) about calls and other things. Best was in the 2nd set's TB, when Mertl hit a clear ACE through the middle, but the linesmen called out, although he kept his hands on the line. Mertl thought it was his point, the chair umpire asked the linesmen in or out, he said in, but then Beck! was complaining, that he didn't correct himself and wanted therefore a 2nd serve. And Mertl complained about the fact, he didn't get the point, so both guys were complaining and both were wrong the umpire should just have said: 1st serve and keep playing, but he was discussing with both, Beck and Mertl and after maybe 4-6 minutes, they finally kept playing and Mertl served another ACE to make it 2-1* in the 2nd set's TB
After a few errors and 2 great winners by Beck, Mertl went down 6-7 6-6 *2-6 in the TB he was at everything and everyone and was saying to the umpire: yeah yeah, you are only overruling for him, but never for me, great, well done, great job
his czech-english accent was so cute, but he was def. right. But then I got remembered once again, why German men are mugs. Beck DF'ed on his first MP, Mertl had to serve twice on 2nd serve to stay alive and Beck netted one return and made an huge error on the 2nd ball, so it was *5-6 (Mertl) then he served an ACE and it was all even Beck was totally done then, he had an MP again at 8-7* but Mertl served good and Beck made another error and gifted him the 2nd set from being up 7-6 6-6 6-2*
I was really angry at him and went to the restroom and on this way, guess whom I met... Daniel he was going the other way, right to the courts when he saw me and stopped going. He said: Hi, hey, how are you doing. I answered: good good, thanks, and you? He said: All right, everything fine... Then he asked me about the matches and I told him that Beck blew 5 bloody MP's and that on the other court there is a doubles match. He was like that beck wasted so many MP. Then I told him, I went here to watch his doubles, but that I have to go at 20.20 and he said: looks like you won't make it, but we'll see...might be a long day.
And he was right. Then I said: I have to go to the restroom, he just replied: yeah, I will watch some doubles now, see ya later? and I said, yeah, right...
So I came back right to the start of the 3rd set, where Mertl hat 40-15 on Beck's serve and I was like yeah, Andreas is falling apart, take it and you won. But Beck suddenly played GOAT again and hold his game even worse, Mertl got broken and never recovered from it. He was complaining even more, too much at this moment to be honest, through racquets and saying things on Czech
It made him even sexier for me (and he is still in doubles, maybe I'll see him on Friday in private)
Beck was ruling now and never looked back after this *15-40 service game and Mertl just ran out of gas. He also got code-violation for saying: Kurwa and he even complained about this He was saying: what? are you sure? did you understand? It's nothing you even understand this? and the umpire answered: yeah, I know what it means... But Mertl continued on chatting to the umpire: you don't even know what it means, do you?

At the end he lost, but I soooo wanted to see him winning, but I was happy that the 3rd set went on fast, still chances to see Daniel (tiny but I hoped)
After a short break, the match of the day started and the stands were full. really full. Great for the tournament to have a full house on Tuesday, but I guess it was mainly because of Petzschner, who lived in Bayreuth for many years, what is really near to Eckental. His opponent was Frank Dancevic, a really cool, relaxed guy. He was playing cards with Mertl and Begemann when I arrived at the venue pity I didn't know who they are when I came

anyway, tough 1st round for Phillip, and indeed the match was HQ, although the first 3 games belonged to Petzschner who was clearly the better player in the 1st set, which he won 6-4, but only because he made a loooooooooooot silly errors, otherwise it would have been 62 or so, but even he was smiling at some errors, for example FH right into the roof
Dancevic played better in the 2nd set and Phillip still was playing on a good level, but this match was really da best! great rallies in nearly every point and some huge mistakes from both
The crowd went crazy after a rally which lasted about 1,5 min. with lobs, and drop shots, deep slices and powerful FHs and BHs. in the end Phillip made a passing shot and there were standing ovations.
But now German mug festival, part 2 continues. The match lasted really long, because rallies were great and Petze wanted the towel after every 2nd point. And it hand to end in a 2nd set TB. Petzschner had only a few problems with saving his serve and was leading *6-4, 2 MP's. On the first he netted a FH. on the 2nd Frank had to serve a 2nd set but Petze netted a BH and lost the TB after a lucky lob from Frank got it

I was really angry and left the court to go again to the sponsor’s village...
So, I was standing there at the sponsor’s village and was and I saw Daniel again. He was sitting there with 3 people and he had some Wieners I didn't know whether to go to him or not. Since he was chatting with the other ones (Begemann and 2 older guys) I decided not to disturb him and just stayed there alone on a table and was watching the SB. But I decided to go back on court, because I paid for it and watching a SB is able at home as well. so bye Daniel, hello Petzschner. the 3rd set began lame, both players seemed mentally tired after the TB but the match got better and better again. The greatest rallies were the slice ones. Both sliced really deep and with a lot of pace and the people in the stands were like: uuuuaaaaa...zzzz...aaauuuu
I liked it, great feeling to sit in the middle of it. At the end some balls decided about win or lose and let's say the better one won, although Dancevic really raised his level from the 2nd set on and would have won against others today, just a shit draw. People were all crazy and happy, after Petzschner finally finished the match and he was happy as well. The Ballkids wanted everything from him, towel, and sweatband and so on, and he gave it away
most people decided to go home or to the sponsors village, where they got a wine for free, since there were 2 wine-stands where you could test all day long some wine from this region. I stayed at court, but I already knew, there is no chance of seeing Daniel playing again, thanks to Mug-Beck and Mug-Petzschner. Anyway, I tried to enjoy the rest of the day.
next match was Kern (WC) vs. Belemanns (Finalist last year or so) and it was like supposed:
Kern was useless, although he is tall and had some nice FHs and BHs here and there, well and Belemanns knew it, and took this match as training I guess. Kern served great in his very first game to lead *1-0, but that was his only lead, because then Belemanns already broke for *2-1 and never looked back. Kern's problem was that he was too slow and he made too many errors. Wide BHs and FHs landed not even on court. So I decided to leave after the 1st set to watch doubles on court 1. Beck/Knowle against Marx/Zelenay (GER/SVK) and Beck was complaining again but this time about himself. He played really bad, but I guess Knowle was forced to play with Beck, because both seem to have the same sponsor (Lotto). Knowle was the best player on court, but he had really tiny legs and is really old by now. The best times (with Jürgen) seem far behind...they lost 67 46.
I had like half an hour left, but I didn't want to see Kern losing the 2nd set, so I went on toilet and then again to the sponsors village and saw Petzsche sitting there with some women (friend, sister, whatever) who was eating, he was just sitting there and watching her. I decided to talk to him and ask for a pic. and he was really friendly, not like on court (will come in the side-notes) and said: yeah, let's do a pic. and he touched my back and my hand and I was like: keep doing that, just stay with me
He was really cool and I told him the best and so on and he said: thanks for cheering and coming, great audience and so on, really cool. But then I was just looking for one boy. Daniel. I couldn't find him and his ugly partner, Krawietz, against whom matthias? (or was it someone from his club) already played and lost badly he looks like a fish, or this fish-Pokémon. The blue one, who has a bone in his head, it's from the 2nd or 3rd vol. I don't like him, and he sucks, he has no FH and mentally he is a real German.
Ok, so I watched for them, but couldn't find, (I knew they were doing some warm-up or discussing the tactic, whatever...
so I put on my jacket and was standing right in the corner which led to the court and players’ lounge, so that I couldn't miss Daniel if he comes...
... and he came right before I really had to go (although I was 18 minutes before the train came on the train station ) he came downstairs and saw me and was like: huh, you are leaving?! (bayerisch: Hu, packst es scho oder wie?)
and I in a tone: yeah, I have to go, my train is leaving soon and it is the last one, which brings me home. Daniel: what a pity, well, have a good trip (meanwhile he was going in direction locker room. and I was following him and said: thanks...ähm, yeah, I might come friday to watch you. and Daniel already was entering the locker room, stopped, turned around and said: perfect, then see you later. bye
and I was like why can't you have a car...but I answered: yeah, bye and good luck, hau rein taped on his bag and went outside in direction train station, this time not on the path but on the main road, what was longer, but maybe just 3-5 minutes. anyway, I was way too early there. Luckily no train had delay, so I got all my connecting train to Augsburg and arrived totally tired at 23.48 in Augsburg-Hochzoll.

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