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Ernie_Money 10-05-2006 10:00 PM

Week 6, Day 3
Last night's game was no action due to the rainout, and since Verlander pitches better during day games, the wind was now blowing across instead of out like on Wednesday night and because of the shadows in the afternoon at Yankees Stadium, I did not re-bet it today. Today it is:

Los Angeles/New York under 9, laying $104 to win $100


Hong-Chih Kuo made his major-league debut as a starter against the Mets and shut them out through 6 innings of work on 9/8/06 on 3 hits, striking out 7. The Mets best hitters are obviously lefties and their switch-hitters also generally hit better from the left side. Glavine faced the Dodgers twice and got hit hard in LA, but at Shea on 9/7/06, he shut them out through 6 1/3 innings. Slight breeze of 8 mph blowing in, which is basically insignificant, but I'll take a shot at this game staying under.

Week 6: 1-0, +$100
Week 5: 4-4, +$681
Week 4: 3-6, +$110
Week 3: 3-3, -$575
Week 2: 5-3, +$306 (did win $509 on the Mansion free bet & hedge)
Week 1: 5-1, +$913

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