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Dirk 04-06-2004 02:10 AM

Get Well Soon Coria!!!
I would like to start a thread wishing Coria well. This sounds very serious and its shockingly sad. If anyone knows Coria's address maybe they can print out and mail this thread to him after all his fans post well wishes to him. I will get us started.

Coria you're a tremendous player and very much admired all over the world not only for your tennis game which consist of speedy strikes off of both sides and anticipation that leaves viewers in awe, but also for achieving your dream of becoming a top tennis player. I wish you a quick recovery and never stop believing in yourself.

Dirk, USA

iloveguille 04-06-2004 02:44 AM

Re: Get Well Soon Coria!!!
Get a lot of rest and get well soon, our dearest Guille...We all love you!

loly 04-06-2004 10:23 AM

Re: Get Well Soon Coria!!!
I hope you come back soonnnnnnnnnn
I miss you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my angel :angel:
I think of you all the time and my heart are with you
love you magooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :kiss: :hearts:

alita 04-06-2004 12:25 PM

Re: Get Well Soon Coria!!!
no~~Sounds serious~:((((((( hope he come back soon! get well soon~take more rest!
god bless him!

Ma. Estefania 04-06-2004 08:45 PM

Re: Get Well Soon Coria!!!
Very good idea, Dirk.

Guille, get well soon, try to recover completely, so we could have you later completely healthy. :)

For sure we'll miss you, but still that doesn't matter if we'll see you sooner on the courts. :kiss:

The magic will be gone for some days from the tennis courts. The Magician is absent. *silence*

Dirk 04-07-2004 03:31 AM

Re: Get Well Soon Coria!!!
Come on people keep posting. I will contact a ATP player services person tomorrow to see if I can get Coria's addy or find out where I can send this thread too for him to read it.

Clara Bow 04-07-2004 05:00 AM

Re: Get Well Soon Coria!!!
Get well soon! We wish you a safe and full recovery and look forward to seeing you again on the courts. :)

esther 04-07-2004 06:29 AM

Re: Get Well Soon Coria!!!
so, is it a kidney problem?!! and is it true that he may miss RG?!!!!
*heart broken*

alita 04-07-2004 10:45 AM

Re: Get Well Soon Coria!!!

Originally Posted by esther
so, is it a kidney problem?!! and is it true that he may miss RG?!!!!
*heart broken*

you sure he won't play RG???~you mean he will absent for almost two months??no~~so poor~to win RG is his big dream! rocover soon,come back soon..we'd like to see you guille play on the courts with completely good pls must take care~more rest! we are waiting for you~
pray for u!

loly 04-07-2004 06:29 PM

Re: Get Well Soon Coria!!!
Hi Esther,

Where do you reed this information he don t go to play in RG?
Because me i hear nothing about that.

LubiG 04-07-2004 09:15 PM

Re: Get Well Soon Coria!!!
HE WON'T PLAY RG?? you're not serious.... OMG POOR GUILLE!!! he luvs RG!!

Get well soon angel!! we love you!!!

Ma. Estefania 04-07-2004 09:58 PM

Re: Get Well Soon Coria!!!
I don't think he'll miss RG, at least so far there aren't any official news about it, though at GM there's a thread saying that he "may" miss the claycourt season, but nothing is confirmed yet; so please let's not start to freak least yet. ;)

Btw.....I read somewhere else that like it's a kidney problem, it wouldn't be that serious as if he would have had some problems with his backbone and hernial discs, and well that stuff. So I think we shouldn't worry that much. I think that those stones at his kidneys can be removed with a surgery, and it's not something that dangerous or risky as something related with his backbone as most of us thought at first.

I have faith in that Guille will be back sooner than what we all expect. :)

Btw......Dirk, great idea, mate. I hope you can accomplish that. It would be great if Guille actually reads this thread!!!! :bigclap:

loly 04-07-2004 10:07 PM

Re: Get Well Soon Coria!!!
You are right MA Estefania. I agree with you.
If it s kidney stones i think it s not so long. Maybe he don t go to play Monte Carlo but after he come back. He s strong. He s el mago.

alita 04-08-2004 10:13 AM

Re: Get Well Soon Coria!!!
yep! loly~ He IS el mago~

Guille's Girl 04-08-2004 05:00 PM

Re: Get Well Soon Coria!!!
Yeha it definatly is kidney stones. I read about it in one of my health books. They do effect the lower back so I think the backhand return he hit just aggravated it. From what I read, they're hella painful! I cannot understand HOW the HELL he play those other 2 sets!!!! Gosh he's so frickin' amazimg! Die hard!!! Me and my bro nick named him Rubberband Man. "Why a Rubberband? They represent in the struggle." Golly gee. So at least it wasn't a hernia. A hernia is WAY different than a back spasm. In fact, hernias (in men) mostly concern the groin and are mainly caused by lefting something too heavy. Ok!

Yeah y'all should go to and e-mail Guille ok? E-mail him everyday. This thread was a good idea Dirk. I'm gonna add more stuff. Trust me ;)

OFFTOPIC: Hey Dirk, one of my fav basketball players name is Dirk :D so I hope ya don't mind if I call you Dizzle sometime.

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