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Highschooltennis 09-09-2006 04:36 PM

New here, need info
Hi, as by my name I am in highschool and I need help. I want to get better at tennis (because last year I sucked) and I was wondering if there were any drills someone could do on their own (I have no one in my neighborhood that can play tennis often).

dunlopkickserve 03-23-2008 02:25 AM

Re: New here, need info
I had the same problem when i first started playing, if there really is nobody that you can play against try hitting against a wall. Even though it may not be the same thing as a match, it still helps to build control. If you are truely dedicated and want to improve quickly, try building up your serve. Set up targets on the court, and see how close you can get, try for accuracy first, then add power. If you build up your serve and you can at least hold the majority of your games, you should be able to get the 7 or 8 spot on your team. Also try learning both flat and kick serves to surprise your opponent. Most people use their serve to start a point so you are at more of an advantage if you can use your serve to end a point too =)

Tell me how things go after your first match.
Best of luck!

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