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Wojtek 01-12-2004 02:56 PM

Main Draw

AL GHAREEB Mohammed (KUW) - Q

LOGTENS Paul (NED) 4 - NADER Mahmoud (UAE)
DELGADO Jamie (GBR) - DEVILDER Nicolas (FRA) 8

SEKAC Branislav (SVK) - Q

AL ALAWI Sultan-Khalfan (QAT) - UEBEL Lars (GER)

Wojtek 01-12-2004 02:57 PM

Re: UAE F1
Michał Przysiężny(2) lost to Bart Beks (NED) in the first round in q. 1:6 4:6 :rolleyes: ( He will be number one in Poland because Kubot has to defend points from last year :rolleyes: )

Chadaj beat Amir Ebrahim (QAT) 6:2 6:1 in the first round

The winner of this event will get WC to Dubai q. next month.

Wojtek 01-15-2004 11:30 AM

Re: UAE F1
First Round
(1)Julien Jeanpierre (FRA) d. Alexey Kedriouk (KAZ) 6-1 6-1
(WC)Mohammed Al Ghareeb (KUW) d. (q)Jordan Kanev (BUL) 6-3 6-3
Pavel Ivanov (RUS) d. (WC)Omar Bahrouzyan (UAE) 6-1 6-4
Jacob Adaktusson (SWE) d. (6)Benjamin Cassaigne (FRA) 6-2 6-7(7) 7-5
(4)Paul Logtens (NED) d. (WC)Mahmoud Nader (UAE) 6-0 6-1
(q)Michihisa Onoda (JPN) d. (q)Julien Maes (FRA) 3-6 6-3 7-5
(q)Rodolphe Gilbert (FRA) d. Richard Bloomfield (GBR) 6-4 6-2
(8)Nicolas Devilder (FRA) d. Jamie Delgado (GBR) 6-3 7-5
Darko Madjarovski (SER) d. (7)Dmitri Sitak (RUS) 6-4 6-0
(q)Gilles Simon (FRA) d. Branislav Sekac (SVK) 3-6 6-4 7-6(3)
Philipp Petzschner (GER) d. (q)Andrei Cherkasov (RUS) 2-3 ret.
(3)Ivo Klec (GER) d. James Auckland (GBR) 6-4 6-1
Stian Boretti (NOR) d. (5)Aisam Qureshi (PAK) 6-4 7-6(1)
(q)Adam Chadaj (POL) d. Jan Masik (CZE) 7-6(3) 7-5
Lars Uebel (GER) d. (WC)Sultan-Khalfan Al Alawi (QAT) 6-3 7-5
(q)Jaroslav Levinsky (CZE) d. (2)Edouard Roger-Vasselin (FRA) 6-1 6-2

Wojtek 01-15-2004 11:30 AM

Re: UAE F1
Chadaj :D :D

COMA 01-15-2004 03:03 PM

Re: UAE F1
Second Round
(1)Julien Jeanpierre (FRA) d. (WC)Mohammed Al Ghareeb (KUW) 6-3 7-6(4)
Jacob Adaktusson (SWE) d. Pavel Ivanov (RUS) 7-6(12) 6-3
(4)Paul Logtens (NED) d. (q)Michihisa Onoda (JPN) 2-6 6-3 7-6(5)
(8)Nicolas Devilder (FRA) d. (q)Rodolphe Gilbert (FRA) 6-3 7-6(4)
Darko Madjarovski (SER) d. (q)Gilles Simon (FRA) 6-4 6-3
Philipp Petzschner (GER) d. (3)Ivo Klec (GER) 6-4 6-4
(q)Adam Chadaj (POL) d. Stian Boretti (NOR) 6-2 2-0 ret.
(q)Jaroslav Levinsky (CZE) d. Lars Uebel (GER) 6-3 6-3

COMA 01-15-2004 03:04 PM

Re: UAE F1
Well done Adam!!! :woohoo:

Bokworst 01-15-2004 07:11 PM

Re: UAE F1

First Round
(1)Ivo Klec/Jaroslav Levinsky (GER/CZE) d. Paul Logtens/Michihisa Onoda (NED/JPN) 6-3 6-2
Stian Boretti/Alexander Hartman (NOR/SWE) d. Mustafa Ghouse/Sunil Kumar Sipaeya (IND) 6-4 7-5
(4)James Auckland/Daniel Kiernan (GBR) d. Nicolas Devilder/Gilles Simon (FRA) 7-5 2-6 6-4
(WC)Musaad Al Jazzaf/Omar Behrouzyan (KUW/UAE) d. (WC)Sultan-Khalfan Al Alawi/Amir Ibrahim (QAT) 6-4 6-0
Julien Jeanpierre/Edouard Roger-Vasselin (FRA) d. (q)Mohammed Al Ghareeb/Patrik Fredriksson (KUW/SWE) 7-6(2) 2-6 7-5
(3)Philipp Petzschner/Lars Uebel (GER) d. Adam Chadaj/Jordan Kanev (POL/BUL) 7-6(3) 6-3
Richard Bloomfield/Jamie Delgado (GBR) d. (LL)Karim Maamoun/Mohamed Maamoun (EGY) 3-6 7-6(6) 7-5 [Maamoun/Maamoun replace Andrei Cherkasov/Dmitry Ivanov]
(2)Benjamin Cassaigne/Branislav Sekac (FRA/SVK) d. (WC)Sander Groen/Mahmoud Nader (UAE) 6-1 6-1

(1)Ivo Klec/Jaroslav Levinsky (GER/CZE) d. Stian Boretti/Alexander Hartman (NOR/SWE) w/o
(4)James Auckland/Daniel Kiernan (GBR) d. (WC)Musaad Al Jazzaf/Omar Behrouzyan (KUW/UAE) 6-3 6-4
Julien Jeanpierre/Edouard Roger-Vasselin (FRA) d. (3)Philipp Petzschner/Lars Uebel (GER) 1-6 6-4 6-4
(2)Benjamin Cassaigne/Branislav Sekac (FRA/SVK) d. Richard Bloomfield/Jamie Delgado (GBR) 6-1 6-3

Swider 01-16-2004 09:35 PM

Men's singles - Quarterfinals:
Jacob Adaktusson bt Julien Jeanpierre 6-2, 1-6, 6-4
Nicolas Devilder bt Paul Logtens 6-4, 6-4
Adam Chadaj bt Jaroslav Levinsky 6-4, 6-2 :yeah:
Philipp Petzschner bt Darko Madjarovski 6-2 (retd.).

Men's doubles - Semifinals:
Julien Jeanpierre/Esouard Roger-Vasselin 6-2, 6-3
Ivo Klec/Jaroslav bt Levinsky/James Auckland 6-4, 6-7, 6-3

Chadaj just won 6th match in a row. Well done!

Bokworst 01-17-2004 09:06 AM

Well done swider

where did you get those results?

Swider 01-17-2004 10:46 AM

At your service. - they're faster than anyone. Why?

Men's semifinals:
Jacob Adaktusson (Swe) beat 8-Nicolas Devilder (Fra) 6-2, 1-6, 6-2
Q-Adam Chadaj (Pol) beat Philipp Petzschner (Germ) 7-6 (7-2), 2-0 (Retd).

Qualifier Adam Chadaj from Poland continued his dream run in the Fono Nokia ITF Dubai Aviation Cup tennis championship yesterday when he stormed into the men's final where a bonus reward awaits the winner.

Chadaj beat Germany's Philipp Petzschner 7-6 (7-2), 2-0, the latter retiring with stomach cramps, to set up a title-match with Sweden's Jacob Adaktusson who shut out the only surviving seed, Frenchman Nicolas Devilder 6-1, 2-6, 6-1.

Besides the prize money, trophy and valuable ranking points, today's winner will also receive a wild-card to the Dubai Duty Free ATP Men's Open which starts on March 1.

Jakub 01-17-2004 03:08 PM

Re: UAE F1
win this !!
well done to Jacob ;) as well on reaching final .

jumi 01-17-2004 04:36 PM

Re: UAE F1
well done Adam!!!
Good luck in the final:)

Swider 01-18-2004 07:52 AM

Well, he DID it!!!

Chadaj won 6/3 7/6(2) (8th win in a row) :D

Jakub 01-18-2004 08:07 AM

Re: UAE F1
just :woohoo:
well done

Jakub 01-18-2004 08:09 AM
Adam Chadaj returns to Jacob Adaktusson during the men's finals in the Aviation Cup.

Poland's Adam Chadaj made history of sorts when he became the only qualifier to lay his hands on the winner's trophy at the Fono Nokia ITF Dubai Aviation Cup, which concluded at the Aviation Club tennis courts last night.

Chadaj won 6-3, 7-6 (2) against Jacob Adaktusson of Sweden in under two hours of action at the centre court.

Colm McLoughlin, managing director of Dubai Duty Free was the chief guest and gave away the trophies to the winners in the presence of the tournament sponsors.

Chadaj, who worked his way through three days of qualifying before the start of the tournament, was swift on court and lunged at everything that came his way to unsettle the normally composed Jacob Adaktusson.

The Swede made far too many unforced errors and that in fact proved to be his undoing. The opening set went smooth and easy as Chadaj came up with two breaks to wrap up the set 6-3.

But the second set was a complete difference, as Adatuksson broke the Swede in the opening game, and then kept serve to go clear 2-0.

However, a pair of strong legs was what stood the swift-moving Pole in stead as he broke Adaktusson and then held serve to draw level 2-2. From then on, both players broke each other till they were tied 5-5.

Chadaj had an opportunity to wrap things up as he kept his serve in the 11th game to go clear 6-5.

However, Adaktusson was not one to give in so easily as he held his nerves and his serve to force the tie-breaker.

But it always meant to be the day of the underdog as Chadaj took the tie-breaker easily to earn the wild card at stake at the Dubai Duty Free ATP Men's Open at the end of February.


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