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JJOV09 07-17-2006 08:51 PM

Lead Tape
Which type of lead tape do you guys recommend? Should i get the 1/2 or 1/4 inch? Which is the best?

ae wowww 07-18-2006 06:44 AM

Re: Lead Tape
If you are putting it onto brand new rackets, you should get thicker stuff probably - you can make holes in the tape, and put it over the grommets... probably best to get this done for you, but it definitely makes a neater job of it. If you also are just trying it out, probably get thinner stuff so you can just put it on and off at your will. If you use thin stuff, you're still going to have to strip it and put it either side of the grommets, so the amount you want shouldn't really affect this decision.

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