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briecie 01-25-2007 04:48 AM

What can we do to show that Kolya has many fans too!!
Hi everyone :worship: I am new here and am a die hard Davydenko fan.

I was sooo looking forward to watching some good matches of him in this AO 2007 but instead found that they have ignored him. Not one of his rd 1 to 4 matches was shown and his quarter final match was cut short and not shown full. He also did not get to play on the Centre Court till the QF and not one match shown on prime time at night. All this and he is No 3.

I am also tired of commentators and interviewers not giving him credit and always seem to write him off in the match!! IMO he has done so much to prove that he is a great player and all he needs is to have more support from people and media.

I am sure there are many Kolya fans out there not knowing where to go to support him and untill I found this place, I didn't know where to go either. I am so happy to be here:wavey:

How can we help him get some confidence that he too has a good support base? I think he looks forlorn thinking that he has not enough fans. He will feel good if he knows that he has a strong and caring fan base like the other players.

Lets put out some suggestions on this thread ;)


briecie 01-25-2007 04:56 AM

Re: What can we do to show that Kolya has many fans too!!
And oh anothr important thing is, he will get more promotion contracts if we as his fans are loud enough!!!!

I am seething to think that he can't get a clothing sponsor being in the top 10 for a couple of years when Nike and Adidas seem to sponsor tom dick and harry!!! I truly hope he gets some big time sponsors and then can stick his tongue out at tournament organisors like AO next year for ignoring him :mad:

Lets ROAR for KOLYA:worship:

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