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star 03-20-2004 02:06 PM

Irarkli Labadze
He was so completely charming in his win over Blake. He endeared himself to the crowd (what was left of it anyway.)

He sort of looked like a big thug out there because he looks like his is about 30 instead of 22 with his big heavy body and his dark five o'clock shadow. But when he won he wanted to hug everyone and he loved the crowd and showed his appreciation for them my waving and tapping over his heart to show how happy he was. His smile was radiant. It made me happy that he won.

And the kid hits his ground strokes very very hard.

Toppu 03-21-2004 11:01 AM

Re: Irarkli Labadze
He's such an exciting player. BTW he looks quite young here.

stephB 03-21-2004 03:42 PM

Re: Irarkli Labadze
really great result this week for irakli. i´m quite proud of him :) i can imagine how happy he was after the victory over blake. it´s always nice to see him on court. have you been there to see the match, star? or where are you from?

misyou25 08-05-2004 02:46 PM

Re: Irarkli Labadze
any nice pics of him? hes such a nice player

Aleksa's Laydee 10-02-2004 10:07 PM

Re: Irarkli Labadze
I share a bithday with him :D ;)

-ernie- 03-07-2005 03:21 AM

Re: Irarkli Labadze
Irakli Is Back in Indian Wells, lets see him repeat that! LETS GO IRAKLI!

Kristen 03-07-2005 03:23 AM

Re: Irarkli Labadze
Is he nice? I haven't seen him play a match that he's won. Only when he's losing and screaming at birds and the wind. Maybe he's just eccentric :lol:
He shares a coach with Jurgen Melzer, which gives him some brownie points :) (for me)

-ernie- 03-07-2005 01:19 PM

Re: Irarkli Labadze
:lol: Yea he's hilarious! Thats why i like watching him, he has amazing shots but he really needs to put in a waaay better work ethic and get in better shape.

nkhera1 03-09-2005 04:20 AM

Re: Irarkli Labadze
Ladabdze actually has good potential if he would lose a lot of weight. I'm thinking he is about 225 and he needs to get down to about 180-190. He has good shots and he played Roddick well in the 1st round of the Australian Open before getting tired. In fact on one point, he was drawn out wide and andy roddick moved in for a volley, so he hits a weak lob and sits down on the ground instead of moving back to the middle, that how out-of-shape this guy is.

-ernie- 03-23-2005 10:29 PM

Re: Irarkli Labadze
Yea but he just beat Younes which is good, there is a pic of him serving during the match and he is still quite fat. :o

Kristen 04-17-2005 02:01 AM

Re: Irarkli Labadze
Is it possible to change the spelling of the thread title, star? :)
Irakli at RG in 2004 :yeah:

Smankyou 04-17-2005 02:03 AM

Re: Irarkli Labadze
Actually I think the dud spelling is something that Irakli would appreciate.

Nice pic Kristen.

Éowyn 06-14-2005 11:34 PM

Re: Irarkli Labadze
he was playing on the court next to daniele yesterday so i took a few pic sof him here ya go guys! i still think he's a funny guy i like him!

Dragan 06-15-2005 07:11 AM

Re: Irarkli Labadze
It was funny yesterday when he broke his racket and some guy approached him and asked him if he can hive his racket, Irakli laughed and said yeah but it was completely destroyed!!!!

Anyway i hope Irakli returns we have to support our fellow Orthodox brothers!

Éowyn 06-18-2005 04:58 PM

Re: Irarkli Labadze
i want to get marats broken racquet lmao

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