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Default Re: The Seinfeld Thread

I'm a huge tv series fan.
The humor presented on the Frasier dvds is intelligent unlike some TV shows that have humor that is stupid and immature and predictable. I like how Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce showcase their musical talents on the show(and I can tell that isn't fake piano playing) quite often.
Entourage is absolutely hilarious. The thing that makes the dialogue so great on the Entourage dvds is that it is what a lot of people in the early 20's use. So many movies and TV shows lack what I call "everyday people language". Too many TV shows and Movies have stupid one liners and overall dialogue that just isn't what "real" people say. Its refreshing to watch a show that nails it perfectly.
24 is an immensely innovative show, that has its primary hook in the fact that events occur in real time for a period of 24 hours (with each episode representing one hour), and in the constant suspense and twists it pours out of every subplot. The show on the 24 dvds is held together by the strength of Sutherland's performance – Bauer is a fascinating individual.

But my all time favorite show is Seinfeld. I like very much watching the Seinfeld dvds. It has absolutely amazing actors playing the parts who are obviously enjoying themselves - one many occasions you can see smirks forming across Jerry's face, it has unbelievably funny situations which the characters find themselves in, and it has excellent writers - chiefly Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld.
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