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MajorcanBoy89 09-10-2005 02:11 PM

Carlos Opens A Gym In Palma (Mallorca)

Empresario Carlos Moyà
El mallorquín señala en Profitness, su nuevo gimnasio, los objetivos para el tramo final del curso

By Amador Pons (The journalist)
Transaleted from Spanish to English By MajorcanBoy89

Carlos Moyà has just started the enterprising activity. The Majorcan tennis player has opened recently Profitness, a new Gym at Ocimax Mall (in Palma) it has got lots of clients now. At spinning room Carlos commented his bad luck with injuries this season, the tournaments he will play until end of season and he advances that next year we will see the best Moyà. Days ago since has started his enterprising adventure Carlos feels "happy" because the Gym started "really well". The responsable of Gym is his Phisical Trainer, Kim Forteza. Carlos commented that he (Kim) "is doing a hard work and everything is positive for the moment".

Profitness is the first appearence of Moyà in enterpraises world and he doesn't think open anything more for the moment. Carlos Moyà said "The goal for rest of 2005 is ends up in the ranking because it'll be important to be a seed in Aussie Open 2006. This year hasn't done how we hope, but next year I believe that i'tll be chance for good".

Carlos Moyà says that he is a player that need goals in the season and he in this 2005 hasn't got goals. He add "I want wait to end the season for add goals for net year. I'm sure that for next year I'll have goals, but now I can't decide it. Now I'll play in China, Vienna, Madrid and Paris-Bercy".


Ales_Alessandra 09-10-2005 03:13 PM

Re: Carlos Opens A Gym In Palma (Mallorca)
It's perfect for me MajorcanBoy! Tks very much for the great news!!! Good luck to Carlos in the next events!! We will be cheering for him, always!!!!!
He is going to Paris!!!!!!!

See ya!

enqvistfan 09-11-2005 08:08 AM

Re: Carlos Opens A Gym In Palma (Mallorca)
Majorcan boy, your translation is perfect. Great to know that Carlos will be in the last MS and still motivated. Ales : I think of you in Paris :)

It's funny about the fitness center, cause in a GM, some said that he could be a fitness trainer or something like that !!! He's the owner, they are not sooo far !!!

smelby11 09-12-2005 12:34 AM

Re: Carlos Opens A Gym In Palma (Mallorca)
Thanx for the translation/article on Charly being a new business owner of a gym. Hope his business ventures reward him. And I hope he reaches his goals in the last MS to come.


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