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Via 01-03-2004 11:03 PM

going to adelaide...
if i get a chance to get on to the internet, i'll do some reporting... otherwise see you all in a few days. wish me luck :)

Marine 01-03-2004 11:08 PM

Good luckkk !!! and thanks in advance ! :worship:

michelleg 01-04-2004 01:36 AM

Have a safe and exciting trip, Via! Enjoy the tennis....

esther 01-04-2004 02:50 AM

Re: going to adelaide...
OH Have fun in Adelaide Via!!!!
Look forward to photos and reports!! How exciting have heaps of fun!!

irishface 01-05-2004 06:56 PM

Hope you have a great time, Via!

Via 01-06-2004 07:25 AM

thanks guys !!!!.... the rain has been horrid but at least my day today wasn't all washed out.

like liz did with her dc report, i think i'll only have time for some highlights:
  1. saw richard practised with rusedski before the morning session started. my ballgirl friend told me that he would stay till wed (and leave on my flight? lol)
  2. saw arnaud practise and leaving the outside practice courts - asked him to sign *all* the photos i brought with me. too nervous to ask for a pic. he did ask me about the one i took of him in sydney - 'two years ago?' 'yes, you had short hair then!'
  3. returned to centre court to watch lapentti, and then arnaud's singles match, which he won easily as you know. had to tell off giovanni lapentti for putting his feet on my chair. he refused to admit he's the brother at first.
  4. went to outside court to take pics of llodra v burgmuller.
  5. met my old friend mrs l. again and heard all her stories about mrs gasquet, lleyton hewitt, zabaleta, massu's mother, etc etc.
  6. finally got to take a pic *with* arnaud - had to disrupt his card game first. then sat on a high stool opposite him and his mates for the next hour or so, while everyone's waiting out the rain delay. mrs l. wondered why he bit his hand all the time - 'he's very serious about card games - life and death matter' - i said. also remembered to ask mika for an autograph - he insisted i should know that he's 'playing in the singles'.
  7. almost forgot.... before the rain break, ran into richard and his parents while they're watching the practice courts. got richard's autograph too. poor boy he's very bored... and wandered around the grounds by himself. the older boys apparently didn't want him at their card games! ...
  8. ps. why does every time i say 'salut' to arnaud, he answers 'bonjour'? doesn't he understand french? lol.........

lizabeth..* 01-06-2004 08:41 AM

Re: going to adelaide...

You met Richard? *sigh* When will it be my turn?! Thats too bad the big Frenchies didn't include Richie, how mean of them......Is Mama Gasquet being nice?! LOL

esther 01-06-2004 11:10 AM

Re: going to adelaide...
1) Lol @ had to tell off giovanni lapentti for putting his feet on my chair 2) Arnaud is serious about card games hey?!! Dont u remember how he was all 'yeah card games are like a drug for seb...i dont even LIKE playing blah blah blah' ...which brings me onto 3) what happened to getting passing potes signed? 4) youre allowed in the players lounge?!!
5) cant believe u met arnaud so many times!!!

thanks for updating us Via, hope to hear from u again soon!!

michelleg 01-06-2004 01:36 PM

:p <----happy for Via, such great stories, but note my GREEN colour.

Can't wait to see the pics AND super-glad you are having such fun, Via!!!

Via 01-07-2004 09:03 PM

Re: going to adelaide...
liz - i didnt get to talk to mrs gasquet at all, in fact i'd had very little 'contact' with richard this time... you have to understand that *arnaud* was there and he distracted everything i did !!! but my friend mrs l. did get to talk to her a lot apparently... they were renting an apartment in adelaide and ma gasquet had to cook for everyone, lol!!! she could understand english as long as mrs l. talked to her very slowly... guess it's much the same with richard.

esther - yeah there're lots of funny little stories!!! and yes, adelaide is super compared to all other tourneys i have been to, because the public can pass through (not expected to stay, but...) the members club, where the players also lounge around in their spare time, while waiting for matches, and of course where the frenchies find their favourite corner and play cards and relax. arnaud had been hassled by Via to no end the last two days.......

michelle - i am sure you'd had much more exciting times around the frenchies so just let me share them a little, ok?? lol....... the pics i have looked at a few after i came back last night. most are pretty horrid. i have no idea how to use the focus when the object is moving fast. dang......

Via 01-07-2004 09:11 PM

Re: going to adelaide...
alright, next set of highlights..... 7 jan:
  1. saw a bit of ginepri v saulnier. what ugly legs robby has! (they turn inwards)
  2. went out to the side courts to capture some of canas v sluiter
  3. nono was practising and i realised that i could take some pics 'underneath' his court. he saw me and made me pick up a stray ball for him. i remember i promised marine to look after him so i duly ran after the ball. of course, arnaud and remi were nice enough to thank me afterwards.
  4. my ballgirl friend then told me that *all* the ballgirls were saying that 'clement is gay'. his boyfriend was a very tall player called 'lloyd'. they had their legs crossed over each other, they lied on each other, and arnaud kissed him on his cheeks. nothing that i haven't seen arnaud do with his usual best mate. i denied the rumour.
  5. i found arnaud in the club room before his match. i went over and asked him for 'one last request'. he looked at me like i was speaking chinese. so i simply took out 'passing potes' to show him. his face immediately brightened up, he grabbed the book and showed it to his mates. one of his mates' girlfriend giggled non-stop over arnaud's childhood photos. i waited patiently while arnaud amused his friends.
  6. arnaud then turned around and said to me 'sign?' so i asked him to pick his favourite photo. 'i prefer?....uhh...... the cover' i didn't really wanted him to sign on the cover because the ink might run, so i nagged him to look again, but after he flipped through the book quickly he repeated like a broken record 'the cover'. *sigh...* so i let him sign on the book cover.
  7. then as a last parting gesture i said 'good luck, i hope you will win' to which he looked at me steadily and replied slowly 'thank you'. either he is a very good actor, or he must be one of the most genuinely sincere person i've met. of course i choose to believe the latter. and what beautiful eyes. *melt*
  8. just before i left his group, arnaud's mate saulnier (who just happily won a match) asked me where i got the book. apparently it's a question that intrigued him but not to worry arnaud. i told him it wasn't available in aus, i bought it on the internet. then for a reason unknown to myself, i went on to advise him how to get french books in sydney.
  9. went out to the centre court to sit through ferreira v reid - luckily it didn't take long. then arnaud and johannson came out to play. urrgghhh... what a jinx i was. remi and his other mates (including 'lloyd') gave arnaud a lot of verbal encouragements from the stand (a few seats away from me). the match was a lot closer than the scores suggested, the games were all very long and both arnaud and thomas were frustrated with themselves at times. you wouldn't know who would win until... well, johansson won the second set.
  10. that's the end of my day really... said goodbye to everyone before i left... wouldn't dare to farewell arnaud though, not sure what mood he was in after that match!

lizabeth..* 01-07-2004 11:17 PM

Re: going to adelaide...
Sounds like you had a wonderfull time Via.....did you actually get photos of Richard tho?! LOL

I COULD be at quallies in Sydney on Saturday I am not too sure at the moment....quallies are on Saturday right?! I hope you have fun there too!

Via 01-07-2004 11:31 PM

Re: going to adelaide...
hi liz!!! yes if you read carefully i actually saw him practise with rusedski first thing on tuesday... i took some pics. but, knowing your disappointment, i have brought home a newspaper report of his qualie match on sunday, with a photo much better than anything i can do, with the purpose of scanning it for you ;)

both sat and sun are qualie days...... who will be there, do you know? i want to start thinking of excuses to watch the more interesting players.

Via 01-07-2004 11:54 PM

Re: going to adelaide...
one of the ballgirls really likes richard, because she can talk to him in french, and he remembers her name. she emphasised to me though, that he has changed this year. how? he's become 'angrier'. ?? angry young man ?? i guessed a few things, including 'swearing at ballgirls', but she didn't elaborate. i wonder.....

lizabeth..* 01-08-2004 12:39 AM

Re: going to adelaide...
Loooool - I read it.....I just forgot, Im sorry *hangs head in shame* Ohhh can't wait for the scan! :D thanks so much

Richard is playing quallies, but I don't know who else is, thats what I wanted to catch atleast one day!!

He is an angry young boy now hey?! Now that is interesting!! Was this throughout the whole tourney or just the match he lost because I could understand if it was in the match he lost but other wise I danno.....he better not be angry when I get my hands on him *shakes fist*

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