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Forum: General Messages   09-13-2015, 10:15 PM
Replies: 319
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Posted By unknowndiamond
Re: Federer answers Boris Becker: "It’s not disrespectful. I'll use it in the finals"

Can't believe I have to sau this, but this is destroying tennis. We talked about how tennis was dead as Nadal winning GS with his defensive style, but as least it is a tennis style. What are you...
Forum: General Messages   09-11-2015, 09:55 PM
Replies: 5,340
Views: 206,842
Posted By unknowndiamond
Re: 2015 Live Commentary Thread vol. 27

Just came on to watch, is Cilic injured ?
Forum: General Messages   09-07-2015, 09:06 PM
Replies: 46
Views: 2,899
Posted By unknowndiamond
Re: USO R4: [5] Wawrinka def. Young, 6-4 1-6 6-3 6-4

nice win, and gifting the 2nd set to Americans, how nice he is, now just praying for Murray to win and Stan can have his Stanimal mode on :devil:
Forum: General Messages   09-06-2015, 12:16 AM
Replies: 68
Views: 4,638
Posted By unknowndiamond
Forum: General Messages   09-03-2015, 08:06 PM
Replies: 28
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Posted By unknowndiamond
Forum: General Messages   08-29-2015, 09:01 AM
Replies: 38
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Posted By unknowndiamond
Re: Very bold prediction: Wawrinka will WIN the US Open

Don't jinx him please, Stan need a certain condition to win a slam,so as other players. The draw gave Nole a very big advantage to win it all, but we will see how it will turn out.
Forum: General Messages   08-29-2015, 08:57 AM
Replies: 57
Views: 2,414
Posted By unknowndiamond
Re: Federer & Murray fans, would you swap your man's season for Wawrinka's?

Fed could happily retire if he had a season like Stan, on the other hand Mugray would go cursing himself all the time until his 1st baby was born. As for Stan, if he had a season like Fed, he could...
Forum: General Messages   08-28-2015, 09:17 PM
Replies: 327
Views: 26,965
Posted By unknowndiamond
Re: WWW US Open 2015 (w/ Draw Discussion)

Fed should retire before SF, there's no way TOM can win this slam with a draw like this, as the same time his retire can help either Stan/Murray has a chance to win it, otherwise Nole already crowned...
Forum: General Messages   08-24-2015, 08:41 AM
Replies: 56
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Posted By unknowndiamond
Re: US Open: Your ideal draw

with Stan being #5, it's hard for him to win this slam, the ideaist draw for him should be
Djokovic - Stan
Nishikori - Berdych

Murray - Nadal
Federer - Ferrer

Stan - Berdych
Forum: General Messages   08-24-2015, 08:25 AM
Replies: 26
Views: 1,116
Posted By unknowndiamond
Re: Have you ever made predictions that came true?

I predicted that Stan will win RG in 2009, it came true 6 years later :devil:.
Forum: General Messages   07-22-2015, 11:24 PM
Replies: 66
Views: 3,218
Posted By unknowndiamond
Re: Which two consecutive losses was more embarrassing: Nadal-Fognini or Federer-Cana

I like Canas, he's one of very few players who got the ball to play the tops, and he did more than enough. It's not like I didn't see Fed as one of the most talented players, but most of the time his...
Forum: General Messages   07-22-2015, 10:56 PM
Replies: 127
Views: 8,470
Posted By unknowndiamond
Re: Old News: the 'big 4' is Nadal, Djokovic, Wawrinka, Federer.

Is this guy still in hospital for eating his shoes :eek:
Forum: General Messages   07-08-2015, 09:25 AM
Replies: 74
Views: 5,145
Posted By unknowndiamond
Re: WWW Wimbledon QF: [4] Stanislas "Stanimal" Wawrinka vs [21] Richard "Dicky" Gasqu

I hope Stan can be bumped up for this match, we all know only a Big4 or a frenchy can wake up Stanimal, this should be a good preparation for SF. Allez Stan.
Forum: General Messages   07-03-2015, 10:19 PM
Replies: 12
Views: 782
Posted By unknowndiamond
Re: Will Ward be the new Wawrinka?

Is Murray is the most anglo saxon out there?
Forum: General Messages   07-02-2015, 11:05 PM
Replies: 23
Views: 1,890
Posted By unknowndiamond
Re: Wimbledon RD 3 Fernando Verdasco vs Stan Wawrinka (4)

tricky match for me, if he is about to lose before semi then this is it. Everytime he's strugling but still winning, he's more or less losing to the next inspiring opponent the very next row. But it...
Forum: General Messages   07-01-2015, 04:38 AM
Replies: 43
Views: 3,056
Posted By unknowndiamond
Re: Wawrinka (once again): I'm not, and will never be, part of the Big 4

THis and end of the story, Stan is in his own class and he didn't have to be compared with anyone, We don't want to have him replace someone or vice versa. if you want just call him the Big S, Big...
Forum: General Messages   06-30-2015, 11:02 PM
Replies: 43
Views: 4,607
Posted By unknowndiamond
Re: Pete Sampras "Letter to My Younger Self"

Don't hit on the legend because you think you're sexy, trust me, you're just mediocre, it's your favorite word, non?
Forum: General Messages   06-30-2015, 06:46 AM
Replies: 9
Views: 633
Posted By unknowndiamond
Re: Player who won the last meetings vs all BIG4s

Oh, I missed that, but that I think Fed, Nadal and Nole already did. I just want something new :lol:
Forum: General Messages   06-30-2015, 06:13 AM
Replies: 9
Views: 633
Posted By unknowndiamond
Player who won the last meetings vs all BIG4s

Stan did it not only one but twice :angel:

Current period: achieved in RG2015, still lasting

RG2015 Final: Wawrinka def. Djokovic 4-6, 6-4, 6-3, 6-4
RG2015 QF: Wawrinka def. Federer 6-4,...
Forum: General Messages   06-29-2015, 10:00 PM
Replies: 78
Views: 4,666
Posted By unknowndiamond
Re: New generation (95->) vs Nadal/Djokov generation ranking breakdown

The top 15-20 will be more of an indicator nowadays. if any of them can break into top 15 in the next 2 years I will take him seriously. If not then sorry, But I don't blame them because the game has...
Forum: General Messages   06-29-2015, 08:06 PM
Replies: 53
Views: 3,362
Posted By unknowndiamond
Re: Wimbledon R1: [4] Wawrinka def Sousa 6-4 7-5 7-6(3)

it was photoshoped too much, dam it :mad:
Forum: General Messages   06-26-2015, 08:11 PM
Replies: 84
Views: 4,652
Posted By unknowndiamond
Re: Best draw for djokovic to win a GS to this point in his career?

No, Stan need to beat him here, or atleast to play a 5 set thriller to gain some confident on grass, it will set the stage for him to win it next year :devil:
Forum: General Messages   06-26-2015, 08:02 PM
Replies: 556
Views: 46,912
Posted By unknowndiamond
Re: - Official Wimbledon 2015 Draw Discussion *** Pre, Live, Post Show ***

Poor Nishikori, got Cilic again, :sobbing:
and Murray-Nadal would be epic :D, Stanray final going to happen :cool:
Forum: General Messages   06-23-2015, 10:11 PM
Replies: 24
Views: 1,574
Posted By unknowndiamond
Re: France and (tennis) World domination

Oui, Oui, Oui, c'est absolument vrai, on est toujour la champion du monde, meme que on ne gagne pas de slam :lol:
Forum: General Messages   06-21-2015, 10:56 PM
Replies: 118
Views: 6,919
Posted By unknowndiamond
Re: Which Wimbledon outcome will cause the most "ruins"on MTF?

That is just the insecurity from Muraytards. For us real fan of Stan, 0>>>2, but we just don't feel the need for broadcasting it :angel:
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