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Forum: General Messages   06-26-2010, 07:33 AM
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Posted By cherry@cupcake
Re: Hanescu spits at crowd and walks out in 5th set v Brands (6-7 6-7 7-6 6-3 3-0 RET

They've arrested the four fans involved:
Forum: General Messages   09-13-2009, 08:18 PM
Replies: 60
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Posted By cherry@cupcake
Re: Mainstream Media spinning Nadal's loss again?

Matt Cronin has tweeted the following:
Forum: General Messages   06-30-2009, 07:39 PM
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Posted By cherry@cupcake
Re: Murray vs Gasquet or Wawrinka?

Last night's, because it was the first Wimbledon match played late at night and under lights.


For that reason alone, it was very cool.
Forum: General Messages   06-28-2009, 07:44 AM
Replies: 33
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Posted By cherry@cupcake
Re: Murray word games

Not all of them, but he started it!

Check out his Twitter feed, here:

clicky (
Forum: General Messages   06-27-2009, 03:33 PM
Replies: 33
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Posted By cherry@cupcake
Re: Murray word games

Don't forget his most recent effort: Ryvita gerulaitis.
Forum: General Messages   06-15-2009, 07:19 PM
Replies: 105
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Posted By cherry@cupcake
Re: Queens Final: Murray def. Blake 7-5, 6-4.

Evening Standard article. (

Looks the same as all the other Murray...
Forum: General Messages   06-15-2009, 07:13 PM
Replies: 105
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Posted By cherry@cupcake
Re: Queens Final: Murray def. Blake 7-5, 6-4.

Not on the online version.:confused:
Forum: General Messages   06-14-2009, 03:48 PM
Replies: 30
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Posted By cherry@cupcake
Re: Is the crowd at Queens

Years ago I joined the mailing list for the (then) Stella Artois tournament.

You know when you have to put in your title, and there's normally a little drop down box with Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms? Well, at...
Forum: General Messages   04-12-2009, 07:16 AM
Replies: 222
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Posted By cherry@cupcake
Re: Roger Federer got married today

Awww, sweet. Happy news. Congratulations to the both of them.
Forum: General Messages   02-18-2009, 08:16 AM
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Posted By cherry@cupcake
Re: Were Israelis Erlich and Ram denied entrance to Dubai?

From today's Times newspaper, an article by Neil Harman.

I've copied and pasted the first few paragraphs of the article; follow the link if you want to read on!

"There is little that Dubai will...
Forum: General Messages   08-25-2008, 09:55 PM
Replies: 113
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Posted By cherry@cupcake
Re: USO R1: Nadal beats Phau 7-6(4) 6-3 7-6(4)

Phau played some points that were just brilliant fun to watch... it sounded like the crowd had a great time!

But yes, Rafa will have to play better, shouldn't have taken as long, etc. etc.
Forum: General Messages   07-09-2008, 06:14 AM
Replies: 18
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Posted By cherry@cupcake
Re: "If" by Rudyard Kipling recited by Roger and Rafa

Thought it was pretty cheesy the first few times they showed it - during the day, before the match had begun and then, again, midway through it. But then they played it again when the match had...
Forum: General Messages   07-06-2008, 08:50 PM
Replies: 832
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Posted By cherry@cupcake
Re: Wimbledon F= Nadal downs Federer 6-4 6-4 6-7 6-7 9-7 in an heroic final

To all those trying to diss this superb advert for tennis, I have only this eloquent statement to make: :rolleyes:

Oh, such a fantastic match! Admittedly, I watched half of it whilst hiding under...
Forum: General Messages   07-05-2008, 07:14 AM
Replies: 79
Views: 3,969
Posted By cherry@cupcake
Re: Mysterious people at Wimbledon

Wahey! Fellow Dr Who fans! *high fives alround* I love listening to the commentaries: great stuff! :cool:

Oh, and the mysterious people are creepy. It's probably Modern Art though.
Forum: General Messages   06-28-2008, 07:58 PM
Replies: 62
Views: 2,362
Posted By cherry@cupcake
Re: Wimbledon R3: Murray def. Haas 6-4 6-7(4) 6-3 6-2

Nicest thing to see was Murray's demeanor on court...including his smile when he made an error. He seems to have matured a lot all of a sudden.
Forum: General Messages   06-25-2008, 04:29 PM
Replies: 405
Views: 27,596
Posted By cherry@cupcake
Re: Marat SAFIN kills Novak Djokovic 6-4 7-6 6-2


Kudos to Safin for the win. :D

Djokovic :confused:
Forum: General Messages   06-24-2008, 08:41 PM
Replies: 70
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Posted By cherry@cupcake
Re: Wimbledon R1: Murray def. Santoro 6-3 6-4 7-6(5)

Entertaining match, lovely tennis. It was fantastic to watch Santoro enjoy himself on Centre Court.

Good win for Murray, too.
Forum: General Messages   06-16-2008, 05:21 PM
Replies: 29
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Posted By cherry@cupcake
Re: Article in the Guardian on Wimbledon, Rafa, Federer and Djokovic

The Guardian doesn't have the best tennis coverage though, I've found. As somebody wrote earlier, it tends to be quite shallow. If I want tennis articles/ news, it's to The Times I go! :D
Forum: General Messages   06-15-2008, 04:06 PM
Replies: 466
Views: 29,728
Posted By cherry@cupcake
Re: Queens Final: Nadal def. Djokovic 7-6(6) 7-5

Woo! And indeed, hoo!

Well done, Rafa! A great win... here's hoping he gets a good rest back home and then comes back and does as well at Wimbly. :worship: From all the UK coverage over here - and...
Forum: General Messages   06-15-2008, 01:40 PM
Replies: 3,666
Views: 231,745
Posted By cherry@cupcake
Re: Is Andrew Castle insane????


I especially liked this exchange:

Andrew Castle: So who do you think will win?
Nervous Lady: er (points randomly at the court). That one.

Even AC seemed suprised that somebody...
Forum: General Messages   05-28-2008, 06:51 PM
Replies: 62
Views: 2,254
Posted By cherry@cupcake
Re: Murray crushes Acasuso 6-4 6-0 6-4 to reach R3

So good to see Andy remembering to serve & volley. He's fantastic at the net...why on earth does he cling to the baseline so often?

This was good tennis, though, and as others have said, it...
Forum: General Messages   04-10-2008, 08:15 AM
Replies: 34
Views: 2,003
Posted By cherry@cupcake
Re: Austrian tennis player Daniela Klemenschits dies aged 25

Tragic news.:sad:

My thoughts go out to the family and especially to Sandra.
Forum: General Messages   04-04-2008, 06:05 AM
Replies: 345
Views: 18,690
Posted By cherry@cupcake
Re: Roddick defeats Federer 7-6(4) 4-6 6-3


Congrats to Andy : he's probably still celebrating! :D
Forum: General Messages   03-23-2008, 08:54 AM
Replies: 356
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Posted By cherry@cupcake
Re: Fish destroys top seeded Federer 6-3 6-2 to reach Indian Wells final


Oh, I'm sorry. Truly. If Federer is truly still recovering from mono then it's not funny at all: but if he's recovering from mono, he shouldn't be playing at all. Not even practice matches....
Forum: General Messages   01-25-2008, 05:01 PM
Replies: 393
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Posted By cherry@cupcake
Re: Djokovic outguns Federer 7-5 6-3 7-6 (5) to reach AO 2008 Final

A Slam final without Federer or Nadal? :eek: I'm not sure what to do with that. It seems wrong.

No, not really. I think it's great for tennis that this AO will see the sport with a new Grand Slam...
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