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esther 01-12-2004 09:03 AM

URGENT- Camera questions for VIA!!
Viaaaaa the camera is stressing me out!!! I have a few questions/concerns for you (since youve used it in a tennis situation already) coz i dont want it to screw up on me on Wednesday when i see Seb!!

1) I was taking screen caps of Richie lol so i was taking a photo literally every few seconds for about 45 minutes and then it ran out of battery!!!! What am i going to do because usually during a match (in real life) i'd just leave the camera on so it's ready...but if its going to run out that quickly then i'm going to have to go thru so many batteries...?!!! I'm confused tho because when i was on holiadys i was taking heaps of photos during the day and it didnt run out that fast...

2) You know how you can get it on 'quick view' mode and normal mode where you can see what you about to take? But if you have it on normal mode, it turns off about about i dunno 30 seconds if you dont press anything?? it doenst switch off but just goes black and u cant take a photo unless u turn it back on...but it takes about 5 seconds to turn back on :( you if there is any way of stopping it from turning off?! altho i guess that would waste battery if its on for that long...

3) Does your camera make an annoying cough noise whenver u take a photo?! Because i have no idea how loud it's going to sound but i cant turn it off. *sigh* I've tried turning it off but it doesnt work!

Please help me loool

Via 01-12-2004 09:08 AM

Re: URGENT- Camera questions for VIA!!
i take bribes ;D

esther 01-12-2004 09:11 AM

Re: URGENT- Camera questions for VIA!!
ure online go on msn!

Via 01-12-2004 09:17 AM

Re: URGENT- Camera questions for VIA!!
no i'm eating my dinner
will post later ;)

esther 01-12-2004 09:20 AM

Re: URGENT- Camera questions for VIA!!
u are soooooo meannnnnnn!! *cries*

Via 01-12-2004 09:27 AM

Re: URGENT- Camera questions for VIA!!
i forgot u need it so urgently... so seb's playing on wednesday, u'r sure? heheheeee

i bring spare batteries, today i had to change batteries... about every other night recharge batteries if taking pics throughout the day at the tennis.

let it auto turn off (after 3 minutes) bc it saves batteries... anticipate when to get it up again, don't wait till just before u want to shoot.

i don't notice any cough noise..... lol... maybe you can check the manual if there's a way to turn off. something can be turned off but i haven't used that option yet. too many things u can set...

esther 01-12-2004 09:32 AM

Re: URGENT- Camera questions for VIA!!
loool well i'm HOPING he is playing kooyong...he should be in melbourne by now!!! Since it starts not tomrorow but the day after!!!!!! *excited*

yeah i always charge batteries over night but i'm just scared how many times they will run out during the day!!!! nah my auto thing doesnt turn off every 3 goes off quicker than that...!!

i dont have the manual. *sigh* I just wont take photos when he is playign and will just take photos when a game is over or during practise etc.

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