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Forum: General Messages   01-27-2008, 11:21 AM
Replies: 404
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Posted By Magical Trevor
Re: Novak Djokovic wins first GS, beats Tsonga 4-6, 6-4, 6-3, 7-6 in AO Final

Full credit to Novak, I didn't think he could play the way he did. He really stepped it up with his serving and flattening out the groundies after the first set. Tsonga couldn't impose himself at all...
Forum: General Messages   01-25-2008, 10:40 AM
Replies: 393
Views: 22,481
Posted By Magical Trevor
Re: Djokovic outguns Federer 7-5 6-3 7-6 (5) to reach AO 2008 Final

Fed played pretty poorly there, didn't attack at all.

Full credit to Novak, I thought he'd choke in the breaker, but he came up with the goods. Serving was incredible. Good luck to him in the...
Forum: General Messages   01-24-2008, 10:06 AM
Replies: 468
Views: 24,694
Posted By Magical Trevor
Re: Tsonga destroys (2)Nadal 6-2 6-3 6-2 to reach his 1st Grand Slam Final

I don't think Rafa played that poorly compared to his usual standard. He just couldn't get a hit in. Tsonga was a fucking weapon. I can't believe what I just saw. The ridiculously easy power coupled...
Forum: General Messages   01-22-2008, 12:19 PM
Replies: 94
Views: 4,280
Posted By Magical Trevor
Re: AO QF: Tsonga def. Youzhny 7-5 6-0 7-6(6)

Excellent performance from Tsonga. Like an assassin moving into the net... didn't expect that for such a big guy.

Have no idea what was going on with the serve volleying though in the tiebreak....
Forum: General Messages   01-20-2008, 05:25 AM
Replies: 185
Views: 7,702
Posted By Magical Trevor
Re: Ferrero defeats Nalbandian 6-1 6-2 6-3

I couldn't believe what I saw out there... Ferrero was hectic. Probably should have even won the last set 6-2, missed an easy backhand pass by his standards.

He was so aggressive with his...
Forum: General Messages   01-17-2008, 12:56 PM
Replies: 148
Views: 6,448
Posted By Magical Trevor
Re: Baghdatis def. Safin 6-4 6-4 2-6 3-6 6-2

Outstanding match. The numbers will show a negative winner:UE ratio, but that's because the hitting and movement was so ridiculous. These guys were standing on the baseline crunching the ball deep...
Forum: General Messages   01-14-2008, 01:08 PM
Replies: 75
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Posted By Magical Trevor
Re: AO R1: Nadal def Troicki 7-6 7-5 6-1

The first set, both players were hitting really short, but the quality was pretty good from the 2nd set onwards. Possibly just getting used to the conditions.

Troicki has the most uncoordinated...
Forum: General Messages   01-14-2008, 07:57 AM
Replies: 206
Views: 12,928
Posted By Magical Trevor
Re: Tsonga def. (9) Murray 7-5 6-4 0-6 7-6(5)

Not surprising given Tsonga's weaponry, but still disappointing.

Might not have helped that Murray played like a complete ass in his last match (against Klein)
Forum: General Messages   01-12-2008, 09:39 AM
Replies: 37
Views: 1,211
Posted By Magical Trevor
Re: Sydney Final - Tursunov def. Guccione 7/6 7/6

No bps in this match.

Guccione played pretty well I think... much better than his semi. Tursunov was just too clean. Something like 27 winners, 11 UEs
Forum: General Messages   01-07-2008, 11:39 AM
Replies: 53
Views: 2,094
Posted By Magical Trevor
Re: Sydney R1: Santoro def Blake 7/6 6/2

Weird match. Saw the first 3/4 games where Blake was off his nut crunching winners everywhere.

Went to another court for a while, came back, and he'd lost!
Forum: General Messages   01-07-2008, 11:19 AM
Replies: 34
Views: 1,319
Posted By Magical Trevor
Re: Sydney R1: Gasquet def. Andreev 6:3 7:6(5)

Started off on fire, just ripping these ridiculous backhand winners out of nowhere for about the first 5 games. Then was good but not spectacular. Anyway, good signs for him, I was impressed.

Forum: General Messages   11-25-2007, 03:04 AM
Replies: 193
Views: 13,927
Posted By Magical Trevor
Re: Sampras def Federer 7-6 6-4 on Ice!

I know this is an exho and all, but I can't believe Roger's lost this match.

He's completely screwed up his possible status as the greatest of all time, and has suddenly thrown a bone to all those...
Forum: General Messages   09-23-2007, 04:08 AM
Replies: 59
Views: 2,762
Posted By Magical Trevor
Re: Djokovic/Zimonj def Hanley/Hewitt 3-6 6-4 6-3 6-2

I watched until the Aussies were 2-0 up in the second set, and didn't think there was any way on Earth they could lose the match. Hewitt was killing the Serbs on his returns, and Djokovic looked...
Forum: General Messages   09-17-2007, 07:47 AM
Replies: 26
Views: 2,282
Posted By Magical Trevor
Re: Article in tennisweek comparing the greats (including pre open era)

I love the Lew Hoad anecdotes... have you ever read Richard Evan's book (called something along the lines of "20 years of open tennis")?

There is a story about on of the French Opens Lew won,...
Forum: General Messages   09-05-2007, 06:43 AM
Replies: 131
Views: 4,962
Posted By Magical Trevor
Re: Borg: "Rafael Nadal will win Wimbledon in 2008."

I'm not sure Pete would be all that keen on seeing Federer win his 6th consecutive Wimbledon (and perhaps 15th slam?) :p
Forum: General Messages   08-27-2007, 11:29 PM
Replies: 50
Views: 2,033
Posted By Magical Trevor
Re: Federer def. Jenkins 6-3,6-2,6-4

Hey, am I crazy or is this the same guy who has drawn Roddick and Nadal in the first round in the last two US Opens before this?
Forum: General Messages   08-27-2007, 02:35 PM
Replies: 141
Views: 5,732
Posted By Magical Trevor
Re: Will there be a livestream matches subscription for US Open (like RG & Wimby?)

If you scroll down, it has a list of events coming up, one of which is "US Open Tennis 1:45AM EST 8/27"

Sorry, I should add that EST is eastern standard time... so 1:45am will be in a bit over an...
Forum: General Messages   08-27-2007, 01:45 PM
Replies: 141
Views: 5,732
Posted By Magical Trevor
Re: Will there be a livestream matches subscription for US Open (like RG & Wimby?)

Where all other livestreaming let me down at the French Open, this site provided coverage all the way through, with decent picture. Apparently it did so at Wimbledon...
Forum: General Messages   07-09-2007, 05:48 AM
Replies: 7
Views: 367
Posted By Magical Trevor
Re: Mac, Connors and Borg

Seemed like there were a lot of old legends in attendance. A lot of interest in the match.

Apart from McEnroe, Connors, and Borg who did that little intro, Jack Kramer (arguably the most...
Forum: General Messages   07-09-2007, 05:20 AM
Replies: 354
Views: 16,923
Posted By Magical Trevor
Re: TIME TO CRY!!!!.........FED 5th TITLE def RAFA 76 46 76 26 62

That was unreal.

I personally questioned how well Federer could go when he was actually challenged in big matches. He's dominated most people for so long, that I thought when people stood up to...
Forum: General Messages   07-06-2007, 03:20 AM
Replies: 37
Views: 1,452
Posted By Magical Trevor
Re: Does Anybody Give Ferrero A Chance Tomorrow?

I agree with most here.

I was watching the scoreboard while our network showed the end of the Hewitt - Djokovic match, saw Ferrero go down an early break and figured he was going to get rocked as...
Forum: General Messages   07-05-2007, 04:18 PM
Replies: 110
Views: 3,565
Posted By Magical Trevor
Re: RD of 16: Djokovic defeats Hewitt 7-6, 7-6. 4-6, 7-6

Wow, this guy's the real deal.

I thought Hewitt would really test Novak's mental toughness, and he just kept hitting big serves on big points
Forum: General Messages   07-04-2007, 02:29 AM
Replies: 103
Views: 3,138
Posted By Magical Trevor
Re: Is Wimbledon the worst prepared sporting event in the world...

I'd say that this is nothing compared to the cricket world cup this year in terms of failure.

But this has been a really frustrating tournament. I stayed up til 4am thinking I might see the...
Forum: General Messages   06-29-2007, 05:34 AM
Replies: 41
Views: 1,174
Posted By Magical Trevor
Re: Davydenko def. Guccione 3-6 5-7 7-6(5) 6-4 6-2

Oh damn, Gucc was there. He was on top in the third set but couldn't find the break and really played only 1 bad point in the breaker. I was going crazy when Davydenko hit those shoelace backhand...
Forum: General Messages   06-28-2007, 12:31 AM
Replies: 78
Views: 2,672
Posted By Magical Trevor
Re: IF NaDAL Wins Wimbledon...

Sort of related to this thread.... nothing about Rafa, but I like the speed of these courts. John Newcombe was even saying that when he talked to Tim Henman in the locker rooms, Henman was saying...
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