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tennisstar059 09-09-2003 09:30 PM

looking for muscovite tennis players
hello all,

my name is alexandra and i am at university in england....i will be majoring in russian studies, and will be spending nearly 5 months in summer 2004 in moscow, from late april until the end of august, doing an intensive russian language study program at the pushkin institute (has anyone heard of it?)....i am an avid tennis player, so i would love to meet people (ahead of time) who i might be able to play tennis with once i am there....thanks in advance! (and how come nikolay davydenko hasnt been talked about at all???? he's soo good and soo nice -i met him this summer at a tournament...he needs love too!)


XXL 09-10-2003 07:50 AM

Re: looking for muscovite tennis players
Hello Sasha (Russian version - Alexandra)!!! Welcome in Moscow! Moscow the best, beautiful and a some dangerous but fascinating city. About Pushkin's institute in Moscow
Kafelnikov forever!!!

tennisstar059 09-10-2003 12:38 PM

hi XXL,

whats your name? and do u play tennis? yes i know my 'russian' name so to speak :)....tell me a bit about russia, especially what it would be like for me, an american girl.......i met yevgeny this summer at a tournament i was working at....he has this gorgeous deep voice and seems, in spite of all his tough shell, very gentle...very polite and sweet :)


XXL 09-11-2003 06:59 AM

Re: looking for muscovite tennis players
Hi Shura (Russian version too)!!!
I am play in tennis very well. Excuse for my bad English, earlier I studied it at school, however now I have not enough practice in dialogue. In Moscow I advise to visit museums, the Kremlin, ... Night discos here without restriction on age, and also alcohol and tobacco:) To play in tennis here 5-7 dollars hour, a parachute - 15-20 dollars a jump. Come, you will not regret. If that write on a mail Soon in Moscow it will be Kremlin Cup. I shall go necessarily on tournament.

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