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ying 12-27-2006 05:06 PM

Next year,Do you think Paradorn Srichaphan can be top 20 of the world?
Now tennis is a favorite sport. Many player are professional. One player is the focus of interest for many tennis fans. He is the famous player in Asia.He is Paradorn Srichaphan. His top rank is 11th in the world. After that his rank fails down. Now his rank is 53rd of the world. If he wants to be top 20 of the world again, he must changed hisself to be as good as possible.
The first thing he might try to got a little mistake. There are he must have concentration. more calm , and more patient in the bad situation. The next thing is he might have got the disadvantage. For example, his back hand, more carefully and he must have more patient. The last thing is he must have develope the ability. He must have to find the special technique and excellent tactic. And the last is he always found the way to solve the problem in the game .
Is he might have, he will be top 20 of the world again sure!!!!
Do you think that next year he can be the top 20 's player of the world? Why do you think that?

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