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bozo 08-19-2006 02:15 PM

Mistaflava Jokes
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Mistaflava Jokes

What do you get when you mix Mistaflava and a needle?
A lethal injection

What's the difference between Mistaflava and Sam Querry?
Mistaflava might win a grand slam one day

Why does America fear Mistaflava?
He has bombs capable of causing mass destruction

Why did Mark Phillipousis cross the road?
He saw a girls that looked like Mistaflava

Why did the traffic light turn red?
It saw Mistaflava

How many Mistaflava groupies does it take to change a light bulb?
Three – one to screw the light bulb in, one to hand out lollipops and one to post about it on the forums

Where did Mistaflava come to MYF from?
The hairdresser

What's the definition of mixed emotions?
When you see your mother-in-law riding Mistaflava off a cliff

What's the difference between Mistaflava and finding a solution to world poverty?
More people want to see Mistaflava

Did you hear what Michael Jackson said when found innocent?
It's not the children I love, it's Mistaflava

Did you hear what happened to the bonsai plant in Mistaflava' bedroom?
It grew too tall

How is Mistaflava like an alien spaceship?
You can't believe it until you see it

Did you hear the real reason for Sydney's water shortage?
Mistaflava' hotness is making all the water evaporate

What's blue and gold and red all over?
Mistaflava covered in the blood of his opponents

What happened when Mistaflava turned up to the tennis with bad hair?
Trick question, it's yet to happen

What did the doctor say to Mistaflava?
You seem okay, yet the thermometer says you're really hot

Did you hear about the time Mistaflava discovered a grey hair?
It was in his burger at the McDonald's where works

What did Robin Hood say to Bozo?
Your Mistra is much bigger than mine

What happened when Mistaflava went to Ripples?
The staff had to clean more than just urine from the pool

What's the difference between Mistaflava and a heater? can turn a heater on

Who's cooler than Mistaflava?
A frozen clone of Mistaflava

What did the army say to Mistaflava?
We surrender... to your charms

How many Mistaflava’s does it take to change a light bulb?
Just one, and he'll do it effectively and without much fanfare

What happened when the mirror saw Mistaflava?
It forgot about Snow White

What's the difference between Mistaflava and Viagra? has never used Mistaflava

What did the telephone say to the printer?
Mistaflava is hot and that's a fax

Why was the lonely secretary disappointed when the phone went ring ring?
She really wanted an engagement ring from Mistaflava

Why did Mistaflava visit the Big Brother house?
Because of all the mirrors

What did Mistaflava say to John Howard?
With these new tax cuts I can buy more Nivea products

Why can't Mistaflava be on the Australian flag?
He would overshadow all the other stars

Why wasn't Lleyton Hewitt racist to Mistaflava?
He was lost for words

Why didn’t Roger Federer stop at the stop sign?
He just couldn’t wait to see Mistaflava

What did the policeman say to Mistaflava?
I'm going to fine you. No no. I mean, I think you're fine

What did Bob the Builder say when he saw Mistaflava's hair?
There's nothing here to fix actually

What did the monitor say to the keyboard?
If I display a picture of Mistaflava, can you describe to me what he looks like?

Why did Mistaflava and Bozo play lawn bowls?
To prove they could beat old people as well

What did Nostradamus say after having visions of World War II?
This is the second most lethal thing I have ever seen after Mistaflava’s forehand

Why did the glue feel left out?
Mistaflava could make his forehands stick without it

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