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andylover_16 10-08-2003 05:46 PM

beat this!.....1002 ways we love andy!
1. hes got one of the greatest serves in mens tennis ever!
2. hes got a great personality
3. he respects his fans
4. he knows how to treat a girl
5. he is the sexiest man on earth!
6. he has a great butt
7. great legs
8. great smile
9. hes a nice dresser *off the court*(i still love your not matching tennis outfits andy and i always will:hug: )
10. hes colorful on the court
11. he is talented
12. he has a sexy voice
13. hes inteligant
14. his tan lines are so cute and sexy
15. he lights up every room!

their are 15 for starters lets finish these up andy fans!:D

J. Corwin 10-08-2003 05:52 PM

Re: beat this!.....1002 ways we love andy!
16. He's humble

andylover_16 10-08-2003 06:01 PM

of course......

17. hes the perfect height 6'2 and weight 185:D

TheRick 10-08-2003 06:15 PM

Re: beat this!.....1002 ways we love andy!
18, He can beat Tim Henman

Mr. Man 10-08-2003 06:28 PM

Re: beat this!.....1002 ways we love andy!
19. Good humor
20. His attitude on court makes me laugh. (many may not agree, but who gives a fuck.)

andylover_16 10-08-2003 06:45 PM

yea....who gives a fuck....thats the spirit:D......

21. he has a good sense of humor!

andylover_16 10-08-2003 07:11 PM

22. he has gorgeous eyes
23. hes got spunk
24. hes makes you drool
25. he makes you lustful:drool:

heya 10-08-2003 08:27 PM

Re: beat this!.....1002 ways we love andy!
26. Just like me...he makes insecure people angry.
27. He gets the last laugh if he's prejudged.
28. He's not afraid to be emotional.
29. He likes to kiss & hug.
30. His game improves many ways.

Havok 10-08-2003 08:50 PM

31. he can hit a GOOD 2nd serve
32. deals well with pressure
33. good at silencing doubters
34. always wants to improve
35. can actually give a good interview
36. always has something unique regarding tennis attire
37. dating Mandy Moore (shes too hot)
38. DOES charity events:worship:
39. doesn't think highly about himself when around his fellow 'young americans'
40. has a rabbit (as do i:D)
41. VERY close to his family
42. has a highschool diploma
43. has the world's fastest serve
44. that inside-out forehand:worship:
45. can now hit a backhand:banana:

heya 10-08-2003 10:04 PM

1 Attachment(s)
46. His hair's wild :silly:
47. He wears boxers
48. Blow opponents off court with serve :bowdown:
49. Makes his opponents run like crazy, all match :woohoo:
50. Will win more slams! :inlove:
51. People all ages like the kooky guy :bounce:
52. He can make us mad, but we forgive him :toothy:
53. He can rap :singer:
54. He's naughty :angel:
55. He's flexible

andylover_16 10-08-2003 11:45 PM

awww that picture is so

56. he won the us open
57. he knows how to shop people up(ex. beating fererro at us open and beating roger for the first time in quarters......)
58. their is a lot of hatred against him because he is the best which makes me us andy fans like him even more
59. he has a cute nose
60. he was joking agassi at arthur ashe kids day(agassi-show me what you got big boy, andy- hair:lol: i though it was funny who gives a damn if some people dont:D!)
61. hes not Too hairy
62. he knows how to have a good time
63. he plays tennis
64. he could kick marats but anyday....literaly...:p:haha:

andylover_16 10-09-2003 12:14 AM

65. he IS the best right now!:D:D:D
66. his reasons of liking him go beyond any player right now
67. he can dance:dance:
68. he can sing
69. he can entertain:bigclap:(the only thing he would have to do to entertain me is to just sit their:p)
70. he is good with kids
71. he cares about others
72. he respects his parents
73. he shops at banana republic(superhott:drool:)
74. hes a virgo
75. im a gemini which makes him most compatible with me:D:yippe:(and pisces)
76. he is compatible with another of my favorites lleyton who is a pisces
77. he is a good sport:sport:
78. he has confidence but not too much (though some would disagree but who fucking cares:shrug::D!)
79. he can carry on a conversation
80. hes exciting
81. he tries his hardest to bring the "A" game on the court
82. he doesnt give up(you saw that roddick/nalbandian match thats proof to those who dont believe me)
83. he has heart for what he does
84. hes pure
85. he has values
86. he had little man syndrom throughout middle school and beginning of high school(so sexy:inlove:)
87. he didnt get his first date until he was in highschool(another sexy one:drool:)
88. he doesnt take everything too personaly
89. hes a good person over all
90. hes multi talented
91. he could be good at any sport
92. he can make anyone laugh
93. he could cheer me up
94. he can cook good brownies:lol:
95. he was in rollingstone:drool:
96. he was in interview mag:drool:
97. he doesnt let fame get in the way of his game
98. hes a hard worker
99. he has dedication
100. he respects himself:)

WERE AT 100!

andylover_16 10-10-2003 04:01 PM

i see their is not much love for andy:o....

101. he doesnt pay attention to the criticism

heya 10-10-2003 09:50 PM

102. Will kick everyone's ass when he's playing his best (starting from 1-2 years from now) :worship:
103. His volleys in 2 years will shut the snobs up
104. He will go far in French Open & other clay
events (shitty won't be in his vocabulary :) )
105. Shorten his backhand/forehand & he'll be
more lethal :tennis:
106. His serve will get even better! :woohoo:
107. He'll be more patient (helps on grass & clay)
108. He won't self-destruct like last year
109. He makes anti-fans post about
him non-stop (maybe their faves aren't as fun)
110. People think he's mostly lucky, even after
he had more winners than his opponents :drive:
111. He has better strategies! :clap2:
112. Wins big matches :yippee:
113. Other players were born with lightning quickness,
but he wins without that advantage :rocker2:
114. He can beat anyone on all surfaces, despite what
people think now :yeah:
115. There was doubt that he should be in top 10 :p
116. There was doubt that he'd have a Masters Series
win :lol:
117. There was doubt that he'd win a slam :cool:
118. There was doubt that he had endurance :sport:
119. There was doubt that he deserved attention :haha:
120. There was doubt that he was kind & humble :rolls:
121. There was doubt that he could bounce back from disappointment :banana:
122. There was doubt that he could get to #1 :devil:
123. There was doubt that he'd have more success
than others ;)
124. He had the best summer record in history
125. People can't believe how proud many of his big fans are :rocker:

andylover_16 10-10-2003 11:32 PM really are a great poster thanks for the touching

126. hes clean cut but not to preppy
126. hes a hunk
127. he has good taste
128. he can take a joke
129. he makes most tennis players look like asses:haha:
130. he is whoa.....
131. he is polite when he should be
132. crazy when its ok to be
133. he has nothing to lose
134. it is only going to progress for him from here(though some claim it is otherwise which they obvioulsy dont know jack:retard: )

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